SHEEP #1 PICK (Christian McCaffrey)

By Muntradamus


Stick with me here.

Through the history of time, besides LaDanian Tomlinson and Marshall Faulk. A RB that was not the first RB picked, ends up having the best season of all RBs. Then the following season everyone takes that RB who just finished #1 in the previous season as the first RB in their Fantasy Football Draft the current season.

Case and point Chrisitan McCaffrey. Last season (2019) you could have CMC late 1st Round. He was there for anyone to snag as he sometimes fell in the 2nd Round. After a monster season in 2019, CMC is everyone’s favorite #1 Pick. This happened with Jamaal Charles, Le’Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, Jamal Lewis, Preist Holmes, the list goes on and on and on and on.

Despite so much talent at the RB position with Hall of Famers in the making, everyone is drafting Christian McCaffrey like a sheep with the #1 Pick on their Fantasy Football team. It is literally being a sheep following the herd off the cliff. YOU ARE CRAZY IF YOU DO NOT DRAFT CMC!?!?!


Before I start. CMC is an amazing talent, he is going to have a great season barring injury. God please bless CMC and do not let him get injured! With every defense knowing that weak armed Teddy Bridgewater is going to throw short, Defenses can LOAD the box. When Terrell Davis got injured the year after winning MVP, and then John Elway was replaced by Bubby Brister, DEFENSES STACKED THE BOX. Stacked Box = More and Harder Hits.

There are RBs this season that are going to have better seasons, and if you do not take those guys with your #1 Pick, and instead just go with CMC. Well you are in for a long season.



There is a whole article you can digest about Teddy Bridgewater, do not need to write about him so many times. You can learn even more about Bridgewater in my BUST article on DJ Moore as well. If you Draft DJ Moore, you shot yourself in the foot worst than Plaxico Burress at a night club.

To paraphrase all of this. Bridgewater is not a good QB. He is afraid to get hit and crumbles when he feels pressure. It is amazing he is able to walk after the leg injury he suffered. He almost lost his knee! If you want to learn more.

Watching Bridgewater last season very closely. He was not that great, his throws are weak, he only reads one option. He had players like Mike Thomas and Alvin Kamara to bail him out. While those players did bail him out, look how Kamara performed while Bridgewater was his QB. Besides one great game, where he really did all the work on those 92 yards having a heroic game on the road in Seattle. Kamara put up RB2/3 numbers, definitely not 1st Round RB1 production.

CMC is a great talent no doubt, but to say that the Saints offense is worst than the Panthers offense? Good luck with that argumenet. Bridgewater is not good to begin with, and he gets a downgraded offense. Amazing.. Also had two seasons to learn the Saints offense, zero with the Panthers.


Panthers going from scratch with their coaching staff, including the OC from LSU, the wrong Brady. If I had a nickel for everytime a “Mastermind” College Football Offensive Coordinator failed in the NFL, I would be able to buy a share of DraftKings (DKNG), so about 800 nickels. The game is so different compared from College to Pros. Year after Year Experts make the most rookie mistake of touting Rookie RBs who always BUST. I mean I made that guy last year look like a Fool about his Darrell Henderson call.

A New OC, with a New Head Coach, with a New QB. With no preseason games.

With a horrible QB, with above average WRs.

1 and 1= 2, 2 and the Panthers are screwed. This offense is not going to click all season and even though CMC will still be great in PPR leagues just because he will catch 9-10 Passes a game, still not #1, the point of this article. However CMC will definitely NOT even close to the #1 Pick in Standard Leagues. NOT even in the race.


No I am not going to be nice about it. This team is HORRIBLE, and on a complete rebuild mission with no QB to build around. Not having fans in the stadiums would not make a difference for this team come December when they are the obvious #1 Pick in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft.

The Panthers Defense has great Linebackers. Grabbing Tair Whitehead to pair with Shaq Thompson, that is pretty elite. However this defense posses zero pass rush. Want to make things worst, they have a secondary that is now pieced together after a failed rebuild once they lost Josh Norman. Once Eric Reid left, this secondary has become easy pickings. With no pass rush, QBs are going to have time to disect the Panthers Defense like an 8th grader disecting a frog.

Now you have this JV Football team; going up against Tom Brady and the Bucs, Drew Brees and the Saints, Matt Ryan and the Falcons. That is 3 MVPs, going up against this JV Football team 6x of the year. Automatic 0-6. Have you ever drafted a RB that is on a last place team? If you have, you would not put yourself through that again.

It is NOT going to be fun to be a Panthers Fan this season. Do not put yourself through that pain if you do not have to. The Beautiful part about Fantasy Football is you get to build your squad the way you want to. It is your Fantasy!


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