Nick Nack Kaepernick (WEEK 4)


By Muntradamus



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His value continues to drop.  Everyone is giving up hope.  If you are running with Eli Manning at QB, look to package Eli with a WR#2 quality player such as Marques Colston and hope you can get the most explosive QB in the game, with his legs.  His value will continue to drop after this week, so now is a good time to really low-ball the offer.  Once you get in the head of the Kaepernick owner that his QB is worth nothing, he will start to crumble.  Kaep from Week 8-Week 13, will carry your squad.


This is the QB you really want.  Once Danny Amendola and Gronk return, Brady will skyrocket to Top 5 QB.  I would give up my current QB if it is in the Eli Manning Range, as well as a strong WR name like Steve Smith or Roddy White.  I would even throw in a top notch quality WR like Reggie Wayne.  Tom Brady is the answer to your QB problems, especially with how poor the running game has been for New England this season.



Do you have a pack of gum on you?  That may get CJ these days.  But in reality, throw in a good name WR like Roddy White and a good RB like Ryan Mathews, and you could have this years Top 10 RB.  CJ has BUST written all over himself right now with the emergence of F-Jax, but the season is young.  His potential is through the roof when he gets going.  If there was a time to buy extremely low, less than 20 Yards against the Jets is the time do it.


It took the Falcons all season, but they finally started to run the ball.  The week Jackson was out.  Owners are probably panicking that he will never be the same with the emergence of Snelling and JacQuizz.  Perfect, now is the time to come in and swoop up S-Jax for a fraction of his value.  He is a strong RB who should be 100+ Total Yards every week and that TD.  Go ahead and offer a good RB like Darren McFadden and a good WR name like Steve Smith to land the BEAST RB.



Not a whole lot is going right with Colston this year.  What is going right, is the fact that Lance Moore is no longer a big factor. Which should mean more targets for Ques.  Look for him to get more and more involved and start producing those big numbers like we expect.  Right now he is performing like a WR #3, when he can perform like a low-end WR #1.


You cannot get Miles for much cheaper than he is now.  Ryan Mathews straight up will get it done.  Do not forget, this guy is in a contract year and the last thing he wants is a bad season bothered by hamstring issues.  While it is leaning that way now, now is a good time to counter that and look for him to bounce back.  He is too good of a player to let his season crumble.


He has not lost all of his value yet, but he is days away from making that be the case.  With the emergence of DeAndre Hopkins and the running game in a state of Flux, Andre is seeing less and less action.  Now is not the Best Time to Buy Low, because his value will continue to drop.  Be on the lookout.



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  1. I was offered Kaepernick for T.Rich. Am I giving up too much for Kaepernick?
    12 team, .5 PPR, 6 pt pass TD – QB Rivers, RB T.Rich, Sproles, R.Bush, J.Bell, G.Bernard, M.Ball WR D.Jax, R.White, M.Austin, J.Edelman TE J.Cameron, A.Gates

    Any help would be great. Thanks guys!

  2. I have Lesean McCoy, but failed to get bryce brown too. Should i trade bradshaw to get him? thanks guys. other rb are bush, bell, sjax

  3. How about this trade I trade Cameron/Reggie Bush/Joique Bell for Foster/Finely/Bernard Pirece I have Ben Tate and Gronk what do you think?

  4. Yeah I wouldn’t give up a RB like Trent for Kaep. I might consider giving up a RB in the Gore, MJD, Morris range. I just think that once Richardson sees more reps in this offense, he’ll be closer to his top 10 status.

    Looking at your roster, I would try offering him either Edelman or Joique Bell, or if necessary both with you taking a lesser player back. Try to sell high on those two first before you get rid of your studs.

  5. I’m not sure who you have for your receivers, but I would try to deal one of them before I deal away Bradshaw. RBs are much too valuable to give up, especially for a handcuff. I have McCoy also in a few leagues and I was able to get Bryce Brown a 2 weeks ago for Vincent Brown. Even if you had to give up a WR worth a little more, just remember it’s easier to stream WRs than it is to stream RBs.

  6. I would hang on to Bradshaw. After last week he will be at least 50/50 on the touches for the next few weeks at least. Bryce Brown is a pure back up.

  7. I’m not sure I’d want to trade away Reggie. He is on Munt’s list of buy lows. However, if you can trade Cameron and Joique for an upgrade at RB, then go and do that. I’m just not extremely high on Foster right now, at least at the moment I’d rather have Bush. Especially in a PPR league. Also, with Gronk coming back you don’t really need Finley. Pierce will go back to being bench fodder as soon as this week possibly if Rice comes back.

    In other words, even if you trade away Bush, Bell, and Cameron, I think you shoot higher than Foster and a couple of guys that will be relegated to your bench for the most part.

  8. Since you have Gronk, I would just ask for a different piece instead of Finley and just stream TE for a week or two.

  9. So I just got a trade accepted where I traded away Ray Rice and got Spiller. I have Fred Jackson and the other owner had Bernard Pierce, so instead of trading handcuffs we traded #1 RBs. I have my doubts about both players, but I just feel like Spiller’s big play ability will make the trade worth it for me in the end. I have more faith in Spiller reaching 100+ yards with less than 20 touches than I do Rice. Plus Buffalo’s offense has looked pretty decent lately, so I have faith that Spiller will do his thing.

    This is a 12-team PPR league that starts a QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, a TE, Flex, and OP. D/ST and K are streaming. My roster now looks like this:

    QBs: Peyton, Schaub
    RBs: Shady, Spiller, F. Jax, Montee, J. Stew, Bryce Brown
    WRs: D. Jax, Roddy, Thompkins, Shorts, Royal, Broyles, Harvin
    TE: J. Thomas

    You guys think I made the right move with Rice for Spiller?

  10. I personally don’t like that trade too much. I like the option of possibly flexing Cameron if he stays consistent, and you have whichever player is healthy in Detroit. I think you are taking a slight downgrade in TE for a similar RB situation really.. do you have Rice?

  11. You said Kaepernick’s value will keep decreasing this week right? I’m running Kaep/Dawson and have lost my last 2 games just to them… How bad of a week do you think I am in for? Do I start a waiver qb like Flacco/Tannehill/Rivers this week over him then?

    Also, for my flex this week I’m looking at Bradshaw(I have T-Rich), Mike Wallace, and Broyles. What should I do there?

  12. Yeah, absolutely not. You’d need to be getting a Tier 1 QB for T-Rich for sure. Also Kaepernicks value is at an all time low, no reason he should be asking a top 5-8 RB for him. Should be able to get him much cheaper. However you do need a new qb in a 6pt passing TD league… try going to the Brady owner and buying him while he is low.. try not to give up T-rich though.

  13. I think I would rather own Spiller/Fjax than Rice/Pierce But I don’t think it was a huge win either way really. But I think I do like your side a little better

  14. I have two possible trades brewing. Trying to get some advice on both.
    My Roster: Eli, Bradford / sJackson, jSnelling, rBush, jBell / sSmith, cJohnson, vCruz, sSmith, nWashington, aRoberts / vDavis, hMiller
    Starters: 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 2TE/RB/WR 1TE

    Offer 1: Tom Brady and Stevan Ridley for sJax, Snelling, Bradford
    Offer 2: Stafford, Spiller, fJackson for Bush and Bell

    I came up with No1, No2 was offered to me. Thoughts?

  15. I would still start Kaep over those guys, more volatile but could break big plays even with the negative press…

    If PPR, go Broyles. If not, Wallace is your guy.

  16. Thanks. The Romo owner has Kaepernick. T Rich hasnt shown me anything that he will be a top 5-8 RB though. Especially now with Bradshaws breakout last week against the 49ers.

  17. hey bro, i picked Kaep and will roll with him every week. But, Rivers could have a big home game vs. Dallas.

    i like Bradshaw (vs. Jac) but watch out for more missed practices.

    2. Broyles (Burleson out, decent match up)
    3. Wallace (improved NO D)

  18. Rivers has looked pretty solid thru 3 games.
    Bradshaw is going to still split carries this week,Broyles and Wallace have NO and CHI this week not the best matchups

  19. Keep Reggie Bush and go after CJ? Who do you think has a higher ceiling this year?

    Considering offering Bush + Steve Smith for CJ + Garcon (or Sproles..but don’t think he’ll bite)

    I have Charles as other RB (and stashing Montee Ball). Dez and Wayne as other WRs.


  20. I was offered Spiller, Steve Smith, and the Seattle DEF for Steven Jackson, Megatron, and Cincinnati. What does the community think?

  21. For those Eli owners like me it’s kinda hard to sell anyone on him in a deal unless he’s dealt with a stud. I just offered Eli and S.Smith for Kap and the owner laughed in my face. I can’t imagine the Brady owner in my league even considering Eli and Steve Smith and even adding Nicks to the mix as a serious offer. I would also be left with Jordy, Eddy Royal and D. Moore at WR. Any suggestions?

  22. Got offered Stafford, Spiller and fJax for Bush and Bell. My qbs are eli and Bradford.
    Im heavily considering accepting but i’m riding high on bush and bell so far…

  23. I own Eli as well and I didn’t bother including him in any trade offers. Unless you put him in a deal with a Stud, he’s got virtually no trade value after that abysmal performance. Wait until he has a reasonably good game (hopefully soon) before you try to get someone to bite. People have short memories.

  24. I want to buy spiller low from a guy in my league I’m offering Ridley and Wallace or Ridley and Williams, thoughts?

  25. I will definitely not include Eli again until he plays much better. I also just asked the Brady owner in my league whether he would even entertain an offer without offering any players and he said “only for a kings ransom.” Unless the Kap and Brady owners have absolutely no clue about fantasy football, it appears that a deal for either will be very difficult to make.

  26. Munt-I’m really not sure how packaging Eli and strong WR name like Steve Smith would get a Kaep deal done. I just offered same and the owner told me it would take a “wow” offer to even consider. I also asked the Brady owner whether he’s tradeable and he replied, “only for a king’s ransom.” At least in my league, those two aren’t buy low candidates. Any other top 10 QB’s i can target to replace Eli without offering Eli?

  27. Hey Munt & BeastDomeNation –

    Here’s my team:

    QB: Cam
    RB: Charles, Forte, Bush, Le’veon Bell, David Wilson
    WR: VJax, Decker, Bowe, JGordon, Harvin
    TE: Cameron, Gronk

    Someone has offered me Spiller and Fitzgerald for Jamaal Charles. Thoughts?



  28. I feel like I’d do that trade. Especially since you’ve told me you have Eli at QB. Stafford wins over Eli I’d believe. And Bush is probably more injury prone than Spiller. FJax already has shown he’s still got some left in the tank. Joique Bell looks hot but I feel he will tire towards the end of the year and Spiller/Fjax over Bush/Bell appears even if not benefiting you.

  29. take that offer! and drop lil’ Bradford. Bush could only dream of averaging what cj has in his career. word is the Lions may trade for a WR, if they land a talented and or consistent player, Stafford should excel with the trio including CJ and Broyles. BEAST the other owner.

  30. I think you might be giving up more than you’re getting. I like Munt’s approach above, offer the lowball right now for him, a lower tier RB for you. If you start 2 RBs and a flex, you should offer your RB4 – maybe Gio, unless you think TRich is the worst RB you have.

  31. I’d wait one more week and reconsider. Bradshaw was a monster on Sunday and I’m scratching my head thinking, what does Indianapolis think they need T Rich for if Bradshaw can run like that.

  32. Unless you’re loaded at WR (AJ and Dez), I’d turn this down. You’re giving away too much with Megatron.

  33. I had Eli last year and I promised myself I’d never own him again. Strong variance is putting it mildly, but yes he will bounce back so wait a bit if the fish aren’t biting.

  34. I agree, pretty good trade. Eli and Bradford will both let you down to o often. If you’re getting this 3:2, this should be trade you say yes to.

  35. Only got Kaep+Gordon after trading Vick+Snelling (before week 3) after the Thursday night Eagles game…. I assume it’s even harder to do with Eli… a lot emotions after involved, after all Kaep’s owner probably picked him around rd 3/4 on a 12 men std ESPN… and to trade with Vick (who was rd 10) and injury prone is kinda of a risk too… a lot of sweet talking was involved…

    Brady owner just laughed at me

  36. Just traded my 12th round pick Ben Tate for Montee Ball and last week I traded my 10th round pick Knowshon Moreno for MJD. Now my backfield is LeSean McCoy, Matt Forte, Reggie Bush, Joique Bell, MJD, Rashard Menedenhall, and Montee Ball. I am lovin’ life, anyway guys make sure to put in offers on those buy low candidates. You never know.

  37. Ok Beast Nation I’m in a bind and I need you! I need Tom Brady. I really, really need Tom Brady. Here is my squad, please let me know who you think I should offer for him!

    QB – Eli/Rivers
    RB – Shady/SJax/DeMarco/Mcgahee/Bryce Brown
    WR – Jordy/Miles Austin/Fitz(I just received him for Julius Thomas)/Josh Gordon
    TE- Gronk/Finley
    D/ST – TB/KC
    K – Josh Brown

    What’s a good offer Nation?

  38. Rivers and Nelson. An offer short of that may not incline Brady’s owner to budge because they’re are expecting Brady to go off soon as well.

  39. I have a question of my own league. After adding Ball my team is:

    QB: Eli/Cam
    WR: DJax, Welker, Nicks, DeAndre Hopkins
    RB: Shady, Charles, Brown, Knile Davis, Pierce, Ball
    TE: Miller, Clay, Reed
    K: Hartley
    DEF:KC and Washington

    I want to go after graham of gronk. Their owner is in need of RBs. If Ball comes up big, should I trade shady or charles for one or the other?

  40. Guess it really depends on what the brady owner needs. Rivers has looked good this year and u have an extra te in Finley when gronk is back. What do you start in your league and where is he weak.

  41. I’ve Got
    Eli, Dalton
    Lynch, DMC, SJax, Joique Bell and Ball
    Jordy, Nicks, S.Smith, Royal, D.Moore
    Gronk, Gates

    Any suggestions as to what it would take to get Colston, A. Johnson or Miles Austin? Colston owner has Romo (Peyton as starter) and Martellus Bennett at TE. What would be worthy for Miles Austin now that he’s really buy low?

  42. Got offer for welker and I get Vick and Ty hilton. I have nicks austin and broyles Eli and flacco. Never been huge on Vick

  43. Beastdomers!!!! Need your help please…8 Man League –

    Im weak at RB with Doug Martin, Ridley, Tate, Montee and McGahee (in an 8 Man League!!!)

    My WRs, however, are B-Marshall, DeSean Jax, Nicks, Anquan, Steve Smith, Josh Gordon

    Think I should offer DeSean Jackson for CJ Spiller and/or Reggie Bush (not even sure if the owner would take it)? Or would I be giving up too much. The guy w/ CJ and Reggie is kinda hurting at receiver, but I don’t think he would take anyone below D-Jax. Any preference as to which RB to take in that one (I’m guessing CJ)


    what about Cam Newton and DeSean Jax for Kapernick or Brady and Alfred Morris (this other team has both Kap and Brady – any preference on which QB to pick up)? Cam is my only QB.

    It’s hard for me to trade away DeSean – he has such a favorable schedule, but he’s the most tradeable asset I have…

    WHich trade would be more preferrable??

    HELP will be much much appreciated and I will definitely pay it forward on this site. KEEP BEASTIN!

  44. Was offered Rice and White/Bowe for Welker and Boldin. I’m tempted because SJax and Reggie Bush are hurting me, though Rice got hurt last week.

  45. I want to try and trade Ridley away not sure who I could get for him, Im in need of a solid WR or another solid RB I currently have:
    Joique Bell
    G. Bernard

    A.J Green
    Jordy Nelson
    Mike Wallace
    Mike Williams
    Emmanuel Sanders

    I could definitely package Ridley with one of my lower WR for someone solid Im just not sure who I should try and target. Thoughts?

  46. Yes make the trade to get Bryce Brown. There are few players who can change an entire season, if LeSean McCoy were to go down, you would want Brown more than anything.

    More than Bradshaw splitting time with T-Rich.

  47. You can get more for Knowshon. As far as the believers eyes, he should average 8 Points a fantasy game. In return you should be able to get a MarQues Colston type of value. With that being said, not a bad time to cash in on Knowshon, not an impressive RB on an explosive level.

  48. Keep your options. RBs will slowly build value as the season goes, this week you have Ridley. Next week you have McGahee against his old Buff Bills. Make your makeshift RBs work before you trade your two Stars.

  49. Don’t make a trade right now. Keep your options the point is to sell players when they are at a high, not a low. Ridley will get his chance to shine Sunday Night, but you are likely going with Reggie Bush and Martin anyways this week.

    Do not sell low.

  50. Keep Charles. Fitz is not rising in any value anytime soon. Spiller has some tough games where his value could continue to drop a little. Keep Jamaal.

  51. Just wait on that Colin trade.

    He has a tough schedule coming up, you got in his head. That is all you can do at this point. Soon you will get the deal done.

  52. Hi, My WRs – Amendola, Gordon, Fitz, Nelson & Edelman. My RBs – Lynch, Moreno, Ridley and Bolden. Who would you drop to pick up either T.Smith or R.White (both dropped!!!) if at all? PPR league. Thanks.

  53. I’m 3-0 and getting frustrated with Mathews right now. He is my RB 2 right now cause Jackson is out. I like 3 backs in my lineup, but I cant do it right now. What to do?
    My Starting line up this week: ppr 1 rb/wr flex
    DeSean J
    KC defense

    S jax

    Should I try to make any trades to upgrade any where? Is so, who and should I try to trade this week, or wait until next week? Thanks!

  54. Any thoughts on trading Ray Rice? I own him and he’s been underwhelming, plus Pierce has looked solid. But I’m a little iffy about trading him since it’s a sell low and he has a good matchup this weekend @Buffalo if he plays.

    My other RBs are not so good…SJax (injured), Jacquizz (least I got one of SJax’s handcuffs), McGahee, and Brandon Bolden.

    I’m starting to think maybe I should trade for B. Pierce instead!

  55. I think Austin would be the easiest with Johnson being behind him. Probably could get austin for next to nothing

  56. Feel an upgrade at QB or RB would be needed. Unfortunate your somewhat limited w Sjax out right now.

  57. your definitely needing to improve your rb situation. If rice can be healthy he is much more versatile. Hopefully he turns it around otherwise you will need to trade for a good RB.

  58. I was just offered to receive CJ Spiller for Larry Fitzgerald…
    My team:
    QB: Stafford
    RB: Ray Rice, R. Mathews, G. Bernard, R. Mendenhall, M. Ball, W. Mcgahee
    WR: B. Marshall, L. Fitz, S. Smith, M. Colston
    TE: J. Graham
    K: M. Crosby
    Def: New England

    Should I make this trade to get a top 10 RB?

  59. I’m in a ppr league that also has 0.5 for qb completions and -0.25 for qb incompletions (so qbs score a little more, and guys that throw a ton are more valuable)

    I was offered Brady/dre/spiller/daryl richardson for vick/morris/shady. my only other qb is shaub, and my other rbs are woodhead and jon stewart. my wrs are stevie/cecil shorts/mike williams/jennings.

    do I take that trade? Can I count on spiller/drich as my top 2 rbs in order to upgrade to brady and get dre for free??

  60. I would not make that trade…i think there is too much season left to give up 2 top 10 rb’s for Brady…vick will be fine…stay with what you got

  61. need some thoughts on this….cam is on a bye and is my qb…need a qb for this week…in a 12 team standard league…tannehill vs saints is my back up…. pryor vs redskins or flacco vs bills i can pick up on waiver..also should i play shorts or miles austin at record is 1-2..have lost 2 games by less than 5 points combined – both were by teams that unleashed defensive points on me…i need a win this week..
    my line up is:
    cam / tannehill
    shorts or austin at flex
    bailey – k
    indy – d
    jordy nelson
    crosby – k

  62. Just traded James Starks (GB) for Montee Ball(Den) based on Munt’s belief. After 2 trades, now have T-Pain, CJ and SJax to go along with M-Ball. Lets see how the season shapes up in the RB departement.

  63. Flacco: Doesn’t have his most explosive weapon in Ray Rice.

    Tannehill: Might have some problems because the Saints D seems like they’re on a mission this season.

    Pryor: Facing the worst secondary in the NFL. Plus it would be a nice game for you to keep track of. :]

    Go with Pryor. But keep track of him. If he doesn’t play, go with Tannehill.

  64. Is this fair? I trade Stafford, Witten, Stevie Johnson for Brady, Heath Miller, Andre Johnson? I also have Jared Cook (who he’s not interested in)

    I’m leaning towards taking this.

    My other wr’s are Steve Smith, AJ Green, Amendola, Denarius Moore.

  65. Thanks! yeh ive been trying to get romo, but i might make the move next week if some of my cats have a decent week. Hoping rg3 and mcgahee have a decent week so i can try to trade them off.

  66. Flacco: Doesn’t have the best weapons right now with Rice out. Seems like the Ravens are gonna be the same old Ravens and approach winning with a lot more defensive approach.

    Tannehill: Seems like the Saints secondary is on a mission to make amends for how much they sucked last season.

    Pryor: lol @ Redskins secondary.

    Go with Pryor, but if he can’t suit up, then I’d go with Tannehill. Remember to pick up the kicker that goes with the qb!

  67. Thanks. I may try to do a McGahee for Pierce trade sometime soon, but not gonna bail on Rice.

    I’m in a 12-team league, so nobody has any RB depth. I got destroyed the last 2 weeks because both my main RBs (Rice and SJax) were out…

  68. I think the Bills vs Ravens game will be more of a slow paced game, something that wouldn’t benefit his fantasy stats. Though at the same time, a wild game like the Redskins vs Raiders might result in too many overthrown balls.

    But looking back, I agree with bcalum. If Justin Tucker is on the waver wire (which I doubt) then 100% go with Flacco.

  69. You guys think RG3’s ROS value is gonna finish in the top 10? The guy that owns him in my 8 Team PPR league wants to upgrade and wants to package Julius Thomas to do it. I think I could send Stafford, Edelman and Pierce to get back Thomas, RG3 and possibly another piece (though I could also use the extra slot to pick up Broyles).

    My Roster
    QB: Stafford
    RB: D. Martin, SJax, Sproles, Mathews, Pierce
    WR: D. Bryant, A. Johnson, S. Johnson, T. Smith, Hopkins, Edelman, Bowe
    TE: Gonzalez

    His Roster
    QB: RG3
    RB: Charles, CJ2K, BJGE, Tate, Boldin, D. Richardson, Mendenhall
    WR: C. Johnson, Cruz, Hartline, Boldin
    TE: Graham, J. Thomas

  70. I think I could also move A. Johnson and Pierce to another guy in my league for Gronk and Le’Veon Bell.

  71. I’m in the same situation TWHAT19. I picked up Pryor to roll with but he didn’t practice today and hasn’t been cleared to do so. If he doesn’t practice tomorrow I plan to drop him, since I don’t see how Oakland starts a recently concussed rookie QB on no practice, even against the softest secondary in football. The backup plan is either Flacco or Rivers. Buffalo hould be able to get pressure up front on Flacco, but if he has time I think he could pick the secondary apart, even with less than stellar options. Geno Smith looked great against them last week. I think the NO secondary is underrated, but their run D is suspect. If Miami can can the game in hand, they might run A LOT. The better money is on NO lighting them up early and Tannehill having to air it out a ton in the second half. He’ll probably notch a lot of yardage and a couple TDs, but two or three picks is definitely not out of the question.

  72. If you can get Gronk/Le’Veon for Andre/Pierce, take that in a heartbeat. Then wait for a big game from Mathews/Sproles and package an RB with hopkins for a WR or RB upgrade depending on your needs at the time.

  73. It’s fair; Brady will get Gronk back maybe this week and Amendola soon. His numbers will jump big time. You get a huge upgrade at WR as long as Andre is healthy. You downgrade a bit at TE. Witten gets yards that Miller normally doesn’t but Miller may / will turn out to be Big Ben’s security blanket and he’ll be the red zone ruler for TD passes.

  74. I got offered Roddy White for McFadden; Do I take this?
    My squad;
    QB: Romo/Rivers
    RB: Charles/DMC/MJD /F JAX / McGahee
    WR: Demaryius Thomas/Josh Gordon / Amendola / Santonio Holmes
    TE: Finley
    K: Dan Bailey
    D/ST: Chiefs

    I think I’m good at WR and need to keep my RB depth since it’s only week 4. I also need to drop somebody this week to pick up a TE since Finley is on bye. Do I drop Rivers or somebody else?

  75. Great trade; Lacy will be back after the bye and Starks will go back to a backup. Young Montay will set you up for the stretch run, when it counts!

  76. Need a bye week filler for a 3rd WR slot. 12 team league so not a whole of options…some notables available include..Aaron Dobson, Godlen Tate, Kendall Wright, Davone Bess, Nate Washington, M. Sanu, Harry Douglas, and Riley Cooper

    I get a small amount of PPR points

  77. I’m not a fan of McFadden, but Id keep him. I still think Roddy White has a strong second half of the season but then again he is one play from making his injury worse. He really should just sit out and get healthy. Also WR’s are deeper than RB’s…I already have several posts in my leagues titled “looking for RB”

  78. I’d keep Stafford over RG3. The ONLY reason RG3 has had the stats he has had is because the team has been god awful. You have to remember the Redskins don’t want to throw the ball. I think they ranked 30th last year in pass attempts. They want to run it, RH3 is great at running it but the team is scared to use him on the read option. This a healthy player but mediocre one. Stafford has a lot more weapons and rumors are they will try to trade for Josh Gordon.

  79. Wright and Bess will net you some safe ppr points but their yardage upside is limited. Locker seems to love Nate Washington and they wont be able to run on the Jets D so locker should be chuckin’ it most of the day. Nate is the de facto #1 WR with Britt in a funk. I’d roll with Nate.

  80. 14 team league – I’ve got:

    QB – Tannehill
    WR – Austin
    WR – Doug Baldwin
    RB – T. Rich
    RB – DeMarco Murray
    TE – Julius Thomas (Thanks Munt!)
    WR/TE – Gronk
    BN – Pryor
    BN – Ryan Mathews
    BN – Ben Tate
    BN – Jonathan Stewart
    BN – Johnathan Franklin

    Need some help at the WR and QB spot in a league that is short on RBs because it’s 14 teams.

    Trades I have received:
    Kap for Murray
    Garcon for Julius Thomas
    RGIII & Garcon for Tannehill & Gronk
    Rothlesberger for Mathews

    I dont know how i feel about the offers. I like my core a lot….Any trade suggestions? Counter offers? Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

  81. Thoughts on who I should start at my flex its either Joique Bell or Giovani Bernard, I have Ridley on the bench and am gonna keep him there till he starts outperforming these two

  82. I am struggling @ RB guys. I have GRONK and the SPILLER owner wants to make a trade. I already have Julius Thomas and Jared Cook. Deal or no deal??

    Any help would be much appreciated guys

  83. you already have Julius, should be fine in that high powered offense. if you are hurting for RB make the deal, Julius will carry you. Think of it this way, if you start Gronk what will you do with Julius…you will have a top TE not getting you any points if he is on the bench. unless you have flex. Make the trade, upgrade at RB and run with a solid TE in Julius.

  84. Was offered the following trades in a 14-team league:
    Garcon for Julius
    RG, Garcon for Gronk, Tannehill
    Kap for Murray

    My Squad:
    QB – Tannehill
    WR – Austin
    WR – Doug Baldwin
    RB – Trent
    RB – Murray
    TE – Julius Thomas
    W/T – Gronk
    BN – Pryor, Stewart, Tate, Mathews, Franklin

    RB’s are hard to come by in this league Looking to upgrade at WR or QB, any thoughts on the trades? should i counter for more?

    appreciate the feedback

  85. Keep Gronk, Gronk is going to help you win your league, he is a great difference maker, scores high consistently. I’d keep the Gronk. I’d trade Julius Thomas, he has a great situation, but there will never be a ball hog on that team, the ball spreads throughout the whole offense. So he’s limited by this. He has a lot of value as of now, trade Julius Thomas. Cook’s value is also a little low as of now, he will have much better days. I would try proposing a WR 2/3 along with Julius Thomas for C.J. just to see if hes interested.

  86. Good points guys, thanks. I actually decided to offer Johnson/Bowe/Pierce for Gronk/Bell/Gordon. I’m essentially selling low on Bowe and he’s selling high on Gordon so hopefully he see’s it that way. If Gordon does, by chance, end up in Detroit I’d have a sick QB/WR combo. Detroit could end up with a Rice/Owens type corps.

  87. I would make that move yesterday. Gronk is almost guaranteed production, but on any given Sunday Thomas can match it. Spiller’s ceiling is very high and if he get’s somewhere in the vicinity he’ll deliver top 15-20 overall like production. I’d make that trade if my other TE was Gonzalez.

  88. Flex: Marlon Brown, D.Hopkins, Montee or Tate? Not much to choose from since half my players are injured or on a bye. Anyone’s thoughts or comments will be appreciated

  89. Looking to offer a friend Steve Smith + Miles Austin +Jaquizz for Colston + David Wilson…Thoughts?

    My current team:
    QB: Cam
    WRs: Dez, Wayne, Smith, Tavon Austin (ugh), Miles Austin
    RBs: Jamaal, Reggie, Montee Ball, Jaquizz

    He desparately needs WR help (best wr outside of Colston is Torrey Smith), and has given up completely on wilson.

    any help would be awesome thanks

  90. Should I trade lynch for Antonio brown and Chris Johnson, it’s .5ppr and I got Jennings, nicks and hartline at wr and lynch, Morris, Mathews and Ridley at rb

  91. I would look to see which position is deepest in the free agency and drop that position to get a tight end for the bye, also if there aren’t any tight ends ur confident with don’t be afraid to just go without one cuz all your players are worth a roster spot

  92. I’d hold onto Brown myself. Your RB situation is pretty solid already, but your receivers are a little inconsistent. Brown should be your most valuable guy if that lineup stays in place. Unless you think you can flip Johnson for a better WR…

  93. What does Miles Austin skill set have to do with his chronic hamstring issues? He’s too good of a player to let this be a lost season? Right now, he doesn’t have a choice. I’m not following your logic.

  94. Hi guys, I’ve been trying to trade for Gronk since week 1 and man is the owner stingy as fuck. With Munt’s blessing, I’ve up the trade last week to Roddy White/Bradshaw for Gronk/Bryce Brown but no go. He wants Julio Jones for Gronk/Bryce. Should I take the offer?

    Current WR core: Julio Jones, Gordan, Bowe, White, Harvin. I feel like my WR core would be shaky if I let Julio Jones go.

  95. I would just drop Eli to the waivers and pick up another QB instead of giving out all those WRs.. my thoughts

  96. Absolutely not. Julio is the top receiver in the league so far. You could get a solid running back for him. Your WR performance would take a HUGE hit without him.

  97. This is a trade market page. Munt is just saying to buy low on Miles Austin and don’t be afraid of his chronic hamstring issues. He’ll bounce back once his hamstring heals and kill it so he doesn’t get trade/cut/replace.

  98. 12 team PPR, failed to read the beast draft strategy before my draft, but upgrading my team through trades. Main addition to elude me so far is Montee, very reluctant owner (maybe they are just part of beast nation).

    My team now:
    QB: Stafford, Vick
    RB: J Charles, T-Rich, Gore, LeVeon, Pierce
    WR: Julio, J Nelson, Amendola, Gordon, Broyles
    TE: Graham

    His team:
    QB: Wilson, Bradford
    RB: A Morris, Rice, Ball
    WR: D Jax, Colston, R White, A Jeffrey
    TE: Finley, K Rudolph

    Seems obvious to me to offer Pierce for Montee straight up, but dude won’t budge. Tried a lowball Gordon/Pierce for White/Montee, guy counters with T-Rich/Gordon for White/Montee. Do I leave well enough alone here, what’s reasonable for Montee?

  99. I proposed an interesting trade, thought I’d see what people think.

    I give him: Steven Jackson/Amendola/Ahmad Bradshaw
    He gives me: CJ Spiller/Roddy White/Joique Bell

    He just picked up CJ Spiller on the WAIVER WIRE (work league, the old guy in the office dropped Spiller for M.Ingram…) and he is stacked at RB now but 0-3 and I am 1-2.

    My team:
    QB: Romo
    WR(2): Hakeem Nicks, Josh Gordon, Danny Amendola, Steve Smith, TY Hilton
    RB(2 and a WR/RB flex): Adrian Peterson/Steven Jackson/Reggie Bush/Bradshaw/Leveon Bell
    TE: Gronk/Heath Miller

    His team:
    QB: RGIII, Luck
    WR: Wes Welker/Jordy Nelson/Roddy White/ Eddie Royal
    RB: Trent Richardson/Alfred Morris/Frank Gore/Joique Bell/DeAngalo Williams/ CJ Spiller
    TE: Julius Thomas

    Thoughts? I am trying to plan long term, and I am hoping Spiller/White bounce back and Joique Bell would be a great handcuff for me (and he gets Bradshaw to handcuff Richardson).

  100. Leave well enough alone man. Like Munt said, T-Pain is up there with the Lynch and McCoy now so don’t trade him. Your team is stacked dude. I say LeVeon for Montee is very fair. Of course, this is before Montee blows up.

    Drop Pierce for Bryce if you can. I’ve been trying to get Bryce in a Gronk package and its been frustrating.

  101. I’d just trade handcuffs. You’ve waited out Amendola this long, so you’re basically selling low to buy Roddy low. While Spiller has great upside, he’s still in a timeshare. You can easily wait out SJax’s return with AD/Bush. When SJax returns, he’ll be the unquestioned feature back. Other than getting Joique, I don’t see how this trade helps you.

  102. Hmm, good point. The problem I see is that Joique right now is a much more appealing handcuff than the injured Bradshaw. Even when Bush plays, Bell has value. Bradshaw COULD retain plenty of value, but not sure.

    What about this idea, I trade him R.Bush for T.Rich? Bush has far out performed Richardson, but I like the upside of T.Rich. Thoughts?

  103. I have a pretty tough team but it is a close race with the other guy in my League who is also 3-0.
    Team: Payton, Foster, Snelling, Brandon Bolden, Wilson, A. Brown, Daryl Richardson, Demarious Thomas, Desean Jackson, Eddie Royal, Bowe, Harvin, Witten, Gronk.

    I am thinking about trading Foster, Richardson and Bowe and receiving Morris, DeAngelo Williams and Roddy White….

    I am trying to make this team a power house and I personally think Richarson on the Rams offense isnt going to do anything for me. The Bowe-Smith connections just hasnt happend yet plus I woulnt start bowe over any of my other guys but Roddy when healthy is a different story. Foster like the above post says just doesnt look like the running back he was. I appreciate the advise boys!

  104. @David you should do that trade, but the other guy probably won’t. Foster has been on the decline, Richardson doesn’t really have any real potential with Pead there and as you mentioned Bowe is looking like a bust in the dink and dunk Smith offense. Meanwhile Morris has performed very well so far and the Helu threat isn’t as real as we thought (Shananigans is resting). Williams has done well and White still has the potential to do great things during the playoffs.

  105. Im really hesitant to accept this but…a guy wants my desean jackson and he is willing to part with ridley, MJD, and gates.
    I have mccoy, murray, bush, bryce brown, sproles, and j-stew.
    I have d-jax, boldin, r. white, and givens.
    I have jimmy graham.
    I have one roster spot open and I will probably drop givens.

  106. I would NOT do that deal. You already supremely loaded @ RB with Shady, Murray and Bush. It would weaken your WR position greatly. Roddy is still on the mend and teams decide to take away Boldin, you’re in trouble. Keep DJax;
    Riddle Me This will just back fill your bench and MJD’s QB situation cripples him. Keep DJax.

  107. Those of you who were in the Beastcast session heard Munt layout the QB/K combo strategy; On Sunday you saw it working to perfection in the Lions’ game with Stafford and Akers combining to put a sweet point total on the scoreboard.

  108. I wish I could say the same for Romo/Bailey. I miss the day Romo had 16pt instead of 20pt, but Bailey had 17pt. Feels like Romo is being such a pussy with his offense.

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