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The First BEAST FRANCHISE CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIER will be on September 14th. There will be 30 Qualifiers who will have a chance to compete for the Grand Prize.

Live Coverage for the BEAST FRANCHISE Championship will be on a BEASTcast that is open to the public. There will be live coverage of most Qualifiers as well.


Users can submit as many entries as they want into each qualifier. Users can qualify for as many seats as they can qualify for.

There will be 30 Qualifiers during the tournament that will go through the MLB Season into the Postseason. Entry Fee will be $2.50 per team.


If you place higher than Muntradamus or Kenny Lofton during the Tournament in any Qualifier, you win $2.50 which is enough for another chance to Qualify for the Grand Prize.


Each Qualifier Winner will receive a Signed Kenny Lofton Baseball after the entire BEAST FRANCHISE CHAMPIONSHIP is complete. Along with the a Signed Kenny Lofton baseball, each Qualifier will have a Seat in the BEAST FRANCHISE CHAMPIONSHIP where 1st Place wins a 42MM Apple Watch with 3 Custom Bands (Gold Metal/Black Metal/White Workout Band) along with a Signed Kenny Lofton Dock Station.


The Championship is only open to players aged 18 and over. All US and Canadian residents who comply with our eligibility rules for paid entry games in our terms of service and are 18 years old or older are eligible to play. Note, residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, and Washington are not eligible to enter this competition.

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