1. It’s not immediately obvious how to access the shopping cart to finish a transaction (aka pay you) ….. many a potential BEAST may give up before sending you money. Just a heads up.

  2. Been trying to access some of the content of your site by entering the password , but nothing shows.
    Also wondering if any of your packages offer you to draft for a person. I’m a first time prospective customer, sir.

  3. Updated my hard drive on my MAC and it must have logged me out of Beast Dome. I can not find the area where we used to log in, and when not logged in I can’t see any of the images with the articles. This had happened to me in the past, but I just logged in and the images appeared. May want to look for a fix, as new viewers may not see any of the artwork on the website, or article content that is copied in via image. Just looking out! (also, I enjoy the artwork)

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