FANTASY FOOTBALL WAIVER WIRE: Get Your Pryorities Straight (Week 2)


Get Your Pryorities Straight (Week 2)


By Muntradamus




Holding out on the Waiver Wire until Tuesday night did not feel right.  I will for now on be posting the Wire section on Monday Night, this will be the last time it comes out on Tuesday.  I wanted to give my V.I.P.s an edge by posting it only on Muntradamus.NET.  But the full day of Q&A on back-to-back Tuesday/Wednesday is enough of an edge.

The Goal of BEAST DOME is to win your Championships, and luckily there are not any NEXT LEVEL superstars on the wire this week.  But there are players you should add.

To make up for this, I will be releasing the Trade Market Article Today.  Day Earlier than Previously Expected.




Fantasy Football






It is not often you find Waiver Wire QBs that can rush for over 100 Yards.  Terrelle is definitely one of those players as he has shown breakout potential even his first career start in Week 17 last season.  The Raiders offense is not geared for Pryor to get a lot of passing yards, but the sky is the limit for this player who should get every opportunity to prove what he has.  Pryor has a matchup against the Jags he has to take advantage of in order to be a Player you can consider starting.



The Dolphins Run Offense is similar to a show of keeping up with the Kardashians.  You watch it to see what happens, but you are never satisified and feel like you wish you had every moment of your life back when watching it.  I don’t actually watch that show, but I can imagine that is the same feeling when ‘Kendrik’ Lamar Miller and ‘DT’ Daniel Thomas keep getting carry after carry.  Chances are Tannehill will be throwing the ball at a Matt Stafford type of rate soon.




I know I just put down the Dolphins running game in the blurb above, but maybe it is because the Dolphins will finally say goodbye to Lamar Miller and give Daniel Thomas his chance.  ‘DT’ is one of the most exciting Running Backs when he’s running well, and now he gets the chance to show that it was only Reggie Bush being the reason he was held back.



If you own Reggie Bush, and you have some garbage Running Backs on the back of your bench, time to grab Joique.  I would go as far as saying Roy Helu or worst is a good player to drop for Bell who will be useful when Reggie goes down.  With Reggie already beat-up after 1 game, chances are Bell will get a few starts himself.



Blount will only get a handful of carries, but let us see what he can do with those carries.  He had an explosive game this Preseason and we all know what he is capable of, especially on a winning team.  If Stevan Ridley has one more fumble, look for Blount to be rolling as a RB#2.




Call it the ‘Cole World’ Special.  Julian will have a great Thursday Night game, and the magic will end right there.  The Patriots offense is brittle right now, and Edelman will be the 2nd WR or possibly go-to option for Brady this week.  Once Amendola comes back, Edelman will be a low-end WR#2 at best.  Once Gronk comes back, Edelman will be a WR#3-WR#4.  Let us not forget Brady threw the ball to Kenbrell Thompkins 14 times last week, Edelman will still be behind him on the depth chart.

But remember.  Julian is a 1 night stand.



Pryor seemed to like Streater a lot during the preseason, and he liked him more than Denarius on Sunday.  While Denarius did get both the redzone looks, Streater was the man Pryor was looking to more often.  Streater does not have a lot of upside as he is mostly a possession WR on a team that will run the ball more than they throw, but Streater does offer some nice sleeper potential in PPR leagues.  Denarius Moore is still the WR you want to own of the two as he has very BIG play potential.



The Ravens are one injury away to Torrey Smith, and Marlon Brown becomes a go-to WR.  Brown is not the most talented, but Joe Flacco knows how to put the ball on the money..somewhat.  Good enough for Brown to have major upside if he gets his opportunity.




Everyone on BEAST DOME is laughing as people start him as their replacement for Gronk.  He was heavily featured during the Preseason BEAST DRAFT STRATEGY VOL II.  Did not take long for JT to make a name for himself and the BEAST DOME NATION.  If you own any TE besides the superstars, add JT.



Dallas was the 2nd option in the Ravens passing game in Week 1.  That is good news for Clark who does look like he is a big hit away from landing on the I.R., still a player you want in PPR leagues.  He does have sleeper potential from week-to-week.




The Eagles are going to score a lot of points this season.  It is a good idea to have the Kicker of that type of team as they see the Redzone more often than DMX barks in a rap song.



The Big Janikowski will have a nice week against the Jags in what should be a battle of Field Goals.




The Carolina ‘Super Panthers’ looked like a D/ST you want all season long.  They were able to shutdown BEAST MODE which is impressive in itself.  The most impressive part about this D/ST is all the IDP studs they have.  From Greg Hardy to Charles Johnson.  To Luke Kuchley and Jon Beason.  Go ahead and add them if you want a team for the long-run.



The Cowboys should give Alex Smith more trouble than Eminem and his relationship with his Ex-Wife.  The Cowboys front 7 should be able to limit Jamaal Charles, while forcing ‘Chicken Wire Arm’ aka Alex Smith into more INTs than Eli Manning.  Good time to take a chance.




Tuck was not even ranked in the Top 25 of all average Experts.  I had him ranked in the Top 10, on Sunday Night he had 3 Tackles. 5 Assists. 0.5 Sacks.  Look for him to do all he can to sack Peyton.



Want something to watch on Thursday Night Football.  Add David Harris and you will see a performance that will leave you breathless.  Maybe not breathless for you, but breathless for David Harris as he will be chasing down Stevan Ridley nearly every play.



Want to see something special.  Tune in to Geno Smith throwing the ball 30+ Times against his New England Secondary.  Hard to say who will get the INT, but you have to imagine Stephen Gregory is the favorite as he will be hawking Geno’s eyes all night.



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  1. If I own Reggie Bush and my bench RBs are Ball and Tate Rape, do I drop Tate for Joique Bell?

    I am deeper at receiver (Nelson/desean/boldin/mike will/miles austin) but none of those are droppable to me

  2. i’d drop ball or mike williams honestly.

    i still wouldn’t want to own any DEN RBs and like you said, you’re deep at WRs and if i were to rank what them:

    1. nelson
    2. desean
    3. boldin
    4. miles
    5. mike will

  3. Munt- would you drop Freeman for either Pryor or Tannehill and Fred Davis (I have Gronk and Gates already) for Daniel Thomas or Rod Streater and Pats for Panthers DT.
    My team (PPR-6tds) is:
    Steve Smith
    Sidney Rice
    Josh Brown
    Joique Bell

  4. I would say it is safe to drop Freeman for Pryor, Pryor has alot of fantasy upside.

    There is no use having 3 TE’s if you cant use them. I would see if you could package gates or davis in a trade to get more value.

    Pats have a good match-up against a jets team they are familiar with(also the short week might mess with the young qb’s game planning) so i’d at least hold them another week.

  5. I agree with jermo, but if you can’t find a deal before this week I would pick up Daniel Thomas, munt has been on that all preseason

  6. I agree with jermo, but if you can’t find a deal before this week I would pick up Daniel Thomas, munt has been on that all preseason

  7. Im torn as well but Carolina looks evil. But Arizona has the offense to put points on the board.

  8. I’ve picked up Bell and D. Thomas and dropped Fred Davis. I had dropped DAX since he was kept but on IR. Lance Moore was just dropped in my league. Other than Sidney Rice, is there any other player you would drop. Or Rice for Moore is a good move?

  9. Seeking some WR advice for 10 team, standard league (9 starting positions and 4 bench). I’m pretty thin at WR: Dez, Decker, James Jones; and pretty stacked at RB: McCoy, Foster, Sproles, Daryl Richardson, Tate.
    Both Edelman and Thompkins are available off waivers.
    Do I:
    1) Swap Jones for either Edelman or Thompkins off waivers
    2) try to trade D-Rich (or Sproles, though I’m reticent to let him go…) to another team that is stacked at WR: Megatron, Cruz, Boldin, Torrey, and Roddy; and weak sauce at RB: DMC, D Wilson, Redman, Ahmad.
    If 2) which WR should I ask for initially, and who should I settle for on couter-offer?

  10. I should add to avoid the scorn of all knowledgeable FF players that it’s not so much that this other team is THAT weak at RB; it’s more perceived weakness based on crumby week 1 performances that I’m trying to exploit…

  11. Munt…is it worth holding onto Shane Vereen through his injury? Also, I have Ryan Broyles on the roster, but not knowing when he is going to get healthy, would it make more sense to pick-up Andre Roberts, Rueben Randall or Rod Streater? Thanks!

  12. I’m wondering if I should try to trade Gio Bernanrd with Daniel Thomas being a free agent in my league. A team in my league is carrying 4 TE’s (Cook, cameron, Myers, and Sudfeld).

    I’m rolling with Gates right now. Other guy’s RB’s are Morris, CJ2K, Bilal Powell. I’m thinking Helu and Gio for Jared Cook. (He also has WR: V-Jax, AJ, Dez, Jennings, V-Brown)

    My other RB’s are S-Jax, MJD, T-Rich, Demarco, Ball.

    I have 1’st waiver priority and someone just dropped Mike Wallace so I was going to drop Helu to pick him up anyway. My WR’s are currently Boldin, Marshall, M. Austin, J. Jones, J. Gordon.

    Thoughts Munt/Beast nation?

    Thanks as always!

  13. What I’ve seen is that Vereen’s ineligible to play until week 11. Whether you can hang onto him that long really depends on how many bench spots your league keeps, whether you have an IR spot, and how deep you are at RB. If you can afford to keep him on the bench and still have decent plays at RB2/Flex with your bye weeks covered, then MAYBE he’s worth it. If you have any doubt, go out and look for DT, Edelman, or Streater. Broyles is at least practicing and could rejoin the game any week, but Stafford’s looking like he’s got an awful lot of targets, including two in the backfield, that he’ll be competing against when he does return.

  14. i like edelman or thompkins more then james jones, but not sure which one is the better pickup, and i would definetly try to make a move, either RB for anyone but torry is a good deal in my eyes. but if torry is all he is willing to move i wouldnt give up sproles

  15. i think mike wallace is priority 1, make sure you get him, and your team looks stacked, i dont think i would trade RB for TE, unless its gronk or graham. with all that depth you could get far better then jared cook

  16. I don’t think you’re stacked at wr. That being said I wouldn’t make a deal yet. Edelman is a great start this week, then trade him next week. Maybe even pair him with foster for a couple a-listers that have a bad week this week.

  17. Thanks Buckeye. Do you like Gio more than Daniel Thomas then?

    Is Helu the guy to drop for Wallace or should I think about giving up J. Gordon or J. Jones and swapping Helu for Thomas to keep my stable of RB’s strong?

  18. i do like gio over daniel thomas, i would drop helu for wallace. and with the RB you have i dont know that you absolutely need to pick up thomas you have 5 good backs, let me ask you this what format is your league, I.e. how many RB can you start each week?

  19. 10 team PPR. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2WR/RB/TE flex, K, DST So I can start up to 4 RB’s each week.

    Thanks again

  20. yeh man Im hoping Ball takes over soon..Denver just not trusting ball enough right now as a pass blocker. I say just him get 2 series to him self or something to prove him self more..damn. Hopefully he can get some goal line work this week and score…maybe that will help him pull away a little. Moreno and Hillman are not better runners as far as moves and running inside. I don’t like to wish injury on one, but maybe Moreno needs to get injured to give ball a shot to prove him self.

  21. id keep vereen. Ridley fumble 1 more time and that more reps for vereen when get back..he already catches the ball a lot.

  22. I would say drop helu for Daniel Thomas and James jones for mike Wallace. That is James jones not Julio right?

  23. I have Fred Davis and Greg Olson as my TE’s shoul I drop Fred Davis to pick up Daniel Thomas I have 4 RB’s already Martin, Reggie Bush, Stevan Ridley and Joique Bell. My WR’s are Green, Nelson, Mike Williams, Wallace and Emmanuel Sanders. I could potentially package a WR and a RB for a top tier TE later in the season, thoughts?

  24. You should do it with the Gronk player if you can. I’m trying myself but he’s taking way to much.

  25. Hi Guys,

    I got an offer – A. Boldin for his Roddy White. Normally, I would take it, but I also have Julio Jones as my top WR. Current WR core is Julio Jones, Bowe, Boldin, Harvin. His is Green, White, Hopkins, Jefferey.

    So my question is – Would having both Julio Jones and White be bad? And is there a fair trade I should do like Jones/Baldin for Green/white?

  26. Might want to hold off until it’s clear whether Julio’s absence from practice so far this week has implications for the upcoming game vs STL. It’d be a bummer to be stuck with Roddy and Julio at <100% and Percy away til week 7 (and what will you do in week 6 when your Falcons are on a bye, and all you've got is Dwayne?). That said, you're probably getting the better end of the deal in the long run if you can get AJ and Roddy for Anquan and Julio. Julio only outscored Roddy by 5 points last year (standard scoring), and AJ's healthy, can outplay the best corners, and Red's always looking his direction.

  27. Good point, I completely forgot about the bye-week. At this point should I still consider Dwayne Bowe higher than Boldin?

  28. A guy in my league just dropped Kenbrell Thompkins should I attempt to pick him up and drop either Fred Davis or Emmanuel Sanders, I feel Sanders has upside over Davis and I already have Greg Olson as my number 1 TE so I could just play the match ups when Olson is on a bye week or trade for a TE better than Olson

  29. Just have to say nice touch with the IDP ROULETTE, I have Stephen Gregory locked and ready to go for Thursday. I actually have Devin McCourty in my other DB spot so let the INT’s rain.

  30. If Ridley can’t hang onto the ball, the guy who’ll be getting those extra reps is LeGarrette Blount, and maybe Bolden once he’s back at 100%. Vereen’s going to be gone for the better part of the season.

  31. That’s a tough one, especially after last week’s performances. For this week, I’d say yes, Bowe>Boldin, just based on matchups. DAL gave up tons of pts to NYG WRs (tho Smith’s no Eli), while SEA DBs are some of the best in the game and they limited Crabtree, Kaep’s then-fave receiver, to 6.5 pts last year. Beyond this week, I might wait to see how Boldin holds up, although his trade value’s probably never going to be higher than it is right now…

  32. I have:
    lynch, riddly, vareen, L.bell.
    C. Johnson, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Amendola, S.johnson, Thompkins
    j.cameron, J.thomas, f.davis
    who would you drop for ben tate?

  33. different team:
    Luck, Stafford
    McCoy, Wilson, Richardson, Ball, lamar miller
    AJ green, cruz, Hilton, v.brown
    grahm, j.thomas, A.gates
    anyone droppable for P. harvin?

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