SSS.r (Steve Smith Sr.)


By Muntradamus


It happened, Steve Smith Sr. went down way earlier than we wanted. After getting speared in the back by Lawrence Timmons, SSS laid on the ground and could not move. He then was trying to get loose on the sidelines, but the team did not allow him back in the game. Now the reports are four broken ribs and he could miss this week and maybe one more, but probably just this one week. Which is good because going up against Joe Haden is never an easy task, no matter what Haden’s numbers show this season.

So now we have to ask ourselves. Do we trade away SSS, or do we keep him, or for some. Do we trade for him. The answer to that question is you have to grab him in all leagues if you do not not own him already.

Last season SSS declined at the end of last season, while Torrey Smith did all he can to regain all the Fantasy value he was supposed to have outscoring SSS towards the stretch run. With Torrey Smith no longer on the team and Rookie Breshad Perriman still yet to play an NFL snap in Preseason and Regular season. The timing is perfect for SSS to be a perfect buy low candidate. The back injury could of happened to anyone, age has nothing to do with getting speared in the lower back where you have no protection. The Ravens are desperate for their passing game to emerge with weapons, but the reality is SSS is the only weapon the Ravens have.

SSS wants to go out with a Bang this season. He is not going to let broken Ribs hold him back, and the Ravens will not be able to rely on their running game with Justin Forsett like they did against a very overrated Steelers Run Defense, who was also missing Ryan Shazier in that game.

I would not break the bank to acquire SSS, but I would also be willing to give up a strong WR such as Jeremy Maclin to make this trade go through. The season is still young, and without SSS the Ravens Passing game will likely finish last in the NFL. SSS wants the Ravens to be in the Superbowl and he will do whatever it takes to get them there.



  1. Awesome, I was wondering what you thought about this situation.

    I hope he only misses this week, my team is desperate for any production. Dez Bryant and SSS… Evans at the beginning of the year and his slow start… John Brown taking a back seat to Larry Fitz… Then Brees getting hurt… Not to mention my RB corps being decimated by Lynch, Gore fumbling at the goal line twice, and Jeremy Hill taking a massive dump and forcing me to trade him for CJ Anderson (I have Hillman too, RB carrousel in full force)… then Hill scores 3 TD’s to top it off. I’m 1-3 because of all this. But in the end, if they can all come together, I know I’ll end the year on a strong note. I just hope it comes together soon.

    Disclaimer: I did not purchase the pre-season package for my team, but even if I did, theres no way you can predict Lynch, Brees, and SSS getting injured in 3 consecutive weeks.

  2. Hoping SSS can get back and be a decent WR….But there is no way I’d give up Maclin to get him right now. Maclin is getting targeted a lot himself and isn’t 36 years old with 4 broken ribs…

    I do think the advice to get Smith is sound…I think he could be had much cheaper than Maclin in most leagues though.

    I do hope he comes back strong as I need him badly.

  3. I agree you can get SSS for a cheaper price than Maclin. I also do like SSS chances of having a better season than Maclin when it is all done.
    There are definitely concerned owners who you can snag him for, Top 15 WR finish is easy in the works for SSS the way his 1/4 of the season has started

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