By Muntradamus


The Panthers did it. They cleaned house to the max, new Head Coach, new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator, and new QB. The new QB. Teddy Bridgewater.

Last season the entire BEAST DOME NATION fell to its hands and knees after Brees was injured Week 2 against the Rams. We all held our collective breaths as we relied on Teddy Bridgewater to ,’Bridge’ the gap until Brees returned. What we learned from Teddy over that time, he is not really good. If it was not for his superstar talent that surrounded him, like Michael Thomas + Kamara doing all the heavy lifting on short passes, and an easy Home Dome matchup against the Bucs. Bridgewater would be nothing more than Alex Smith. That comparison is a little too favoring Bridgewater.

Going to the Panthers, learning a new offense, and having WRs who are not nearly as dangerous as he had before. Things do not look bright for the Panthers offense. DJ Moore/Curtis Samuel and Robby Anderson are not the type of WRs who win a lot of 50/50 balls. Bridgewater does not like to throw deep, and all three of those guys do their most work when they get deep downfield.

With a non-aggressive passing attack, and a team that is on the complete rebuild on defense as well. Look for a ton of garbage time for the Panthers offense in blowouts. Not in the Panthers favor. When the Panthers are in garbage time, that means a lot of Christian McCaffery. While it is too early to say if CMC is going to be the #1 RB in Fantasy Football, as we are still going through all the teams, there is zero doubt he will get 100 receptions this season. When the Panthers are losing, teams are fine giving up the quick pass to CMC knowing that they have the defense to bring him down. This almost has all the writing on the wall of a Terrell Davis season. The type of Terrell Davis season after Jon Elway retired. Defenses know that CMC is going to touch the ball nearly every play. Which resulted in the end of Terrell Davis’ career.

The Panthers are going to be relying on Bridgewater being able to throw deep, and most important stay in the pocket when things don’t look bright for the Panthers O-Line. There is a ton of pressure on Bridgewater and with a vastly improved NFC South, and the Panthers going in the wrong direction. Look for the Panthers season to crumble as well as Teddy Bridgewater.


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