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  1. Julius Thomas will be hot on the waiver wire this week if he’s available.

    Is it just me, or did the waiver wire article come out on Monday nights last season after MNF?

  2. I know Wes Welker in considered a GOD here on this site and thats why i drafted him in a bunch of my leagues, but someone has offered me Reggie Wayne for him in one of my leagues. This next week is lookin good for Welker and not so hot for Wayne, but as far as the rest of the year goes im thinkin Wayne could very well outscore Welker fantasy wise. Lookin for input on the deal. Wayne is unquestionably the #1 in Indy and Welker is gonna be the 2nd or 4th option in Denver. I shud take Wayne, right?

  3. In PPR, I think Welker is better even with the other targets taking the TDs. There might be more of a split in Denver, but Welker plays in more snaps than Wayne. I think the biggest thing is just the Denver offense as a whole is better giving Welker more opportunities. Just my thoughts for a PPR league.

  4. Got offered Cj Spiller/Eric Decker for Frank Gore/Roddy White. I dont really want to give up Roddy but Spiller does sound intriguing. My other wrs are Bowe/Jackson/Austin/Thompkins

  5. I’d do it in a second cus of Spiller’s ridiculous upside. Keep in mind decker won’t really ever be a better play over your other wr’s so he shouldn’t be considered a factor, but yeah that owner is scared so DO IT, LIKE RIGHT NOW!

  6. This feels like an apples for apples trade. Both guys ply their trades by getting lots of looks, and TD’s are their bonuses. You can also make the argument that teams will find it easier to single Wayne out of a game plan, where Welker will be involved all of the time due to the large number of receiving weapons the Broncos have. If it were me, I would go with my gut. And that would be the guy that I drafted in the first place. Actually, what I would probably do is look at what the other guy had, then counter offer him. See if I can’t get value somewhere else.

  7. Looking for help at DEF this week. Going to drop Tampa Bay and pick up either Baltimore or Carolina? I like Baltimore because the Browns don’t have much offense…thoughts? Maybe another I’m overlooking?

  8. I think Cook will be the focal pt of this offense [like munt said]. He did extremely well {TE-1 status] against a Cardinals Defense that is underrated. Once, Josh Gordon comes back though, I think Jordan Cameron value goes down b/c all the Brown’s receivers have stone hands at the moment.

    i’d stay w/ cook, or at least keep cameron on my bench.

  9. I like those two. Same situation as you, I think I am rolling with Carolina. Manuel is a rookie, Panthers D is much much improved..looking for them to beast this week.

  10. Kansas City Defense is another good option they have a good match up against QBs that love to throw ints Dallas, Philly, NY Giants. Plus KC has always been tough at home to beat. But Carolina is a nice pick and Beast Dome on BeastCast Radio stated them to be a sleeper unit.

  11. Chad Henne is starting next week so I wouldn’t expect the same as last week. Honestly Henne needs to remain the starter for that team. Gabert is worst then Sanchez.

  12. Well I seen Vereen needs surgery and should be out a few weeks at least, so Ridley will get a boost from that, Wilson on the other hand I’m not so sure have to wait on munt for that, but if they get McGhee I have to believe they will split time

  13. @markwaynewolf Whatever you do, Do NOT drop Montee Ball. As for Chris Ivory, personally I do not like any Jets players at the moment. However, I would hold onto him until they solidify his role, unless you NEED to upgrade a position from the waivers. For instance if you absolutely need a TE, and Julius Thomas is available, then I would drop Chris Ivory for Julius Thomas. What does your current team look like?

  14. Gotta agree with adviceseeker, I would stick with cook and if you have an extra roster spot then you could hold onto Cameron and see how that things play out on that offense, Trent only had 13 carries last week and i don’t expect we see a lot more of that, which means less touches for all their receivers

  15. I am in the same situation also, I know munt likes that buffalo offense with Manuel at the helm, so I’m just going to wait on munt before I make any moves

  16. Just got the new beastdome.Com app for androids, everyone download it, it free, makes beastdome.Com more easily accessible from mobile phones, load times are super fast, and of course to support munt for all the great insight he provides us all. GET IT NOW!

  17. DO NOT DROP MONTEE BALL!! You saw last year that the running game is key to keep Peyton fresh and his play-action effective. As Muntradamus mentioned, Moreno can be tackled by a leaf blowing in the wind and Hillman is too small to be a third down pass protector and he fumbles. Trust Muntradamus, as young Montee gets more and more involved in practice he will eventually be the starter in an offense that requires a running back threat to keep the passing attack at full force. Need more convincing? Look at John Fox’s offenses through the years.

  18. I like my squad but am thinking about getting active on the waiver wire (4’th priority currently). 10 team PPR league (-1pt for QB incompletions). Joique bell and Julian Edelman are both available among others. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 WR, 2 RB/WR//TE, K, DST.

    My team:
    QB: stafford
    RB: S-Jax, T. Richardson, MJD, Demarco, Ball, Helu, Gio Bernard
    WR: boldin, Marshall, m. Austin, j. Jones, J. Gordon
    TE: A. Gates
    K: Gostkowski

    Any advice on dead weight to drop to pick up some waiver wire targets, or potential trade packages?

    Thanks Beast Nation!

  19. I just got the app for android devices and it is great, make beastdome very easily accessible from your phone, quick load times, smooth operations, and most importantly we need to support munt for all the time and insight he gives us every week so we can BEAST our leagues

  20. Pick 2: MJD Demarco Murray or Desean. Normally would go with the rbs but Desean looks so good in the Philly offense.

  21. that was the early reports, but i dont think its official, never really know the truth if belicheck is involved, is edelman on the wire in your league, if ammendola is out i would expect edelman to get a TON of targets

  22. Have #3 Waiver in a 12 league. Edelman still on waiver. Planning to start Jordy and Mike Williams, and have Vincent Brown on bench. Feeling shaky on Mike and Vincent, but not sure if it’s worth using my high waiver pick on Edelman… seems like Amendola will be out in week 2

  23. Spiller is a beast, but Jackson is just as beastly so I could see that hurting spiller. Though White has a much bigger upside in my opinion over Decker. Peyton has a lot of targets that are better then decker. I’d stay put.

  24. Yea I agree that Welker has more upside. Wayne will get thrown too a lot since he is Lucks fav target. But welker could get 10+ rec a game

  25. yea ball should turn things around soon. I agree there wont be much value in any jets player until their offense turns around

  26. I managed to pick him up Sunday night on a hunch. He wasn’t even on waivers because he’s a league free agent. Do you think he’ll make an impact?

  27. What do you guys think :
    DeSean Jackson and Eddie Lacy For Alfred Morris.

    My Receivers other WR are; Amendola, H.Nicks, Miles Austin and B.Hartline.. Fear of being weak at WR if I make this trade.

  28. Take a look at Philly D. With San Diego coming across the country for an early game after a letdown… I wouldn’t be surprised if Rivers turns it over a good 15 times. And Philly D looked much improved at times last night.

  29. Keep Jared Cook. He’s very tough to defend and will be Sam Bradford’s target over and over. Cameron is a good pickup in 2 TE leagues.

  30. How many WR slots can you play and is there a flex? You have 3 strong WR without Jackson. How’s your RB core and do you need another strong RB? I see Morris as getting a steady 12-15 pts a week and not more.

  31. I’d do it, I love the upside of Spiller, and think this is the classic OVERREACTION offer…Frank is solid and he is consistent, but as a die hard niner fan Ive seen his ypc and catches go down in recent years. Not saying he wont be effective but Harbaugh likes to give Kendall Hunter carries as well, and I just think Spiller has the much high upside. Spiller will produce it just didnt happen last week.. Look at spillers yards last year and his YPC, it was thru the roof. He will get it…as for Decker and White, Id be a lil worried bout whites injury, and feel comfortable bout Decker rebounding, he is a big body red zone targets will be consistent

  32. Think that trade isn’t good for you. I know Munt didnt rank Morris very high at all. Jackson will get a lot of looks with the Eagles revamped offense. Also the Packers passing game will open up a lot of opportunities for Lacy. Who are your RBs

  33. I got killed with Ridley and Wilson this week. Thankfully, Vereen got hurt lol, and the Giants brought in Brandon Jacobs off the street (he wont be a threat, Im hoping)…..should I stay put with these backs or find a trade? My top 2 wr are Garcon and Desean, I could use a another solid WR…also what RBs could I go with? Wilson for Ball? Ridley for Ball? Or lamar miller?

  34. Id stay put. Munt didnt have Morris ranked very high and Jackson should do well w the Eagles new offense. Plus the packers pass game should open up stuff for lacy

  35. You could go for Bell. Not sure I would start him over your other options right now. If detroit continues to use Bell and Bush like that did he will be relevant.

  36. I think I would use the waiver, I read that amendola may even miss more time then just week 2, but with belicheck you never really know, I am sure munt waiver wire article will clear thing up for all of us.

  37. Id say Jackson and Brady. Luck has better matchup but brady is proven to put up big numbers and the Pats hate the Jets.

  38. Id stay put. Fred Jackson still is looking good and will likely take carries from Spiller and White has a lot of upside over Decker. Both under performed week 1 but with all the targets Peyton has Id rather have white

  39. Thanks for posting the heads up with Jacobs. I’ve been watching McGahee and he is a much better RB. Looked explosive for Denver last season and averaged 4+ yards per carry. Not sure what to make of Jacobs.

  40. Just recived an OFFER, here it is…….Montey Ball for Daryl Richardson. I’m thinking of hitting accept, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT seemslike a bit much to give up. Thoughts?????????

  41. which of these trades do yall like? 1) my daryl richardson and julian edelman for mjd and james jones or 2) my daryl richardson and (jordy nelson or edelman or if necessary victor cruz) for matt forte

  42. i would stay put. decker is not going to get close to 13 tds again with welker and the emergence of julius thomas so its really just spiller for gore/white in my mind

  43. There is nothing to make of Jacobs his a good 3rd down back and a good goal line carry unit other then that he is a RB3 on the depth charts for the Giants. Giants just needed more depth at running back.

  44. Ridley for Ball now and when Wilson gets a boom week then you could possibly trade him for ball.

  45. Ii would keep ball, my question is should I trade away Julius Thomas for desean jackson, my team
    Qb eli,rivers
    Rb trent, forte, bush, ball
    Wr Moore d, Austin, Steve smith, k wright, edelman
    Te cook, j Thomas, gronk

  46. Brandon Jacobs is more familiar with blocking schemes, which David Wilson is poor at. He’s there for more of a mentor role than someone who will take a valuable chunk of carries away. If anything the signing of BJ shows that they still want to give David Wilson every opportunity to succeed.

  47. I’d rather have Ball than Richardson….Way more upside IMO.

    Plus, Pead coming back…I think he takes some work away from Richardson.

  48. Was offered Giovani Bernard for Le’Veon Bell; thoughts considering Steelers have lost their Pro-Bowl lineman?

  49. I don’t think youll be able to get MJD and Jones for Darryl Rich and Edelman. It is worth a shot though. I would go with Forte for Darryl Rich and Edelman, and if you can pick up Forte’s backup Bush that would be ideal.

  50. I have the number one wavier this week, Edelman is there but J. Gordon was also dropped last week. So….
    J.Gordon or Edelman??
    Thinking about dropping S.Rice for Gordon, my other options are Thompkins and Britt to drop. Good move?
    Thanks Nation.

  51. I was offered Calvin Johnson for David Wilson and Desean ppr league

    Vern Davis
    David Wilson
    Josh Gordon
    Giovani Bernard
    Leveon Bell


  52. Richardson and edelman for Matt forte for sure…especially if u in a ppr. Forte got goal line carries which he used to lose to Bush

  53. I wouldnt lose Cruz. He ia a beast. If you could do richarson and edelman for Forte I feel thats a steal. Getting Jones and MJD for Richardson and Edelman is also a good trade for you.

  54. Ball will be a BEAST once Denver actually runs the clock down and gets the goal line touches.
    A team primed for the SuperBowl will not run it up every week they will start to rest more for the long haul

  55. While you sleep we BEAST
    Everyone remember to set your waiver claims or your alarms to pick off the week 1 cream

  56. Ridley is going to be the ONLY non Edelman option in NE until Gronk or Amendola get back.
    With no Vereen behind him for 10 weeks he should do well

  57. thanks for the help. i just accepted the d. rich and jordy for forte. it was tough because i think jordy will have a great season… but then again forte went in the 2nd and i got jordy and d rich 7,8

  58. Edelman should have a very productive Thursday as Brady’s #1
    Wait for that 2nd big week from him to get owners waiting in line for him and hang on to Cruz

  59. I’ve been a fan of Joique Bell since last year but probably doesn’t solve your RB issues if you need a starter immediately. Keep your eye on Jonathan Stewart to help you out later in the year when he returns, and check the status of Le’veon Bell for a possible early return

  60. Thanks UK. Would you drop Helu, Gio, jones or Gordon for either Joique or Edelman? Any other WR pickups I should consider?

  61. personally im thinking wilson is a bust overall but (and this might be too greedy) i would wait until he breaks one off before cashing out

  62. bugzzie, thats not even a question montee should be top 10 while d rich will be lucky to be top 25… decline it… unless ur the one recieving ball then yes of course accept it

  63. have 3rd waiver wire…thinkin about gettin edelman..i have rwhite, djax, aboldin, chris givens, josh gordon

    Does anybody think thats a good idea or wait on waiver wire and hope edelman doesnt get picked up and roll with givens @falcons?

    Thanks BEASTDOME!!

  64. bro get montee on ur team. russel will be fine dump the future bust ridley and get the future stud young montee

  65. Should Montee be benched for hartline or randle at my flex? Ppr league. Is hartline an every-week start or higher than m Williams?

  66. If roddy is hurt, why not? Edelman should be the man until amendola or gronk play. ESP if ppr leAgue. Of course, Edelman is a concussion waiting to happen too.

  67. i agree, edelman is the best WW. He might be injury prone, but he had a foot + hand injury. I might give him maybe 1 more year til he’s actually “injury prone”

    who would u be giving up for edelman? what about starting RBs?

  68. i’d play matchups. Mike Williams has improved from last year, if only Josh Freeman was better, the Bucs WRs would be amazing. Hartline can bust thru 1v1 coverage and mike wallace will always draw the DBL team b/c of how fast he is.

    I’d bench montee b/c its a dice-roll, but he does have a good matchup with a weak giants run D [look at demarco, and their LBs are trash now], but he’s not the lead back.

    i’d go matchups now. I don’t know who the dolphins are playing, but i’d go miek williams. Saints Defense is trash, and the BUCs will have to throw if NO starts building its momentum.

  69. Probably drop big ben or chris givens…im good on rbs mccoy,forte,murray,matthews,bradshaw

    Just thew trade offer of rmatthews for BALL..hopefully ill get ball

  70. My starting line up is
    QB – CAM
    RB – LeSean
    RB – SJax
    WR – DeSean
    WR – Hakeem
    TE – Jimmy
    Flex – Reggie Bush

    Bench – Romo, Joique, Bryce Brown, Miles Austin, Boldin, Kenbrell.

    Jordan Cameron(Bye 6) is available and I was wondering if I should try to grab him for Jimmy’s(Bye 7) Bye or Jimmy’s you never know injury? If so should I drop a backup like Bryce or a guy like Kenbrell since I’m stacked at WR?

  71. Hartline will for sure get the most targets but M Williams TDs make them dance got some good options there for this week.

  72. Would anyone start Edelman over Nicks, Austin, or Welker? Think I will put in a small bid for edelman. Being he will probably only be relevant for this week. Auction league

  73. there is still hankerson, andre robert, eddie royal,marlon brown and I could probably save my priority pick and pick up hankerson???

  74. We need to see your other RB’s. Your WR’s minus DeSean are great with Amendola, Nicks, and Miles. I’d say the trade is worth consideration pending your RB list.

  75. I think he’s(Edelman) worthy of a roster spot, however I wouldn’t start him over Nicks or Welker… Jury’s out on Austin at the moment.

  76. How about using top waiver on J Bell or Edelman in non-ppr league?
    I have wrs Dez, M Wallace, V Brown rbs Lynch, Murray, Gore L Miller, and Bradshaw too.

  77. You could start Edelman over any of the 3 for a week or two but when Gronk gets back i would say no…I took a gamble and did not go with Amendola this year as i believe he is too injury prone. if you can get Edelman and if nothing else stash him on your bench for later trade bait or untill Amendola goes back on the IR again

  78. I always liked Hankerson since he’s a Hurricane but the media doesn’t make too much of him. I think he’s a 3rd yr guy now. Made some plays last night!

  79. My roster: Andrew Luck & Vick.
    RB: Charles, Ridley, Montee, Mendenhall & Vereen
    WR: Amendola, DeSean Jax, Vincent Brown, Kenny Britt, Blackmon
    TE: Jimmy Graham & Jordan Cameroun
    Def: Stream
    KK: Bailey.
    This is a three WR league. Please, advise how I can improve this 0-1 team. I am planning to place Jordan Cameroun as flex until Monte dominates. My WR core is very thin.

  80. QB luck & Vick
    RB Charles, Ridley, Montee, Vereen & Mendenhall
    WR Amendola, DeSean Jax, Kenny Britt, Vincent Brown, and Blackmon
    TE Jimmy Graham and Cameroun.
    Down 0-1. My WR3 is killing me as I started Vincent brown as WR3.
    Please, advise how I can improve this roster. Also, should I flex Cameroun?

  81. I like hankerson too..he had some good games last year (plus last night!), I think hes worth saving a waiver wire pickup for later in the roddy hopefully only needs 1-2 more weeks for that damn ankle

  82. If you can get Edelman i would…i took a gamble and did not go with Amendola this year due to he is injury prone..already starting to pay off..if nothing else you can use Edelman as trade bait later or keep..i just dont think Amendola will last the year…

  83. Im lookin for wide receiver help too…if u got a lower waiver pick id use it for edelman if hes there..Im lookin to save my waiver priority and go for hankerson

  84. need advice…just got a trade offer – Eli for Boldin…my qb’s right now are Freeman and Manuel…i went for rb’s and Gronk first 5 rounds of my draft thinking Romo or Eli or Stafford may have been available…which they wasnt…guys picking 2 qb’s by 6th round?? anyways what’s your thoughts on the trade offer? should i give up Boldin for Eli?

  85. If you went RBRBRBRB Gronk odds are you are a bit thin at WR.
    Really matters what else you have for WRs to see if that is worth parting with Boldin for.

  86. pats rbs will be incosistent all year long. If u have to own one though ridley would be the man but expect a couple dud weeks from him.

  87. u only need edleman for this 1 week bcuz he’s like the only option for brady. If he beasts 2 weeks in a row u can trade him and get value out of him, if not just drop him no big deal it’s a long season

  88. d mur for sure! and id roll with mjd this week over djax for 3 reasons. 1: he’s a rb guaranteed touches. 2: he’s playing the raiders which means they might be in the game for the most part. 3: the main reason, chad henne is their Qb this week who is way better than gabbert which will make the defense unable to fully focus their attention on stopping MJD.

  89. bro ur team is stacked!!! dont even mess with it right now ur sittin pretty. like the only thing ur team is missing is j hansen at the kicker position haha

  90. id drop givens for edleman, hoping he has a big game and then u might have a sucker who’s high on him and will be willing to trade for him

  91. Other than Boldin I have Jordy Nelson, Miles Austin, Britt, and Stevie Johnson at WR…RB’s are Lynch, Jackson, Murray, and Ball..

  92. douglas will get production and targets but he doesnt have the high fantasy game potential that roddy brings to the table

  93. think of it this way. if edelman or bell plays would u start them over anyone you have? maybe V-brown or lamar miller.

  94. play the matchups. Marlon Brown for Baltimore is probably teh WR2; hankerson was decent only due to the Eagles blowing them out [remember that teams in garbage time will throw to whoever is open] or go for harry douglas. You can go for edelman to handcuff amendola, but that blows a roster spot for someone else you might want.

  95. thats a toss up. If its a 2-QB league, then no. If not, I’d seriously consider looking at the schedules of you’re 3 QBs and figure out who has the easiest ones. You’re RB depth is great and I think your starting WRs are good, but lacking depth. Boldin adds to your team, but playing the QB matchups might be difficult.

  96. Gents,
    Had a good listen through on last week’s Beastcast. Good stuff, there. So, bearing that in mind, I traded Eli & Julius Thomas for Cam Newton. (Figure outside the 49ers, that will be the toughest D he faces all year.) As I drafted Gronk, now I’m in need of a new TE for this week. I’m in a 14 team PPR league, and these are currently (IMO) my best options: Dallas Clark, Kellen Winslow, Scott Chandler, Charles Clay.

    Does this seem to be the correct order?

  97. Id say take that easily. Top WR, how would that not be a steal for you. Could easily play the waiver for QBs

  98. i would not advise you take that trade. just bcuz boldin put up 200 yards does’t mean his fantasy value is now equal to megatons. I would keep the safe QB so you wont have weeks where the Qb position could ruin your whole week by their performance alone.

  99. bro idk ur pretty stacked already at Wr i don’t think you need to waste your waiver wire spot for a reciever when you already have 3 studs at the position…edleman isn’t gonna be a long term pickup anywhere

  100. i mean hartline and m williams are gonna be hit or miss every week. montee on the other hand is gonna get his carries, but the thing is he gets his carries in the redzone and there’s not a better team in the league at getting the ball down the field. and he;ll get carries when trying to run clock when they have a good league. And yet again the broncos will be getting big leads more than anyone this year so montee should have his opportunities for sure.

  101. Sorry misread that. If you have Boldin I would not trade him for Eli. If its the other way around I would trade away Eli for boldin. Don’t look too hard at Eli’s week 1 numbers. That was mainly because they were down by a lot. I think you could usually find a quality QB on the waiver if needed.

  102. I would say yes. Although is Cook your best TE? Probably should see what your team looks like (and the scoring system, etc.) before giving a definitive. But just from your sentence, I would say yes. (Either TE, really. Gates & Eifert are a wash, week to week.)

  103. I would do the Trade for Montee Ball and Antonio Gates. You’re really trading for Ball and we’re hoping he has a big year!

  104. Bad Trade, just my opinion. If I were left with those, my order: Dallas clark (short term), K Winslow, Clay, Chandler. Would NOT have done that trade, but with whats left…

  105. my team looks like this:

    Carson Palmer/ Andy Dalton
    Doug Martin/ Knowshon(starting) Montee Ball/Chris Ivory/ Daniel Thomas
    Dez Bryant/Mike Williams/Wes Welker(starting) Rod Streater/ Michael Floyd
    Jimmy Graham/ Jared Cook
    Bears DST
    Dan Bailey

  106. I say do it. You need depth at the WR spot and Jared Cook will get you by until Gronk is back and the Pats need him bad. You could sell high on Julius Thomas right now actually and see what the best you could get is.

  107. Stick with Ridley, espcially now that Vereen has to have surgery and new reports suggest he is out until week 11.

  108. Any advice on who to keep/drop and start/sit? this is my team, THANKS!

    Carson Palmer/ Andy Dalton
    Doug Martin/ Knowshon(starting) Montee Ball/Chris Ivory/ Daniel Thomas
    Dez Bryant/Mike Williams/Wes Welker(starting) Rod Streater/ Michael Floyd
    Jimmy Graham/ Jared Cook
    Bears DST
    Dan Bailey

  109. Definitely have clark as #1 he had quite a few targets from Flacco. Winslow as your 2nd is right the other two I would only play with a good matchup.

  110. so everyone to the left of your (starting) comment I would start. Along with Palmer, Graham Bears and Bailey. But i’d keep a close eye on the Denver running game to decide who to start.

  111. Despite Henne announced as starter Cecil Shorts was just dropped to waivers this morning. Yes, I just about swallowed my Pop Tart.

    My team:
    QB- Stafford, Eli Manning
    RB- Charles, Forte, M.Bush
    WR- Welker, Nicks, Amendola, Boldin, L.Moore, Edelman (off waivers this am for Amendola injury insurance), J. Gordon
    TE – Julius Thomas, Gronk

    Standard scoring. Start QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/FLEX/TE. The FLEX position can be RB/WR/TE.

    1) Who would you drop, if anyone to place claim on Cecil?
    2) If the claim goes thru, would Cecil (vs Oak) crack my starting lineup this week?

    The Beastdome rulez!

  112. I would drop Edelman and pick up Cecil. You get Commissioner Gordon back next week, and you are stacked at WR. I would also consider trading J Thomas for an RB upgrade.

    Your flex this week would be a toss up between Lance Moore and Shorts, assuming that Amendola is out for 100%.

  113. I’m in a 12 team standard league. QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/FLEX/K/DEF
    I have Stafford and Freeman at QB
    Charles, Murray, R. Bush, Ball, and M. Bush at RB
    Nicks, Lance Moore, J Gordon, B Hartline at WR
    JT and Fred Davis at TE

    Trade being proposed is Stafford and Murray for Kaepernick and Desean Jackson. I don’t like it, but am tempted to counter with Stafford and Reggie for Kaep and Megatron. Thoughts??

  114. Consider trading Vick and Britt for either Eli or Romo and a WR upgrade

    Cameron will continue to be a decent flex, especially when Gordon gets back on the field

  115. I dropped Tampa earlier today for Dallas. Considered grabbing Carolina, but am thinking I will just play the matchups week to week.

    Alex Smith interception fest against Cowboys this weekend, that’s what I’m calling.

    Baltimore could have trouble stopping Trent, but they might come out killing after Week 1’s embarassing effort. If you are in it for the long haul, take Panthers over Tampa.

  116. I also like holding on to Bryce brown, but I would see if you could work a deal with cam and one of your receivers for a upgrade at wideout or maybe even cam and Reggie, but you would have to get a top 5 back for a deal like that

  117. I don’t think I would start him this week, or overpay for him, but if you can get him cheap, I would make that move

  118. I would try to get romo with either QB you have and upgrade WR in the same trade. Buy low before he has a breakout game

  119. If Pryor is available I would drop dalton, I think I would go with montee over no show moreno, but I would see what munt has to say about it before you make a decision

  120. It’s week 2 guys. Don’t panic!!! Hold off on trading those high draft picks… How many RBs ran for 100yards week 1?? 2 or 3 I think.

    Ridley or Julies Thomas @ flex??
    .5 PPR

  121. I like the Staff and Murray for Kaep and Desean Jackson trade. Kaep can win you a week by himself. That Eagles offensive is going to DEMOLISH San Diego. Should be a huge week for Desean.

    That other trade isn’t gonna work… He won’t give you MEGATRON… Unless he is REALLY hurting @ RB

  122. Wilson for ball, I would NOT trade Ridley for ball when you don’t have to, he is their only option for about 10 weeks

  123. I think Ridley is the safer play and he has good upside, NE doesn’t really have a choice but Ridley, and once they have the game in a hand I gotta expect a heavy dose of Ridley. Not sure about boldens status though. If he is not playing I think it’s a no brainer, if he does then it’s closer, but I think I still go ridley

  124. any advice on this team
    qb.. romo starting / palmer
    rb.. Peterson/ridley starting bench daryl Richardson
    wr. bowe/ desean Jackson/ Rueben randle starting bench tate/Floyd/amendola
    te.. graham starting cook bench
    k Bryant
    def.. cin

  125. any advice on this team
    qb.. romo starting / palmer
    rb.. Peterson/ridley starting bench daryl Richardson
    wr. bowe/ desean Jackson/ Rueben randle starting bench tate/Floyd/amendola
    te.. graham starting cook bench
    k Bryant
    def.. cin

  126. Which five of the above players shoulda start this week, sorry wasn’t very clear in my first post

  127. Staff
    Julius Thomas/Olsen

    Picked up Edelman this morning. Someone else dropped Britt. Worth a look? M Brown, K Stills also available, not sure if it’s worth it.

  128. i would drop bush. everyone is freaking out about him not getting the goal line carry sunday, so if you regret it he should still be available next week. i hope edelman has another good week. i also agree w/ johnny –you need to package some of those receivers/j thomas together for an rb1.5

  129. Hey Guys,
    So Week 1 was quite a surprise for I’m sure a lot of us! I was pretty dissapointed with my lineup.
    Demaryius Thomas ( only :) ]
    R. White
    Kyle Rudolph (dropped him & picked up Cook)
    Flex-Pierre Garcon
    My bench is comprised of: C. Ivory, Vick Ballard, Brandon Myers, Bradford, Pierre Thomas, G. Tate, & Jackie Battle (just pick up cuz needed to fill a spot)
    ***Someone proposed me a trade: I give up Roddy for Knowshon Moreno…I feel like I need a stronger receiving option tho.
    —>I have a few options on the wire that are available to pick up now…Hartline, Malcom and MichaelFloyd, E. Royal, Vincent Brown. My question is, should I make that trade? It doesn’t feel right and I have hope in Roddy…But More importantly: Should I pick up one of these WRs off the wire?? Thanx guys!

  130. cecil shorts just got dropped in one of my leagues, would you guys drop lance moore, kenbrell thompkins, or josh gordon to pick him up?

  131. PS: thanks for all the feedback!!! The reason for the trade was due to Ridleys issue with holding on to the ball. But Now Vereen out for 10 weeks.

  132. Need trade advice. Got offered Victor Cruz for Gronk and Mike Williams. Thoughts? .5PPR league

    Need to start 1QB,1RB,2WR,1TE,2FX (FX cane be wr/rb/te).
    My roster:
    QB: eManning, aDalton
    RB: rBush, sJax, jBell,
    WR: megatron, sSmith, mWilliams, aRoberts, mBrown
    TE: Gronk, vDavis

  133. at first glance i like the trade, not giving up a ton at TE and gaining a lot at WR, what free agent would you pick up if you made the trade?

  134. DO NOT even consider that a real trade offer, he is trying to get one over on you, roddy could play half a season and score more then moreno in a whole year. hartline is the receiver on the wire i would go with

  135. looks solid, dont see any need to do anything unless someone is on the wire or you get a trade offer that is to good to pass

  136. maybe drop hopkins for britt, there are just not enough pass attempt to go around in houston, and johnson and daniels are 1 and 2, not sure if hopkins is even the third option there

  137. @team
    i would prefer pryor myself because of his upside and the possibility of 10+ points in rushing alone. There are bigger bradford fans than me though.

    My question is, I have Thomkins..should I drop him for Edelman? I know I’d like to keep both with the ammt of targets they got week 1 and danny A either sidlined, or history shows soon to be sidelined..

    only other drop options are lance moore or jonathan stewart who i was hoping to keep on the roster but i could probably pick up in a week or 2 again, everyone else in the leage hates him and i got him as last overall pick.

  138. Cruz would be a great get for you even if you gave up Gronk and Mike Williams. However, I personally wouldn’t give up both Gronk and Williams for just Cruz. I think Gronk is going to beast up the NFL when he gets back. That alone should be enough value for Cruz. Also, I think your main weakness is RB to be honest. You have 2 great RBs, but nothing after them. WR I think you’re fine. You have 2 legit starters and Mike Williams who is solid.

    If you’re going to trade Gronk, I think you should try to get another solid RB. In fact, if the Montee Ball owner doesn’t know any better, maybe you can trade Gronk and Mike Williams for an upgrade at WR AND Montee Ball.

  139. DO NOT trade Roddy, he’s one of the most consistent WRs in football. Not only that, but he doesn’t miss games! He had one bad game, don’t dump him just because of it. You’ll regret it, trust me!

    With that being said, if you feel the need to pick up another WR, Hartline or Michael Floyd are decent options. Hartline is pretty good in PPR and Michael Floyd has a lot of upside.

  140. The addage has always been start RBs over WRs when considering your flex position. I would start Richardson, Murray, and S. Jax. That leaves you with 2 WRs spots. Welker and D. Jax looks to be more explosive right now. I know Austin did great too, but I would have to sit him this week.

  141. You’re fine. You got got a great starting lineup. You got pretty good depth too except for your RBs. If anything I would look to pick up a RB or two on the waiver wire. If necessary, drop Floyd (Michael or Malcolm, it doesn’t matter) for a decent RB.

  142. Here’s my dilemma guys. It’s a 12-team PPR league that starts 1QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 1TE, 1Flex, 1OP, 1D/ST, and 1K. My roster is as follows (current starters in CAPS):

    RB – SHADY, MURRAY, Wilson, Helu, D. Thomas, B. Brown, J. Stew
    WR – NELSON, STEVIE JOHNSON, EDELMAN, T. Austin, Marlon Brown
    D/ST – BUCS (will find a good fill in on waivers this week)
    K – HENERY

    My question is this. I originally planned to start 3 WRs, but now with word of Da’rell Scott getting injured in practice today, should I start Wilson? He should be getting a monster workload on Sunday right?

    If I do start Wilson, who should I replace in my starting lineup? Stevie Johnson or Edelman?

  143. I would probably drop Thompkins, although I can’t say that I’d be a little nervous about it. I love Thompkins’ upside, but at this point I think Shorts will put up better numbers. So long as Henne is the starting QB, I think Shorts has a better outlook than Thompkins. Thompkins seems to be #3 on the pecking order behind Amendola and Edelman. Once Gronk comes back he’ll be knocked down a peg lower. So if you’re going to pick up Shorts, drop Thompkins.

  144. Yes, if you can get Desean, I call that a great trade. Cook will hold you over until Gronk gets back.

  145. TC does not mess around when it comes to fumbles. And you have the worry of stolen goal line touches from jacobs.
    Added to the fact that Peyton could drop 50 on the Giants D by halftime killing the run game.
    Edelman should be Bradys #1 #2 and #3 with the injuries on that team this is the only week but I would start Edelman over damn near everybody

  146. Stacking up injuries on my bench in a 16-team regular league.

    QB – Freeman (blegh)
    RB – S. Jackson, T. Richardson, G. Bernard, M. Bush, *L. Bell, *J. Stewart
    WR – D. Amendola, B. LaFell, M. Sanu, V. Brown
    TE – J. Thomas, Gronk

    I’ll likely be trying to trade either Thomas or Gronk away.
    Stewart will be warming my bench until he comes back.

    Not sure how long to stick with Bell, seeing as how I’m thin at WR and no backup to my would-be backup QB. He’s supposed to be out another month or so. Any thoughts?

  147. Pretty sure i’ve heard the word Lisfranc in reference to Bell gotta part with either him or Stewart at some point.
    I would try a Thomas with a side of Bell package as he does hold value in a large league and try and upgrade at QB or WR

  148. Yea wouldnt trade away gronk. Could try using thomas as good trade bait. Always could offer bush to the guy with Forte.

  149. So start Stevie Johnson for my flex instead of Wilson? With Shady and Murray as my 2 RBs and Jordy and Edelman as my WRs?

  150. your wr core is pretty weak my friend. i would target a team with a weak TE and offer j thomas and v brown for someone like austin or djax

  151. Week 2……boldin @SEA or Mike williams @NO……Murray @KC or Jones-Drew @ OAK….cook @ATL or cameron @BAL….and Boldin or Kenbrel Thompkins @NYJ..???? thanks…im thinking thomkins will bounce back and have a better week 2 matchup with the jets plus amendola out…

  152. Hey Buk,

    You probably saw that Munt had Lance Moore on his sell list for the buy/sell article today but his wording was a little confusing. Seems to me that Thompkins would be the one to drop.

  153. As someone that stuck with MJD all season last year, if Lisfranc is even whispered I would run from Bell. You can pick up J-Stew if you want to hold on to an injured RB for later.

  154. safer play is williams but boldin is a Beast who will always get his targets. And def murray over mjd, for that might be a blowout and he will get his eat the clock carries. I’d go with cook at TE its a good matcchup and cook is lookinglike a monster. and id go boldin over thompkins just bcuz he’s a beast but k thomp def has potential for a big week.

  155. id say go for it take the QB who has mobility and can put up as many rushing yards as some RBS some weeks

  156. go ahead and grab vincent brown for he has a little bit of superstar potential but not that much haha. and bro decline decline decline on that trade. moreno shouldnt even be owned.

  157. I need a question solved before tonight’s Pats v Jets game…what do you think is the better flex play this week: Kimbrel Thompkins tonight or Rueben Randle on Sunday? Please any thoughts would be appreciated!

  158. Looks as though Amendola will be out I got Stevie Johnson or Kembrell to start next to Boldin. I think Johnson is the safer option,but Thompkins has potential for a big night, I know he shit the bed in week one, but he did have 14 targets.

    For Flex I am really torn. I got Bradshaw, Tate Rape, Montee and Johnson or Kembrell.

    What do y’all think

  159. I would go with Randle if I were you. Eli is going to throw it close to 45-50 times on Sunday, Randle should be able to haul in more than his share.

    I do like Kembrell’s potential, but until he shows he can play, it might be too risky

  160. kembrell over stevie johnson, i’m not so sure, but if i had to choose i would go tate or stevie, bradshaw has to face a very good miami front 7, and with thr RB situation cloudy in denver right now i think the other two are safer options

  161. Id go stevie j..go hes the number #1.

    Hey Munt or Beastnation. My are qbs Eli/rg3 . My rbs are Charles/Jackson/ball/Mathews.

    Im thinking about trading rg3 for sproles. And then trade Mathews for room. Is this a good trade an upgrade for me at rb and qb?

  162. i just got offered a trade: my julius thomas and josh gordon for his Roddy white and owen daniels. MY team is
    QB: ROMO
    RB: Trent, SJAX, MURRAY, Ball, D thomas
    WR: Welker, DJAX, Miles austin, josh gordon, lance moore, Percy
    TE: Gronk, Julius

  163. @bukeye420: That sounds like a good trade to me. Just need to hope Roddy heals quickly.

    Just got owner to accept my trade. I got Montee and Miles by giving Mike Williams, Jordan Cameron, and Lamar Miller.

    Now my team looks like:
    QB: Luck
    RB: Forte, Reggie Bush, Montee, Joique, Blount
    WR: Cruz, Miles, Hartline
    TE: Julius, Fred Davis
    DST: Patriots
    K: Vinatieri
    IR: Percy

    Good move?

  164. Playing against owner that has Knowshon Moreno starting. Should I start Montee as my flex or play it safe and start Denarius Moore at flex? Also could start Bradshaw at flex 0.5 PPR. I know Munt has Montee ranked relatively high, but if John Fox uses Knowshon more then I’m screwed.

  165. @Ewu118: I’d honestly start Montee Ball still, even though he hasn’t yet taken over the starting gig, he will get the goal line carries. It only takes one or two solid ones for Montee to really break out.

    I have a question about a trade. I smell blood in the water from my leagues reigning champ, and I am engineering a big move trade that I’d like some advice on.

    The trade: My DeSean Jackson and Eddie Lacy for his Calvin Johnson.

    Why would he do it?

    My relevant players (2 RB, 3 WR non-ppr standard league):
    WR: DeSean Jackson, Mike Wallace, Miles Austin, Josh Gordon, Alshon Jeffery.
    RB: Marshawn Lynch, MJD, Eddie Lacy, A.Bradshaw, Joique Bell, C. Michael

    His team:
    WR: Megatron, Cecil Shorts, Danny Amendola, Emanuel Sanders, Chris Givens.
    RB: David Wilson, DeAngalo Williams, Le’Veon Bell, Knowshown Moreno, Michael Bush.

    Would it be a decent trade, or is it just ridiculously one sided? I am the commissioner of the league, and while I want to win I don’t want to screw over a team.


  166. I’m sorry but I think you got hosed on that deal. Williams and Miles is a wash, maybe slight lean to miles imo so u basically traded cameron and miller for ball. I know everyone on here is very high on ball but the fact remains that hes in an awful timeshare..U sold very low on cameron

  167. have to disagree erik, miles and mike williams are not that close, if ppr its not even a debate, and even with a three man time share and peyton throwing 7 TDs ball still outscored lamar miller and ball only missed the TD by a couple yards. he upgraded at RB, WR, and still has julius, i think you are slighting miles austin a bit, he did outscore mike will in week 1 without a TD

  168. We got the Fanduel tournament about 25% filled, everyone who isn’t in yet should sign up, this is a big deal for beast dome and munt, we should all support any way we can, for all the extra time he puts in for all of us, VIP or not

  169. the deal just got sweeter, im getting vick, daniels, roddy for julius thomas, gordon, daniel thomas. no way i can pass that up

  170. hey beast nation, need some advice on starting lineup this week in PPR league. any advice is appreciated!

    QB: Eli Manning
    WR: Anquan Boldin
    WR: Julian Edelman
    RB: Steven Jackson
    RB: Matt Forte
    TE: Julius Thomas
    Flex (W/R/T): Demarco Murray
    DEF: Green Bay Packers

    QB: Josh Freeman
    WR: Mike Wallace
    WR: Miles Austin
    WR: Lance Moore
    WR: Ryan Broyles
    TE: Rob Gronkowski
    TE: Owen Daniels

    some of my thoughts below:
    – i think Kaepernick will get Boldin the ball especially after last week’s performance, but i’m wary about the matchup against Seattle

    – not sure how legit Kansas City’s def is, but Miles Austin got plenty of looks (10 rec last week) as defenses would rather lock down Dez Bryant and Jason Witten.

    – i’m thinking production from Mike Wallace may take awhile…at least until the Dolphins can establish a run game.

    – considering Lance Moore…i’m imagining Revis covering Colston so Drew Brees may rely more on Jimmy Graham and Lance Moore this weekend.

  171. i would play it safe and start D. Moore. i’m still not sold on Moreno and i think it’s only a matter of time until Montee Ball becomes full time starter…assuming he improves his pass protection skills.

  172. i think miles austin and mike wallace are your best bet at WR everything else looks good,but if you lie edelman over either of them i think its very close

  173. I picked up J.Thomas this week dropping my kicker. Now I have to drop one player to pick a kicker. Who should I drop? Below is my team
    10 Team Yahoo Standard
    QB – RGIII
    RB – J.Charles, T-Rich, R.Bush, E.Lacy, G.Bernard, B.Tate, J.Bell
    WR – Larry Fitz, H.Nicks, J.Nelson, J.Gordon
    TE – J.Cameron, Julius Thomas

  174. Dont think to much, Roddy for moreno would be a trade rape. We are talking about a Top tier guy for a Bottom tier guy who only has pass blocking abilities going for him right now, hes not as gifted as ball or even hillman..Pick up Hartline

  175. Wondering who to start at WR3 and Flex spots this week. Below is my roster as currently set:

    QB – Cam Newton
    RB1 – Ray Rice
    RB2 – Lamar Miller
    WR1- Demaryius Thomas
    WR2 – A. Boldin
    WR3 – J. Edelman
    TE – Martellus Bennett
    FLEX – Emmanuel Sanders

    Bench – Green-Ellis, Michael Floyd, Andre Roberts (and Amendola + Vareen)

    Feel like Sanders will get the targets but also interested in one of the Arizona WRs. PPR league and Detroit secondary should get torched. But is there enough to go around this week after Fitz gets his? Thoughts?

  176. Beast Nation-should I flex Jordan Cameron or Edelman over Mathews this week? I would normally go with the Rb but don’t know if Mathews will get the touches. Standard scoring.

  177. I’d start Miles Austin over Boldin this week. No way Boldin comes close to matching last weeks performance.

    Your really deep at WR-I’d drop Broyles for a RB. You should also figure out a trade to combo a Wr and one of your two TE’s not named Gronk for an upgrade at WR or RB, you def need more depth at RB.

  178. go k Thompson over Stevie Brady will put up numbers regardless of any circumstances Kendall will have a big role tonight

  179. I think the you can chalk Mike Wallace’s poor preformance last week up to him being covered by Joe Haden. I would give him another chance over Boldin who is gonna be in a somewhat similar situation as Wallace was in last week being covered by Richard Sherman.

  180. Carolina looked like SF or Seattle last week. Personally gonna go with them in one if not both my leagues this week

  181. Tough. You really need to trade away RB like Lacy or T. Rich for a top WR. Your lack of depth there makes me wanna say keep Gordon on and drop Cameron if you absolutely have to. All your RBs are undroppable to me.

  182. Was just offered Gronkowski and Decker for my Welker and Amendola. Is this a good deal?

    Not sure about Decker this season. I also have Nicks, Austin, and Desean Jackson, and he also has Cobb and James Jones.

    10 team league, standard scoring, start 2 WRs and 1 Flex.

  183. Hey Awesome Beast Nicks,
    Had this counter offer sent to me: Trading their Spiller and Cecil Shorts for my Reggie Bush and Josh Johnson. I initially offered him Bush and DeAndre Hopkins for Spiller and Shorts. I was trying to gain a playable WR. Now I think I would be losing WR talent. Should I agree to this counter offer? What do you all think of Munt’s prediction of Bush getting injured? Wasn’t Spiller out for awhile last year?

  184. yea deckers garbage. and your giving up 2 great wrs. But it is vital to get gronk on your team. who are ur tes right now bcuz you dont wanna give up too much?

  185. you dont really have someone you should drop if u absolutely had to id go with cameron but you should prob trade some guys to open up some space for your team.

  186. Looking to upgrade my WR3. With Roddy on my bench, Im starting Dez, SSmith and LMoore or AJeffery. Im thinking Marlon Brown may have a big week with Torrey drawing Hadens shadow. The other option is to package Moore and RMathews for a better WR. I have Lynch, Murray, McFadden and Ball so I can afford losing some RB depth. What WR can I expect for that package?

    Stand pat or pursue one of these options?

  187. Josh Johnson the QB? If that is the case make the move, Reggie bush is one of the most injury prone RBs in the league, and spiller is a stud, Cecil shirts will be start able numerous times this year, even more if henne keeps that job, I’m assuming that was a typo on josh johnson, but if not make the deal

  188. Given his current RB situation I don’t think it is too lop sided, he definitely needs some help

  189. Definitely try to work a 2 for 1 deal, either Reggie and joique for a better RB or a couple of your mid range RB and/or WR to upgrade, could also use Cameron in a deal. I would try my best to make a deal over dropping any of those players, you have a couple days to get it done, I’m sure there will be a kicker worth starting on Sunday morning

  190. Hard to say what you could with both of those guys coming off a bad week, but I would find a teams weak at RB and throw out some offers and see what you come up with, I would say open up a little higher then what you think you can get, it’s a negotiation

  191. Nicks + Djax for Cruz + Bradshaw

    my team is
    RB: Mathews, Ball, Bernard, Tate and (J.Stew)
    WR: Green, Nicks, Djax and (Harvin)

  192. 12 men std scoring:

    QB: Vick, Freeman
    RB: L.McCoy, S-JAX, D.Murray, M.Ball, B.Brown, C.Ivory
    WR: J.Nelson, D-JAX, M.Austin, L.Moore
    TE: F. Davis
    D : Streaming (Panthers this week)
    K : Hanery

    Someone just dropped Lamar Miller to the waiver… and I want to pick him up… who should I drop? My league mates except for 1, is very thin on RBs and I am planning on holding them hostage.


  193. Josh Freeman was just dropped by the owner who drafted him. My question is should i pick up Freeman when I already have Matt Ryan? I wasn’t planning on having a backup QB originally and using Brandon Weeden against the Lions during the Falcons bye week. But would Freeman against the Eagles and keeping him as a backup QB be a better option?

    Thanks Beast Nation by the way, you guys have been helping me out a lot so far this season.

  194. I had a similar quandary I posed to munt on the beastcast last night. He said Wallace over miles or boldin

  195. I made an offer to trade my Reggie Bush and Miles Austin for CJ Spiller…yay or nay? Thinking sell high and go for long term production. Thoughts?

    My team:

    QB: Romo, Pryor
    RB: Lynch, Murray, Bush, Ball
    WR: Edelman, DJax, Amendola, Josh Gordon, Miles Austin
    TE: Gronk, Thomas

  196. Who would you be dropping to pick him up, with all the talk surrounding him, I wouldn’t drop anyone of value to make the move

  197. I would try it with Gordon over miles Austin, don’t want to leave yourself to thin at WR, you also have Julius as a bargaining chip, so I would try to work something out without miles involved, but I definitely love getting spiller

  198. i got CJ an am a little concerned with how good FJax looked.. Bush is injury prone but damn he looked good.. looking at your receivers i don’t think you can afford giving up Miles. Edeleman was Tom’s target last night and i will continue starting him, but as we seen he is not a lock for big numbers every week. i would at least get one of his #3 rec with the deal or Maybe try Murray/Austin for CJ… Murray’s a stud but i just like Bush better overall.. just my opinion brother

  199. 10 team ppr
    Qb rg3 stafford
    Rb McCoy Murray bush ball d Thomas
    Wr Bowe desean Austin l Moore Andre Roberts
    Te gronk Julius Thomas
    K Akers
    Def carolina

    Guy offered me lynch and roddy white for bush Bowe and stafford take it?

  200. yeh thats to much for spiller in my opinion..gordon or even edelman with bush. mot miles…gordon will be back wk3 and will be a #1 opnion if he keeps his head on straight. I think Edelman will be consistent…but not when gronk and amendlola come back..and vereen later in the season.

  201. thanks for the site Munt and all the great feedback from i went rb, rb, rb, Kaep, rb, rc with the hopes of getting lucky i guess.. i’m stuck between my beloved James Jones or LMoore. played Eleleman last night.. also have Roddy and a few sleepers.. any thoughts –

  202. That too much to give up, I was considering it when you didn’t have Julius in, but I think adding him to the mix makes it not a good move, your leaving yourself exposed at QB, and while you are getting a top 5 back, your also taking in damaged goods with roddy not knowing when he will be 100%, I think you can get more if your going to give that much away

  203. With Vick Ballard gone for year with knee injury, do I start Bradshaw at flex over Denarius Moore and Montee Ball?

  204. i agree with Mr. 420, although i wouldn’t have done it anyways. Stafford and Bush are more valuable to me than Lynch and Roddy in ppr, at least for now. and don’t let go of JT bro.

  205. i would do it if your really week at TE..but thats a bigg upgrade in u can see brady has no one to throw it to thursday..gronk is a beast..amendola is in/out through out the season..gonna be on your bench half of the season anyways..for that reason, i would take it..

  206. except for some touches by DBrown, no more time share in Indy.. Oakland is playing the Jaguars.. still waiting patiently for Ball to start.. IMO, Bradshaw/Moore/Ball, but you will also be told to start Moore from someone else cuz of the upside with Pryor.

  207. if you can get djax, go for it, not sure if i would trade a starting back for miles, what does your team look like?

  208. QB: Eli, Pryor
    RB: Shady, Sjax, Bradshaw, Montee, JStew
    WR: Jordy, Lance, Gordon, Denarius, Blackmon
    TE: Gronk, Fred

    I suppose I can combo Bradshaw and Lance to get Djax. Most I’d give is Bradshaw+Gordon.

  209. QB: Eli, Pryor
    RB: Shady, Sjax, Bradshaw, Montee, JStew
    WR: Jordy, Lance, Gordon, Denarius, Blackmon
    TE: Gronk, Fred

    I suppose I can combo Bradshaw and Lance to get Djax. Most I’d give is Bradshaw+Gordon.

  210. Im reading BUY LOW on Ridley (He handled his fumble’itis issues last night, Gronk will open up running game soon etc). I need help at RB. But also own both Gronk and Orange Julius at TE. I’ve got an owner dangling Ridley at me for Julius Thomas. I could pick up Celek off waivers for short term fix till Gronk is back. PULL THE TRIGGER?

  211. I would say Ivory, but if you really want to stack RB, I guess freeman would be the only guy I would consider, but you leave yourself exposed at QB

  212. I like the move, Ridley has to return to form soon, and the patriots don’t have a whole lot of choices besides him, I also plan on using celek for a stop gap if I can get a deal done for Julius Thomas this week.

  213. overpaying with both trades….bradshaw is RB2 now, with no one to take his touches. I would hold on to him.

  214. I would take that if you want more depth at RB. Once gronk is back, you will probably never start Julius over him anyway, especially considering hes now bradys main target while peyton has 4.

  215. i agree with bukeye. i would definitely take that trade if Stafford wasnt in the mix though. once gronk returns JT doesnt hold much value to you, and you would have a true WR1 whereas now you dont.

  216. Need some help in a potential trade. Here is my team Start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1TE, no flex option: ((R) is bench/reserve)

    P Manning

    F Gore A Peterson A Bradshaw (R) B Jacobs (R) K Hunter (R) R Helu (R)

    V Jackson C Shorts J Edelman P Harvin (R) S Rice (R) L Moore (R) D Moore (R)

    J Cameron J Thomas (R) R Gronkowski (R)

    J Brown

    Bengals Broncos (R)

    The potential trade would be Cameron + Shorts for R Wayne. I’d like to offer another WR – maybe L Moore, but that may not work. Any thoughts?

  217. I’m in a similar situation, just posted my potential trade below. If you need a starting RB I like the deal, might be closer if you’re looking for depth. Who are your RB and flex starters?

  218. Edelman isn’t going to be of much use for long and harvin week 7/8 at best case.
    With no flex you dont need as much depth.
    It is starting to look like Hennes job to lose so Shorts should be solid now but you need another WR could you toss a bench RB into that deal with either Moore to get it done >?

  219. Who to start this week given rwhite is not 100%: lance moore, chris givens, andre roberts, marlon brown, leonard hankerson??

  220. Munt, I watched you beastcast last night and you mentioned josh freeman as a top 5 qb this week but on fantasy pros you have him ranked 15th for week 2

    Is there a disconnect between your rankings on beastdome and fantasy pros?

  221. Either Andre Roberts or Chris Givens. Carson Palmer showed a lot of trust in Roberts last week, but it worries me that he is probably the number 3 option on that team. Chris Givens is one of Sam Bradford’s favorite targets. Keep an eye on the status of Asante Samuel to see if he is playing. If Samuel is not playing, Givens’ value goes up for this week.

  222. i have a super flex where i can play a QB…should I play this week…..EJ Manuel vs. CAR or Lance Moore @TB…this is a PPR league…

  223. I picked up Dallas DST for this week’s matchup against the Chiefs. I am tempted to grab the Arizona DST instead, but I have Stafford, Bush, and Akers on my team. Don’t like the idea of having a DST facing so many of my own players. Mind you, I have J. Charles as well – thoughts???

  224. If you can spare a bench spot, good to stash Arizona D/ST and still start Dallas this week. Then again I don’t think many people in most leagues see Cardinals D as high as Munt, so they’ll likely still be around come next week.

    Separate note, considering a trade of giving Reggie Bush + Joique Bell to get Jamaal Charles. That really an upgrade? I like having Joique as insurance while owning Reggie, and Jamaal’s injury history isn’t great either. Plus I think Lions offense is a lot more potent than Chief’s… thoughts about this trade?

  225. I agree with b. I don;’t know what your team looks like but you should try to make a deal to get another higher end QB that you could always start in that spot.

  226. I would go for it, Charles is top 5 RB quality while Reggie probably won’t end the year in the top 10 IMO. Plus Charles looks healthy so far this season while Reggie already doesn’t. I think Charles is the better and less risky option.

  227. Sorry, I forgot to mention Charles’ quad. I don’t think it’s a problem while I believe Reggie’s injuries are being understated by the Lions.

  228. Depends on ur bet. For Flex, Start Bell if you bet Bush is hurt more than they let on and Detroit gets in the red zone a lot. Start Ball if you bet his pass protection has improved and/or Denver hits garbage time. Start Moore if you bet Brees will throw it Moore’s way sometime.

    FantasyPros says Bell/Ball are best bets. I’d go Bell personally.

    As far as QB, Ryan hands down. STL got tore up by Arizona last week, and if STL scores as much as they did last time, Ryan is gonna throw like cray cray.

  229. I’m thinking of dropping Qb Pryor for Redman. Redman is starting rb. I have Romo and Pryor would be the only player I could drop. The rest of the team RB’S (Lynch, SJax, Murray, M. Ball, J. Stewart, D. Thomas), WR’S (S.Smith, M. Austin, L. Moore, D. Moore), TE’s (Gates and Gronk). What do you guys think?

  230. Qb/K combo is the way to go. I really like and trust this strategy. I have Romo and it help add to the total points. Good Luck. BEAST!

  231. I dont see Redman ever starting on your team with your RB depth. Besides Pitt being horrible, Le Veon will own that job when he returns. If anything you should be looking to pick up a WR

  232. I agree with Alaskan, Pryor will probably have more rushing yards then red man will have total yards all year. Don’t add a RB just because of his position, redman is of no value to your team, these are not the steelers we all know

  233. Thanks BEASTS. You’re advise and time are appreciated. If you have time and have thoughts on A. Peterson being put on the trade block in one of my leagues I posted the info in the Bust article. Good luck. BEAST!

  234. Got a QB with thin ribs after week 1 i would not drop a backup for Redman.
    Unless you get crazy unlucky with injuries there is no reason for him to make your lineup

  235. PPR I can’t decide who to sit Mike Williams, Julius Thomas, or Vernon Davis. I have Mike Williams on the bench, but I like the matchup against the Saints.

  236. I like Cameron. He is playing against the Ravens who got torched by Julius Thomas. With Gordon out, he is going to get chances in the Red Zone.

  237. i can’t believe i wasted a valuable wr pick on Ball. Moreno looks great with no fumbles, two tds and approaching 100+ so far. doesn’t look like he’s starting anytime soon.

  238. I traded VJax for him, I look pretty stupid now.. I’m trying to have a little faith still.

  239. No use crying over spilt milk. There’s still a lot of football to be played and chances are knowshow won’t be healthy for most of it even if he doesn’t lose the job. Be glad you didn’t draft hillman at least. Keep the faith.

  240. I’m up in the air about it. It appears like Ball has the talent and Moreno has the experience at the moment. I’m sure Ball will bust out at some point, but will it be this season?

  241. I really don’t think you’ll be able to get DJax for even Bradshaw/Gordon. To put it in perspective, I was just offered both SJax and Welker for DJax. Yes, that may be a little high, but he’s the hottest receiver in the league after two weeks. If you want him now, you’ll have to pay as such.

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