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I don’t care who you are, what your record is, and what your record will be.   You all have one goal if you follow BEAST DOME.  That mission is to get Chris Johnson this week before he plays against the 49ers.


OVERALL #1 (5th Consecutive Week)

QB #1 (6th Consecutive Week)

RB #1 (6th Consecutive Week)

WR #1 (5th Consecutive Week)

TE #4


K #4

D #1 (6th Consecutive Week)




I preach one thing over and over in Fantasy Sports.  


CJ2K will bring you to the playoffs, and I would overpay for him despite his cheap Price.





WEEK 9 – @ STL



WEEK 12 – @ OAK

WEEK 13 – @ IND

Chris Johnson is a player who is aware that Fantasy Football is not only a “thing”, but it is a lifestyle.

While you may say this does not matter, but the fact that he is aware that he is Killing His Fantasy Owners, and the fact that he is due to possibly be the goal line back means a lot.

Take into the picture that the Titans are about to play the one of the Top 5 Run Defenses for the 4th Week in a Row while Ryan Fitzpatrick has not been able to do a thing as he was thrown into the fire during these tough matchups.





Over these last 3 games heading into this weeks clash against the 49ers.  CJ2K has averaged 7 Points over this span.

You may ask.  Why not just wait to trade him after his bad performance against the 49ers this week?

Because when you buy a Stock that you do not have control of.  You have to buy it at a low position.  If you offer a trade for CJ2K while the other owner is already expecting him to continue his BUST streak.  Now is the time you can swoop him.

The Titans schedule is about to open up, and now is the time to grab CJ2K at the ultimate low Low-End RB#2 Price.



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Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #10 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for allDRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. Mission accomplished. I drafted this dude, endured the pain, and can’t wait for week 9. McCoy + CJ2K going to carry me.

  2. I see how this makes sense in a standard scoring league, but in a PPR… no!

    CJ has just now become a viable option. With Jake at QB, he had no value in the red zone and had no value catching passes.

    With Fitz, still no value in the red zone but he is finally getting check down passes. If anything in PPR, you hope he catches a few more passes and has another fluke play and sell high on CJ.

    His value is limited. PPR – sell high if possible. Standard – Buy Low*

    *DON’T overpay. With Jake at QB you can only count on rushing yardage. No TD’s or passing yardage.

  3. I just got him for Zac Stacey. I’d say try low as hell. Dude has like a 2.8 ypc avg to date with SF this week and Bye next week they will be hurting to get anything that may put up 10 points.

  4. Who are your other running backs? I personally do not like Rice this season. He’s had one good game and he plays in the AFC North. CJ2K has that great stretch ahead and the Chiefs D/ST is absolutely monstrous. I’d dot it.

  5. Just traded Jordy Nelson and Willis McGahee for CJ2K and James Jones. What does Beast Nation think?

  6. I think if you needed rb depth, decent trade, but jordy is on his way to being a top 10 wideout. James Jones will be lucky to get top 25. Cj2k is way ahead of gahee for rest of season, but I would have given a little bit of a lower wideout than jordy, imo. Again, depends on who your other wideouts are and how good your rb situation is in. I am a little biased because I have Jordy, and snatched him in the 5th rd in a 14 team league. So far 4-2 with no gronk or sjax.

  7. What offers should I make?
    QB Robert Griffin III, Wsh QBRecent News 16 79
    RB Adrian Peterson, Min RBRecent News 5 84
    RB Matt Forte, Chi RB 6 82
    WR Victor Cruz, NYG WR 5 74
    WR DeSean Jackson, Phi WRRecent News 1 87
    TE Coby Fleener, Ind TERecent News 20 28
    FLEX Pierre Garcon, Wsh WRRecent News 21 51
    D/ST Chargers D/ST D/ST 31 11
    K Ryan Succop, KC K 14 52
    Bench Chris Johnson, Ten RBRecent News 19 46
    Bench Roddy White, Atl WR QBreaking News 101 10
    Bench Dwayne Bowe, KC WRRecent News 54 32
    Bench Lamar Miller, Mia RB 36 31
    Bench Tyler Eifert, Cin TERecent News 28 19
    Bench Sam Bradford, StL QBRecent News 6 102
    Bench Joseph Randle, Dal RBBreaking News and Video 73 8
    IR — —
    QB Cam Newton, Car QBRecent News 12 92
    RB Frank Gore, SF RBRecent News 11 67
    RB Reggie Bush, Det RBRecent News 8 77
    WR Justin Blackmon, Jac WR QBreaking News and Video 39 38
    WR A.J. Green, Cin WRRecent News 8 69
    TE Jermichael Finley, GB TEBreaking News 13 33
    FLEX Josh Gordon, Cle WRRecent News 16 55
    D/ST Packers D/ST D/ST 22 34
    K Dan Bailey, Dal K 10 54
    Bench Danny Amendola, NE WR QBreaking News 86 15
    Bench Steve Smith, Car WRRecent News 51 34
    Bench Trent Richardson, Ind RBBreaking Video 20 45
    Bench Russell Wilson, Sea QBRecent News 12 92
    Bench Zac Stacy, StL RB QBreaking News 60 15
    Bench Keenan Allen, SD WRBreaking Video 31 44
    Bench Timothy Wright, TB TEBreaking News 36 13
    — —

  8. My RB as it stands is Doug, Rice, and Giovanni. Have Pierce as a handcuff. Not much in a 14 man league. I figure that Ray will play as a RB2 for here on out and CJ is a RB2 with a breakout potential with the soft matchup.

  9. Would an offer of TRich and Boldin be too much for CJ? My backs, Ridley, DMC, Matthews Peterson.

  10. TRich and Boldin is paying way too much for CJ. TRich and Boldin are due for solid seasons from here on.

  11. If you have Gronk.

    That is the perfect trade proposal to make. Gronk will be back within the next couple of games, you can do fine with a flier Waiver Wire TE.

  12. Not to sound soap-boxy, but I think a lot of the trade ideas on here aren’t buying low enough. Trent Richardson, Julius Thomas, Jordy Nelson…they are way way way too high. I have Jones Drew on my team, and I have to think Chris Johnson owners have the same idea of him as I do Mojo. And if somebody offered me any of those offers I’d pass out.

    The Zac Stacy trade was perfect. Keep TRich and offer just Anquan. Play on the terrible output of CJ and the absolute frustration of his owner. If somebody offered me Maurice Clarett and book of stamps for Mojo right now I’d take it. The guy who owns CJ has to be close to that.

  13. OK. Now I am sure. A DOME member is in my league. Gonzo-grabbed moments ago. McGahee-grabbed … while I was on my way to do so a week or so ago … DOMER or they’ve infiltrated my computer. >:|

  14. i have 2 offers on the table…Decker for Trich or CJ2k. Domers which one is the better offer? heres my team…standard league
    Decker/Welker/Nicks/White/James Jones

  15. Wsup Fam,

    I’m shooting to get James Jones as my WR#3. Do yall think an offer like Colston + McGahee would be an upgrade for me?

    Secondly, one owner has T.Rich and CJ2k, with Ty as his WR#2, you think I should offer Demarco + colston for them 2?


  16. Tried McGahee/Bowe for CJ2K. Declined.

    I have Cutler/Vick, TRich, SJax, JRandle, McGahee, Montee, DJax, Marshall, Bowe, Austin, Gronk. I don’t think there is a trade out there I can make. Thoughts?

  17. I don’t like the first trade. the second trade depends on your team. what does your RBs and WRs look like?

  18. Qb:kaep,cutty
    Rb:mccoy, rice, demarco, Sjax, mgahee, j.randle
    WR: bmarsh, j.gordy, colston, harry Doug
    Te: graham

  19. Hey guys, just offered Gore for TRich, what do you all think? I know Munt is really high on Trich, but the guys longest career run is 32 yards, averaging ~3 YPC for his career. So far his numbers in Indy match what he was putting up with the Browns. I’m concerned that by the time he learns the blocking scheme and supposedly starts producing, the season will be almost over.

  20. should I give up Larry Fitz to get CJ2k in a 12 team ppr league? WR’s I have J Gordon, J Nelson, R Randle M Williams, RB’s I have J Charles, D Sproles, Pierre Thomas David Wilson, Montee and Hillman.

  21. If you’re not sure what your trade is worth, CBS has a *reasonable* trade value chart.

    IMO Cj2k plays stronger in the second half of the season regardless of matchup. Takes him 6 games to wake up. Weird.

  22. Trade bilal powell plus hartline for cj2k or stevan ridley plus hartline? Overpaying am I?

  23. James Jones is a top 25 WR when he is Rodgers 1st and or 2nd target. Cobb out, the order will now go Jordy, Jones, Finley, then some other guy. That is what has happened historically in Green Bay and will more likely then not continue.

  24. Are you at all concerned that Shonn Greene is coming back and potentially going to take short yardage or maybe goal line carries from CJ2k? I’m wondering if Greene is worth picking up as a free agent?

  25. Are you at all concerned that Shonn Greene is coming back and potentially going to take short yardage or maybe goal line carries from CJ2k? I’m wondering if Greene is worth picking up as a free agent?

  26. His team: (wr- bowe, garcon, v. brown, boykin,harvin) (rb- peterson, ridley, Mcgahee & Ogbannya) (te- Gates, Gronk).
    My team: (wr- S. Smith, K. Allen, D. Moore, M. Williams, E. Sanders) (rb- McCoy, R. Bush, R. Matthews, Z. Stacy, J. Randle, Helu) (te- H. Miller, Clay)
    I was offered a trade of S. Ridley & V. Brown for S. Smith & J. Randle, but it will not be processed until after this weekend. So, my question – Should I make a trade even though the players are not processed before sunday’s games? And If I do, how should I counter for Ridley and …? Peterson and Garcon he will not move.
    Sorry for the long note, but I really need the help. Thanks.

  27. Yeah, I saw the trade chart too and you’re right for the most part it’s reasonable. I just have to add that there’s also something about name recognition. I think if a player has the “name” it will be easier to trade, because of past work. Like formally known as Cj2K. Also, if you’re gonna trade for him get greene off waivers if you have space.

  28. Pull that offer. Don’t continue reading. Do it now! That price is too high. I would hold Gore and get Hunter to be safe. If you want Trich offer a hot name off waivers with a position he’s weak at. It’ll be so much better to have both. Gore and Trich running every week on your team would be solid.

  29. I agree. Owners just want him gone and they only want something they can live with and not feel they waisted a high draft pick(a.k.a M. Ball). Moreno! f@ck! son@#$%#$%^! Sorry just …. Anyways, buy low guys.

  30. the guy lost julio jones he wants me to give him boldin for cj, i have DThomas, D moore, steve smith, austin and hartline. Do i pull the trigger?

  31. YES.. who are your other WR? i wouldn’t trade TR staight up- IMO- let alone with Boldin.. TR is on a better offensive team.. we all know what he’s capable of.. i HOPE i’m not alone here.. the advise is to buy LOW..

  32. should i trade CJ2K for who? My RB are: Doug Martin, LeVeon Bell, Reggie Busch, Darren Mc Fadden and Stevan Ridley.
    Wr: Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, Desean Jackson, Demarius Moore

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