I want to thank you all for another amazing Fantasy Football Season. This year I would rank as #1 as far as success from the BEAST DOME NATION as a community, and for that I thank you all. This was the 4th Fantasy Football Season ran by myself on BEAST DOME, and I am already looking forward to the 5th. I have picked out my two favorite Testimonials for you all to read.

Coming later this Week is the Fantasy Football Playoff Preview/Predictions, as well as what BEAST DOME has planned for 2016.







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To all of the Beast Dome Nation:

16-0 is possible.  That is right, a perfect season.
While you may not think it is possible, just as i certainly did, not….
to quote Ricky Bobby:  “THAT. JUST. HAPPENED.”

4 years ago i was a middling fantasy sports player who always was right on the cusp of the playoffs, due to hard work, risk-taking, and a sports aptitude.  My single championship (baseball) more luck than anything, across a decade of playing.  I was essentially a risk-prone math guy who loaded up on RB and worked the wire, and performed decently for the most part, but i could never take down titles on the regular.

Then my friend JHillionaire introduced me to

Even without VIP, the free articles still helped me get over the initial hurdle, and got into the top 3 in all my football leagues that season.  I only played one basketball league, and won it.  The key was i APPLIED Munt’s advice to my league structure, and i TRUSTED his advice.
But i could SEE the value even without being VIP that year, so i decided right then and there to sign up for VIP the following year.  That was 2 years ago.  It has been one of the best fantasy sports decisions of my life.

In the 2014-2015 season i played 5 football leagues across various platforms and won 2 of them and finished 2nd in 2 of them.  Both of my second place finishes were very simple causes…Dan bailey (most accurate FG kicker in NFL history) missed a FG and CJ Anderson (had him and Ball thanks to Munt) got tackled from behind on a break-away run, if those outliers don’t happen its 4 of 5 leagues won.  In the 5th league, i lost Adrian Peterson my #1 draft pick but STILL pulled in two beast RB in the draft in 2nd round pick Foster (and via trade – Forte), which helped me have a HUGELY dominant team all season, and i was the overwhelming favorite…until the Buffalo Bills happened to Aaron Rodgers, knocking me out in the semi-final round.  I had Tony Romo on the bench (who of course went insane that week), and to be honest it was just my error…the team was absolutely stacked, and still scored around 140 points that week, with my opponent of course scoring the highest score of the season, barely beating me, with his team playing to its ultimate potential, and mine was hamstrung by my carelessness as i was juggling a lot of leagues and that was my newest league and i knew the other owners the least so i put it at the bottom of the totem pole.  But still – 4 out of 5 leagues in the championship game with 2 titles isn’t too shabby.
Literally all i did was do my regular thing and give priority to all of Munt’s BEAST advice.

So logically, i signed up for VIP again this season, and used it for all of my teams this season.  I went all in this year and expanded my number of teams, and took on some dynasty teams that were struggling, and utilized a variety of strategies to try and litmus test them, but in my redraft leagues and ‘clean slate’ leagues especially, i did EXACTLY what i did last year and that is 1) sign up for VIP  2) listen to Munt  3) enjoy wins

But i never anticipated the following scenario:
I entered a 14-team dynasty league which actually turned out to be my most competitive league that i have ever played in.  Naturally, i upped my competitive fire to Russell Westbrook levels, and leaned solely on Munt/Beastdome community as my source of information for decisions in that league.   Munt graciously responded to all of my VIP communications, probably even when i was over-thinking, etc.  Anyways, the point is that he was ‘driving the bus’ for my team, while i was the ‘execution’ part of the team, because i knew all of the owners and knew what their strategies would be, and their general sense of player worth etc.
It’s that simple.

That team is now 16-0.

It averaged 129 points per game in the regular season.  It only scored less than 104 points ONLY once (Julio’s bye and Rawls bust week – 82 points).  It scored 150-155 points multiple times.  The average margin of victory was 31 points and that is skewed by the stunt i agreed to (which i did not have to agree to but figured it was the sporting thing to do) in the title game (see below), it was much higher throughout the regular season.  The consistency was amazing, and a product of the Munt BEAST strategy.
This was all, in a NON-ppr 14 team dynasty league (all highly competitive pro-active owners), with 10 starting spots (2 flex), standard scoring, 4 pt passing TD.

The championship week my starting lineup had 147 points, had i left in full lineup, but in the interest of sportsmanship i honored an agreement we made BEFORE the season that if somehow we both made the finals, he could choose the positions we played with no minimum, he choose QB and TE since he had Cam Newton the hottest player in the league and his main target Greg Olsen and i managed to squeak it out by 1.5 points, my closest shave of the season.  Had we played our full starting lineups the score would have been STILL a BEAST WIN by 147 to 128 (and that 147 is with Stafford on the bench who had i rolled with him over Brady would’ve upped it to 155).  I am pretty sure that we would’ve chosen 0 positions played if he could, but that 0-0 tie would have not worked for him because as the #1 seed i had all the tie breakers.

The feeling is unlike i have ever experienced in fantasy sports, and while it is just one league and one year, it is particularly remarkable to me because i learned one main principle…..

Munt’s advice matters more and is more crucial the higher the stakes get.

The reason i say that is because those PAST leagues that i used to at times make the playoffs or even top 3 in, were usually less deep leagues….10 to 12 team leagues, redraft style, where you could be uber-aggressive and simply reload off the waiver wire and essentially rely on luck/injury roulette to keep you in contention and then hope to hit a hot waiver wire pickup in the playoffs to beat your buddies.

HOWEVER, this league was a grueling experience (in a joyful sense) all season long….14 teams, 23 roster spots deep…by far the deepest league i’ve ever played in.  And, it is a dynasty league so every move matters more, etc, and my point is, the waiver cupboard was bare by around week 3, for the most part.  What i learned is that Munt sees through the fog of sheepy information, fear, and general fantasy bozoness.  He sees talent, and while at times it takes time to pay off….for instance Buck Allen who i traded for….in week 2….and then flipped right before the deadline for a BEAST arbitrage play….Munt’s eye for talent is highly trained and accurate.

He is not perfect. (So all of you haters that like to quote Monte Ball (but neglect to mention CJ Anderson’s success in that role) and yet withhold credit for all of his BEAST calls, which happen every single year out of freaking nowhere, you can all go jump in a lake).  But he has never claimed to be perfect.  He is better, though, than any other ‘expert’ out there.  In stock trading ‘contrarian’ usually wins, and while Munt is not contrarian on purpose, he simply calls it like he sees it, and that by definition ends up oftentimes being contrarian simply because many sheep are not highly trained in evaluating talent.  I’m convinced there is some meeting somewhere where all the other ‘experts’ just come up with a group list and then everyone goes home and does a few varied tweaks…heck maybe they all just mock draft it on yahoo or espn and copy that…?  But Munt is different.  You get what you pay for in this world, and while Munt may cost you more than ‘free sheep advice,’ he is MORE than worth the money you pay, for the value of being a VIP that you receive.

Beast moves:  thanks to Munt, i pulled in Brandon Marshall in a pre-season trade (and nearly nabbed David Johnson but that owner was too sharp), Chris Ivory for next to nothing, Stafford for next to nothing (who was crucial and i knew when to play him over Brady thanks to being a VIP, and Munt was right on every time i played him over Brady.   Buck Allen for literally nothing, James Jones (who i then flipped), Tyler Eifert (who i then flipped since he would be a backup on my team behind Gronk), DeAngelo Williams (who was vital when the Bell injury happened), Ryan Fitzpatrick (as soon as Geno got sucker-punched, who i then sat on and flipped much later), and if i had more roster spots i would’ve had SO many more beast pickups….Chacandrick West/Spencer Ware, Denard Robinson, Willie Snead, Tyler Lockett etc.  This is far from a complete list, i cannot remember them all.  However i decided early on i was ‘going for it’ this year, and would at the same time line up future draft picks for next year.

The only problem is now thanks to those calls specifically it is going to be really hard to get any trade action in the future.

Speaking of, for those of my fellow dynasty nerds, this is what my draft pick situation looks like, in case you’re wondering if i have mortgaged the future (I have several 3rd 4th and 5th rounders too but I’m only listing 1st and 2nd):
2017 – 1st rd pick, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd
2018 – 1st rd pick, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st (5 firsts)
2019 – 1st rd pick, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd rd pick, 2nd, 2nd (7 firsts)
If you are scoring at home, that is 14 first round picks over the next 3 years, and that is after a 16-0 season, and i only have 2 players on the roster who are older than 27 years old (not counting Lynch and Mega who will likely be dropped for my two first round picks this year).

I actually have traded away about 3 first round picks in the course of ‘going for it’ last season, so it could have been even more ridiculous.  While i did a good job executing trading strategy, the VAST MAJORITY of those draft picks who were generated by having BEAST players lined up to flip to people, thanks to Munt being on them before everyone else woke up to who they are.

Oh, and did i mention that injuries (including leveon) limited the upside of this team?  I had SSS on this team but traded him, also, FYI, in a series of deals that ended up netting me multiple draft picks, once everyone started realizing how right Munt was on him.

Also, the victory felt extra sweet because there was a rule broken in the initial auction stage that only hurt me (another player bid up my value player without actually placing a bid, and then after that everyone started bidding up my guys so i had to start bluffing a lot), so the initial auction was needless to say the most livid i’ve ever been at an auction.  It is all good now, though, and if anything i just tried to use that for extra motivation, and in a way it probably motivated me to rely on Munt even moreso – which paid off in a big big way.

I often think in Socratic method, and the one thing i would say as devil’s advocate is well i ‘got lucky’ in playoff matchups because i would have lost either of the first 2 weeks had i not played who i played.
However, as our league commissioner said to me – “yes, that is true, however you earned that seed” with my performance all season.

There is no better compliment than that.  I just hope he, and none of my other league opponents, NEVER find out who Munt is!


Munt, you are the man, and a special shout out to J-Hillionaire who not only introduced me to Beast Dome but also helped me out this year with advice and tips as well!

The thing i would say to those of you who are about to make a decision about whether or not to buy VIP…..if you’re in my league DON’T DO IT! haha.  If you are not in my league….it will be the best investment you have ever made in YOUR fantasy sports success.  There is a catch – you have to TRUST and APPLY what Munt is saying.  Also, you still have to do the work to know how to pull off and execute trades and waiver wire pickups…Munt knows the guys to get, but he doesn’t know your league opponents, and thus how they run their teams.  To that extent you still are kind of like the GM role and Munt is like the owner/coach of your team in a way, calling the shots on who to get and who to play on the field come Sundays.  Or at least, that is how it worked best for me.  My point is – if you get VIP, use and apply the information, and make sure you absorb the information Munt provides, also!


PS….this was with Munt picks getting hit by injuries more than ever before….just imagine what it is going to be like next season when variance goes the other way.  You can make the devil’s advocate argument about Lynch or Foster injuries, but the bottom line is no one can predict when Father time happens, specifically….they were both beasts last season…..and mainly – all the BEAST VIP waiver wire pickups and trade targets more than made up the difference.



here i am munt second year in a row and im writing to tell you we did it again.  i play in about 7 different leagues but this league is hands down the most competitive.  12 man ppr auction league.

 Steve smith carried me much of the early part of the season in addition matt stafford and brandon marshall were beasts as well.  With the top 4 spots locked for playoffs 2 more spots would need to be determined by the remaining 8 team which were all separated by only 1 in apart from each other.  The standings were so close at the end of the season it was scary.  Through out the season working the waiver wire was vital due to the exruciating losses of Lynch/Graham/Hyde/Smith/Bush/AJ (never showed up may as well be injured).  I finished in position 4 so i was in the bracket against the #1 seed.  In the first round i would face off against one of the highest scoring teams overall this season in our league and was ranked #5.  The score was so close it game down to a .7 difference. Yes thats .7!!!  Either way a wins a win.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.30.06 AM Thankfully we barely slide into the second round and we would have our hands full playing the #1 team in our league.  The #1 team only lost twice the whole season!!  (We gave him one of those losses ;) !! )  Somehow we were able to win this round by only 3 points.  It was a  high scoring match but in the end we prevailed.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 11.27.58 AMHaving knocked out the highest offensive producing team and the #1 team we made it to the finals.  So the team i was facing at this point some how was able to make it to the finals but at this point the team seemed to be out of steam.  thankfully the team i was facing put fitzpatrick, garcon and demarco murray on the bench.  That was a total of 60 points!  We cant predict the outcomes of the future so the team i was facing started who he thought would best fit.  Thank you Eli Manning and your 5 points!  Having made it to the end as a repeat winner feels gratifying.  Thanks again for your help in the draft and throughout the season. Looking forward to the 3-peat!  maybe we can call ourselves a dynasty!  Beast!

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