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I am sure there are many BEAST DOME users who lost by only a small handful of points as they watched Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham fail to total 10 Points between the two. While the haters on Graham can say I told you so early on, the truth is the Seahawks offense is so much more improved this season that Jimmy will get his.

The fact the Seahawks have had back-2-back weeks of 30+ Pass attempts, something that Russell only did once last season, despite the fact the Seahawks offense has been going 3 & out every possession in the 1st Half of Week 1 & Week 2, shows the Seahawks have not even reached their potential on offense yet.

Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham are both off to slow starts. One it is definitely the play calling of Bevell who has worst play calling ability than a random user you would face in Madden, two is Pete Carroll who just has no concept of how to develop a gameplan. Between these two “Masterminds” Jimmy Graham is seeing barely any targets, and Marshawn Lynch run attempts have been as predictable as Kanye West saying something stupid when the mic is handed to him.

The Seahawks have all the talent in the world, Russell Wilson looks great making consistent good throws. Marshawn Lynch looks like a BEAST who has yet to be unleashed, Jimmy Graham looks like a BEAST who is in a cage, and Doug Baldwin is the most underrated WR in the NFL, poor mans Golden Tate. Between all these guys and the rotation at the other WR spot, the Seahawks have the weapons to put up 30+ a game.

The Saints Offense is not nearly the same since losing Graham in 2015. Brees is hitting his TEs on the money, and they are dropping passes, Saints could barely move the ball against the Bucs at home on Sunday. The fact the Seahawks have yet to use Graham the way he could be used, there is a lot to be excited about moving forward.

So while the haters can hate on Graham while he is Low, now is the time to go all-in and Buy. After Graham announced he is “pissed off” as is the entire BEAST DOME NATION, you can guarantee Graham will be getting his targets moving forward. If he does not, then Graham will be traded and wherever he goes, he is still Jimmy Graham. Only Gronk is in his league as far as talent goes. While I am not banking on a trade, or even considering that a rational in my thinking. All you need to know is the Seahawks offense is going places, they are 0-2 and they will turn that around. It all starts with making Jimmy Graham the actual #1 target for the Seahawks passing game.



  1. What type of player on our squad should we trade for Graham? Douggie and James Jones or is that too much?

  2. What’s up? He wants running backs. His team : Big ben, OBJ, edelman, s. Johnson, c.j anderson, Ivory, Graham, sss, (bench): spiller, r.white, hankerson, cj2k, moncrief, bradshaw. My team : Stafford, Marshall, Evans, Watkins, L. Bell, D. Murray, , Green, J. Randle, (bench) : J. Jones , K. Wright, R. Matthews, Quick, Hillman, taliafero. Please, can I have some trade advice. He has some players Munt is high on. Plus should i try to take hold of den back field, since I have hillman? Thanks Munt and Beast Nation.

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