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Before we can go into a new decade, it is always important to reflect on the past decade. BEAST DOME started back in 2011 as A website that was meant to hook up Madden Players to play against each other for money. Before we get into the story. This is a broad overview of my life, of course there are millions of details missing and I am not mentioning all of great picks the HR Champion calls etc, this is just someone who is walking by browsing what has happened with me and BEASTDOME the past ten years.

Little cavet twist to MaddenArena, I would offer my Fantasy Sports Information as a way to attract new Madden Players. Once this commercial happened, some people took some interest in the site.


Once I had the people, it was time to deliever some bold predictions and take the time to make some special videos. I launched this video below, blasted it all over the Rotoworld Forums and then bam. History was made.

Kevin Smith had 201 Total Yards and 3 TDs the very Sunday heading into this game. From that point forward, MaddenArena was no longer a website about hooking up Madden Players, it is turning into a Fantasy sports website.

Then my boss asked me at my job at the time, who should he start during the big Fantasy Football Playoffs. Which had me create articles like these.


After posting Free information after Free information, people started winning and winning.

Then 2012

On Craigslist I found a Fantasy Sports Focus Group. I went, participated, and they liked my answers so much, I was invited to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Summit in Las Vegas. I got on a plane was put up in a hotel, and then bam I was sitting on a panel in front of hundreds of people, and three Fantasy Football Experts I grew up watching. Brandon Funston, Andy Beherns, and Brad Evans. All three Yahoo Fantasy Sports Experts at the time. After them asking us questions as Yahoo Fantasy Football Users, I then had the opportunity to hangout with these Experts one on one. After long talks, I realized, I know more than these guys, and not just Football but all sports. They kept mentioning FantasyPros was a good step for my business.

I e-mailed the guys at FantasyPros and they would not let me in. I showed them all my works, persisted hard, they finally gave me a spot. They wanted me to work for them though as well and go through articles to see if the content was worthy of FantasyPros. I did this all of Baseball season, but then Football 2012 came along. It was time to BEAST DOWN with all my momentum.

NBA SEASON: 2 Daily Fantasy Championship Qualifiers

MLB SEASON: 2 Daily Fantasy Championship Qualifiers


I produced my first ever Draft Guide for NFL. Which included a gamechanger to Draft MVP season Adrian Peterson.

The Results? More and more and more Testimonials.


To the point where I had to build a Testimonials page.

In Daily Fantasy Football, I qualifed for a big tournament on DraftStreet. Went to Vegas brought my business partner, and learned for the first time. The people running the Fantasy Sports Industry is younger than I was (25 years old at the time). It inspired me to do great things. Which inspired me to create.


I hired Indian programmers, they took forever wasted my time and money. Then a client came and he built the game the way it was meant to be built. In 2014 we unleashed BEAST FRANCHISE, before that we have.


I had no money, no job, just a Fantasy Sports Expert who was 25 years old living at home. I wanted to make something of my life! NBA Season I qualified for another Daily Fantasy Championship in NBA, not once, but two entries. Still, only took home about $2K from that tournament. Back in the day the grand prize was lucky to be $50K for a Championship. Now we play for $100K Daily in NBA.

It was the start of Baseball season, I was not happy with my money situation. I decided I needed to do something bold, so I went on a 1 week trip to Las Vegas to try to make money through Fantasy Sports and just living in that environment.

I did not qualify for anything, only took home about $1K maybe that entire the week. I was happy, but my mission was not complete. The first day back in LA, I put down more money than I should on a Fantasy Baseball Qualifier. To start the night it was not looking good, but I was tired from my trip, so I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I was down by .5 Points to Qualify for a Championship. It was 10:20pm at night and Buster Posey my catcher was up to bat with 1st Base open in the 9th INN. Out of nowhere, Posey is intentionally walked, and I qualify for the Championship!

At that point, I decide. I need to move to Vegas. A few weeks later, I was.

After going up and down with my money, I did Qualify for the DraftStreet Baseball Championship as well!

With two Baseball Championships on the line, I pull a total of $5K. Far less than the $100K I dreamed of. Throwing that out the window, it was my first Fantasy Football Season in Vegas. Time to do it big! I have the crowd I have the momentum time to win it all.


Peyton & Montee

2013 was a big season in my career, I had the greatest call of all time in Peyton Manning a QB you can get in Round 5 who shattered every record. I also had a big BUST call in Montee Ball. The RB who set the record for most rushing TDs goes into this great Peyton Manning offense. Montee drops the Ball, Peyton picks up the ball. Of course there were money picks sprinkled in, Josh Gordon + Desean Jackson + Lesean McCoy, list can keep going and going.

Some people loved me for Peyton, others decided to focus on Montee. Then the haters were born. Out of nowhere, I had people who legit threatned me and said things that are not Family approved. It was a big growing up year, of course there were championship you can read the testimonials, but I also had my first ever group of people who really did not like me.

I ended up not Qualifying for a Championship in Football, my streak had come to an end of Daily Fantasy Championship Qualifiers. I ended 2013 with basically no money. With no money, and a new dimension of life, I spriarled out. Though through a saving grace I qualified for another Fantasy Basketball Championship, this time at the Playboy mansion.


New Year, still in Vegas. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association was holding their big gathering in Vegas to start the year in January. They had a competition for Elevator Pitch with best Fantasy Sports idea. I took whatever money I had left from that one good NBA night I qualified, bought a ticket and did what I could to change my life.

I pitched BEAST FRANCHISE to everyone walking under the sun. Game was still being built, but my guy was confident it would be ready for opening day. Pitch after Pitch after pitch till I pitched a writer for the New Yorker.

We then hit the Playboy Mansion Fantasy Basketball Tournament. After Anthony Davis, my star player got injured in the 1st Half. Once again I fell short of making all the money I had desired. Had a great time that night with a lot of Playboy Bunnies.

2nd Half of NBA season went well as well, Qualified for two more Championship Seats in a DraftKings Championship. Won a few more $K and decided to get my first car. CAR-MELO. Thanks to Carmelo Anthony leading me to a big payday.

Then it was Baseball Season, time to Launch BEAST FRANCHISE. What do you know, Daily Fantasy Sports now under Gambling scrunity and the Industry took a big step back. It ruined the launch of BEAST FRANCHISE, all of the money invested into ads was wasted as nobody was playing Fantasy Sports for a minute. That Baseball Season I did not Qualify for any Championships. Lost all of my money, but it was time for Football.



Arian Foster/Marshawn Lynch. The BEAST BROS were the focus of the Fantasy Football Draft Guide as you could get both easily in the 1st & 2nd Round. Everyone won their league easily.

However once again for the second straight Football Season. I did not Qualify for a Championship, and once again, left the year with no money.


Daily Fantasy Sports was outlawed in Vegas, my ways of getting around it in the past, were no longer an option. With no more Daily Fantasy Sports in Vegas, (Because the Sportsbooks were not making anything from them). I moved back to Los Angeles. Moved back with my parents, was back at square one. Basketball Season I almost qualified one night, the night I told my parents I was in debt a few K with a car I cannot afford. It was tough, but I knew I would make it to the top again.

Baseball Season came around, it was time to do it big! We re-branded BEAST FRANCHISE, called it Batting Order Baseball. I signed Kenny Lofton to be the Cover Athlete of the game and we made a Commercial.

Result. Nobody really played. Back to the Drawing board, another bad season in Daily Fantasy Baseball. It was however time for Football. After an amazing season in 2014, it was time to unleash 2015. The Year of Matt Stafford.

Once again, another amazing succesful season. However once again, no Fantasy Football Championship Qualifier. Once again no money to end the year.


Fantasy Basketball Season, no Qualifier. Fantasy Baseball Season, No Qualifier and slight attempt at Batting Order Baseball, but once again a swing and a miss.

My 2016 is literally up to Football Season. I have nothing going in my favor, lots of bad momentum. I spent my days and nights playing basketball and swiping girls on Tinder. My old High School allowed me to do an Internship program with a group of students, in the past I was never there, but now I was. After a slow start to Football, I accomplised my goal. I qualified for two Fantasy Football Championship seats.

I take him $30K in the Bahamas. It was a BEAST Hedge. So $10K went to a Client. I had $20K in my Bank Account.

The Football Draft Strategy that year was once again BEAST as well. Everyone ended up with MVP Matt Ryan way after Round 10.


$20K in my bank account. The money quickly fell to $5K and it was only February. I cannot tell you what happened to the money, I played some Fantasy sports tournaments, and I remember a few painful nights. But my money was gone really quick to the point where it felt like a black hole stole it.

I was in the dumps with pretty much no money, I decided to take a job as a uber driver that Spring. Made enough money took that $5K that was left in the bank and I moved into my apartment that I live in today, just in time for Football season. Fantasy Baseball, had a couple good nights, Fantasy Basketball, lost everything. Once again, clawing for anything, it was time for Football.

The Strategy was simple. Before the strategy, was the recap video.

Draft Guide Strategy was to take Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Tom Brady won MVP, and he was an easy steal for everyone to grab. We also had the Jaguars Defense, their breakout season, no Expert Ranked them higher. You can see the Recap in the 2018 Preview.

I also Qualified for a Fantasy Football Championship, but did not get past the Qualifier Round to the Big show. I choked on the big day, fell short. Ended up with no money, but I got my apartment and Carmelo.


DFSTOKEN was official. I was owner of a Cryptocurrency that we had in ICO for the end of 2017. Time to make it big in the world of Crypto. With no money I had to take a job, but once again things didnt go as planned. My Sports picking software for the currency did not deliver in time, and Basketball Season was again a loss.

Onto Baseball we once again found ourselves losing but had some BEAST NIGHTS. A stretch of back-2-back Days in July and a BEAST day of June took care of things financially through the summer.

Once again Batting Order Baseball tried to breathe as we incorporated the Cryptocurrency into it, but once again same result.

All eyes on Football again. Once again, I deliver with another Championship Strategy.

Two QBs who have two huge seasons. Once again a BEAST DOME QB is in the Super Bowl in Jared Goff and Big Ben throws for the most yards he ever has in his entire career.

However the biggest moment for me came on TV.


Basketball Season was a loss in the DFS Books.

Baseball Season was a loss in the DFS Books.

My mind was in the gutter, it happens you lose your focus you forget you’re gateful, you forget to breathe you get so lost in the zone. But I know I bounce back.

Cryptocurrency is now on CoinMarketCap ( In the end that will be more important than any of the above.

Football Season, had a shining moment of bringing in $7K. Which I am grateful for, but of course we aim higher and just thankful we get the opportunity. Once again another season of dominating Fantasy Football. 2019 Season Recap. Of course, we remain grateful and know our time is coming for something bigger than we can ever imagine.

However something higher than anything that could have happened, happened to close out the year.

Coming This Weekend. We kick off the new Decade with.

MORE INFO coming soon. We are going to change the world!

BEAST DOME will always be back, year after year, after year.

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