Fantasy Basketball (2012-2013): Center Sleepers

Fantasy Basketball (2012-2013):

Center Sleepers

 By Muntradamus

Week 4 of the Fantasy Football Season is complete, Fantasy Baseball ends in three days.  Soon Fantasy Basketball content will be full force, starting later this week you will see articles daily.


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Fantasy Basketball: Center Sleepers




Muntradamus Rank: #4

Expert Consensus Rank: #10 

On a team that featured 7 relevant Fantasy players at one time.  Aldridge was still able to put up monster 20+ Point games with 10+ Rebounds.  He was everything you could dream of, especially when he gained center eligibility when Camby was traded to Houston.  Now that the Blazers barely just barely run 5 man relevant in fantasy basketball this season, with no players like Jamal Crawford and Gerald Wallace to jack up bad shots.  Aldridge should be the man this season.



Muntradamus Rank: #12

Expert Consensus Rank: #17 

Monroe was a consistent 20 Points/10 Rebounds every night.  Then fatigue came a problem late, which is bad for someone his age.  But at the same time, he has never been a force like this since his High School Days.  Even in George Town he was not used the same way the Pistons use him.  With Monroe coming into camp in great shape, there is no reason to believe he cannot be a 20/10 guy the entire season.  Andre Drummond the rookie should give Monroe a huge boost when they play on the court together.



Muntradamus Rank: #8

Expert Consensus Rank: #15 

Andrea is a great fantasy player to own.  He will be one of the leaders in 3PTM, if not thee Leader for all Centers.  Kevin Love is now a threat.  He will also give you solid enough rebounding numbers where you won’t complain too much.  But what really makes him special is that he has the potential to get 30 Point games.  When he is on the court, he is the #1 option in the Raptors offense.  Now that Kyle Lowry has joined the squad who is one of the best guards at getting in the lane, Bargs will get a lot of open shots.



Muntradamus Rank: #23

Expert Consensus Rank: #27 

Last season when healthy Varejao was everything his fantasy owners wanted, and much, much, much, more.  Anderson had the capabilities of getting 20+ Rebounds in a game.  With the Cavs lacking a true scorer this season outside of Kyrie Irving, Anderson will have to possibly put up closer to 20 Points this season.  Not saying he will get there, but the Cavs need him to.  He is not as bad as you think he is.



Muntradamus Rank: #5

Expert Consensus Rank: #22 

The expert Consensus rank must not be right.  When Bosh was starting at center he averaged over 19 Points and around 14 Rebounds a game.  He is now comfortable in this Heat offense where LeBron and Wade know their roles.  They do not have any big bodies besides him who are capable of playing at the NBA level, not Joel Anthony.  Bosh will be on the court a lot, and he will be playing with a chip on his shoulder to remind everyone how good he once was.  Because in Toronto, he was a 30+ Point monster who could explode any night.


Too many superstars on this list for you.  How about we go with a BEAST DOME classic.  For those new to the site, BEAST DOME discovered Bismack Biyombo long before any website even knew how to spell his name.  Check the Link.   Biyombo finds himself in a similar situation competing for time with Byron Mullens, but now has Brendan Haywood also to deal with.  Luckily there is a vacant spot at Power Forward which only has Tyrus Thomas, so they will make this rotation work.  Plus if Biyombo cannot rise from that crowd, what is the point of even drafting him.  He will give you BLOCKS ON BLOCKS ON BLOCKS.  Bismack also has the potential to be a 10/10 type of player, but will play more like a 6/12 player if he gets the minutes.  Blocks is the thing you are drafting him for. 

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  1. So stoked for this season, very confident that coming off back to back ships, along with a full season of muntra guidance, a three peat is in the bag. Very excited for your articles and preseason rankings munt. Let’s get it. Also the new season of ‘The League’ is starting soon. It’s just a beautiful time of year.

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