Fantasy Football (Busts): Insurance For My Lamborghini Percy (Week 3)

Fantasy Football (Busts):

Insurance For My Lamborghini Percy (Week 3)


One more day until my updated Rankings come out, and two more days before you make your biggest life decision of the week.


I’m about to prepare for Fantasy Basketball Season Rankings.  A two day lockout period where I run through stats, player trends, personal belief on skills, and other factors that I can not explain.  To give you a preview of how tactical I get.  I will give you a major watered down version of the analysis on these Bust candidate for Week 3.

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Fantasy Football



Rivers looked great against a Titans defense that has more holes for defenses to take advantage of than…I won’t even go there.  Now facing a Falcons defense that is less predictable to understand than a M. Night Shyamalan film, I would avoid him.  To make things worst for Rivers owners is now the Chargers have an actual running game with Ryan Mathews healthy.  Would not be surprised to see the Chargers turn into a run 1st squad moving forward.



Houston’s defense still has the mastermind Wade Phillips behind it.  Though if there is one QB you cannot break, Peyton Manning is that guy.  Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers/Drew Brees also fit in that category.  The main problem for Peyton is his Demaryius Thomas will be guarded by Jonathan Joesph.  This makes it hard to trust Peyton in such a crucial matchup where running the ball against the Texans seems to be the only thing working against this defense.  Peyton could break the trend, but I would start a safer option.



The Texans have become a run 1st/run 2nd/run 3rd type of team.  Defenses have to start selling out to the run in order for this philosophy to change.  The Broncos should feel confident they can do both in this one as the Texans are a one man WR crew.  Andre Johnson.  This week Andre goes up against Champ Bailey who is still one of the best corners in the game.  It will be a great battle to watch closely all game, and one that Andre can win..But I would still not start Schaub this week as their are much better options.



ALL DAY. Will meet Patrick Willis and a defense that you only see in Nike Commercials.  AP looked unimpressive against a Colts run defense that last time I checked, is still terrible.  Nobody can run against this team, but then again if anyone can besides Arian Foster. It may be this guy.  I wouldn’t put my house on it.




Frank the Tank! Frank the Tank! Season is still young so his worn down legs still appear to be fresh.  The Vikings D-Line is still intimidating and still can shut down the best in the game.  100 Rushing Yards will be very hard to come by for Gore this week, I would avoid using him as the 49ers are likely to blowout the Vikings with the pass, and then settle the run with Kendall Hunter to kill the clock in the 4th quarter.



Yes I know I am telling everyone to trade for him.  This is still a week I would bench him.  The Lions defense is known for their run defense, I call them the Brick Wall.  Sugh and Fairley is a lethal tandem.  If anything, this is a game where the Titans can finally get their passing game together against a banged up Lions Secondary.  Should provide much better games for Chris Johnson in the future, but this week.  Start the guy with the better matchup.



Mark Sanchez is one of the worst road QBs in the NFL. I have been watching this trend closely for over a year now.  If Sanchez is going to have a rough day, than Greene is going to have a rough day.  They will surely give him the ball 18+ Times as this one should not be high scoring, but even with 18+ Carries, Greene needs the TD to save his day.  Dolphins run D looked pretty solid stopping Darren McFadden last week.



Seattle’s secondary IS THE BEST in the NFL.  Not a lot of people are willing to admit such a thing, but I have no problem standing behind that statemement.  Aaron Rodgers is so good he may be able to get his (Ranked #10 of QBs this week).  Still the problem with Jennings and Nelson is the rotation of Randall Cobb/Donald Driver/James Jones, and JerMichael Finley still getting his.  Too many options to pick from, I would start the safer option if you have one as you are really rolling in the dice hoping Rodgers picks your guy at the right time.  Not to mention they have a running game this season.



49ers have shut down Calvin Johnson and the Green Bay passing game.  Do you really expect Percy Harvin to break out against this team?   I would be shocked if he surpassed 80 Yards this week, and I am expecting more of the 40 range.  This is a week where you will be ashamed to own a Viking, and I hope you do the smart thing and not let your ego get to you.  Harvin is in trouble this week.



The Cardinals plan on getting the ball to Fitz more this week, after one catch against the Patriots last week.  I would like to try and see Kolb work a miracle and get Fitz over 100 Yards, because that will be a monster performance for Nandi and the EAGLES D/ST who I am starting this week with confidence.  Nandi is the best corner in the game, Kolb has the worst arm in the game.  Fitz is no lock to do anything with Kolb throwing him the ball.



A lot of you are anxious to play with your new toy Brian Hartline. The key with any Dolphins player not named Reggie Bush is patience.  Potentially facing up against Darrell Revis who may not play this week, or even Antonio Cromartie.  Patience is something you should show this week as Tannehill looked good against a terrible Raiders secondary.  Raiders and Jets are two different caliber of defenses.



The 49ers will make Kyle Rudolph look like a HS TE.  The closing speed of this 49er LB/Saftey core is so fast that they can play at 25% speed and still be a step ahead of Rudolph.  Rough week coming for Kyle, you have to have a better option.



The Steelers defense is too good to let the Raiders move the ball this week.  If they do, it will be on random spurts with long passes and long runs, nothing consistent.  By the time the Raiders do start to find rhythm this game could be well out of hand and Oakland will not even think about kicking FGs by the 4th quarter.  I would start another option as the Raiders are going to get blown out.



Ravens offense with their no huddle could create trouble for this improved defense.  The Patriots defense is healthy, and they are much better than they were last season.  However this task may be too much to handle after facing the Titans and Cardinals.  Expect this to be a high pace game where the Ravens will move the ball more ways than one.


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  1. Speaking of busts. What do you think is going to happen when Fred Jackson returns? Is he done? Will he ever see 20 carries a game again?

  2. I’m a big bills fan and I really hope jackson and spiller can plsy together and help the bills win and advance into the playoffs. I think jackson is a good rb and I think he still has a lot left in him. I have him in both my leagues so I am hoping he can come back and put up big numbers.

  3. In a PPR I would go Smith. Do or die.

    2nd question?

    3rd I like Smith against the Vikings run D and soft pass D.

  4. Marques is due for that huge breakout game.

    Brown is the safer option. New Rankings are released.

  5. Hey love the advice you give.

    Do I take a chance with G Jennings or do go to my bench with D Avery?

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