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Before I jump into a recap of the Draft Strategy, and all the Champions this year. I want to take a moment to recap my life in 2018. All my clients know, I am a man on a mission. A soldier on my horse with my sword up in the air ready to go into battle and make sure I am the last man standing. Every single night, I went all in at the DFS Circuit making sure I got a W and doing no matter what it takes. I was not going for the smart investment strategy of doubling my money, I was going for the turn $3 into $100K every single day. While I have won a lot in my past, and I also had a great streak in 2018. It is not the responsible thing to do or live life.

I used to spend all my time building 100s of lineups by hand, sometimes over 2000 lineups on a Football Sunday, but now I am turning the chapter in my life as I am going to be a personality first and build up Muntradamus and BEAST DOME. You will see me posting Daily, Doing Podcasts/Twitch Streams and constant content on Youtube all starting in 2019.






The Fantasy Football Season was another BEAST one for BEAST DOME.

Once all the research is done, every year the key is to identify the BUST picks. Especially at RB where you can ruin your entire Draft if you pick the wrong RB too early.


It is important to find those players at WR, and you can read the full article below, but here is what you get when you search Google.

Once that step is complete, it is time to navigate the Draft Matrix and come up with the BEAST Draft Strategy.


Big Ben was my #1 QB of 2018 according to my rankings. Nobody had him close to #1. You will not find a better QB Strategy than BEAST DOME’s in 2018..

Wait until about Round 7, draft Ben Roethlisberger (My #1 QB of 2018) a little bit early, then wait a couple more rounds and draft Jared Goff as a backup.

The RESULT. Big Ben had his best NFL Season in his 15th year, career High in Passing Yards/TDs and the most rushing TDs since 2005. He finished as the #2 QB in Fantasy Football despite having the most passing Yards and Attempts. If it was not for Patrick Mahomes and his 45 TDs, Big Ben could have been MVP.

While Big Ben had a great year no doubt, do not forget to praise Jared Goff who had a carer year as well.

Most important stat for Big Ben. In the last 3 games, Week 14-16, the Fantasy Playoffs. Only Matt Ryan threw more TDs than Big Ben (8 vs. 7), and Big Ben missed nearly the entire 2nd half against the Raiders in Week 14.


This list says a lot. The key guys that everyone grabbed in Round 3 + Round 5 was Lamar Miller + Carlos Hyde. Carlos Hyde was a Top 10 RB before somehow getting traded away to Jacksonville mid-season for no reason at all. That trade did hurt a lot of BEAST DOME MVPs, though Lamar Miller, he had a great stretch run scoring over 90 Fantasy Points in 7 games during the middle season. Miller was on pace for career highs before getting injured during the Fantasy Playoffs.

The Key Sleepers, Chris Carson + Marlon Mack. These guys were available Round 8-10. They both had huge upside games and both had career seasons for their young careers. Guys that could easily be on the target list next year depending on how those situations clear up. Both players have a lot of talent on their team so it is too early to say, but both Mack and Carson showed huge BEAST upside.

Alfred Morris was a miss, but he was not part of the Draft Strategy. He was going around Round 7…Draft Big Ben or draft Alfred Morris. We did not think twice and went heavy for Big Ben.


This year the WR Strategy for BEAST DOME was very different than previous seasons. The strategy was to grab one stud WR in Baldwin or Cooper around Round 4. Then go after Julian Edelman in Round 6.

While Baldwin and Cooper were definitely headaches to own for a majority of the year, Amari Cooper finished as the #3 WR during the Fantasy Playoffs, while Doug Baldwin finished as the #9 WR during the Fantasy Playoffs.

The real glue piece at WR was Julian Edelman who was the steal of the draft. In standard leagues Julian Edelman’s average of 10.1 Points per Game was the #15 WR on the board. During the Fantasy Playoffs he was as rock solid as they come with 14 Points in Week 14, 9 Points in Week 15, and 13 Points in Week 16. In PPR Leagues, he was a Top 10 WR in Points Per Game.

The WR Sleeper game this year in Fantasy Football in general was pretty soft. Tyler Boyd was the #1 sleeper WR in Fantasy Football, Tyler Lockett was #2, Calvin Ridley was #3. Besides those 3 guys, nobody really stood out as a sleeper.


I will admit when I was wrong, and I was wrong at TE with my Top Guy. I gave Rob Gronkowski too much love after he dominated during the playoffs last year including the Super Bowl 2017 with 100+ Yards and 2 TDs. Maybe Gronk had something left in the tank? He was part of the Draft Strartegy in the 2nd Round.

After watching him very closely this year, that Gronk is done. His mindset is not the same. Despite missing so hard on my BEAST TE. I did have the best Sleeper Backup TEs ranked higher than any site. So while Gronk was a big swing and miss, I continue to prove I do know what I am talking about.

PPR Leagues. Eric Ebron finished as the #4 TE in Fantasy Football/Jared Cook finished as the #5 TE in Fantasy Football. Austin Hooper Finished as the #6 TE in Fantasy Football.


This year the D/ST Strategy was simple. Draft the Jaguars in Round 8, after Big Ben. Draft the Texans in Round 10, after Jared Goff.

Jaguars Finished as the #8 D.ST while the Texans finished as the #5 D.ST. However in the last 3 games during the Fantasy Playoffs, the Jaguars were the #4 D.ST overall scoring 2 TDs in that span.

Regardless, I did a good job avoiding the bombs on the floor and having you draft any of these Super BUST D.ST units.




  1. Just won my 14 team standard this season. Two titles in three years folks. All from using Munts rankings and guidance throughout the season. I admire and respect his outside the box thinking and views that gives you an edge against your opponents. Been a Beastdomer for around 6-7 years and plan on coming back again. Trust the process mofos! Thank you Munt. BEAST.

  2. I’ve been in my 12 team idp leauge for a decade and one thing about fantasy football is to believe in the process and don’t second guess it . I’ve followed Munt process for some years .But this yr when everybody and there momma were scooping the WR postion Munt had me at the Smorgasbord table for RB Gurley,L.Miller,Hyde, and to pick the best RB backup available which at the time was J.Connor mix in with Gronk, Edelman & Baldwin /Djax. People laugh calling me Running back U saying my WR were weak and lightweight. With L.Bell out Connor blossomed and became my RB 1.2 to Gurley I mowed through the 1st 10 wks 10-0 clinching a 1st rd bye to the delight of D.Jax being rank #1 at WR for a portion of the season. I left everybody heading spinning along with having 2 top QB #2 Big Ben & #10 K.Cousins the pick of D.Henry wk 7 catapulted me to new heights after a couple chinks in my armor with a few L’s finishing 11-2. Going in to the playoffs I start filling the pressure of my WR not putting up the numbers of others and wanted to drop D.Baldwin but shock by Munt he told me to drop D.Jax basically telling me he’s peak and the bottom is about to drop keep Baldwin add L.Fitzgerald. After my 1st rd bye D.Henry & Fitzgerald help push me into the C,ship.But to be the CHAMP you have to go through some adversity all of my RB were Out Gurley, J.Connor & L.Miller and to add insult to injury my opp had ALL my backs A.Blue,CJ Anderson & J.Samuels. Munt had me pick up J.Williams and R.Anderson and boy did they come through with my opp having Kamara/ J.Samuels BIG BEN all caps was a monster .But the icing on the cake and the deal sealer the man All season I wanted to drop Doug “freaking” Baldwin brought the C’ship home 126 yd and TD .Rubbing my hands together like Birdman For my 1st C’ship in this league I felt like Elway when he got TD to get the monkey off his back.
    Salute the man ,the myth (lol) but most importantly the BEAST !!!! Munt
    Until next Bro!!! BEAST !!!!

  3. Joined Beastdome for the first time this year, about five games into the season. I came in at 3-2 and with no Fantasy experience, clearly outmatched by my opponents. Well, we ended up 10-2. We worked the waiver wire well to find opportune weeks for using Sanu or some other receiver to plug holes from week to week in the receiving corp. We ran up eight straight victories. Along the way, we traded opportunely for the likes of Big Ben and Edelman, and picked up Baldwin from the waiver wire. Championship week worked out wonderfully, with Baldwin, Big Ben, and late additions J. Williams and D. Williams performing beautifully, leading my experienced fantasy opponents to a status of jaw-dropping wonder that they could be licked by a neophyte. It is great to have someone with experience who is just a text away for advice on a waiver wire pick up or willing to scheme a little about potential trades. And, on a final note, I also used the rankings and general advice that I saw others getting to win two more leagues. So, in short, Beastdome is well worth it!

  4. To me, fantasy football is about friendship. I play in a league with 10 guys who I’ve grown up with, like known since elementary school, grown up with. Over the years as our lives have progressed we’ve moved all across the country, but one thing has kept us in touch – fantasy football. This year, I added an 11th guy, a teammate, a mentor, a coach, a GM, and honestly a friend… Muntradamus! That’s the thing about being a BEAST MVP, you don’t just get a fantasy expert, you get a friend who truly cares about your squad, your record, and making sure you have fun while beasting your league.
    The draft strategy alone is worth the investment. I had a playoff spot lined up 5 seconds after the draft, and locked up 8 weeks into the season. Big Ben, Kamara, Conner, Mixon, Miller, Edelman, Julio, Gronk, and more D’s than my high school girlfriend!!! Then there were trade moves you wouldn’t believe: Upgraded McCoy to AJ Green, packaged Edelman and Miller for AB cause the guy HAD to win out to make the playoffs. Playoff cruise control for sure!
    But where I really made my money was in daily fantasy beast! NO ONE else had Ridley on the break-out 3 TD week! There were weeks I didn’t even check my year-long fantasy squad cause I was so locked into the playoffs, and making hundreds and hundreds of dollars in DFS.
    Become an MVP, it’s worth the ride! Easy, stress-free draft strategy, a confidant to support and advise on waiver and draft moves, and THE Beast to help you win your championship and $$$$ in DFS!!!! And to top it all off, you get a great guy, THE #1 expert in the biz at your side at no extra cost. Thanks for the best season ever Beast!

  5. Also, CONGRATS!!! Keep making your dreams come true! Don’t forget about us when you’re famous… and watch your back on some batting order baseball… I’m coming for you again this summer!!!!!

  6. Beast,

    Congrats on your selection! Thanks for your help this year, my first full year in Fantasy. It was great to have you as a guide and sounding board, just what I needed to win 2 of four leagues and come in third in the other two. I came in mid-stream, so did not benefit from the draft strategy. We picked up Big Ben, Edelman, and Gronk through trades, and then used the wire from week to week to grab productive receivers. We picked up Baldwin and Henry off the wire for their incredible playoff runs. The quick tip to pick up CJ Anderson also helped seal the deal with key RBs like Conner and Jones out. It was great to have you just a text away for advice and a second expert opinion. I am looking forward to getting deep into Fantasy Footbal in 2019 and am looking forward to the preseason package.

  7. TRUST THE PROCESS. Why? Because it wins you Championships!!! Big Money League (4 figure payout), drafted with Munt via text, followed his advice throughout the season, took home the Championship and the $$$. Family League, utilized the Beast Draft Strategy, made the Championship only to lose because Gurley decided to sit (CJA was grabbed by a player with a higher waiver priority). Nevertheless, I took home a little pocket change there too. The Beast Draft Strategy not only saved me by drafting Gurley with the #1 pick instead of Bell, but also set me up with a solid group of core players like Big Ben, Goff, Edelman, Baldwin, JuJu, Mixon, Emmanuel Sanders, and Houston D. Waiver Wire and Start/Sit advice was on point throughout the season with pick ups like Chris Carson and Marlon Mack. Even made some $$$ with the DFS advice and lineups. In Beastdome I will always trust. The mind of Muntradamus is a terrible thing to waste. I can’t say it enough, make the investment and then push the cruise control button on your Fantasy Season. Another BEAST season in the books with another Championship and 2nd Place to add to my Fantasy Football trophy case. Thank you Munt for the emails, text messages, and advice. I truly appreciate all of the work you put in to your craft. Congratulations on winning NBC’s the Choice. Cheers and Happy New Year!!!

  8. Have been a Beastdome VIP since I discovered this site 6 years ago when I was still in high school. I credit all of my fantasy football championships to Muntradamus. This year I won 2 championships, and had another 2nd place finish and a 4th. I was the number one seed in 3 of them.

    In one of the leagues I won my first 4 picks went David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Amari Cooper and Doug Baldwin and then Jimmy Graham. Not an ideal start but Munt had me draft Goff as my QB, Lockett as a handcuff to Baldwin and helped me along the way with start/sits. In the championship he told me to start Elijah McGuire over David Johnson, which I thought was crazy but I trust him and did it anyways and that extra touchdown was why I won the ship!!

    Nobody is perfect, but he’s right more than he’s wrong and the outside the box thinking is what can make the difference. His dedication to Beastdome is unmatched anywhere!

  9. First of all congrats on the Choice! Well deserved for a truly astute sports savant.

    Thank you Munt for yet another incredible VIP season. Another year, another championship. Thanks to beastdome and its beast advice! As someone said above “trust the process mofos”. Truer words were never spoken.
    Thank you Munt for your truly original content and your courage to make your own picks and help beastdome nation get beast teams every year and stand out from the groupthink of the lemmings.
    It is not easy being a beast. But someone has to do it. And that someone is you Munt.
    Thank you for showing us the way.

    Great sleeper calls every year.
    But more importantly like a bank money examiner you can spot fakes from a mile away because your eyes are so trained to know the real thing when see it, so you always prevent us from picking the bust picks that ruin our teams.
    Here’s to another great BEAST season next year…thanks Munt.
    Everyone trust the process like your name is Embiid and you’re mad Jimmy buckets is cutting into your usage rate.

  10. Just won my 12 team leaque this year ,joined beastdome about 6 years ago and ever since have made the fantasy playoffs . It is amazing how accurate Munt is ,everyone in my leaque is astonished how i predict the fantasy MVPS year after year , little do they know that i have Munt as my secret waepon . Give it a shot people you will not be disappointed . Finding this web site and Munt is a leaque winner year after year trust me.

  11. MUNT is the BEST. I followed in large part his advice all season and it led to an UNDEFEATED season! Munt really does provide, as others noted above, outside of the box analysis that you literally won’t find anywhere else. 99% of the other sites out there provide rankings based on previous results and the “common thinking” that most analysts share.

    Munt is NOT afraid to (for example) rank Patrick Mahomes 15th overall in a given week because a tough matchup, despite him being the clear #1 option all year, and while everyone else ranks him #1, because he thinks you have 14 better options that week and wants you to go with one of them. More times than not, this line of thinking PAYS OFF.

    Munt’s trade insight is also like none other. He comes into the year knowing what to expect from players, and doesn’t waver from those insights just because player X got off to a bad start, he keeps proper insight to ensure we can get some nice buy low or sell high targets — he’s the ONE rare analyst (other than myself, of course!) that has the balls to STICK TO their initial rankings, and not overreact and sway based on the early season results.

    Lastly, the reason so many of Munt’s subscribers make & win the finals is because he takes into account things that 99% of fantasy players attribute to “luck” — he specifically targets players in the playoff weeks with more likely good weather / dome matchups, teams likely to be in shootouts, etc. This is truly the X factor.

    Thank you Munt, you have a lifelong subscriber here.

    – Undefeated, 15-0

  12. Muntradamus’ QB and RB draft strategy was beastly in 2018. As a result, I drafted Big Ben and Melvin Gordon a lot this season. Munt’ s guidance led to me finishing in the money in eight FF leagues with four championships and four runner-ups. Munt’ s expert advice was key to me starting the right starting lineups in the playoffs which helped me win $30,000 for placing 2nd overall in the NFFC Rotowire Online Championship. See link:

    I also finished in the black this year in DFS following suggestions from Beastdome. I’ve had great success as Beastdome client over the past few years. Count me in as an ongoing Beastdome subscriber for as long as I play FF. This season was by far my most beastly and profitable in FF thanks to the expert of advice of Muntradamus!

  13. 2018 was an unpredictable year for fantasy football. Rookies and 2nd year players outperformed or underperformed this season, and a lot of strategies did not pan out …. that is, of course, unless you followed the wise foreshadowing of Muntradamus! I always turn to BeastDome for my fantasy football, baseball, and basketball insight, and never once have I been let down. I drafted Best Ball leagues this year, and did alright, but the only one I won first place was the one where I used Muntradamus’ VIP draft guide and got two of the top 5 overall qb’s. As the Munter likes to say … BEAST!

    I’ll always turn first to Munt’s draft guide, and 2018 was no disappointment. He’s already providing beastly baseball content (for free – and I can’t wait to see what he thinks of the 2019 NFL rookies and more. This site will WIN YOU CHAMPIONSHIPS. Trust me, I’ve been following for almost 10 years. Munt helps you DOMINATE.

    It comes down to this: if you want to beast your league, you subscribe to the BeastDome. Be a VIP – it’s 1500% worth it. DFS picks, draft strategies, trade analysis, VIP experience. BEAST!!!!!!

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