1. Hey Munt, thanks for the advice. I was wondering how you would change your strategy for a 14 team league? I would appreciate any help.



  2. I am picking 10th in a ten team non-ppr league. If i pick Bush in the 3rd round and Gronk in the 4th as you suggest in your latest update, I will not be able to get Ball. Should I stick with the Bush/Gronk combo in round 3/4 or go with Gronk/Ball? Thanks for the help.

  3. Munt, ive been reading your articles for the past two years and i just want to say thanks for all your help and advice. You da friggin man. im in a ppr league that gives 5 pts per td and i have the 5th pick. Do you think i should take a rb or go with manning due to the 5 points per td? Thanks again and keep beastin em.

  4. I’m have the 9th pick on a 12 team ppr league. QBs get 6pt for TD and 1pt every 20yrd. I know for a fact that 2 QBs will be picked before my pick and another one before the wrap around. (Maybe more). I was going to pick best available RB then best available RB/WR with my 2nd pick. I usually go (Rb, Rb, WR, Rb, Qb,Wr /or Rb,Wr,RB, RB. Qb, wr). My question is, should I pick Payton M. If he is still available in the 9th pick? The top 7 players in my league were all QBs.

  5. hey munt, who should i start week 1…andrew luck vs. oak or russel wilson @carolina..??? thanks

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