FANTASY FOOTBALL WAIVER WIRE: Starvin Marvin & Friends (Week 9)


Starvin Marvin & Friends (Week 9)


By Muntradamus



I am going to make BEAST DOME the Fantasy Sports site that analyzes articles from other major sites and give my take.  This week, I am going to review the Bleacher Report’s Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 9 article written by David Daniels.



DAVID says there are 4 Players that Are Must-Own off the Wire.

I will give my Take on each player he suggests.


Ellington broke out with some big runs on Sunday including an 80 Yard TD scamper.  He showed burst and explosiveness, something that you want from your Fantasy RB.  While all of this sounds good.


Bruce Arians loves Rashard Mendenhall from his Steeler days as the Offensive Coordinator.  Mendenhall is running very fresh this season and has show occasional burst.  The Cardinals played a very rough part of their schedule which included two of the top Defenses in the NFL (Seattle and SF).  Mendenhall did not look all that horrible from a RB standpoint and because he was banged up, Ellington had his chance to put on a show.

Bruce Arians has already declined to give the keys to Ellington, mainly because he really does like Rashard Mendenhall and has seen him make the Steelers offense what it was back in the Superbowl glory days.  Rashard is the guy for Arizona, you do not have to own Andre Ellington.


Still is a pure deep threat.  With Jimmy Graham playing only a handful of snaps, Stills had his chances for increased targets this week.  His increased targets ranged to 4 Total, and two of those 4 Targets ended up being long TD passes.  Drew Brees did not get anything from Marques, and used Lance Moore very sparingly.  Stash in the fact that Robert Meachem is the exact same player, and Jimmy Graham will be playing his normal snap count soon.  You have yourself a classic Flue.



How many times have we seen Jason Campbell have a good game, only to have a lot of below average games to follow.  Yes I will give Campbell credit for having a great game against the Chiefs.

I will also say the chances of Jason Campbell having a better game than his less than 300 Yards and 2 TDs is not realistic.  It may happen, but to plan for that is really taking a chance.

I would not use Campbell as a Starting QB in 12 Man Leagues.  He may be a good bye week replacement in 14 Team Leagues, but that is just about it.

If you plan on using Jason Campbell against the Ravens, your team is heading for a loss.



If you played Marvin Jones in Daily Fantasy Football.  You got a lot more than you could ever expect.  4 TDs is something that even a star RB like Adrian Peterson or even star WR like Calvin Johnson are never supposed to do.  But a player who played about 30% of the teams offensive snaps ended up with 4 of them.

While the 4 TD game could leave a lingering effect of happiness.  It will also lead you to believe, this was a fluke.

1) Andy Dalton does not throw for 5 TDs often/ever.

2) AJ Green did not get a TD.  He usually gets his before anybody else.

3) Andy Dalton threw for 5 TDs.

Take this game with a grain of salt and a stroke of luck.  There is no way you should be starting Marvin Jones in anything less than 16 Team Leagues.




Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #10 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for allDRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2012. Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.



  1. Munt, don’t sell us short. Your readers are too intelligent to follow for fantasy advice…

    Who are the “must owns” this week?

  2. This whole site has become an advertisement for VIP’s. You cant be able to give people free advice and compete in vegas for money at the same time. If your good enough (like munt) people could catch on and steal your thunder. Beastdome will never be as great as it once was, which is ashame because munt is one of the only fantasy “experts” that actually knows what he’s talking about. Too bad ill never pay for fantasy advice.

  3. LMAO. CUH-LASSIC MOVE MUNT! Any team owner with stones larger than a pea has to appreciate your willingness to call out the “competition”. Even if you’ve shut down the free advice…keep up the good work. I enjoy your edgy take on all things fantasy fball!

  4. I agree. I enjoyed this site and would visit it weekly to see Munts thoughts…But I’m not paying for fantasy advice either. There is tons of good “free” fantasy information out there.

    I agree Munt had some great rankings this year and he does know his stuff. It’s just a shame that the site has basically died the past couple weeks and really isn’t giving me anything useful.

  5. Hey beastnation trade away my graham for gronk? Im thinking id rather have a healthy gronk playing fulltime than guessing on how many snaps graham is going to play..with this foot injury. i have jordan reed to. thoughts please?

  6. Go with Gronk man, Brady is struggling but when he picks it up you know Gronk is going to have MULTIPLE 2, maybe 3 TD games! Also I love Jordan Reed, my new Favorite after Morris….Im a skins fan too! Ya know what I have the same problem and not knowing whether I start Woodcock in my Flex or Whitten….My other backs are Morris and Rice…Any help would be appreciaated. Munt screw the haters, when they say that shit they are only jealous and that your doing something right!

  7. very commendable munt… i would move to rotochatter too if i was sucking it up on fantasypros.

  8. Mendenhall is garbage. Ellington will outscore him, even on his limited snaps the rest of the way. Marvin Jones may never get 4 touchdowns again, but that was the third week in a row he scored at least one. Bengals are moving the ball and he is constantly getting looks in the red zone. Sanu has been terrible and Jones will be locking down that WR2 spot on the Bengals shortly

  9. didn’t they teach u something in economic? THERE’S no such thing as a free lunch!!! You get what you pay for! So i hope you enjoy Yahoo Fantasy experts and bleacher report…pay for the real thing brother don’t be cheap. Muntra is the real deal and gotta pay him for his time.

  10. I don’t understand all the advertisements for Fantasy Pros?? It’s almost as if YOU (oh i mean several of you) have your rankings posted there??

    It’s a fantasy sports site and people are free to visit, go to whatever site they want, so why spend the time criticizing unless you have something to gain?? Jealousy? Trying to promote something?? A competitor?

    I found the Beastdome site I guess shortly after it’s inception and have been taken to the promise land and all the leagues I’ve played in since.

    I can get free advice elsewhere but chose to join the VIP Program. Why? Because you truly don’t get something of value for nothing. Munt takes the time out of his life to personally answer my questions and evaluate my team. I’ve hit him up with every trade option I can think of to better my team and he’s always taken the time to respond. I value his opinion and appreciate the time he’s given to help me.

    Muntz’s rankings ALWAYS give me the advantage over my league. Some miss, so what, the other 10 plus hits on the team make up for it. I still like my odds moving forward. Still don’t like / like the player on your team, it’s your team, make the call. If you feel the need to bash somebody, how about giving credit when it’s warranted.

    For those of you who need to promote (your rankings on) Fantasy Pros, why don’t you delete this bookmark and just stay there.

  11. I give Steven Jackson and Garcon for either forte, lacy, or foster? Would either of those backs be an upgrade over Steven Jackson ROS? Thanks!
    i have Steven jackson,charles, stacy, mathews, stewart, ball, and darryl richardson as RBS. My WRS are DeSean, Gordon, Garcon, and Harvin.

  12. The Beast man has nice things to say about all three ROS. I like Forte or Lacy, Foster worries me. CHI might take a little hit until Cutler comes back.

    Can you take the loss at WR? I think Harvin was delayed coming back, not sure, and Philly’s offence has been in Limbo the past couple weeks. Foles this week might open things back up again.

    Does the Forte and/or Lacy owner need WR help and have depth in RB?

  13. Forte owner has forte, murray, bell, elington, m bush, a brown, dunbar. his wrs are boldin, Edelman, terrance Williams, Wallace.
    Lacy owner has lacy, morris, helu, spiller. his wrs are decker, ty Hilton, hartline, givens, cobb.

  14. I’d have a tough tough pulling the trigger if I were either one of those owners. The Forte owner is a little deeper with RB and has Brown coming back, Garcon will also help him at WR.

    Worth a shot. SJax stuttering last week doesn’t help. He has a tough matchup with CAR this week but if he can get into the endzone it will help your cause, if you want to roll the dice and wait a week.

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