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A little less than a year ago on June 19th 2013.  I posted an article explaining why Montee Ball would finish as the #5 RB in Fantasy Football.




I stayed true to my word from June, and ranked him as the #5 RB in Fantasy Football Preseason for 2013.  From that day, Montee and I had a bond that cannot be broke.




Fumbles in back-to-back games to start the season was the kiss of death for Montee who witnessed Knowshon Moreno finish as the #5 RB with 1586 Total Yards and 13 TDs.  While Montee was able to have a 2 TD game, and a 100+ Yard performance on the season.  Promise was there, but opportunity was not as Moreno saw over 300 Touches.



I took my beating as a Fantasy Expert being high on Montee from day 1.  I’m sure FantasyPros will move aside my other great picks of Desean Jackson/Julius Thomas/DeMarco Murray and others just because I could not be more off on a Top 5 Overall RB. But now things are different.


Now Knowshon is in Miami.  The keys to the Bentley are handed to Young Montee.  For the same reasons listed in the article above, Montee Ball will finish as an easy Top 5 RB in Fantasy Football for 2014.


So now the other Expert Sites will start to tell you, how they are higher on Montee than everyone else.  When BEAST DOME NATION really knows who brought you Montee Ball.


















& More to Come as we are still in April






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  1. A lot of people are still hesitant on Ball, so he may end up being an early 2nd rounder, but you are right Munt, and were WAY ahead of the so called “experts”. I have a feeling Mr. Richards and others signed up for your VIP program so they could snatch up your intel =). Keep up the good work Munt, and Ill see you soon as I will be coming back for football season since the VIP experience, although different this coming season, will truly be invaluable to my and my brothers draft day. Beast on playa!

  2. Gotta give you your propers – made some great calls last year. Ball was just too raw for Peyton’s system. He should live up to things this year. Couple of things Munt – #1 – please, please, please change that hideous magenta background color. I feel like I’m going to have a seizure after reading some of your articles, and has actually prevented me from finishing some. #2 You think I should try and extract a tonne of value out of the Monte owner in my keeper league by offering Charles ub return for Monte and a host of players/picks?

  3. Wait until the NFL schedule is released on April 22nd before deciding.

    I will consider a new look for the start of the fantasy football season.

  4. I assume you’re suggesting who has the softer schedule in weeks 13-16, since they’ll play the same teams throughout the season.

    One more – Mathews or Ellington this season?

  5. Hey Munt, the true Beastdome Nation knows who was the first to call out Montee. It was you of course! It could have been Montee last year instead of Knowshon, just some bad timing. I can’t wait till the 14-15 Football season to begin. I started coming to this site last season and wish I knew about it years before. Thanks again for everything and your insight is invaluable and always appreciated!

  6. Hey Munt, looking forward to NFL 2014, mit me up with a email if you want help looking into a new look for the site. I’m sure we can figure something out. I’d also like to be able to drop some of the CSS hacks i have running to be able to read your site properly =)

  7. This will be the year of Montee’s Inferno! And I as well cant wait for this season here at the DOME!

  8. I am sure you are thick in the Baseball season but I am jonesing for some BeastDome Football content! Are we going to get some positional previews and articles in early June like last year?

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