By Muntradamus


It was only a few weeks ago I introduced you to the Sports Prophet. A few weeks later, the Prophet is open for business. SPORTSPROPHET.AI. For as little as $5 you can get all the Prophets MLB scores sent to your phone and or E-Mail for 3 Days!

The question is. How good is the Prophet?

Let us look back at the past week
(All Predictions were posted on Twitter before games started)


Started out 2-0, nothing better than a good start. Even did ridiculous player prop parlays and 6/8 would hit. The Prophet was for real. Check the Twitter link above to see all proof and picks.


The record remained sharp, but my favorite play was the Prophet predicted a 5/5 Tie with the D-Backs and Dodgers. All of the public was on the Dodgers for that game. When the Prophet predicts a team to win by one run or less, I do not bet on it, but I do like to see how it performs. The game was tied 5-5 in the 9th before Teoscar hit a game-winning hit. Now just noticing took the screenshot at 9:55 with 5% juice on the phone and a 5-5 game in the 9th inning.


Prophet continued to win games, but my favorite play was the Prophet predicted the Tiger/Twins would be a shootout with an 8-7 Final score. Took the over and what do you know, 3 HRs in the 3rd Inning, the game easily went over.


4th of July was with family, but I did the afternoon games through the powered by AI Prophet to see what it would do for the Afternoon games. Surprisingly the Prophet suggested the Mariners would end a 4 game losing streak against the Orioles and Corbin Burnes. It also predicted Julio Rodriguez who has not hit a HR since June 15th would go yard. What do you know, Mariners dominate and Julio goes yard!

Prophet also predicted the Cubs would upset the Phillies, and they did.


The Prophet went 4-0 in predicting the night games. The most impressive prediction in my eyes was the Prophet said Rhys Hoskins would hit a HR off of Tyler Glasnow. Hoskins has been very cold and not doing much all year, then all of a sudden, Hoskins went deep off of the potential CY Young winner. It was also a Grandslam. The Prophet had the Dodgers winning that game 6-3, when Hoskins hit the HR, Brewers were up 5-2, but the Dodgers came back and won 8-5.


Riding a 4-0 streak, I gave the Prophet the three-morning games before I left for the weekend. It predicted the Angels of all teams, who are a terrible team, to win on the road against the Cubs 7-3. I am not a big fan of the Angels, but if the Prophet has a team winning by 2+ runs, I take it, so I did not hesitate with the four-run gap. What do you know, the Angels win 7-0! 6 game winning streak for the Prophet!


*Figuring out how to get the Prophet mobile so I do not have to be glued to comp in future*

For the Monday-Saturday, Prophet recorded a recorded of 21-15. However, it was 6-0 to finish the week.


Started the morning with a Pirates win as the Prophet predicted with a 5-3 win, final ended up being 8-2. The Prophet is on a seven-game win streak.

I did not love the 1 run-projected win by the Nationals in the afternoon, but how can you question the Prophet. Streak snapped.

Evening games there were five of them, only one game had a +2 run differential as the Reds were projected to win 6-3.  Every other game was either a tie, or a one run game. Reds won 6-0. Other great calls from the Prophet, Twins won 8-6 in extras against the White Sox, Prophet predicted a 6-5 game. Which was almost the case. Two losses the Prophet was on the wrong side of one-run games, both games blown by the bullpen. 3-2 on the night.

However most impressive of all. For the first time in a while, I posted two players the Prophet predicted would hit HRs. Corey Seager & Matt Olson. Corey Seager hit a HR in the first Inning.

81% of the money last night was on the Braves. Clients called me and asked if they should bet on it, I said no, Prophet says Arizona will win. Arizona was up 3-1 in the 9th Inning before tying up the game on a 2 out Homerun. Even though the Braves won 5-4, everyone was having a heart attack, Prophet saved everyone from stress.


The Prophet is on a 5 game-win streak when predicting a team would win by two runs or more. The Prophet is getting smarter and smarter and it would be wise to try it out for $5. If you get the BEAST DOME Fantasy Football Draft Guide, you get the Prophet Free for the rest of Baseball season as well!


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