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Disaster. Stupid. WTF are you doing?!? *SMASH* *GLASS BREAK*

Words and sounds that are used often when watching the Eagles offense so far this 2015 season. Whether it is Murray losing 10 yards on a carry, that is right, I said, “losing.” Or it is Sam Bradford throwing the ball like a kid struggling to make a pop warner squad. Even Jordan Matthews dropping passes like Bill Cosby dropping Pills. Ok that went too far.

Regardless, the Eagles offense is playing like a teenage girl that has been roofied. There is only one person to blame for this, Chip Kelly.

First of all, what is the point of running a slow motion Shotgun QB Delay Draw to Murray??

1) Nobody is afraid of Bradford running the football.

2) None of the Eagles WRs are fast enough to get down field and they run the same routes over and over.

By the time Bradford thinks he is confusing the defense, they are all up in his grill and he just gives the ball to DeMarco to take the big shot before he can take two steps. I could understand this strategy if your QB is Russell Wilson, or you have Randy Moss running down the sideline on a streak. But that is not the case with the Eagles.

Then you have times when Ryan Mathews or Darren Sproles is in the backfield. I get it, they are too good to be on the bench. Every time Sproles is in the game, it is always a swing pass to him, everytime Mathews is in the game he is a decoy. The Eagles offense has no synergy and the only thing that looks good for the Eagles these days is the Eagles Cheerleading calendar.

Then on top of it all, let’s add Murray hurting his hamstring during practice (minor) and a matchup against the New York Jets who looks like the best defensive team in the NFL who embarrassed the “#1” Fantasy Football QB in Indy, on Monday Night Football.

While you can all kick an Eagle while it is down, I am here to lift you up.


Like someone taking one last hit of crack, the Eagles Offense have too hit rock bottom. The good news is that it is nearly impossible not to get stats from this offense. Even with the Eagles getting destroyed by the Cowboys, Jordan Mathews ends up with a HUGE Fantasy Day in PPR leagues, all because of his last drive. Even with DeMarco Murray rushing the ball the same amount of times as Ronnie Hillman so far this season, he is still outscoring Marshawn Lynch. Ouch even I felt that burn.

The Eagles offense will get it together, it all starts with going to Tim Tebow. I know you all laugh, but he can hit a crossing route or a check down to any of the RBs. Most importantly, he can take off and run which would make this power running Eagles team that much more dynamic. Almost as if Cam Newton was the QB, I said almost.

The Eagles offense looks stagnant with Sam Bradford and if Bradford moves any slower than he is moving now, we may all fall asleep. Still, Bradford or any QB who is heading this 10 second Chip Kelly offense will give you fantasy production. Even Mark Sanchez was a debatable Top 12 QB in this system last season. MARK SANCHEZ!! Hopefully the Eagles turn to him if not Tebow.

So while Murray is down and his stock price is about the same range as Jeremy Hill (who I also had as a Mega BUST this season) now is the time to attack Murray for cheap. He cost too much money to sit on the bench for the Eagles even if this hamstring issues is anything, and he is too talented to not be a Top 10 Fantasy RB when the season is over. The Eagles Offensive Line will get it together, the QB situation will be put together, the Eagles will always score a lot of points. Notice how I did not say win Football games.



Jeremy Hill
Carlos Hyde
Latavius Murray
Chris Ivory
Jonathan Stewart + WR
TJ Yeldon + WR
Melvin Gordon + WR

If you own a player like Matt Forte. Trade Forte + WR for Murray + Upgrade at WR.

The Price is low. The time is now.


(7:00pm EST 9/24)

*League opens up at 4:00am PST. First 100 Spots get in.*



  1. Damn I hope you’re right on this one Munt. This article actually gives me some hope as Murray and the Eagles look like crap. I have Murray and I’m benching him until this turns around. Would you really trade Hyde or Ivory for him? I thought you liked those guys?

  2. w/ Bradford a bad O-line and nothing more than a no2 and a no4 wrs that scare nobody plus this stupid running style I have my doubts. I hope you’re right…and yeah Tebow woud be way better!

  3. Love Hyde and Ivory, but if you have the chance to upgrade to DeMarco Murray I would make that move. Especially with both of those guys a little banged up.

  4. I have Hyde and the owner with Murray is a HUGE 49ers (sheep) homer. He’s been pestering me for Hyde since week 1. I SHOULD be able to sell high on Hyde and upgrade WR too. Who should I pair with my Hyde: D. Thomas, A Johnson, J Jones. For his Demarco and one of his: Sanders, AJ Green, Fitz, Cruz, V Jackson, Watkins? Or should I go Hyde for Murray straight up? I’m pretty deep at RB with lacy, foster, shady, Hyde and Blount.

  5. Awesome article Munt, i dig it. I dont have any of the above mentioned players in my league, would you trade Crowell and Tate for D.Murray?

  6. I also have James Jones, Roddy White ant WR.. Any suggestions?
    plus I just noticed that someone dropped Dez Bryant… Must add??

  7. Well it looks like you called this one Munt. 17 then 20 in m league the last two weeks….won me my week last Monday night. Murray is back baby!!!

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