*NEARLY ALL VIPS have Desean Jackson/Josh Gordon/Rob Gronkowski/Julius Thomas & an Army of Strong RBs*



If you followed the BEAST DOME Draft Strategy.  There is a very strong chance your team is in the Playoffs today. 

With all the Upside you need to take it home.

I know my Strategy articles were limited on BEAST DOME throughout the season.

But they were all useful in getting you here today, for a chance to win it all.

Here is a Recap of my content when I started to Limit the Articles starting in Week 7.








WAIVER WIRE WEEK 10:  Picking Foles over Keenum as Franchise QB










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  1. I have ten separate teams that I followed the Munt draft strategy for. 8/10 teams have a guaranteed playoff spot, while the remaining two need a win in Week 14 to make the playoffs. I’ll highlight two teams here that are polar opposites of each other, but both are the strongest team in their respective league going into the playoffs.

    The first is a ten team league with a flex spot with work buddies. I played Weeks 2-5 with only six players in the starting lineup instead of nine to stockpile waiver wire additions. A great draft with Munt following along live and an iron fist on the waiver wire were the keys to success. After four trades, my team is:

    Romo/Foles, AD/Lynch/Charles/Murray/AndreBrown/Montee, Dez/Gordon/DJax/Welker, Gronk, Hauschka and the Carolina D/ST.

    The league commissioner commented the following on my team, “Your team is a complete and utter embarrassment and failure on the rest of the league’s behalf”. There’s also been talk of enacting a Gibby rule, ie I’ll be forced to pick a Kicker in the first round of the draft next year to level the playing field a bit. That’s the definition of BEASTing your league in my book!

    As impressive as that team is, it’s the next team I’ll highlight that I’m most proud of. While the above was an example of when things go perfectly in the draft and during the season, this next team shows the advantage of being a VIP when the draft goes horribly, horribly wrong.

    Of course, no fantasy expert gets every call correct, even Munt. The 14 team roster found below is an example of such to an extreme. 6 point passing TD league, so a productive QB is tantamount. The 14 team setup makes the draft even more crucial. In round 2 I selected Montee Ball instead of Peyton Manning. I also drafted Eli Manning, Danny Amendola, Miles Austin, Darren McFadden, Lance Moore and Josh Freeman. Six weeks later, I was sitting at 1-5 and 14th place in the league.

    First Gronk came back, then Munt suggested I pick up Foles an hour before he tossed his seven TD game. Trading Julius Thomas and a couple under performing big name players turned the ship around in short order.

    Heading into the quarterfinals of the playoffs, I’m 6-7 with the #6 seed. My starting roster is Foles, Demaryius Thomas, Josh Gordon, Lynch, Murray, Andre Brown, Gronk, Justin Tucker and Baltimore/Denver D/STs. It is by far the strongest team in the league heading into the first round of the playoffs and is set to make the championship run.

    Considering how poorly the draft went in hindsight for a competitive 14 team league, this is by far the team that I’m most impressed with. Munt’s waiver advice was golden and was the saving grace of the team. Just getting to the playoffs is an accomplishment, let alone being in a position to run the table. Quite the VIP experience for me.

    I came to Beastdome solely for Munt’s WR rankings. I certainly like to remain active in ownership of my team and not follow weekly rankings blindly. That being said, Munt’s always been available to talk me through his rankings and the reasoning behind said rankings on the rare times we disagree. Far more often than not, Munt’s call has been the correct one when we don’t see eye to eye.

    I’ve been extremely pleased with my VIP membership and will be signing up for next year as soon as we’re able to again. I’d highly recommend it to any casual fan on the fence or those looking to get a decided edge over your opponents in for the upcoming year.

    Thanks again for all the hard work, Munt. The proof is in the pudding!


  2. Keep doin yo thang munt. Im in the fantasy playoffs cause I traded Julius Thomas for CJ2K. And I drafted Gronk and Josh Gordon.

  3. What a crazy year in football: Texans and Falcons on the losing side, Foster with an early exit, Packers and Bears possible opening the door for 2 NFC East teams to make the playoffs, plus many more.

    To help make sense of it there’s only one place I go for Fantasy Advice – The BEASTDOME VIP Program.

    Muntz’s advice, pre-draft rankings and pre-draft chat not only put my Team in a position to Win, but ran me at the top of the League all Season long. Drafting second in a ten man league I was first faced with the option of who to select. With all the uncertainty facing Foster, Munt had me go Lynch – who’s been solid all season. Other draft day notables consisted of: QB: Romo, RB’s Murray, Reggie, Montee, WR’s: Nelson, Gordon, TE’s Gronk. Bradshaw looked good but was soon lost for the season and by personnel preference I had to go Miles Austin over DeSean.

    Munt was there to discuss every trade option I can think of. I really appreciate the time he put in answering all my questions. As many of the VIP’s, I was able to grab Orange Julius as a final selection. A couple weeks into the season and a few trades later I was able to change that selection into CJ2K. Other trade pick-ups include Fitzgerald, Ray Rice, Tom Brady. (And just traded for Witten after Gronk’s injury).

    Much discussion has been made this year on the site about your articles, especially regarding Waiver Day. I found you rankings posted Tuesday on the VIP site a no-brainer. I just found who was ranked higher than anybody on my Team, for skype discussion. Your waiver advice lead to such finds as, Ivory, Vereen, Panthers D/ST, plus several other who have been either dropped for somebody better, or part of a trade. (even with weekly very late claim selections I was still able to find somebody if needed)

    I finished up season tied with the other top team at 11-3, heading into playoffs as the third seed. (A ESPN format thing). The team looks good, healthy and deep, ready to make the run. Your VIP Program helped my win the Championship last year, and puts me in a great position to win it this year.

    Thank you again for all your help and always being there to answer my many questions.

  4. correction….. The other owner was For-Tayed last night and ended up 10-4. My team took the League (half the pot) and is the number one seed going into the playoffs.

  5. I found this site half way through the year, will be a subscriber next year. Munts draft strategies and player insights are priceless. If you play for fun or money you will succeed.

  6. I’m a believer. Have a fantasy trophy to prove it!! Munt could be an NFL scout his eye for waiver wire talent is on point. Sometimes people nitpick him but he hits mostly homers. No one is right 100%, his batting average has to be near .700. He watches all the games and does this professionally and it shows. I signed up for VIP late in the season. Almost did some risky things under the stress of playoffs and he advised me on the best options to win. It paid off.

    If you are interested in unique drafting strategies, unique playing strategies, the best waiver wire scout, weekly rankings to make your life easy, and an expert to get the highest quality analysis…. then it is obvious VIP is for you!!

  7. Hey Munt, Happy Holidays buddy! I want to say thank you for everything this year, it’s inly my second yr playing fantasy football and you helped me out with your “Nostradamus,” like foreseen future, haha! Nonetheless; my league is one if the rare ones that plays to the full extent, I play my championship game this week, week 17. I ask you to please help me with this call at flex Rb position….full Ppr league….I own Jamaal Charles, as we know chiefs might rest him this week…so who do I start? Donald brown vs jags at Indy or montee ball vs raiders or pick up lagarett Blount from waivers? I can also maybe look at playing a third WR? Marvin jones is out there, Whalen from Indy is out there, Ruben Randel and jerrigan from the giants are out there? Thank you again, please holla back on who I should start in case Jamaal is bemched week 17…I also own Donald brown from indy who is hosting the jags week 17

  8. Thank you Munt for helping me to my most successful year in FF. I made the Championship game in my league for the first time and it all started by following your draft guide this year.
    See you in 2014!

  9. I manage 4 teams and think I joined right after week 11. My team records were 5-6, 5-6, 6-5 and 10-0-1. 3 of my 4 teams were on the playoff bubble.

    Since I joined, I have gone undefeated in all my leagues in every single matchup and ended up winning 3 of 4 leagues. In the only league that I failed to make playoffs, I had the 3rd best record and 2nd highest scoring team but because of league rules, I missed playoffs. If I made it to the playoffs, I would have also won that league and made it 4 of 4.

    My favourite story this season is in my 2nd league, I was sitting at 9th place (out of 10) with a very small outside shot at making playoffs. After one big win and losses to the other teams ahead of me, I leapfrogged 5 people and made the last playoff spot (4th) with a 6-6 record. Ended up winning out and winning that league.

  10. Hello M,

    First of all, thanks again for another insightful VIP year with all those amazing articles and rankings. I truly appreciate all your dedicated work in your analysis and careful thought involved in your rankings. Muntradamus, you are the true definition of an expert analysis. Honestly, you are a mentor to many analysis out there when it comes to accurately predicting trends, forecasting players stats, and knowing basically the future. Are you a psychic? However you do it man, you are among the BEST out there.

    You have helped me in my draft tremendously over the last couple of years, and I can’t thank you enough! Although sadly this year I lost by a mere couple points in my finals (LeSean McCoy and Forte kinda killed my team), your waiver wire guides and trade articles really established my team for greatness over the course of the season. Furthermore, I throughly enjoyed all the beast casts and live streams this year. Back on the trade note, I still don’t know how I got Marshawn Lynch by offering Reggie Bush after that dominant week one (your idea). However, it truly expanded my RB depth even more with my monstrous Adrian Peterson, DeMarco Murray, LeVeon Bell, and SJAX. Also, LeVeon Bell was a solid waiver wire pick for me! Additionally, trading Matt Stafford for Tom Brady helped me too whenever Gronk got back as well, and Stafford started hitting a cold spot. Great prediction! The list goes on and on… You are a BEAST!
    Thanks again bro!

    Kind Regards,
    Scream, aka Garrett

    P.S. To all the Beastdome haters this season, Muntradamus has allowed me the opportunity to be in every playoff finals match for three years, have a perfect undefeated season in Football, Baseball, and Basketball my first year into Fantasy, and gives his own personal time to help anyone who needs it via Skype along with the site. How in the world can you discredit such a hardworking, and sincere individual?!?!?!? Anyway, I digress. Muntradamus, you keep doing your thing, and keep writing those INCREDIBLE articles! You Rock dude!

  11. Wanted to let all the first timers on the dome that Munt is the real deal. This is my 2nd year using Munt’s VIP service, but first year starting from the beginning of the season to the very end. Let me say this:In my opinion Munt’s draft strategy for this year was SPOT on. I and my brother were teamed up in a 14 team standard league, only 6 teams make it to the playoffs, with the 6 seed getting in based on the most points scored for teams not ranked 1st-5th. This league my brother and I were in, the same guys year in and year out compete for glory, with most guys having as much experience as Munt, but Munt’s guidance gave us a HUGE advantage due to his 24/7 help on skype, beastchats, ext, and most importantly, our draft strategy, which truly gave us the edge. While a handful of players took a qb in the 1st round, we went Shady Mccoy!, then went with Sjax in the 2nd, followed by Gronk in the 3rd, Stafford (who before his decline in the playoffs was a top 3 qb) in the 6th round, doing just as well, if not better than the qb’s drafted in the 1st rd. The steals were Jordy f*^king Nelson in the 5th, D. Moore in the 7th, and Stevie the stud Johnson in the 9th. Hands down, the ultimate weapon was JULIUS THOMAS in the 16TH ROUND. ONLY MUNT CALLED J.THOM OUT OVER ALL OTHER SO CALLED “EXPERTS”. During the season, he helped my brother and I trade Denarius Moore when he was on a HOT STREAK for Boldin, who was struggling mightily at the helm… talk about PAYING OFF BIG TIME. D. Moore drops like crazy, and Boldin comes a blazing. Munt told us to pick Rainey over Leonard, while most sites were saying to go Leonard. Rainey that very same week EXPLODES for 39 pts. We made it to the playoffs even with the ups and downs of critical injuries our team had, the depth that Munt gave us, was HUGE. No other team would have made it with the injuries our team endured throughout the season. Our team hands down had the most depth. Unfortunately Stafford sucked in the end, and gronk went down… but we lost like men, and do not blame Munt. My brother and I will be using his service next year, no doubt. DO NOT DOUBT THE MUNTRADAMUS!!!!! Beastdome Nation Rise up!!!!

  12. I’ve been following Munt’s columns since mid-season 2012. Halfway through 2013, I joined VIP and ended up winning my first ever Fantasy Football Championship. All with Munt’s week by week advice on drafting, waivers and trades.

    His trade advice was critical to winning as he spotted player’s values rising and falling atleast 2 weeks before any other site. This allowed me to trade several times to strengthen my team for the playoffs. Come playoff time, it was game over. My team was stacked! And – I have Josh Gordon + Keenan Allen as my 11th and 12th round keepers for next year. I plan on being back here next season, very early to learn from Munt’s detailed advice and strategy planning. The QB+K strategy crushed the other teams as it is so often overlooked.

    Munt is the man and I’m looking forward to reading up on his detailed analysis for 2014. VIP takes it all one big step further. Thanks Munt

  13. I joined Munt just before my 2013 draft as a VIP. I did not ask for or want a personalized experience and the program worked for me very well. Except for a few minor set-backs (Montee Ball, Gronk’s ACL and a couple other unexpected bad weeks) I ended up making the playoffs and taking 2nd place in one league and 1st in the other league. I used Munt as a tool, which is exactly what I think this program was intended for. No one can be perfect and predict everything correctly… so as a fantasy team owner – I used Munt along with other sites, the NFL channel and my own opinions to help me make the best possible decisions from week to week. I DID follow his draft strategy 100% and ended up with guys like Jimmy Graham in one league – Gronk in the other, LeSean McCoy in both, and some other 2013 BEASTS. Fact is, this season worked out well for me and I’d do it if possible.

  14. Most of my professional career has been in private equity and venture capital in silicon valley (basically I invest other people’s money to help them make more money). What our limited partners (investors) expect is the same that applies to potential followers of Munt: you can’t expect every single call to be spot on, but on the whole, if you put your trust into his painstaking analysis and insight, you will more often than not come out on top.

    In my league this year, I decided to place all my trust in Munt’s guidance:

    Some calls were phenomenal. Best calls that affected my teams: Traded week 1 for Peyton Manning = home run; drafted Julis Thomas = home run; stashed Andre Brown early = helped me through playoffs in crucial weeks; picked up Chris Johnson right before the playoffs to get me in (and got rid of him shortly after); bought super low on Brady.

    Some calls were bad. Worst call that affected my teams: traded to get Trent Richardson.

    And some calls need more time to manifest. Montee Ball will likely beast for my dynasty team.

    In the end, I ended up winning one league, placing second in another, and was in the playoffs for another one. Only one league that I didn’t make it into the playoffs.

    I’m writing this as an appreciation to Munt for his dedication and service to something he loves and for helping my teams get as far as they did this year.

    Best of luck, Munt, on your future endeavors and hope to come back to all the great stuff on Beast Dome in the future.

  15. Munt knows his football inside and out. I came in 2nd place this year, while being the most dominant team all year long. The dice simply didn’t roll my way in the championship game, nbd. If you sign up w/ Munt you’re going to get your Tom Brady on meaning: you will simply be in contention from week 1 no matter the circumstances. I was extremely impressed w/ Munt’s knowledge and also learned a lot. Week 1 I started Julius Thomas – whom nobody heard of – and my league instantly labeled me a genius. That’s the type of thing you can expect w/ Munt and in sure the rest of BEAST NATION can say the same!

  16. Learned about Munt on FantasyPros. Thought he offered some really unique insights and points of view no where else to be found. Weekly player insights — those to get and those to avoid were invaluable in my march to win not one but three championships. Munt is the man if you want to take it to the house. I am in for 2014!

  17. I found Munt last year, and never allowed myself time to learn the Beast Nations schedule. Never get bit by the same dog twice! This year was a different story. Stayed plugged in, stayed focused on the reasoning Munt used to weed the garden of star players, trusted, and wound up with a killer 14-1 record. I wound up losing my first playoff game, and going home, not due to Munt, but because Josh Gordon and AJ Green didn’t show up for that series. Win or lose, my record speaks for itself. Been playing with the same group of guys for six years, and none of these brothers are novice players… I dominated the entire season using Munt’s insight and deductions! Cost/ benefit tells me Munt will grace my screen again next season. Thanks Munt.. BEAST!!!

  18. I found beast dome last year and i thought to myself its just another website , more rankings etc , i began to notice that munt was the only expert that projected players higher than any other website. he would have receivers like muhammad sanu in the top 15 and i rememeber thinking whatever come to find out after the weekends games muhammad sanu went crazy that weekend so i stuck with him and sure enough week after week he was on point . fast forward to this year signed up for the vip progam , saw his draft strategies but was still skeptical . i decided to follow some of his strategies , it called for drafting the best available rbs in the firt couple of rounds .he told us to draft mccoy in the first if we could and the likes of reggie bush n demarco murray in the second , since bush was being kept in our keeper leaque , i started to think about demarco but remember thinking he gets hurt every year i do not want anything to do with him . i passed up on him n took mjd instead . he also told us to take wrs like gordon,boldin,desean which thankfully i listened . i made it to the superbowl but lost by 3 points .irony is if i would have drafted demarco i would have won go figure, munts draft strategies were amazing got me all the way to the final , his trades , rankings etc were the diffrence if only i would have draft demarco ,. in hindsight 2014 i will follow all of his advise n not over think it , thank u munt for a great season cant wait for next year . the vip program is worth every penny

  19. Thank you for helping me dethron the 3X champ In my work league. Because of your advice: going rb strong draft day, taking a chance on gronk who was awesome before getting hurt. Waiver pick up of Julius Thomas, trading away Matt Ryan just in time, trading for cj2k and on and on etc etc…I don’t any other fantasy… Fantasy football seems better to me than the rest…thanks Munt keep in touch…see ya late July/early August!

  20. I have been looking at beast dome for 2 years now and in the part two year I have won 3 championships am made the playoffs in everyone of my teams. This year was my first year I did not win but when u lose gronk and ap and face Jamal Charles for 55 points it’s ping to happen. Beast dome is a reliable site he give u good insite. But u have to trust your gut as well. People can not blame him for a bad move you have to know fantasy well enough to make informed decision. Thanks for the help hope to be succsseful in the future with yea.

  21. I’ve been a BeastDome enthusiast for two years now. This past fantasy football season (2013) I became a VIP member. The membership was rewarding. Although I was defeated in my league’s playoffs, Muntradamus took my team to the next level. Gronk tearing his ACL and playing Jamal Charles on the other side did not help much, but I was satisfied at my team’s overall effort. Injuries to players is just a fact of life in the game of football. The bottom line is this: Muntradamus is a bonafide fantasy expert. Using his draft strategies, waiver waiver and trade advice will enhance your performance. I look forward to next season. Thank you Muntradamus, you work hard for us and your unwaivering enthusiasm and entertaining style is what makes a fantasy guru legendary. Have a great 2014 and see you in March for baseball. Peace.

  22. Thanks for all your efforts Munt and best of luck. You deserve it! From Madden Arena, to the worlds slowest Beast Dome to a very fast Beast Dome, the last three years have been great and taught me a ton.

    I didn’t do so hot one league (but I won it last year because of you) but injuries killed me, along with the fact I managed to draft Eli, SJax AND TRich all on the same team. In my other league, I made the playoffs for the 3rd straight year. The commish said after this year they were going to order an investigation into whether I was some sort of fantasy genius because of my consistency (little do they know).

    The only difference this year between first place in one league and knocking off the 1 seed the another (who knows what would have happened after that) was Jamaal Charles. Freakin Jamaal Charles. And that’s even after losing Gronk.

    Anyway, in the last three years that I’ve been following this site, I have placed 1st twice, 2nd once and 3rd once and have NEVER missed the playoffs. All because of your insight. So thanks again for all you do and best of luck. Hopefully you’ll still feel like sharing much of your wisdom with us next year.

  23. Finding Beastdome early in 2012 was one of the best discoveries I have ever made on the internet. With fantasy sports taking the interwebs by storm I was lost in a sea of “self-proclaimed” experts and gurus. But within that sea I stumbled upon a true genius, who in my mind as well as many others here on Beastdome, is no longer “self-proclaimed.” Back in 2012 my team was a mess and struggling in a very competitive league with a very shaky record of 1-3 until I stumbled upon the Beastdome. Reluctantly I contacted Muntradamus about his VIP service as I was very hesitant about spending any more money on these “Fantasy Expert” websites. Helping to ease my fears Munt awarded me with a free trial week that would change my opinion as well as my philosophy on fantasy sports forever. My fantasy football team went from second to last place with a 1-3 record to winning the championship and beating a team that nobody thought could be stopped in the finals. I kid you not Muntradamus is a fantasy genius sent from the fantasy gods themselves. While making my return in 2013 I was looking to to defend my title as Champion so I quickly signed up for his VIP membership without hesitation. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I quickly retracted my statements because this year I was blown away by the information and help I received. Muntradamus scheduled a time to skype chat with me personally during my draft as well as helped me prepare by giving a round by round cheat sheet to help me draft a team that would once again lead me to the championship match. Although I was unable to repeat as champion I still managed to put up a good fight against my opponent. If anyone who played fantasy football in 2013 knows that if you had Peyton Manning during the season, but more importantly in week 16 your team had a very good chance at winning. Well that was the catalyst and the ONLY reason I lost in the championship was because I was up against a hungry Peyton Manning led team. Any savvy veteran of Fantasy sports knows that in the end luck has a lot to do with outcomes but here at Beastdome Muntradamus greatly increases your odds any given week. And with that being said I ABSOLUTELY recommend the VIP program because you WILL improve your odds week in and week out with the help of Munt. I myself will be returning as a VIP member this 2014 season looking to reclaim my crown as champ but not without having Munt on my side. I know I can’t take much of the credit for being the champ at all because the real winner is Muntradamus and his VIP program here at the Beastdome.

    Kudos to Munt,

  24. I will start by saying, “Munt is the Man.”

    I found Beastdome in the 2012 season, after being inactive on vacation, on a three game losing streak, and working with teams that had what I thought was, ‘no hope.’ I signed up as a VIP halfway through the season last year and basically, it was the best thing I did for my teams. He went over my matchups and the waiver wire each week, to get me into the playoffs. While I did not win last year, his one on one attention sold me.

    At the beginning of this season, I could NOT wait to sign up to be a VIP, and it was even better than I could imagine! From his VIP spreecasts,where you are practically in the room with him, to his VIP Website, which gave the rankings early, to his connection on Skype, there was no stopping me.

    I had three teams this year, all of which were beastly from the draft … two of them 11-3, and the other one was 10-4. I ended up in first place in all three, and while I only won one Championship, my teams were definitely something my opponents feared. So much so, that when I had no QB in one league, no one would make a trade for anything. And trust me, my bench would make you jealous!!!

    Every single time I skyped Munt for sit/start advice, his choice was the right choice.

    I don’t think there is another site out there that will give you PERSONALIZED advice, which is exactly what you get when you sign up as a VIP! You are as important to Muntradamus as your fantasy team is to you!

    You will NOT be sorry if you invest in this man’s advice. Just make sure you keep it a secret and DO NOT tell your opponents!!!

    MUNT is the MAN!

    See you next year …
    SheBeast … (named by none other than Muntradamus himself!)

    Peace out BEAST NATION!!!


  25. Munt helped me beast this season!!! I joined the VIP program in the preseason and he had me pickup solid guys like julius thomas and peyton manning. Every week he posted his rankings and analysis. He had buy/low sell high articles, trades, def and kicker pickups. His Waiver wire advice was next level! Munt did frequent spreecasts where you can join a chat and ask munt questions on anything like lineups and trades. Munt was like your own personal fantasy football guru. He helped me tremendously this season and I have learned so much from picking his brain he is mad beast at what he does. I really hope he dicides to post fantasy advice on his website because his knowledge is just amazing!! THANK YOU MUNT FOR A BEAST SEASON!!!

  26. Throughout this season people were calling Munt a number of things, some of which were clearly not deserved. I call him Awesome. Munt has helped be to back to back championships in Baseball and Football. After coming up just short in football last year. I was able to take home the championship this year, and thanks to some of Munt’s risky calls and ranking lower named guys higher. I was able to to pad my pockets even further by scoring the highest point total in the 3 weeks leading up to the playoffs. It was quite the feeling to dominant in two sports thanks to the guidance of someone who isn’t just saying the exact same thing everyone can read on the major sports websites. I look forward to using Munt’s skills for this upcoming baseball season and next football season as I attempt to dual-peat both leagues again in 2014!

  27. Be it Football, Baseball, Basketball – pick your sport – no fantasy professional or analyst is as accurate, hardworking, or dedicated as Muntradamus. This dude eats, breaths, and sleeps fantasy sports.

    While I had been a fan of the site and read Munt’s posts on all sports, I took the leap and purchased a full VIP package for the entire 2013 NFL season. I was hesitant at first since I had never paid for fantasy analysis, advice, or news in my life. But damn, I am glad I did since it was without doubt the best money I have ever spent on anything fantasy sports related by a long shot!

    Why? The guy cares. He wants you and your fantasy team to do well. He will go well out of his way to make sure you have a badass fantasy season. He doesn’t just post rankings, answer a few twitter questions, and then disappear. The guy was available damn near 24/7 and gives personalized, team specific advice. I shit you not, at times I personally felt bad that he did so much for me and answered so many questions for the low price I was paying for his VIP services. Level of service was off the charts. And it was all spot on and super accurate!

    I followed every fantasy expert under the sun in 2012. I read every website, blog, twitter account you name it. I learned pretty quick that the vast majority of the fantasy sites out there traffic in the same old drivel. It is an echo chamber. The same bullshit tips. The same regurgitated “advice,” “rankings,” and “analysis.” Most of it is guys just trying to fill up space and throwing a column together in 10 minutes or pulling some stats out of their ass. Maybe someone gets lucky and does good one year but they suck the next.

    But there was one site that had tips, pickups, and analysis no one else did. BeastDome! And while every “expert” under the sun was saying stuff like “David Wilson will blow up this year…RG3, top 3 QB!…CJ Spiller first round slam dunk” Muntradams was saying stuff like “taking P Manning as the first QB off the board because he is going to set records… DeSean Jackson will perform as a top 10 WR… Julius Thomas = sleeper of the year.” If you followed his advice, you were guaranteed to play the fantasy playoffs.

    The amount of content, analysis and advice BeastDome offers – and more importantly – the quality of the content, analysis and advice are damn impressive. I am talking daily content and advice. All of it was spot on. From preseason analysis and drafting advice, to week 16 rankings and a SuperBowl betting guide, Munt was there. And I’m talking insanely detailed and amazing draft advice: value picks that outplayed the hell out of their ADP, players to avoid on draft day, and a round by round, step by step idiot proof draft guide. He also offered to be on call during your draft to answer live, in draft questions!

    Next, Munt also had incredible weekly columns. First, you have waiver wire pick up advice. You know that guy that does sort of good one week, where you aren’t sure if you should use your waiver wire spot on him or not, you don’t get him, and then he makes someone’s season? He tells you who those guys are. And just as importantly, he points out the guys everyone else is recommending you grab, that turns out to be a flop for the rest of the season. Next, you have the trade advice. Who to sell high, who to buy low. Got a trade question or offer you are on the fence about? Munt will tell you what to do.

    And then we have the core and pièce de résistance of BeastDome – the weekly rankings. They were god like. Tons of amazing sleepers and bye week, injured player fill ins. Guys coming out of nowhere who would just explode for 20 points and leave you wondering if Munt really was psychic. Every time I tried to play one of my own hunches and second guess his rankings, I got burned.

    Speaking of rankings, there were a lot of haters and jealous types on the site in 2013 (the ones that wanted free advice and rankings without paying for them) who complained that BeastDome’s FantasyPros accuracy ranking was lower in 2013 than in 2012. I don’t know how FantasyPros accuracy rankings are calculated, but I can tell you how I calculate my analyst rankings: wins and kicking ass. I went undefeated based on Munt’s rankings for the first 7 weeks and easily made the playoffs in all my leagues. I won most of my match ups (thanks to Munt’s rankings) and almost all my losses were due to injuries (something no Fantasy Expert can predict) vs bad rankings.

    I could go on and on and type out an 88 page dissertation with charts and graphs and a statistical analysis showing why BeastDome is the best value in fantasy sports, but I don’t need to. The guy knows what he is talking about. There are hundreds of other people here, for all fantasy sports, saying the same thing.

    Is Munt 100% accurate 100% of the time? No. No one is. But the guy offers amazing advice, a lot of content, personalized service, and is a genuinely nice guy.

    If you are thinking about spending money on a fantasy site, if you are on the fence, or hesitating (like I did), just do yourself a favor and sign up for a BeastDome package. Even if you are like me who thinks you know it all and don’t need any help, you are wrong. Munt is legit and is the real deal and I guarantee he will make your team better and lead to a better fantasy season.

  28. I only used Munt’s services for the few weeks leading to the Playoffs. Although I didn’t win my league, I finished in 3rd due to Munt’s help. Whether it be stupid trade dicussions are free agent waiver claims, he dealt with my annoying questions and answered them straight to the point.

    Not to mention, his articles are on point. No fluff, no bs, etc. Straight to the point and gives you the content you want to read. Other sites’ articles take forever to deliver their main point. Hell Munt does it in the title of his posts.

    Just as Fiction stated above, is Munt 100% right? No. But his services are the best out there. He doesn’t rank players based on other rankings. He uses analysis, logic, and looks at other factors when making his preidctions. Over the past 5 years I have explored all the sites out there and by far the personal attention and analysis Munt gives by far exceeds the rest.

    Highly recommend it to anyone that is not in one of my leagues.

  29. I purchased the basic preseason VIP package for the first time this year. It has been a fun ride all the way. Munt has replied to all my e-mails giving me great advice in picking a solid playoff team. The Beastcasts are informative and absolutely unique with Munt’s entertaining takes on all teams and top picks. This is a guy who thinks out of the box all the time. Highly recommend.

  30. Munt has yet again helped me draft a solid team for the fantasy football season. Last year was the first year I won the league championship – all with help and guidance from the VIP package. Looking forward to repeating this season and establishing a BEAST dynasty! Thanks Munt!

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