FANTASY FOOTBALL TRADE MARKET: Good Time to Jump on Tony. No Romo (Week 2)


Good Time to Jump on Tony. No Romo (Week 2)


By Muntradamus



It is important to win your league with good trading.  It is important you do not reach for bad trades.  It is important that you follow one rule.


If your team scored over 100 Points and your #1 Pick did not even have a good week.  Do not panic.  It is only Week 1 of a very long season.  Below are the players to Target.





Fantasy Football




Tony Romo – DAL

If one thing is clear, Tony Romo has a lot of weapons.  More weapons than most QBs deserve.  There will be weeks where he has 400 Yards/3 TD breakout games.  Now is a good time to grab him as he was less than impressive on Sunday Night.



You will still have to spend a lot to get Spiller, but it will still be at a huge discount Price.  I would offer any of the RBs from the sell list and you will likely be able to get Spiller at that discount.  The Patriots Run D is tough, wait until Spiller has a big run and see how many carries Fred Jackson gets.



If any owner is panicking right now, it is the owners of BEAST MODE.  After failing to reach 50 Yards against the Panthers, owners think they wasted their first round pick.  Go ahead and ease those owners with any RBs from the Sell List.   BEAST MODE will turn it up on Sunday Night.  That game was built for him.




That is my take on Montee Ball.  I open with it right away if you think you have to watch the whole thing to find out.

Montee will get his TDs.  Do not fear.  You can get him for next to nothing.



Riddle me this.  Why was the player who fumbled in the Bill Bellichick offense rewarded in the BUY SECTION of the Trade Market Special.  The answer is, because Shane Vereen is out until Week 11.  Look for Ridley to be the heart and soul of the Patriots running game, and he will run with a purpose against the Jets to show that he can put this team on his back.  Grab him in a Trade Now, he has Top 10 RB potential.



Bradshaw definitely looked like a RB who was not ready for Week 1.  After the game Coach Pagano praised Vick Ballard for pass blocking, but do not fear.  Ahmad Bradshaw was paid to be the Colts starting RB.  He can pass block as well, go ahead and get him in a trade.



With Chad Henne at QB, MJD has more potential than he ever had with Gabbert behind center.  Henne is very good at moving the ball and it will be interesting to see what MJD can do with a legitimate QB.   Now is a good time to get MJD at a discount Rate.



This Ankle Sprain is being overhyped.  Yes an ankle sprain is bad, and yes it may take him a few weeks to be healthy.  But Fantasy Owners are feeling like they have a player with a Broken Ankle.  Do them a favor and take Roddy off their hands for a 5 Finger Discount.  He will still be a Top 10 Option when it is all said and done (Per Game Value).



Wallace’s bad performance was due more to Joe Haden being the absolute best corner in the world.  Mike Wallace will have his games that leave you with a smile on your face, Sunday was a game you just had to hope he was able to get open.  The Dolphins are going to be throwing a lot, take him off an owners hands for Pierre Garcon.  You will be happy you did.




I love Brady.  I hyped him up to be the #1 overall QB in 2012, but it is no longer 2012.  The options that Brady once had are no longer there, and this Thursday Night could hit a bottom with only Julian Edelman and Kenbrell Thompkins.  Brady is so good he will still be able to approach 250 Yards, but this is a sign of bad things to come.  His trade value is still very good to the point where you can get Matt Ryan possibly.  I would dip low for Tony Romo and bite the bullet.  Try to upgrade another position as well in the deal.


Brady + RB


Romo + Better RB



RG3 was so explosive last season because of his running abilities.  This Monday Night, it is clear running is the last thing he wants to do.  RG3 has some special skills, but running the Football is what made everything come together.  His WR core is nothing to be proud of, and this seems to be a horrible season coming for the Redskins.  I would trade RG3 for Tony Romo if you can.



Why sell Reggie Bush?  He was the man on Sunday and won me my league!  Yes he looked great, but what did not look great was the fact they took him away from goal-line situations, and he is already a little banged up.  Playing so many games on Turf will hurt him more than help his breakaway speed.  When you fall on Turf, you are falling on hard ground.  With the Speed the NFL is being played right now.  One big hit and we could see Reggie leave the game.  You can trade him now and get an unbelievable RB like C.J. Spiller or Marshawn Lynch.  Play it safe and make the deal.



If there is one thing Mike Shanahan will do, it is switch up his RB’s and give you the biggest headache you could imagine.  Look for Mike to bench Alfred Morris is this fumble issue continues to be a problem.  It was a problem to close out last season, it was a problem on Monday Night.  Roy Helu Jr. looked good to me, and everyone wants to see what he can do in this RG3 offense.  I would sell Morris now before you start looking at a RB who could be on the bench more often than you would like.



While Garcon is the clear #1 WR.  The Redskins do run with 100 different WRs in the game.  RG3 is not locked and loaded on Garcon as often as you would like for a #1 WR and that is annoying.  You can trade Garcon now and still get good value, but the truth is he is not going to be a consistent 80 Yard/TD player like you drafted him to be.  Now is a good time to sell.



What we saw from Lance Moore was a joke.  Drew Brees will get the ball to Lance in the very near future.   Owners may even consider dropping the 900 Yard man in most leagues, go ahead and snatch him up as this could easily be his breakout season.  Did not start that way, but we have another 15 Games left.



This is only a Sell player if you have Gronk.  Go ahead and package JT with another position you need to improve.


Julius Thomas + WR


Better WR

He is still going to be a consistent Top 10 TE, but this is the time you can get Max Value.  If you do not have Gronk.  Keep JT.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his second season as a Pro on FantasyPros coming off of an impressive Rookie Campaign where he landed the #8 Overall In-Season Fantasy Football Rankings Expert.  Which also included #1 WR of all Expert Sites.  He is also one of two people to qualify for all DRAFTSTREET CHAMPIONSHIPS (MLB/NFL/NBA) in 2012So far to start out 2013 Muntradamus has qualified for the FanDuel Baseball Championship, and DraftStreet Baseball Championship.  Most Historically, Muntradamus was the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings in One Week, first and only time in Fantasy Sports History.



  1. I need a little clarification here. We drafted Bush as a top 10 potential. But after week one are we to think he falls outside the top 15 because of bell?

    Should we be trading bush for a murray type player+ another if we cant get elite?

  2. Just to add to this- I am curious your take on having the same qb/rb on the same team? Does it actually make a difference like the qb/k strategy at all?

  3. I think the whole purpose of this article, is not to take everything as you need to do this as the next step but to give you a few ideas on what you can do with these players if you feel you can get improvements to a safer/profitable team in the long run.

  4. Evaluate my trade offers
    Trading Ben Tate for Fred Jackson(I have CJ Spiller)
    Trading Reggie for Lynch
    Trading David Wilson for Montee Ball?

  5. I dont see a team going reggie for lynch.

    I understand that reggie had a sick week 1. But these teams drafted Lynch top 5… 7 at the very least. I dont see them being too effected by week one results.

  6. David Wilson for Montee is a steal and seems like a realistic trade here.

    If you are concerned with having your handcuff I would do that first trade.
    BUT I will say- Tate has much more upside if CJ/Arian both stay healthy. Tate is looking as good if not better than FOSTER.

    The way I look at it. If you are more concerned with your bye weeks/ subs/ rb3 options Tate is definitely better.

    If you are more concerned about your depth after a spiller injury. Then go Jackson

    As for Bush and Lynch. I would love to get this trade myself. But again I just dont see a GM saying “well after week one ill trade my first rounder for a 2nd-3rd round rb straight up.”

  7. I like the second two, not sure about the first, it would definitely be a safer play to have both buffalo backs, but Tate outperformed Arian in the first game just didn’t get the volume, and I don’t see how spiller could completely lose that job, so I think I would hold onto Tate, but munt would probably have a better answer then me

  8. Hi Munt- you have Lance Moore under Sell? Is that just because it is likely owners will be dropping him and you don’t have any sections other than buy to put him under. He was just dropped in my league but I need to drop Sidney Rice to get him, do you recommend this?

  9. I think it’ll be tough to sell Reggie for a top back if you’re trading with an experienced fantasy player. I’d see what you can get though cause I agree that he won’t hold up on turf the whole season

  10. I’m confused – You have Lance Moore in the SELL category but in your comments you say “go ahead and snatch him up as this could easily be his breakout season.” So wouldn’t that make Lance Moore a BUY instead of a SELL?

  11. Gio has no fantasy value for me. Unless you are so thin at rb that you need him to come around.

    The Romo+Dola side does it for me. You have a top 5-10 qb wr (potential both within top 5) coming in for a top 5 qb.

    And you are getting Lacy in return- similar players to me lacy and gio. Dont love either value but with the other pieces you get definitely get romo and dola.

  12. Given my 2 qb league would you guys make this deal?
    Peyton Romo River
    RB- J Charles, Bush, Montee Ball, Bradshaw,helu
    WR- Nicks, Miles Austin, lance Moore, J Gordon, Harvin
    TE- Thomas, Gronk

    I would RECEIVE- MURRAY, WHITE, Tannehill (optional)
    I would Give Bush, Thomas, Rivers (Optional)

    Is the downgrade from bush to Murray worth having the studly WHITE on my team?

    I have until today to pull the trigger- I know bush is best in this trade and im nervous starting both ROMO and Murray while starting peyton Ball in the future. Is that a risk? Doesn’t matter? Thoughts?

  13. Given my 2 qb league would you guys make this deal?
    Peyton Romo River
    RB- J Charles, Bush, Montee Ball, Bradshaw,helu
    WR- Nicks, Miles Austin, lance Moore, J Gordon, Harvin
    TE- Thomas, Gronk

    I would RECEIVE- MURRAY, WHITE, Tannehill (optional)
    I would Give Bush, Thomas, Rivers (Optional)

    Is the downgrade from bush to Murray worth having the studly WHITE on my team?

  14. im the guy who never wants sir lance, but i always seem to curse out the oppenent im playing that week who has him. he’s definitley worth a stash spot.

  15. I like Tate>Pierce.

    Tate looks very good running. And baltimore will never consider splitting more time they have already between RB1 and 2.

    I cant quite say the same thing for Houston given how good tate looks.

  16. White is dealing with a high ankle sprain and the Coaching staff played it off like it was minor which was false.

    But ask me this who would be slotted in for the TE if you give up Thomas?

  17. i wouldnt make that trade, tate has more value then pierce and has even more value then that to the other owner, i would see what else i could squeeze out of him or hold onto tate

  18. Definitely make that trade. There’s really no difference between DeMarco and Bush, except Murray is the unquestioned every down back that sees goal line work as well. So basically you’re trading JThomas (a 13-15 round pick) for a top 10 WR in Roddy White. Given that you’re parting with your backup TE, you can likely afford to let Roddy sit on the bench and heal.

  19. I actually notice it seems like you want to shop Tate around..

    In terms of backup RB’s and handcuffs he is the best to me. I would not trade him for ANY OTHER HANDCUFFS. Jackson,pierce,helu etc.

  20. Thanks I have to agree the upside is slightly higher for Tate and understand that Houston Speculates Arian might go down where as Baltimore has no slight thought that Rice is running on a injury.

  21. i agree with kakumbas, i know his value is limited, but if arian is out for any amount of time tate is startable against almost anyone. I would not give that up for any other backups, maybe a low end RB that has the starting job,but that is about as low as i would go

  22. now he wants moore also. Is this too much. I dont love moore but i picture a team and love the idea of nicks/miles/white/percy late season.

    It would be GET Murray,White,Tannehill
    Give Bush,Moore,Thomas,rivers

    What you guys think? Im 50/50. Im thinking i can get by and later in season it plays in my favor. Id have Gronk Starting TE1… have white WR1.. Murray rb2 to replace bush.

  23. I mean id really just have an issue for this next week. Id have to waiver wire a TE for this one week.

    Choices would be pettigrew celek sudfield dallas clark.

  24. We are a nation, that’s this is all about, helping each other so we ALL can win championships, ive seen you on here helping out alot of others too. If we all work together with munt as out leader, we will not be held down…

  25. love that support buk.. could you offer some advice on my post regarding this trade situation. I respect your opinion cause I see you post often.

  26. that is tough, but i think i would take the deal, the QBs are a wash, Bush was on the sell list, and murray has always been a beastdome target since preseason,and i think with the receivers you would have, lance moore wouldnt have played a huge role on your team. and dont forget munts best category on fantasypros was in season WR ranking, so we kinda have the secret weapon when it comes to that position. not sure which TE but it will be more clear when munts rankings come out

  27. This is his final run at me for Tate. I just don’t see TY Hilton and Pierce being of equal value for Tate.

  28. i dont see that being enough value to deal him either, a couple more games like monday with tate looking better he might change his tune

  29. but you may want to wait and see what some other guys have to say too, thats just my thoughts, there are plenty of knowledgable guys on beastdome who could offer a different perspective then myself

  30. I picked up McGahee, but the Giants signed Jacobs? Is mcgahee worth anything???

    Who to Start Questions:

    RB: Lamar Miller v. Deangelo Williams v. Daryl Richardson
    WR: Kenbrell Thompkins v. Denarius Moore v. Emmanuel Sanders

  31. TY Hilton is that player that sure you can start in flex but you can never expect a stud week. Given that I also do not see consistency for him to be a wr2.

    Therefore, the potential of tate once again outweighs what you gain in pierce and ty hilton.

  32. Should I make this trade?

    Send Reggie Bush & Steve Smith, get back MJD & Roddy White. PPR league.

  33. Is Mathew Stafford and Brandon Marsh trade for Tony Romo and Cj Spiller a nice trade? I feel like I might be getting robbed I have beast mode and D. Wilson at RB I have Edelman, Amendola, and Demaryius at Wr.

  34. cecil shorts just got dropped in one of my leagues, would you guys drop lance moore, kenbrell thompkins, or josh gordon to pick him up?

  35. Hmm, it seems like it makes your team better but that you should be getting more. Basically I think Bush is better than Murray, and that the upgrade to White by tossing in Thomas and Moore seems like too much. Try to trade with someone else with a bad TE for a better RB/WR package in return for Bush/Thomas/Moore.

  36. josh gordon is gonna be a beast when hes back so keep him he will help your team. Its a toss up between Kenbrell (got a ton of targets but didnt do much with the opportunity). or Lance (who can put up double digit fantasy points any week but good luck trying to figure out when.) I would go with the upside of Kenbrell, with amendola out this week he has another chance to show what hes got.

  37. to tell the truth i’m not sure on that one, bush had the higher upside, but you cant score if your injured, ridley not injury prone, but he is does have the fumble problems, i think its 50/50, either go with what you think or ask munt if your vip, seems like you could get more for bush right now though

  38. I offered Bush for Spiller and it was rejected. However, a few hours later, I received a counter offer of Bush and Josh Gordon for Spiller and Chris Givens…still worth it?

  39. I was offered CJ Spiller and DeMarco Murray for Shady. Would you do this?
    My current RB situation is Shady, Montee Ball, Giovani Bernard, Ben Tate and Bryce Brown. If I do this trade, who should I drop, Bryce Brown or Ben Tate? I will have to get rid of one of these RBs due to our 5 max position rule.

  40. take it, and drop brown, i think that trade is exactly what your team needed, solidifies your RB spot and once ball takes over, no one will be able to match you at RB

  41. its really close, but i think if your getting SJAX you should make the trade. its only a slight upgrade, but you dont have to worry about the injuries with jackson like you do with bush. maybe try working one of your lower receiver into the deal and upgrade there too, we know your upgrading at RB, but the other guy probably thinks he is getting the upgrade at RB

  42. I’m trading Darren McFadden and Julian Edelman for Vincent Jackson. Does this deal sound too good to be true or is there something i should know about?

  43. I’ve been thinking of offering that trade as well. With Vareen down, I think Ridley isn’t near as risky. They have no choice this week but to give him the rock.

    With Bush, I’m worried about him getting injured. You know Calvin’s gunna get his, so Reggie can’t have monster games like that often.

  44. I don’t agree that Murray and Bush currently hold the same value. While he might not get ALL the goal line work, Bush came close to getting two TDs from inside the redzone. He’ll have plenty of run and catch opportunities in close distance. Murray is locked as the every down man in Dallas, but won’t play every game (in all likelihood). I would not trade Reggie Bush for a back who has a worse injury history than Reggie Bush. The only way this works out for you is if Murray fades history and plays as many snaps as Bish does this season, and even then he won’t have the yardage factor because Bush is getting targets out of the backfield too. I could be wrong, but I don’t see it.

  45. I have Reggie Bush and Joique Bell. What’s the best RB you guys think I can trade up to. Ideally I’d like to keep his handcuff and get a twofer if he goes down, but I think the insurance makes it a really sweet deal for another owner.

  46. I’m not really sure I would throw some offers out and see if you get a bite, I would try the for any of the top RB though, I think Steven Jackson is the absolute least I would take but, I would try to get more first

  47. I think Bush carries more value than Murray. While Murray is locked in as the every-down back in Dallas as long as he’s healthy, how long do you expect him to stay healthy? Bush did have two TDs called back with close distance to the goal line, so he should get a pretty healthy amount of runs and catches inside the 10. In order for Murray to post as good a season as Bush he is going to have to get a lot more touches than Bush, and I don’t see that happening for the entire season. I wouldn’t ever trade Reggie Bush for a RB with a much worse injury history than Reggie Bush.

  48. new to this so bear w/ me

    where should i look to improve





    imo, i need a real WR1

  49. McGahee has no value if he’s not on a team.

    I’d run with D-Will at RB this week out of those 3.

    Kenbrell and Denarius both have good matchups. Kenbrell has a QB that can throw the ball well though and he should get his targets again with Amendola questionable so I’d probably go that route.

  50. Trading Orange Julius, Joique Bell and Jennings for Spiller.. Feels like trade rape but I only have Fred Davis as my other TE, who shit the bed in Week 1. Thinking about grabbing Keller off the wire.. Thoughts?

  51. Hey guys got a trade I need some quick advice on. I trade away Tate for Boldin. I think it sounds great because I need receivers because i got Roddy. What do you all think? Thanks for the insight

  52. I’m thinking of offering Bush, Bell, Mike Williams/Olsen for McCoy & Nicks/James Jones. Any thoughts? I usually hate owning Nicks (injuries) and am really high on Mike Williams (TDs). Steve Smith is also my number one WR, so Nicks’ upside could be useful.

  53. Wondering how much should i pay for Montee Ball ? Currently the best offer I’ve gotten from the guy is Montee ball and deandre Hopkins for Hakeem nicks … Overpaying ? My other RBs are Morris, Mjd, Mendenhall , Daryl Richardson and my other recievers are fitz, Stevie Johnson and mike Williams

  54. I’d wait on this one. I think McCoy has more upside then Reggie bush who has the same injury track record as Hakeem nicks ..

  55. drop kenbrell right away – he will have no long term value once starters return whereas cecil is number one target, with chad throwing to him now.

  56. dear god, i would take that trade so fast your head would spin. take it before he changes his mind. youre getting two stud RBs for one.

  57. if you have depth at RB and need a stud receive definitely take the trade. ive been trying to trade away DMC and no one wants him in my leagues.

  58. love the side thats getting shady. i would make that trade. im high on williams myself, but i just traded him for mike wallace as a slight upgrade.

  59. Looking to make a trade but getting shot down in my league.

    My team:

    QB: T. Pryor, EJ Manuel
    RB: J. Charles, Darren McFadden, Montee, Ahmad, J. Stew
    WR: Wes, Miles, Edelman, Lance Moore
    TE: Gronk, Jermichel
    D: Carolina
    K: Henery

    I tried DMC for Marshawn but the guy told me to go fuck myself. I tried EJ and Moore for Romo and the guy told me to go fuck myself.

    Who does it look like I can get? Or should I sit on it?

  60. Yes make that trade if u can. Spiller is a stud and of the 3 guys you give up, Jennings was prolly the only guy you drafted in the first 10 rounds

  61. I have:
    Matt Ryan
    R Bush
    M Lynch
    H Nicks
    Steve Smith Carolina
    J Graham
    Miles Austin
    Julius Thomas
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Giovani Bernard
    Kenbrell Thompkins
    Joique Bell
    Sam Bradford

  62. What’s up Beasts? I manage a ppr team of P. Manning, S. Smith, M. Williams, L. Moore, Shady, R. Bush, R. Matthews, F. Davis, K (Qb/combo), Def (rotate), Bench: D. Moore, M. Sanu, M. Ball, J. Stewart, Helu, M. Bush. The league is set at 12 team ppr w/ qb, wr, wr, wr, rb, rb, te, flex-(wr/rb/te), k, def. I tried to make some trades on players listed, but unsuccessfully. Owners want too much like R. White for R. Bush. Any thoughts on how I can build on the strengths of this team will be appeciated

  63. Ambitious. The upgrades are obvious. Do really think the owner will go for it? I would suggest finding his weak spot and manipualting it. Good luck ’cause you’ll come out ahead in this deal. Let us know what happens.

  64. I would have told you to fuck off too. Sometimes in trades if you wouldn’t pull the trigger than odds are neither will someone else. With that said when I see your trading chips I see you using : Charles, Welker, Miles, Edelman, both te’s. If you try another trade this week use the flavor of the week (Edelman) in it.

  65. It sucks you’ll have to rid yourself of Tate, but I think you should secure your backfield. Last year I had F. Jackson and missed on Spiller. Jackson got hurt and that was the end of that. So, I say do it. Reggie for Lynch? Depends on ppr or standard scoring. Wilson for ball? Ball. Good Luck. BEAST!

  66. I would want MJD, since they switched Qb’s. He can do most of the same things as Bush – run, catch, block, etc. plus schedule & he’ll get t.d touches.

  67. I like that trade. You get a upgrade in Marshawn Lynch. Seahawks offence will start rolling soon and when they do Lynch is going to score big.

  68. Got offered Ridley for any 2 of these four players: Jared Cook/Gronk/Boldin/Miles Austin, whatcha guys think?

  69. Amazingly, in my opinion. Lynch will come back with a huge season, and I don’t like Morris this year, and would never want to be in a situation where I’m starting Bilal Powell anyway.

  70. I really like that trade if you can make it work, much prefer Nicks over James Jones though if you can make that happen.

  71. I would try to sell high on Bush as munt suggested, you could probably get another stud rb for him after his performance this week. And if that’s Miles Austin, I think you are ok, just play roulette with them each week, all capable of huge games.

  72. should I trade away Jordy Nelson/Matt Forte for Roddy White/CJ Spiller? Other owner is on board, and I feel like it’s a good move long term, but confirmation is always nice :P

  73. If it is standard scoring, absolutely love it. But I agree with the poster above me, try to do a slight WR upgrade with the deal, making it a 2 for 2

  74. I drafted R. Bush too. And you’ll need to know I feel damn good about his performance. Yet, for years, we all knew about his drurability. Is he really gonna be that wk 1 guy every week? I don’t know, but Munt said so we do … I’ve tried to shop him for Lynch and Spiller and the other owners are a no go. So, he’s stays and I hope for the best. Sell high or forget it. Good Luck. BEAST!

  75. I had some knuckle head owner offer, get this; Ridley, Gates, Britt, Vereen for R. Bush, R. Matthews, and S. Smith? WHAT THE …? Out of those I may go R. Matthews for Ridley, but dude over reached and I think R. Bush for Ridley is one too. Sell High on your stock of Bush. Good Luck. BEAST!

  76. to be honest, i don’t think that the ridley owner will be up for such a trade. they would consider someone of higher caliber, and with less of an extensive injury history.

  77. Ridley still is the safer bet here. NE has no options, so they can’t care about the fumbles.
    Mathews still has potential, but how the f@ck does he only get 15 touches in a game where they are up by that much? Houston is good, yes. many 3 and outs, sure. Who are their other weapons? New crew in SD, same problems.
    (can you tell my frustration w/ owning Mathews and wishing I had Ridley?)

  78. the dmc trade wouldn’t have worked out because it was too little to offer up. It would’ve been better to try to trade off someone better. for that trade you would’ve needed to offer up someone like charles. right now, you can probably get a better qb by offering up a package deal with dmc or miles, but that would drop your wr depth.

  79. Bush is gonna get a good workload with carries and receptions where spiller will split with jackson

  80. So I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but my friend wants to trade me my Reggie Bush and Joique Bell for his Hakeem Nicks and Montee Ball. This is a 12 team standard league.

    My team: Romo, AP, MJD, Miles Austin, Lance Moore, Jermichael Finley, Reggie, Panthers D, Dan Bailey, Gronk, Amendola, Josh Gordon, Roy Helu, Terrelle Pryor, and Joique Bell

    His team: Brady, Lynch, Fred Jackson, Julio Jones, Mike Williams, Martellus Bennett, Pierre Garcon, Cowboys D, Garrett Hartley, Montee Ball, Hakeem Nicks, Kyle Rudolph, Shane Vereen, Vick, Daniel Thomas, and Cardinals D.

    I’m not sure if I’m over my head with this deal. I tried to get Lynch from him, but he’s not interested, but I know he wants the Reggie/Bell combo. Obviously Hakeem and Ball are BEASTDOME favorites, but I know I can get better value for them. I just don’t know how to get that value.

  81. Roddy White may be hurt all year. I would not do that trade. Furthermore Murray injury history is pretty scary.

  82. If you have enough Running Back depth, I’d take Gronk and Boldin. Some people might say Miles will be more consistent, but I like Boldin because he’s in such a consistent system and he’s more reliable to me. And if you can choose between Gronk or Cook, you’d want Gronk 10 times out of 10

  83. Thanks, guys. Even though Powell showed some life last night, I think it’s a strong long-term deal. Appreciate your thoughtful insights.

  84. I believe that is a horrible offer from him. Montee Ball has really low value at the moment and Nicks isn’t that high either. Maybe consider countering: your r bush for his julio jones; 1 for 1. Keep J Bell in case R Bush goes down.

  85. I have to disagree, I think bush is probably the most injury prone RB in the league, and I hate to say that because I’m a lions fan, but the truth is the guy barely made it out of the first game and already had a finger, knee, and groin injury, very minor injuries, but if he keeps getting the workload he got week 1 I don’t know how long he can make it. And Murray had 10 targets out of the backfield week 1 so I think that argument doesn’t hold much weight, chances are bush will end up with more catches then Murray, but Murray is very capable of catching balls out of the backfield. And Murray has nobody to take his work, joique bell looks like he will be stealing work from Reggie all year

  86. Don’t like bush for Brady, you already have Ryan a top 3 qb, if anything I would try to upgrade RB Reggie’s stock is extremely high

  87. I think nicks is too much, Hopkins doesn’t carry much value on your team, maybe daryle Richardson or mendy

  88. DMV is a hard guy to move in fantasy because everyone knows he is injury prone, maybe find the guy with amendola and see if he’s interested in Edelman, heard amendola could be out 6 weeks, I think he is your best chip you have to use

  89. If you have the depth to wait on roddy to be 100% then I would do it, forte for spiller is definitely a great move

  90. I would wait and get more for bush, if he is not willing to pay, look elsewhere, as long as Reggie stays on the field his value will continue to be high, and while we all love Montee, he shouldn’t cost that much, and nicks is a great adoption when healthy, he is just as injury prone as Reggie, so if he really wants Reggie he is going to have to sweeten the pot a bit

  91. The Ridley side wins, I think that game against the jets, was more of a product of the jets front 7 then Ridley being that bad, NE doesn’t really have another option and I think Ridley turns it around

  92. What’s up Beasts? I manage a ppr team of P. Manning, S. Smith, M. Williams, L. Moore, Shady, R. Bush, R. Matthews, F. Davis, K (Qb/combo), Def (rotate), Bench: D. Moore, M. Sanu, M. Ball, J. Stewart, Helu, M. Bush. The league is set at 12 team ppr w/ qb, wr, wr, wr, rb, rb, te, flex-(wr/rb/te), k, def. I tried to make some trades on players listed, but unsuccessfully. Owners want too much like R. White for R. Bush. Any thoughts on how I can build on the strengths of this team will be appeciated

  93. my only advice without seeing other teams is don’t try to force a trade, sometimes you just need to wait and they will come to you. that being said, it’s all about finding teams with glaring hole, Injuries or just drafting busts , and use their weekness against them

  94. UPDATE! I just checked on this league and an owner put A. Peterson on the trade block. So, what would you do, why, and how? Thanks BEAST!

  95. His team: Vick, Garcon, Bowe, Britt, A.P, Ridley, Gates, M. Floyd, E. Sanders, Vereen, S. Rice, Gronk, Harvin, K. Davis, I. Pead, Z. Stacy, k(empty), Def(empty).

  96. 1/2 PPR League. Trade Foster & Nicks for Reggie Bush & David Wilson? It would leave me with Doug Martin, CJ2K, Reggie, Wilson, Tate & Lamar Miller. We have 2 flex positions so I can roll 4 of them out every week. Thanks.

  97. Bush/Bell fir shady deal was a no go…

    What are your thoughts on Bush/Bell for MJD and Mike Wallace? My gut feeling is to leave MJD alone this year but as a few others have stated it’s hard getting experienced owners to bite on Bush/Bell Week1. i definitely want to sell high on these two since i hate when my bench explodes when i don’t start them.

    My other RB’s are Rice/D.Murray

    WR’s are Boldin/Jackson/M.Austin/L.Moore

  98. well you would be trading a top 10 back, for a top 15 back, and mike wallace would be your WR 3/4, boldin and DJAX are both better then wallace, and wallace and miles austin are about the same. i dont know if i would take that deal, lets see what some of the other members think about it. It a very close deal that adds depth at WR and you dont take much of a hit at RB. i dont think you need to be in to much of a hurry because you do have joique.

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