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Like Dorthy in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Dorthy is out of her element when she is outside of Kansas. Similar to Matt Stafford when he is out of his element in a Dome. Yes the Dome opener did not go well for Matt Stafford, which was expected going up against the NFL’s BEST DEFENSE (Highest Ranked Expert Preseason), in the Denver Broncos. It did not help anyone that Stafford was also more than beat up heading into the contest. Things are going to change for the better after this Monday Night Football game, and soon you will get the Matt Stafford we all expected this season for a fraction of the price.

The second article I wrote this Fantasy Football season all the way back in June was about the breakout season for Matt Stafford in 2015. Aka The Lion King

We all knew heading into the season that the start of Stafford’s schedule was not pretty. Two road games against two teams that live and die by owning Time of Possession (Vikings vs. Chargers Week 3) Rivers 246 Passing Yards vs. Bridgewater Passing Yards 123 Yards. Home opener against the best Defense in the NFL on Sunday Night Football, then back to the road on Monday Night Football Week 4 against the best secondary in the NFL (only by reputation) in the Seattle Seahawks. Just when you thought things get easier, Week 5 against the Cardinals has the making to be another week Matt Stafford belongs on your bench.

So far this season, Stafford has been beat/bruised and the Lions are turning the ball over like a game of NFL Street. Only problem is, the Lions are not even playing Street Football. Instead of taking deep shots to Calvin Johnson or Golden Tate, which was not a problem all preseason. The Lions are playing very conservative as far as play calls go. 5 Yard Slants, quick screens, quick outs, quick ins. While you may say it is because of pass protection, truth is the Lions Offensive Line actually has a lot of talent as the Lions have made a lot of transactions this offseason to get a lot better. The problem is predictability of play calling, and 2 out of the 3 games this season were against teams that get to the QB often no matter who they face (Broncos/Vikings). Chances are Week 4 and Week 5 we will see Stafford continue to get roughed up.

But then we are past Week 5 (Against the Cardinals), and then we see the glory days for Stafford, Calvin Johnson, as well as Golden Tate. While we are at it let us throw in the BEAST DOME rising star Eric Ebron.


Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.43.29 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 6.23.52 AMOf course the thing that stands out most for Stafford is the Dome Games from Week 11 – Week 16. Stafford is the type of QB that unless you are the Denver Broncos, can lite anyone up in a Dome. The Lions will eventually get their vertical passing game going and Stafford will be having 400 Yard Games left and right to close out the year. Not to mention his only non Dome Game left will be Week 17 against the Bears. Game Week 8 against the Chiefs is in London.

When Stafford is in a Dome, his Fantasy Stats always come home. The Fantasy Success will be coming in bunches, and now is the easiest time you will have all season to steal the BEAST for cheap.

Carson Palmer/Tyrod Taylor/Cam Newton/Ryan Tannehill/Drew Brees. All of these QBs will likely be accepted by the Stafford owner who is in fear that things will not get pretty since the media is making them sound so bad, even “experts” ranking Calvin Johnson outside the Top 20. Obviously they have not see Megatron and his amazing catches early on this season. Now we are hearing Golden Tate tell the Media that teams are calling out their plays.

Yet with all this distraction, we still see Stafford launch the ball 98 Times in the last two games. Only thing that is missing is the Vertical Pass Attempts, and the Dome Games with that favorable schedule coming up.

If you own Matt Ryan/Tom Brady/Andrew Luck/Aaron Rodgers, you do not need to trade for Stafford. If you own Peyton Manning, you are probably ok as well but if you can upgrade another position at the same time, it is worth it to bite the bullet and sell high. Any other QB, the time is now to make a move for Stafford if you missed him on Draft Day.

Calvin Johnson/Golden Tate/Eric Ebron will gain value as well and make for excellent Buy Low candidates.


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.39.16 AM


(I will keep it on Sale for another Week. $100/Week comes with $25 BEAST HEDGE credit)

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.21.58 PMFrom BEAST Season Client who purchased Daily Rankings Week (3)

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.44.30 AMMUNTRADAMUS vs. ECR (Week 3 RB)

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.39.53 AMI’ve Qualified for 9 Daily Fantasy Championships. This is what I do and what I spend my time doing. If you look at the Per Hour cost you are paying me for all the research, stat predictions, analysis you get on Muntradamus.NET as well as time thinking about the situation (on my mind 24/7). It is less than $1 per Hour when it is all said and done for the week, when you include all the experience from previous years, it is basically nothing per hour.

Give the Rankings a shot. You can tell by all my Preseason Predictions (minus Jamaal Charles, season still young) that I am nearly flawless and see players a completely different way than other experts do. My preseason Rankings are BEASTING the FantasyPros competition this season no questions asked, Week 2 all of my WRs 1-9 Scored Touchdowns. Ready to show them who the real Fantasy BEAST is.



  1. Don’t even need to trade for him, he’s on my waiver wire. Maybe I’ll drop Andre for him next week.

  2. Like Stafford’s schedule and do think he’s bound to play better…

    However, had an owner that had Tom Brady and A Dalton offer me Dalton and Martavis Bryant for Stafford and Stevie Johnson. I’m 1-2 and can’t afford to absorb bad games from Stafford the next 2 weeks so made the deal. Dalton seems to be playing really well and has weapons pretty similar to Stafford.

    One thing that worries me is the Lions record. If they drop to 0-4 which seems likely, they’re going to be close to tank mode. If injuries hit, guys will be less likely to push through them. Plus, Stafford has been absorbing a lot of big hits. The Lions will probably be lucky to be 2-6 heading into their bye week and then come out of the bye in Green Bay…another loss.

    I had Romo and Stafford and had planned to use Romo early in the season to get past the tough part of Stafford’s schedule but feel like I had to adjust my plans.

    I am back with the Beast dome kicker strategy though and have protected Dalton with Nugent :)

    Great article though and agree with everything you said…..maybe I’ll try to trade back for Stafford in 2 weeks :)

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