QB Fantasy Playoff Rankings (Week 15 – Week 17)

Fantasy Player Watch: Kyle Orton

By Muntradamus

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Last year for the Broncos Kyle Orton threw for 3,653 yards and 20 TDs, in only 13 games.  Now he is on a team that lacks a running game completely, and sees a big upgrade in his WR corpse.  This season it was looking like he was going to sling the ball to, 30 year old Brandon Llyod now on the Rams, Ed McCaffey version 1.2 Eric Decker, and Punt Return specialist Eddie Royal.  All of a sudden he has Pro Bowl WR Dwayne Bowe, Steady hands Steve Breaston, and 1st round pick future beast Jonathan Baldwin.

On top of that he has the easiest schedule of any QB for the fantasy playoffs.

(PPG allowed to QB’s. according to Standard Leagues)

Week 15 Packers #31 gives up 20.55- KC will trail all game and Orton will be throwing against a prevent Defense.  He already threw 3 TDs against them earlier this season with his weak Denver WR corpse.

Notable performances vs GB

Drew Bress- 419 yards 3 TD

Cam Newton- 432 yards 1 TD (+1 rushing TD)

Jay Cutler- 302 yards 1 TD

Kyle Orton- 273 yards 3 TD

Philip Rivers- 385 yards 4 TD

Josh Freeman- 342 yards 2 TD

Week 16 Raiders #29 gives up 19.82- Orton already threw for over 300 yards and a TD against Oakland in week #1 this season.

Notable Performances vs Oak

Kyle Orton- 304 yards 1 TD

Ryan Fitzpatrick-264 yards 3 TD

Mark Sanchez- 369 yards 2 TD (+1 rushing TD)

Matt Schaub- 416 yards 2 TD (No Andre Johnson)

Colt McCoy- 215 yards 2 TD

Tim Tebow- 123 yards 2 TD (118 yards rushing)

Philip Rivers- 274 yards 2 TD

Caleb Hanie- 254 yards 2 TD

Week 17 Broncos #27 against the pass giving up 19.09 points a game.- His former team in his former stadium against his former backup QB that he played for less than 2 months ago at this point of the season.  Tell me he won’t be amped up to have a career game against the #27 fantasy defense vs QBs!

Notable Performances vs Denver

Andy Dalton- 332 yards 2 TD

Matt Hasselbeck- 311 yards 2 TD

Aaron Rodgers- 408 yards 4 TD (+2 rushing TD)

Matt Stafford- 267 yards 3 TD

Carson Palmer- 332 yards 3 TD

Kyle Orton is a solid 3,500+ Yard QB with the potential to throw 20+ TD’s.  He will throw some INTs but has never thrown for more than 12 in a full 16 game season.  Kansas City needs something to get their fans excited about, and having a high voltage offense to close out the season, and ruining the playoff hopes of Oakland and Denver couldn’t make Chief’s fans happier.

Kyle Orton is a MUST-OWN QB in all fantasy leagues by week 15.  He has easy matchups and they will be building for next season.  I recommend you pick him up now while his name is still under the radar.  You only need a QB for week 13 and week 14 before turning the keys to Orton.


Here’s how I rank the QBs based on performance and schedule and most likely to take you to the title game and win it.


(The number next to the team is the ranking for that defense against QB’s in standard scoring leagues of PPG allowed.)

Tier 1:  Guaranteed 20+ points, start them and don’t look back.

Drew Bress @Min (32) ATL (22) Car (13)-  He can easily win you week 15 by himself.  And then is always good for 30 points against ATL and Carolina.  You can almost taste the trophy.

Tom Brady @ Den (27)  Mia (22) Buff (28)-  Touchdown Tommy has one of the easiest schedules and is throwing the ball like it’s a baseball.  He’s making it look easy, and unless the Pats rest Brady in week 17, ride him out the rest of the way.  Good thing he’s done with the Jets.

Aaron Rodgers @KC (15) Chi (20) Det (9)- Not the greatest matchups, but then again no defense can really contain Rodgers.  You should feel safe and comfortable with Aaron, will they bench him to rest him for the playoffs?  I wouldn’t worry about it for now.

Matt Stafford @oak (29)  SD (24) @Gb (31)- Arguably the easiest schedule of the elites.  Stafford has a chance to put up some elite numbers to help carry you to that fantasy championship.  Cruise control from here, just make the playoffs.

Tony Romo @TB (17) Phil (25) @NYG (23)- Romo is playing amazing, he should have Miles Austin back by the playoffs and you’re looking at a QB with 4 talents that could be WR#1 value and TE#1 value.  Romo is a great QB to own down the stretch.


Tier 2:  Should be solid, but there is the chance of the let down.

Cam Newton @Hou (3) TB (17) @No (19)- Cam has been nothing short of amazing in his rookie season.  Tough matchups could put a bad ending to it.  He is hard to trust week 15 @ Houston.  Houston will burn clock all game, and then the LB core will make it tough for Cam to get his yards.  If you can get past that game without him, you should be good going forward.

Kyle Orton GB (31) Raiders (29) @Broncos (27)-  Kyle Orton gets three defenses all ranked in the bottom 6 of pass defenses in fantasy.  If he can gel together with his teammates, (which shouldn’t be a problem, Carson Palmer out of retirement was able to do it with ease.)  You’re looking at the possible QB that you haven’t used all season, and then you will depend upon to win you your fantasy championship.

Matt Ryan Jax (5) @No (19)  TB (17)- Matty Ice can have good games in all of these matchups.  The Falcons also could turn into a running team as they lean on Turner to clinch their playoff spot.  Either way, Matty should be solid and if you must use him just hope Turner doesn’t steal all of his TDs.

Eli Manning  Wash (11) @NYJ (7) Dal (12)- A great season comes to a tough finish.  The Giants will be in divisional rivalry games, a tough Jets Defense in New York.  It’s looking like you’re going to see the Eli Manning that made you afraid to draft him in the 1st place.  You can hope, but it’s a lot of hope.

Tim Tebow NE (30) @ Buff (28)  KC (15)- Tim Tebow has the matchups to be a your jesus of fantasy football.  I don’t want to trust a QB that will complete less than 10 passes a game, but he runs the ball 20 times a game and having a QB/RB never hurts in fantasy.  Just hope he finds the end zone.  High risk/High reward written all over Timmy this year.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Mia (22) Den (27) @ NE (30)- Remember when Fitzpatrick was a stud QB this season and some said the next Philip Rivers.  Well with no Fred Jackson, Fitzpatrick could be your answer down the stretch, he has the matchups, and they are going to be throwing the ball more and more.  If you depend on a QB like Rivers, well Fitzpatrick might be your answer.

Mike Vick NyJ (7) @Dal (12) wash (11)- I’m assuming he’s going to be healthy for these games.  And although you can’t bench Vick because you took him in round 1 or 2, you can certainly expect a potential huge let down in all of these games.   Hopefully when he comes back from injury he will be his old self again, though at 31 and playing for a team that has no shot of making the playoffs, I don’t see a chance of a whole lot of motivation.


Tier 3:  Good luck Boom, tough matchups or straight up don’t expect too much.

Philip Rivers Bal (1) @ Det (9) @Oak (29)- Better get someone else to play week 15.  Chance of solid game week 16 vs Detroit, week 17 if you make it, he’s pretty close to a must start.  He has been so inconsistent all season, I would hate to trust him when it came down to the line.

Ben Roethlisberger @SF (15) STL (8) CLE (4)- Tough matchup with SF, STL is more vulnerable than they have performed and Cleveland could be a good game, then again it could get sloppy.  I would hope to have a better QB in the playoffs.

Mark Sanchez @phi (25) Nyg (23) @mia (22)- It’s hard to trust Mark Sanchez when your season comes down to the wire.  He is a bad QB on the road and although the matchups are good, he’s not as safe as he looks.  Huge potential for a terrible game to end your season.

Andy Dalton @STL (18) Ari (8) Bal (1)- Dalton should have solid games week 15 and 16, week 17 he is cannot be trusted.  If you must turn to Andy in the playoffs..good luck and may god be with you.

Carson Palmer Det (9) @KC (15) SD (24)- Carson’s WR corpse is getting more beat up by the week, take into consideration that McFadden is close to being back.  There’s no way they don’t become a 30plus rushing attempt per game team.  I would be nervous using Palmer.

Joe Flacco @SD (24) Cle (4) Cin (6)- If Flacco is your starting QB.  You probably didn’t make it to the playoffs.  If you need help in week 15 with a QB plug in.  Joe Flacco is your man, after that you can waive him good bye.

Josh Freeman Dal (12) @Car (13) @ ATl (22)- He’s got a bad shoulder, which should be fine by playoff time.  His matchups on the other hand aren’t fine.  I don’t think he has the weapons to put up huge games against middle of the pack defenses.  If the Buc’s are going to make it to the playoffs it will be through LaGarette Blount.

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