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CJ Anderson (Week 8)


By Muntradamus


The Bye Week (7) can do wonders for a Football team. A team that cannot win a game, will come out like the Miami Dolphins and blowout two squads like it is nothing. A player that is a little beat up or not playing great, can come out of the Bye Week looking like it is Week 1 and he is back to full strength, Jonathan Stewart.

Today we are going to talk about CJ Anderson. Anderson looked like a BEAST this preseason. Picking up 7+ yard gains whenever he wanted and had a burst that reminded us all why Montee Ball would never be the Broncos RB again. Then again, Montee reminded us all why Montee would never the Broncos RB again with his poor performance and afraid to make a big play because he was worried about fumbling.

Week 1 of the NFL season against Baltimore, CJ Anderson messed up his foot. He decided to play on a bad foot in Week 2 against a good Chiefs run defense, had a bad game. Decided to play again in Week 3 against a healthy Lions Defense at the time, had a bad game. Deemed himself near 100% against the Vikings in Week 4, watched Ronnie Hillman take a 72 yard TD to the house, which then started the 50/50 split. Did nothing Week 5 against the Raiders, then watched Ronnie Hillman take 7 more carries against the Browns while also rushing for over 100 Yards.

Now the Bye Week

While CJ Anderson may have said his toe/foot was 100% early on in the season after getting injured. Truth is you have to rest your injuries in order to really heal them. CJ Anderson was wearing special shoes, and he never really looked explosive. He could of forced the issue to play a little injured because he knows if Ronnie Hillman really went off with Anderson on the sidelines, there would be no turning back.

The best part about CJ Anderson’s game was his role in the passing game. He often was the clear #3 option and made some very big catches to convert 3rd downs. While Ronnie Hillman has looked a little more explosive this season than CJ Anderson, the Broncos want CJ Anderson to be their #1 RB. He was a Pro-Bowl BEAST out of nowhere in the middle of last season, and they all know he has the ability to reach that level again. With a good schedule coming up, it is time for the Broncos to feed their BEAST and remind us all why CJ Anderson was a 1st Round Pick on Draft Day in most leagues.


Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.20.50 AM


The best part about grabbing CJ Anderson in a trade is that his value is no longer anywhere near where it was in Week 1. If you want CJ Anderson is not going to cost you a BEAST. If you can get CJ Anderson straight up for James Jones, consider that a steal. If you need to throw in James Jones and a RB #3/#4 quality the trade is worth it.

If the CJ Anderson owner wants a RB like Eddie Lacy or another under performing star, the only way you make that trade is if he vastly improves the 2nd player in the trade. Example.

Eddie Lacy/James Jones (WR#2/3)


CJ Anderson/Calvin Johnson (WR#1)

Chances are if you have a QB like Carson Palmer, you can likely trade him for CJ Anderson straight up. If you have a RB like CJ2K, there is a chance you can get some extra trade value, but I would take CJ Anderson straight up as Andre Ellington is only getting more healthy, which will send that AZ situation to RBBC.

Point is, do not offer a BEAST. Offer a player that has performing very well above his expectations, James Jones/CJ2K/Carson Palmer, Etc. In return ask for the 1st Round BEAST who has been playing like a RB that is borderline Waiver Wire Quality.

In conclusion. You are buying a player with major upside and you are taking a chance, which has a high % of being correct, that CJ Anderson is going to be looking much more explosive than he had all season with the extra week of rest coming off the Bye Week.


  1. The biggest risk in trading for CJ is assuming Peyton Manning IMPROVES as the season grinds on and weather gets colder and wind blows harder. This will not happen. There is ZERO reason to fear Peyton, thus making the DEN RBs the only weapons to game plan against. And while CJ has struggled mightily, Ronnie Hillman has excelled. His production won’t be sitting on the DEN bench so fantasy owners can recoup their CJ investment. DEN is hiding Peyton as best they can and Hillman has carved a big role for himself.

    Nobody should want anything to do with the DEN RBs.

    As for CJ2K becoming part of a committee. I think that is very unlikely. Bruce is old school and CJ2K is 2nd in the league in rushing. Andre is an injury prone scatback who has an injury history dating back to college. CJ2K is running with power, speed, and decisiveness. He is the lead dog. Scraps for Andre will only come int the event of a blowout.

  2. Where do you rank Anderson in accordance to the other rbs you listed in your waiver article this week?

  3. So now I’m sitting here with Joique, CJA and Alfy Blue. All 3 obtained via the wire thanks to you good sir. My only real deal backs are All Day and Gore now that Arian is lost. This week I have been leaning towards flexing Blue because he is going to be force fed the ball but this little devil on my shoulder is saying I should roll with CJA instead. Then you go and post this gem of an article which is making the devil fist pump Arsenio style. CJA over Blue?

  4. CJA is above Alfred Blue. He is below Darren McFadden as DMC seems like an almost guaranteed pick to be a RB#1 when Dez and Romo are healthy.

    If you can trade Blue + something else decent for CJA. Consider that a Steal

  5. Munt… I could really use your help on this one.. Should I trade Luck for JStew and Gio(or Hill as he has both). I have Bortles and I can grab Carr off waivers and this would really bolster my RB situation which is not great w/ D Murray Gore Yeldon Hyde R Mathews. Keep in mind this is an 8 teamer and teams are pretty well stacked. I don’t think I can win this league w/ m current RBs. I think getting these guys(J Stews schedule ros is sweet) could make me a contender as I don’t think I lose much going w/ Bortles and Carr over Luck. What do you think Munt and should I ask for Gio or Hill?

  6. CJA has scored >5 points (standard scoring) only twice this season. He has yet to find the end zone. Apart from the Chargers (and maybe Indy), his schedule doesn’t have a lot of favorable matchups for RBs, and he couldn’t even run on the Browns… buyers beware.

  7. You are acting like CJA was healthy during those games. He was not. Actually read and comprehend the article. He had no burst from those games. He kept playing due,to Hillman being behind him. He had a week of rest and should be good to go. He’s worth a perfect buy low chance and you get a wr1 package deal. Jeebus. Pitts run def sucks. Chiefs run def sucks. Bears run def sucks. Raiders run def sucks. How is that not favorable???

  8. I think the Raiders are no3 overall best run D this year. I know they are top5. Not the same old Raiders like the last few years.Pitt is also good vs. run as is KC.

  9. @Ben A: I guess I don’t subscribe to your brand of statistics-free evaluation.

    Pitt D: 4th fewest fantasy points to RBs so far this season; middle of pack in total rush yds allowed; very large proportion of that damage done by C. West last week (only rushing TD allowed this season, 120 of 700 total rushing yds given up by Pitt). You’ll recall that, just last week, Munt was predicting C. West’s inevitable failure because of Pitt’s stout, young DL that had kept everyone else’s running game in check.

    Chiefs D: 9th fewest fantasy points to RBs this season; middle of pack in total rush yds allowed; their weakness is through the air and everybody knows it.

    Bears D: 13th fewest fantasy points to RBs this season; 13th most total rushing yds, but only 4 total TDs to RBs, so this looks like a so-so matchup at best (and, note, Bears have trailed for most of every game so far: opposing RBs should be feasting).

    Oak D: 14th most fantasy points to RBs this season; that’s mostly due to TDs as the raiders have given up the 4th fewest rushing yds to RBs, and the 2nd fewest total rushing yds . Against, an at-best so-so looking matchup.

    I agree, CJA might be a good buy low candidate, as long as you’re buying VERY low. Any RB in a high scoring offense has upside. DEN hasn’t shown us much to make us believe they’ll ever be a high scoring offense this season. If you’re really hurting at RB, get him cheap, stick him on your bench, and wait to see if he gives you any reason to believe in him. And, buyer beware.

  10. I did the exact deal suggested by Munt. James Jones for CJ. The guy accepted. As Munt said… this is a “steal”!! Thank you sir!

  11. while there is reason to doubt, I feel like this is as good a bet as any. if it works out its a nice boon… i dealt blue and jordan mathews for cj and stevie johnson…

  12. I did as well, James Jones for CJ, the offer was quickly accepted. Top 10 drafted RB for pre-season waiver wire pick. (A waiver-wire pick as suggested by Munt prior to any games being played). Thanks Munt!!!! Looking forward to BEAST……dave

  13. The problem with going all about statistics is you just assume all teams are the same.


    Oak D: 14th most points blah blah blah. Last week doesnt even count seeing that they went up against an offense that did not run the ball. Every team is different and it is better to player vs. player than Total Team Defense when some teams have had very easy schedules while others have not

  14. The only flaw in your argument is the fact that Ronnie Hillman is taking 1st team touches this week in practice while Anderson is taking a back seat, which shows no indication that the coaching staff is going to give Anderson a chance to start. By trading for Anderson, you must bank on the fact that Hillman will either not perform well enough to keep the job, or get injured. Certainly, this is something that can take weeks to cultivate if it were to actually happen. Even worse, it may not even happen until next year.

    I own both Hillman and Anderson, and if I were to start one in my lineup right now it would be Hillman. Luckily, I don’t have to start either of them so I have the luxury of seeing how it plays out the next few weeks.

    As you can see in the comments, all of those trades are easily accepted because they are all overpaying for Anderson, even though it is a buy low, they could potentially get Anderson for a bench player as that is what his owners consider him at this point — a handcuff to Hillman. If anyone is buying in on Anderson, I would recommend negotiating for lower quality players that you don’t really use, IE: maybe you can sell this player to an owner if they need a bye week replacement. It is a risk that can work out, but I certainly wouldn’t give a starter for CJ Anderson right now, which is what CJ2K and James Jones are. If I had that offer on the table for CJA, I would take it too, instantly.

  15. Don’t ever doubt the genius of Munt haters hahaha. James Jones – 1 point.. CJA – 17pts running like a freaking healthy beast!! Dude got fleeced on that trade my league has to be like wtf

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