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Beast Dome community,

The mid-way point for fantasy basketball is coming up.  Instead of doing the traditional player update with a brief paragraph to recap the player. I will be projecting out the 2nd half of the season by giving their outlook, along with if I think there stats will increase in the different categories.

Let’s get to it..

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Steve Nash (8.8/10)

Role: Nash should get traded to a contender where he can get more assists.  If he stays on the Suns expect some late DNP’s as the season comes to an end with the Suns playing for nothing.

Second Half Outlook: Nash has resurged himself as an elite option at the PG position.  Assists come in bunches, and if he gets traded to a contender.  He could see that number rise.  The Suns do not have the deadliest of shooters which takes away what could be a handful of assists every night.

Jared Dudley (7.3/10)

Role: Dudley is going to try to imitate a big second half like he had a season ago.  If the Suns get eliminated it will help his chances as they focus on developing his talent.

Second Half Outlook: Dudley was a huge factor in the fantasy playoffs a season ago.  If Grant Hill has any problem lasting the whole season, the scenario could come up again for Dudley to dominate.  He has been a bit of a disappointment and not the most consistent.  However there is still a glimpse of hope for a good second half.

Marcin Gortat (8.7/10)

Role: Marcin is the man on this team, unless Frye becomes a HUGE weapon.  Either way expect great/elite numbers the rest of the way.

Second Half Outlook: Marcin is a tough center who racks up double-doubles with the best of them.  As long as he is the go-to-guy in the Suns offense, which should continue all season, then Marcin is going to have a strong season.

Channing Frye (7.6/10)

Role: Frye is starting to get very comfortable as one of the go-to-shooters on this team.  If the Suns get their season going, it is because Frye has finally stepped up to be their man.

Second Half Outlook: Frye has been really stepping up lately over this past month.  His 3PT shot is going down, he is scoring double figures every night.  Most importantly he is playing the necessary minutes to be a great fantasy option.

Grant Hill (6.5/10)

Stats: As the season goes and the Suns get eliminated, I expect Grant Hill to be the first player to start taking games off.  It is amazing that he has lasted this long and is playing nearly 30 Minutes every night.

Second Half Outlook: Hill is a solid forward who gets a lot of playing time.  His numbers will remind you of Marvin Williams before you get to Danny Granger.  However you can do a lot worse than depending on the veteran.

Markieff Morris (6.3/10)

Role: Morris is a stud in the making.  Unfortunately we may not see the whole package until next season when the Suns figure out a way to make him a bigger part of the team.  For now he is a backup with high upside.

Second Half Outlook: Morris has loads of potential to be a very dangerous fantasy option.  Problem is the team is committed to giving Frye his opportunities to make the Suns better.  Morris should still be good for his 20+ Minutes, but expecting consistent stats is not likely.



Kevin Durant (10/10)

Role: Durant will be more of a fantasy factor as the Thunder fight for a championship. 

Second Half Outlook: Durantchula is playing like the #2 overall pick in fantasy basketball.  He is an elite option, and I expect his scoring to get better as he is now consistently around 30 Points a game a night it seems like.

Russell Westbrook (9.5/10)

Role: Westbrook will be motivated to have a huge 2nd to help the Thunder win it all.

Second Half Outlook:  Westbrook is already an elite talent and I don’t think we’ve seen half of how good he is going to be.  The product out of UCLA is an elite fantasy option, and there is no reason to think that will change.  Could do without the T.O’s, but that will change with age.

Serge Ibaka (8.1/10)

Role: Serge should get more and more minutes as Scott Brooks finally trusts him as their man.

Second Half Outlook: Serge is a block shot, rebounding machine.  Not just any machine, but a monster and someone you want to own going forward.  He went through a rough stretch where playing time was an issue, but he is way past that.  Ibaka is an IMPACT fantasy basketball player.

James Harden (7.9/10)

Role: Harden is having a tough time being an elite fantasy option.  He should still keep the same production with the chance for more as he gains more confidence.

Second Half Outlook: Harden has been an elite talent when you consider he comes off the bench.  His fantasy owners do expect more, but it is hard to produce with huge numbers when Durant and Westbrook need to get theirs.  Harden is the type of player who will have a big playoff run and be ready to be a huge fantasy factor for next season.



Gerald Wallace (7.7/10)

Role: Wallace is at time the 4th or 5th option offensively.  I would trade him the next time he puts up a few solid games together.  His name alone keeps his value this high.

Second Half Outlook: Wallace is past his huge fantasy days with Portland.  The scoring is not consistent, neither is anything else.  The thing that is really helping Wallace is the fact he gets so much playing time because of his defensive abilities.  Wallace has been a disappointment, and with Nicolas Batum starting it could cut into his production.

Raymond Felton (6.8/10)

Role: Felton is on his way down with only an injury that could bring him up.

Second Half Outlook: Felton was supposed to have a great season leading a Portland team that had so many options.  Felton was inconsistent, not dominant at all, and lost his starting job right before the ASB.  There is a chance he gets it back, but for now expect Felton to be bench material.

Wesley Matthews (6.4/10)

Role:  Good chance Matthews ends up as a waiver wire player in all leagues by the time the season is over.

Second Half Outlook: Wesley Matthews is a nice shooter, but playing for the Blazer his stats are not going to be at a premium.  Usually you will get a game from Matthews where he will hover around 15 points, but the problem is he will score in single digits far too often.  On top of that he does not do much besides score.

LaMarcus Aldridge (9.3/10)

Role: I expect LaMarcus to hold his 1st/2nd round fantasy value.

Second Half Outlook: Aldridge could be a top 5 pick if he wasn’t on the Blazers.  His offensive consistency is remarkable considering how good of a team he is on.  No reason to expect the Blazers to go less to their go-to-guy.  However with Crawford and Batum getting more playing time you could see LaMarcus take a bit of a hit in Field Goal attempts.

Marcus Camby (6.8/10)

Role: Camby is a guy I would look to trade after a hot streak.  He cannot be expected to last the whole season.

Second Half Outlook: Camby is a streaky player who has been on his downside lately.  There will be a stretch where Camby looks really good in the second half, and that will be the time to trade him.  He can grab rebounds with the best of them when he’s hot.

Jamal Crawford (7.8/10)

Role: Crawford is looking like a must-start option going forward with the starting PG role.

Second Half Outlook: J-Craw is turning quietly into an elite fantasy option.  As a starting PG he is racking up assists and scoring points.  Not much more you can ask for, especially considering Crawford didn’t find a home until right before the season started.  Expect the amazing production to continue all season from one of the best pure scorers in the NBA.

Nicolas Batum (7.7/10)

Role: Batum will be a great fantasy option going forward.  One of the most underrated talents in the fantasy world.

Second Half Outlook: Batum had his moments off the bench for a  majority of the 1st half of the season.  Including a 33 Point, 7 3PTM performance.  With the move to the starting lineup, Nicolas Batum becomes an elite option and someone who could be a big difference maker going forward as long as the Gerald Wallace doesn’t start jacking up bad shots.



Ricky Rubio (8.2/10)

Role: Rubio will continue to grab assists and steals with his eyes closed.

Second Half Outlook: Rubio has been possibly the best fantasy surprise.  He may not score over 15 Points often, but he will rack up elite assists and steal numbers.  Rubio is making basketball relevant in Minnesota again and is definitely going to be fun to watch throughout his career including the rest of the season.

Kevin Love (10/10)

Role: Love will continue to be a fantasy monster.

Second Half Outlook: Love is a machine.  Rebounding, 3PTM, FT%, Points, this guy is elite and will be the debatable #2 pick in fantasy basketball next season.

Nikola Pekovic (8.1/10)

Role:  Nikola should continue his dominant streak as probably the best FA of the season.

Second Half Outlook: Nikola has been Marcin Gortat 2.0 ever since he filled in for the injured Darko.  Truly a great surprise in all fantasy basketball leagues, Peko will be a main contributor to a lot of championship teams.  The second half is not going to slow down for Nikola.


Michael Beasley (7.6/10)

Role: Beasley needs to get traded or could be heading for a rough second half.

Second Half Outlook: Beasley is a shooting machine.  Problem is the Wolves are sick of him missing all the time so now he is at the bottom of their bench.  Beasley will start to pick it up at some point with the Wolves, or get traded to another team that wants his high shooting volume.  Either way, Beasley is too talented of a player to leave as a waiver wire option despite his struggles.

Derrick Williams (6.2/10)

Role: Williams will have trouble finding the court consistently.

Second Half Outlook: Williams has had a bad 1st half which has seen him get his chances but never really make the most out of them.  Right before the ASB he got another chance to show off his skills and almost put up double-double in 20 minutes.  That could be enough for him to get more PT.

Luke Ridnour (5.5/10)

Role: Ridnour will not be worth more than a bench role on fantasy rosters going forward.

Second Half Outlook: Amazing that Luke Ridnour managed to stay fantasy relevant a whole half of the season.  An excellent complement guard to Rubio, Luke did enough to get his PT and score in double figures fairly consistently.



Monta Ellis (8.3/10)

Role: Monta will continue to play like a 2nd round fantasy value.

Second Half Outlook: Monta went through a very rough inconsistent stretch when Steph Curry returned from his ankle injury.  Lately he has been back to his vintage self and his owners do not have to worry anymore.  Monta is an elite talent, and you should not expect anything less.

Stephen Curry (8.8/10)

Role: Curry will be as good as his foot allows him to be.  When healthy expect 2nd round value.

Second Half Outlook: Everything was going good for Curry before messing up his foot once again right before the break.  Still no announcement on how long he will be out for.  It does not seem likely Curry will be a safe play for the rest of the fantasy season.  However when he is on the court he is too elite to be ignored.

David Lee (8.7/10) 

Role: Lee has the potential to be a beast the rest of the season.  Expect 3rd round quality.

Second Half Outlook: Lee stepped up to his game to a whole new level this past month.  Points are consistently hovering the 20 range, his rebounding is back to his Knick days.  But most importantly he has been getting decent assist numbers.  Lee has stepped up on a team that really lacks a big man.

Dorrell Wright (7.7/10)

Role: If Curry is out for a while Wright will be a legitimate starting option.  When Curry is in, Wright is best for the bench.

Second Half Outlook: Last year’s 3PT king is having trouble with an encore performance.  If Curry is expected to miss time, Wright will get his opportunities to put up stats.  Two games before the Curry injury, Dorrell had a combined 0 points.  He is inconsistent, and there is a good chance Brandon Rush takes his spot at some point.  For now continue to roll with Dorrell.


Ekpe Udoh (6.5/10)

Role: Udoh has the potential to be a fantasy beast if he gets a starting role.

Second Half Outlook: As evident by his 19 Point, 8 Rebound, 2 Block start against the Clippers.  It is vital that the Warriors start using Udoh more consistently if they plan on winning any games.  Udoh has elite fantasy potential, and should be a major contributor in the block shot category.



John Wall (8.7/10)

Role: Wall will continue to be a fantasy beast.

Second Half Outlook: Wall-mania is a great fantasy option who will not knock down 3PTM.  He also underperforms when the Wizards get blown out.  Wall is the type of player who you will want more than most stars when the end of the season comes.  He feels like since the team is out of it he can do what he needs to do.

Nick Young (7.8/10)

Role: Young should continue to put up nice scoring numbers as the go-to-shooter on this Wizards offense.

Second Half Outlook: Young has stepped up his scoring to an elite level this season, and there is no reason to think he will continue to put up around 20 points a game every night.  The Wizards lack shooting, and Young is the best they got.

Trevor Booker (6.3/10)

Role: Booker will be waiver wire material sooner than later.

Second Half Outlook: Booker had a nice month of February, when Blatche comes back you can basically call it an end for Booker.

Javale McGee (7.8/10)

Role: McGee should have a dominant second half as he looks past his inconsistent ways.  The new asthma medicine will help him get his minutes.

Second Half Outlook: McGee brings a lot to the table when you consider he blocks shots almost at the same rate as Serge Ibaka.  McGee had an inconsistent stretch of the season, but when he found the right asthma medicine he has been a great talent.  I expect McGee to have a huge 2nd half.

Jordan Crawford (6.8/10)

Role: Crawford looks ready to make a second consecutive run for Fantasy Playoffs MVP.

Second Half Outlook: Crawford could be the hottest scorer heading into the break scoring 20 or more 4 of the last 5 games.  Last year’s NBA fantasy playoff MVP is poised for a huge 2nd half.

Andray Blatche (5.3/10)

Role: Blatche will only get stronger as the season goes.  He will eventually get his starting spot back and be a fantasy factor.  He is far too talented to be nothing.

Second Half Outlook: Blatche has the potential to be a top option at the forward position.  So far this season, his head and injuries have gotten in the way of that becoming a reality.  Blatche is expected to be healthy shortly after the ASB, and the journey will continue again as he makes his way to a starter.


That is the 1st half all recapped. 

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  1. Out of these players, who’s the best to get and Why:
    Paul George, Vince Carter, Trevor Ariza, Jamal Crawford, Carlos Delfino, Tony Allen, Anthony Morrow, J.R. Smith, Wesley Matthews, Antwan Jamsison, Greivis Vasquez, Isaiah Thomas, Jeff Teague, Landry Fields or Toney Douglas?

  2. Jerryd Bayless, Tristan Thompson, Bismack Biyombo, and Wilson Chandler?
    As of right now I can pick any of them up from the waiver wire.

    Whom do you prefer in the short run? What about the long run? Could you rank them in order of preference?

  3. Short Run. None of them.
    Long Run. Biyombo, Bayless, Chandler, Thompson.

    1) Biyombo- He is going to continue to start at center all season long. That means double digit rebounds, and great blocks should continue.
    2) Bayless- His scoring potential is elite. Soon he will be a starter again.
    3) Thompson- Has a lot of potential, but the days of 30+ Minutes have not come yet. If they do he will be a beast.
    4) Chandler- The Nuggets are too deep to count on Chandler.

  4. Antwan Jamison.

    Forwards are hard to come by to begin with. Forwards that score 20 Points, and grab around 10 rebounds consistently are even harder to come by. Add in the fact he gets blocks/steals/3PTM, and the team counts on him to be their go-to-guy with Kyrie Irving as the only other capable scorer on the team.

    Jamison will be a great fantasy start for the forseeable future. When Varejao comes back his value could take a hit. But until then he will remain elite.

    I also really like..Isaiah Thomas. Paul George. Jamal Crawford. Those three are must-start fantasy options right now. Jamison ranks ahead of them.

  5. Right now these are my bottom guys: vince carter, kenneth faried, reggie williams, wes matthews.

    Do you think any of them are worth dropping for: Josh howard, Luke Ridnour, Jason Thompson, Nikola Vucevic, Anthony Morrow, Alonzo Gee?

    Or should i keep my guys

  6. You can drop.

    Vince Carter- Never a good idea to trust a guy who plays less than 28 Minutes a game consistently.
    Kenneth Faried- Going to lose PT to Nene.
    Reggie Williams- Going to lose PT when Gerald Henderson returns.

    And Add.

    Josh Howard- Who could be the starter for the rest of the season.
    Jason Thompson- Who is a solid 10-10 guy, big upgrade over Faried who will lose all PT when Nene returns.
    O.J. Mayo- His scoring potential is too elite to leave on the waiver wire.

    I do like Zaza and Morrow as well. But I would rather keep Wes Matthews and his 13 Points a game. If you need the center position more than the PF spot, go with Zaza over Thompson (unless Thompson qualifies at center already in your league).

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