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The WR position in Fantasy Football is one of those positions where a superstar can go off like they should, but so can a #3 WR on the same team who vultured the big day with the TDs and a couple of long catches. To mess up on a WR pick in Fantasy Football where you could have used it for a valuable pick to build your team, is the quickest way to lose.

Here are 5 WRs that WILL BUST YOUR DRAFT


Who else is Andrew Luck going to throw to? While Hilton is definitely the #1/#2 and maybe #3 option for the Colts, it is no surprise to the defense they are going up against that week which will do what it takes to take Hilton out of their gameplan. Hilton is not good enough to beat double/triple coverage, he is good enough to take on a #2 Cornerback with no safety help, and that is about it. The chances of that happening at any point this season, ZERO.

Most important BUST factor for Hilton is the fact the Colts have no offensive line. With no offensive line, Hilton has no time to get downfield for Luck to make a good throw. Luck will be feeling heat, and it will be Lucky if he makes any perfect throws deep to Hilton this year with nobody around him.

Hilton is the quickest way to BURN your Fantasy League as he requires a 3rd/4th Round pick in all Fantasy Leagues.


BEAST. That is the first thing when you see Corey Davis and his big frame. Before you get too excited and start imagining the BEAST WR making big plays, rewind. Marcus Mariota is not that great of a QB for starters, he can run, but he is not someone that is going to throw for 300 yards in a game. The Titans are a run 1st/run 2nd/throw to Dion Lewis 3rd type of team.

Even when Mariota looks to make a throw down the field, Delanie Walker is always his #1 option. Rishard Matthews has become part of the love triangle the last two seasons, and Tajae Sharpe who was a preseason star a year ago is doing the same thing again, maybe Taywan Taylor on the side. Consider that Dion Lewis is catching passes this year, Corey Davis is going to have to do a lot to earn more than 6 targets a game, if that.

Do not burn a 4-6th Round Pick on a WR who will play like a WR4 at times.


What people do not remember, Quincy Enunwa was not playing last season. Quincy is a BEAST of a man who could easily become one of the favorites for Sam Darnold who would much rather make the safe throws his rookie season before he starting slinging it like a veteran.

Robby Anderson had great chemistry with Josh McCown last season, but this is not Josh McCown’s team anymore. Considering that Jermanie Kearse is back, who also had great chemistry with McCown, as well as Terrelle Pryor making noise again.


Robby Anderson is getting drafted way too high, before Round 8 in all leagues. The guy will play like a WR3 at times, and even like a WR4. It is not worth it for the occasional WR2 output, which will be far less in 2018.


Like many, I was excited for the potential of Hurns going to Dallas to replace Dez. However after watching the Cowboys this preseason, this is far from the case.

The Cowboys are stacked with average talent at WR, Gallup/Beasley/Tavon Austin/Terrance Williams, and Hurns. No option really stood for Dak during the preseason, which leaves the door open for all of them to be worthless WRs as none of them will be consistent enough to trust.

Hurns and Dak never got any chemistry going during the preseason and to expect them to pick it up early in the season especially with safety valve Cole Beasley returning and the Cowboys emphasis to get Zeke the ball early and often, Hurns is a player that is trending in the wrong direction.

Cowboys should have never let go of Dez.


ADP is rising and not updated since Marqise Lee injury, more like ADP #120 now.

Every Sheep Expert is on Keelan Cole like it is the 1930s and there is some plauge that everyone was catching and nobody knew how to stop it. First thing to remember, Blake Bortles is his QB which is automatically a big downgrade. Then consider the Jaguars want to run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run. You get the point. When the Jaguars decide to throw the ball, Bortles has a cast of average options. Dede Westbrook/Donte Moncrief/Austin Seferian-Jenkins/Niles “Jake” Paul. Bortles will not key in Keelan Cole like a trust fantasy WR2, not even WR3.

Some Sheep Experts have Cole ranked as the #25 WR, wish I can play in a league with that guy.


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  1. Keep MVP questions in the MVP article. With that being said yes when he is out there, the action is going his way. Offense is much improved from previous seasons.

  2. Rankings that were updated Tuesday are the Rankings. Nothing has changed after this past preseason Week. Keep MVP questions in MVP articles, appreciate the BEAST love

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