By Muntradamus


Another BEAST season for the BEAST DOME Nation.



*8 Years with BEAST DOME*

“Not sure of his secret or if he is really a time traveler that already knows what is going to happen, but man, I just know his advice kicks ass and wins me championships.”


2020 NFL Season Testimonial for Beastome


Like many Beastdome stans, I first discovered this fantastic site when it was ranked as one of the most accurate Fantasy Football sources out there by Fantasy Pros. I was super skeptical about paying for fantasy advice and stuck to the same standard free sites most do. But I thought “hey, this guy is going to spend way much more time than I am on FF research so why not?” Best call I could have made. I have been taking Beastdome advice ever since and never looked back!

The old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to fantasy advice. Where did those free content analysts have CMC ranked last year? Kamara? Brady? Diggs? Because Beastdome was spot on about all of them. Those free sites are trash and just the same old echo chambers touting the same old players.

No one works harder, no one spends as much time, and no one gets those unique insights the way Beastdome does. There are levels and aspects to the game Muntradamus understands that other fantasy analysts don’t. Not sure of his secret or if he is really a time traveler that already knows what is going to happen, but man, I just know his advice kicks ass and wins me championships.

There are tons of reason to love Beastdome and tons of reason his clients, like me, come back year after year. Here are just a few:

–          His ability to predict the top scoring QBs season after season. Not sure how he does it. But it is always someone all other experts have dismissed. I will never forget reading the 2013 draft guide and seeing the suggestion to draft Peyton Manning at all costs. Take him early second round if you absolutely must he said. Going to set records he said. Really? Well, what happened? Single best fantasy season of any player, ever, in history. In 2020 the call was “confident Rodgers isa value pick at his ADP, get him!” and said take Brady in the later rounds or an awesome 1-2 punch. Rodgers finished as QB2, Brady was top 10. This happens ever year with Beastdome, its awesome!

 –          his uncanny ability to pick the top defenses year after year after year. Do you know how fun it was having the Patriots DST in 2019 in all leagues, 15 pts per game AVERAGE and outscoring most RBs and WRS? I do. I took Beastdome’s draft advice. Same story year in year out. The Fantasy DST whisperer.

–          those under the radar WR gems he finds every…single…year. These are the guys you draft in the middle rounds that perform like top 15 options such as S Diggs last year. Top 5 WR at 5thround price tag! Score!

–          The bold (but accurate) calls all other sites are afraid to make. I’m not talking the crazy hot takes or click bait articles, these are the calls he makes in his own drafts (which is publishes for everyone to see). Every single person in the Fantasy Advice industry said go CMC #1 in 2020. I saw articles saying you would be an idiot not taking CMC 1st overall. That he was the most slam dunk, sure thing #1 pick in the history of Fantasy. Everyone said go CMC! Everyone but Beastdome. Munt said it was a trap. Red flag! Major injury risk! Beastdome was the only site I saw in 2020 saying take Kamara first overall. What happened? We all know now CMC played one single full game due to injury and Kamara was the top scoring RB in most formats, including above all, the monster all time performance in Week 16 that won everyone that had him the championship.

–          The near flawless Waiver Wire advice. Beastdome’s 2020 Week 3 waiver advice column said outbid everyone in your league and get Mike Davis. What a call and league winning decision for most clients. Top 10 RB ROS.

–          Personalized team advice. I don’t know many sites that do this, but in addition to the rankings, most packages get you weekly advice on moves to make. This is perfect for me for those busy weeks I don’t have time to do any research myself and for those hard calls like who to drop to pick up a bye week replacement or injured player.

When it comes to Fantasy Football, I trust Beastdome more than any other source in the world. Is his accuracy rate 100%? No that is impossible when it comes to sports. The fools expecting that are morons But does he get it right more than all other analysts and always get you those league winners that make your year? Absolutely, year in you out. I gladly paid for his advice (and he has delivered) for 8 straight seasons. Couldn’t ask for anything more and am looking forward to an awesome 2021!

When you look at the cover of the 2020 BEAST DOME Draft Guide. You see that I called MVP seasons, aka Ranked the Highest on FantasyPros the player that won MVP.

Would it surprise you if that happened again?


Aaron Rodgers was part of the Draft Guide and he actually was the #2 QB in my Rankings before he lost Devin Funchess, can you imagine what his 48 TD season been had Funchess been the #2 WR. The real QB for the BEAST DOME NATION to bank on this season was Tom Brady.


Tom Brady was 3rd in the NFL in Passing Yards. He was also T-2nd in the NFL in passing TDs with 40. Most important of all, Week 15 he had 390 Passing Yards and 2 TDs. Then in the big Fantasy Football Week 16 Championship game, Brady had 348 Passing Yards and 4 TDs. IN THE FIRST HALF! He was pulled for the rest of the game. While winning a Super Bowl does not matter in Fantasy, still a good achievement to throw in there. Especially when the Sheep consensus was QB2 and was available at Round 6 for everyone.

So the QB game was spot on, no surprise there as the BEAST DOME QB has been BEASTING year after year. However what really sets me a part from everyone else is how SHEEP everyone can be.



While Lamar Jackson turned it up to close out the season, the first half of the season was horrible for Jackson owners. By himself, Lamar made it almost impossible for any Fantasy Owner to comeback from such a horrible start as people burned their 2nd/3rd round pick. LAMAR OF ATTRACTION.


Speaking of burning your 2nd or 3rd round pick, no expert ranked DJ Moore lower than myself. FantasyPros took off the Ranks before I can pull them up, but Moore was on my Bust list all day. A horrible season for a guy who was being drafted ahead of Patrick Mahomes in some leagues I was part of.


I was the only Expert that was calling you, “Sheep” if you drafted CMC as the #1 Pick in your Fantasy Football league. You can read the full article here, essentially you lost your league if you drafted CMC who could not stay healthy. Something I noted that was a concern in the article.


Where to start with Clyde & Go BUST.

Was it the first time I said he was a bust when Damien Williams was still on the squad?

Or when I doubled down afterwards when everyone said automatic 1st Round Pick right behind CMC?

For anyone that wants to say it is because he was injured he was a BUST. CEH had the entire 1st half of the season to show us anything special. Only thing he showed us is he can run against defenses that need to sell out to stop the pass. CEH has zero red zone skills, and pretty much no skills at all. Besides being very fast. That is a quick way to being nothing.

HERE IS A LIST OF MY RB BUST CALLS of 2020. Besides Jonathan Taylor who got help from Marlon Mack getting injured Week 1, this list could have saved your season.

Who was my #1 Pick this season in Fantasy Football?


The only Fantasy sports website to Rank Alvin Kamara #1, the actual #1 RB this season in Fantasy Football. In .5 Point PPR leagues, he outscored Henry by 20 Points. Kamara was a BEAST on the day after Christmas racking up 5 TDs, and he along with Brady made everyone’s Fantasy Football Playoffs a very easy task.



Diggs finished as the #2 WR in Fantasy Football this season. A lot of the BEAST DOME MVPs were not able to draft Diggs this year because he did not exactly fit the strategy in most cases despite the high ranking. Why did they not draft Diggs?


Unfortunately, FantasyPros pulled the Rankings away before I can grab where I was on David MontyG. Definitely in the Top 1% as he was our 4th Round Target in all leagues. David MontyG actually finished the Fantasy Football season as the #4 RB in the game. After a slow start to the year, MontyG and the Bears really came alive late in the season. Another extra added BEAST to make sure you won the whole thing.

& what was my predicted Super Bowl?


Thank you and good night



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  1. My recap of Munt’s advice this season…

    1) he had Mahomes as being arguably worth the 2nd round pick it would take to get him. And early on in the year before their injuries and before they started running more and incorporating bell and stuff, he was THE runaway MVP of the league

    2) he said to avoid Lamar Jackson + CMC like the plague. I had a chance to keep Lamar Jackson in a keeper league and didn’t.

    3) in the round I could’ve kept Lamar, ended up drafting mike evans. From what I remember Munt was one of the only if not THE only person to rank evans higher than Godwin. And if Evans didn’t get banged up he had a chance to be WR2 this year

    4) he was VERY high on David Johnson and we were able to get him in the 4th round. Aside from a fluke concussion, the dude was a steal as an RB1 when everyone thought he was toast

    5) speaking of people nobody wanted, Ronald jones… before Fournette was added to the team (when I was doing draft + keepers) he told me to go ahead and keep rojo in the NINTH round. What a great decision that was. This dude was sooo good this year and if Fournette wasn’t there had a chance to be top 6 RB

    6) his draft strategy revolved around nailing the QB this year which he usually does, and this year his plan 1A was to get Tom Brady and pair him with Aaron Rodgers in the mid-late rounds. That strategy produced the MVP of the league and a pair of elite QB1s, especially down the stretch.

    7) one last one, a bust. I didn’t listen to Munt on this because I had chiefs mania and drafted Clyde edwards helaire in round 1, and he strongly advised me against it. If I followed his advice I would’ve ended up with either davante or tyreek in that spot instead. Oh well.

    Bottom line: listen to this man. He’s not perfect but he’s damn near close! I’ll say this… when you listen to him, you will get opinions and perspectives you will not find anywhere else. Find me one other analyst who had Brady and Rodgers as their strategy at QB.

    In addition to the draft, his in season pickup advice is second to none. Because he actually watches the games, he’s miles ahead of other dudes who simply box score scout.

    He saved me countless times from dumping the faab budget on flameouts. And encouraged me to dump a load on season long difference makers like mike davis

    Absolutely love working with Munt and I guarantee you will too

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