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Law of Attraction. It is something I have been studying deeply over the course of these last few seasons as I try to realize the situations in my life and where I am today due to the mindset and other circumstances in my life. The basic of Law of Attraction 101 is you are a magnet. Whatever you concentrate on, it comes to you. Now that does not mean if I think about a million dollars for 5 minutes straight and then change my thought that means a million dollars is going to fly into my hand. However it means if you focus on a million dollars ideas will come to your head. There is more to it, but that is a beginner’s gist.

Regardless, I can teach a whole thing on Law of Attraction and today I want to give you a sample on Lamar Jackson who did an interview on I am guessing 4/20 as Madden is probably not happy how this leaked.

Lamar says, I am on the cover of Madden.

His first thought without even being prompted.

“I am not worried about a curse”

Then compares himself to Patrick Mahomes, and asks for the “Curse” that Mahomes just won Super Bowl.

Curse. Curse. Curse.

Instantly when he decided to be on the cover of Madden, Lamar Jackson thought about the Madden Curse.

The Madden Curse is so engraved in Lamar’s head, that he has become a magnet for the Madden Curse. If he starts to make bad plays during the season, if he has a minor injury. Curse, Curse, Curse. The curse will be in Lamar’s head all season.

Also asking for Mahomes Curse because he won a Super Bowl. You do realize Mahomes was injured last year and missed nearly a month of Football? Mahomes was a good preseason BUST call especially because of how he ended the season like I predicted before the season began due to his tough schedule. Nobody won their fantasy title with Mahomes at QB during the Fantasy Playoffs. If they did, it was not because of Mahomes.

MAHOMES 2019 GAMELOG WEEK 13-14-15-16

Now I am not saying 100% Lamar Jackson is NOT going to be part of the BEAST Draft Strategy. If the Ravens pick up Antonio Brown, hard not to fall in Love with Lamar. We also do not know their schedule as well as what they do during the NFL Draft.

However I will say, this interview and his mindset is not making me jump out of my shoes for garbage time Lamar. Why the nickname? Nobody did more damage when the game was already over than Lamar did with his legs in 2019. Great season no doubt, but how many great running QBs have we seen in the past decade who cannot even find a job as a starting QB in the NFL. Even 2015 MVP Cam Newton is having trouble finding a job.

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