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  1. I asked this on one of the other pages, but I feel like this would be more suitable to ask…

    What do y’all think about Spiller’s value? Still worth Reggie Bush and Joique Bell? My friend who’s a Spiller owner is DYING to get rid of him.

  2. I don’t think so. I would stick with Bush/Bell. Either one has been solid. I kept Bell and started him week3 and glad i did. Spiller is splitting carries with Fjax still and has his own history of injuries.

  3. In a friggin’ tough spot with S-JAX injured and J. Nelson on a bye…

    I need a FLEX and a WR…

    QB: Kaep
    RB: Shady, Murray, S-JAX, Bryce, Montee, McGahee, Ivory (going to drop?)
    WR: Nelson, D-JAX, Miley, Gordon
    TE: Clay
    K: Not decided yet (just traded vick for kaep so dropping Henery)
    D: Tampa Bay

    Hartline, Streater is on the waiver…


  4. Spiller is in a split and banged up … Teams are also starting to make buffalo throw the ball .Bell might honestly out score him ROS. I would look for a 2nd player to upgrade elsewhere In that deal WR /TE etc

  5. Spiller is A-splitting B-banged up already. With the splitting touches the injury history and Buff passing more no way you can take that deal without a 2nd player coming to help elsewhere .

    I’ll also take a gentlemens bet Joique ends up on par end of year with Spiller nevermind bush

  6. Nope… Powell was drafted… Ivory was the one i got off waivers some time during week 2… I guess with this hamstring… he’s bye bye and switching to Hartline

  7. Burleson was driving home when he was in a single-car wreck. Burleson is undergoing surgery. 4-6-8 weeks ? Broyles for sure worth a look now of avab in your leagues

  8. My WRs: Julio Jones, Wayne, Garcon, Deandre Hopkins, Givens

    My RBS: AP, Bush, Daniel Thomas, Pierre Thomas, Isiah Pead

    Got a trade offer: Wayne and Pead for J. Bell and Wright/Holmes/orJennings.

    Trying to lock up J. Bell? Think it’s worth it? Very hesitant but R. Bush on turf is starting to scare me a bit.

  9. Kenbrell, Dobson (Pats) Holmes, Hill, kerley (Jets) Streater, Moore (Raiders) Hankerson, Moss (Redskins) Hartline (Dolphins)… Those are the only plug and plays that I can see right now

  10. Yeah. No way I take spiller right now. Chan gaily was a master of getting spiller in space. This coaching staff seems content running Fred and cj right up the middle without any unique spread offense. Keep bush and Joaquin.

  11. I think kenbrell would be the best choice. He was highly targeted last week and he seems to be picking up offense.

  12. Qb: Kaepernick
    RB: shady, demarco,Sjax, Giovanni, Mcgahee, Ball
    WR: bmarshall, Wayne, Gordon, miley
    Te: Jimmy G

    I got offered Ray Rice and Colston for Marco and Reggie Wayne. What are your thoughts?

  13. Keep Bell and Bush – espeically while Bush is out. Spiller is splitting fut for now Bell is BEAST

  14. Hey guys, help with a trade would be appreciated:

    QBs: P. Manning, Palmer
    RBs: Adrian Peterson, Murray, Pierce, Ball, Mendehall
    WRs: Nicks, Wallace, Shorts, Royal
    TEs: Graham, Gates

    Been proposed a trade involving Peterson for Jamaal Charles and Reggie Wayne. I am 3-0 in our league but I am lacking a consistent receiver.
    Any advice would be appreciated!

  15. Jets have titans this week and that D is better than they get credit for . NE v ATL looks so far like Dola out again so one of the kids there not a bad option

  16. Ryan Brolyes would be a great add in all leagues with Nate Burleson breaking his arm in a car accident last night. He’s take over slot duties as the lions WR2 for the next 6 weeks and likely the season if his knees holds up. Grab him if you can.

  17. Rice did nothing for 2 weeks then blew out a hip. And colston has yet to impress me this year personally I think it’s a lose lose

  18. I have Gronk & Cameron – Who are some players to target and either WR or RB

    QB – Stafford
    WR – Marshall/Austin/Stevie J/ Harvin/
    RB – Martin/Murray/Lacy/FJax

  19. I need some tight end help,
    I picked up Heath Miller off the waiver wire and have been waiting for him to get healthy. I am starting Charles Clay right now and he has been pretty good. Now that Miller is back and healthy though I don’t know who to start, Heath or Charles Clay? Thoughts?

  20. Keep Tate, he has been producing as a back up, and if Foster goes down he could be considered a TOP 5 RB – Bowe is stuck with Alex Smith who, consistently checks down to RB or another WR who isnt down field. Stay away from dwayne bowe

  21. I think you take Rice. You are getting the best player in the deal and the receivers are pretty much equal.

  22. If smith would target him Bowe it would be a ok deal. Tate has been too solid with a fragile vegan in front of him , hard to take that deal

  23. I’d still go with Clay. Seems more integrated into MIA offense than Miller at this point. Heath should gain value as season goes on.

    For me, I need to upgrade out of Eli at QB. Trying to trade for Brady (this owner has Peyton already). Would giving Eli + Roddy be a sound offer? My WRs are: Steve Smith, Josh Gordon, Blackmon.

  24. I wouldn’t do it… Eli is all the Giants have… I would say that this is the closest to his worst game

  25. My thoughts with the Pats situation even with Ammendola out (if)… Gronk is back, Edelman demands target… Kenbrell vs Santonio Holmes vs Brian Hartline makes Santonio the better plug and play at this point (even when powell runs, he’s not the type that breaks run) and Geno seems to have the thing for Santonio

  26. I wouldn’t hesitate accepting that trade. You’re still able to play Charles/Murray/Pierce now and have the extra depth once Ball hits big.
    At the same time, you are getting a massive #1 WR in Wayne. With Richardson there, the offense will only become more potent.

  27. Also, I have Gronk, so hoping with Brady I can double-dip with points. Another problem is, Steve Smith is on bye and Blackmon still suspended. If trade works, only availabe starting WR on my team this week is Gordon, so will need to use waiver to get another starting WR… waiver choices are Nate Washington, Denarius Moore, Santonio Holmes, Santana Moss… either should be fine for WR fill-in this week

  28. I traded Vick for Kaep; Kaep played as badly as Eli, but never came across my mind to bench him over players like Manuel, Smith etc…

    Benching studs is the way to lose weeks

  29. Few questions for the DOME

    My team:
    qb: Kap,rivers
    wr: djax,boldin,white,gordon,givens
    te: gronk,jthomas
    k: hartley
    D: Min *for now* looking at dallas/indy/baltimore/tampa

    Any opinions on rolling with rivers this week as kap is playing absolutely horrible? I want to believe hes gonna produce but this 49ers team seems completely out of it. Alex smith is also out on waivers (hes looking pretty good himself)

    Also Does anyone think it is worth dropping givens for ryan broyles?

    Recommended D this week?

    Thanks Guys!

  30. if 49ers goes back to using the pistol after realising the conventional offense is not working out… I expect Kaep to be a killer on the ground and pound game

  31. The way I’m seeing it, you’re giving up the #1 RB for the #4 RB & possibly a top 20 receiver before it’s all said & done. Personally, I would take that trade. The deal is even sweeter if you’re in a PPR league.

    Then you can rid yourself of Royal’s uncertainty by trading high on him.

  32. Been offered cj2k for Jordan Cameron and Shane vereen. Should I make this trade?

    Qb: Vick, romo
    Rb: Martin, Ridley, ball, vereen
    Wr: T. Smith, S. Smith, Cruz, tavon Austin
    Te: graham, Cameron

    Beast dome nation help a brotha out!

  33. I like EJ Manuel. He is beginning to run more and is already having some good success without crazy run numbers. WHen those come, definitely top 15 and probably top 10

  34. Hey guys….I really need someone to tell me to pull the trigger or not on this trade: The guy with the best record in my league proposed a trade where he SENDS ME: Moreno, Ball, Davis, Spiller and I SEND HIM Lynch & roddy white. Take it immediately or what?

  35. So two handcuffs that are pretty solid for possibly the best RB in the league right now and (POSSIBLY) a healthy Roddy for later in the season/postseason. He’s thinking long term but this could be a good short term and long term trade for me

  36. I would not take it. Lynch is super solid, and White will be by the end of the season. Look at their stats for the past few seasons. Much more consistent than any player they are offering you. Also, the running back combos he is offering involve situations where you will not know who to start between the two because of time share issues.

  37. Alright BEAST DOME NATION, I have a question for ya and hopefully you have an answer or opinion for me.

    Here is my squad
    QB – Eli
    RB – Shady, SJax, DeMarco, McGahee, Bryce Brown, Snelling
    WR – Jordy, Miles Austin, Josh Gordon, Britt
    TE – Gronk, Finley
    D/St – TB
    K – Josh Brown.

    I just traded Julius Thomas for Larry Fitzgerald to bolster my WR core. I figured why not since I am so deep there and Gronk is returning. My question is who should I pick up for backup QB? Eli just isn’t cutting it and I don’t want to waste my season because Eli can’t compete w/ the other QB’s and the rest of my team is extremely deep IMO. Big Ben, Rivers, Manuel and Locker are available

  38. Personally I’m holding on to him, remember this is not a sprint it’s a race. I believe in munt and if that means holding one bench spot for a potential playoff BEAST, then so be it

  39. MY TEAM
    QB: Peyton
    RB1: AP
    RB2: Spiller
    Flex: Mendenhall, Mathews, Nicks, Vereen
    WR1: Marshall
    WR2: Demaryius
    TE: Gates, Finley
    D/ST: Seahawks

    With the QB/WR combo, I’ve been trying to diversify and swap Thomas for Green. I’ve been offered Green, Gordon, and McGahee for Thomas, Mendenhall, and Vereen. Thoughts? Am I too shallow at RB to take that?

  40. I agree with Cnop. Picking week-to-week between Rivers and Eli based off matchup should hopefully provide you some decent points at the position.

  41. Wallace looks as unreliable as he did in Pitt.
    I would go shorts all day especially with blackmon back soon to take pressure off

  42. Since you have Bush I would definitely consider it. Luck is getting very comfortable with other targets and the backfield will definitely it’s touches. Bell would step right in as a playable part of your roster and Garcon should improve enough to take over for Wayne to some degree.

  43. Ball is a lottery ticket. Good chance you’ll have spent a small amount for nothing, but if you hit the powerball you will be swimming in fantasy gold. Depending on the rest of your bench and bye-week needs, I would roll with ball. I didn’t draft him, but I’m making my waiver claims to get someone to trade for him this week and stash for now.

    I repeat, if the rest of your team is legit and you’re sitting pretty for playoff contention, don’t get caught up on having a bunch of servicable guys on your bench. Start buying lottery tickets.

  44. PPR & TE flex: If you can flex Cameron (some leagues W/R flex, some W/R/T), I’m not sure I’d make the deal. He looks to be for real. You’re hurting at RB for sure, but I would look to waivers or elsewhere for a RB.

    Standard and/or no TE in flex spot: Cameron’s flex value falls if it’s not PPR and/or no TE flex, but I’d still shop for RB help. CJ0K leaves a lot to be desired.

  45. Rueben above is correct. Unless your league has eighty bajillion starting spots, it does you no good to have an equal amount of points spread thinly among a bunch of guys. That and Roddy should be back soon. Do you really want to be that deeply invested in the Buffalo running game? The first deal you posted is also terrible. Your team can’t be so bad that all four of those guys would start for you. There’s a reason this guy is in first place, and I suspect it’s duping people into this kind of trade.

  46. Tough Call but I would do it. I am up one the WR you are getting and down on thomas.

    Mcgahee Mendenhall vereen are all very similar rankings to me. You then get a solid wr3 which you really need. especially for all the byes. I think you can live on the 4 rbs. AP SPILLER MATTHEWS MCGAHEE. Any chance you could pick up j Stewart off waivers? I would without question pick him and drop a back up or drop a backup TE. You can waive a TE for a week.

  47. What kind of Value do you guys think we could trade Julius Thomas. 1 for 1?

    Is Gio too high?

    Is Steve Smith about right? I just feel like nobody loves tight ends not named gronk or graham.

  48. Make the trade to get Gordon, Green, McGahee. Thomas is great, but hes only getting a nibble of what the Denver offense is. Green is an upgrade and Gordon could have a great season. McGahee is a fair trade with Mendenhall. Vereen Will be in a timeshare upon return. Is J. Stewart still available in your league?

  49. I take that in a heartbeat if I’m you. Green is numero uno in cincy, while thomas has to battle decker and welker (and now j thomas) for touches every week –> upgrade with green. gordon is definite upgrade from mendenhall and mcgahee is actually healthy. you can roll with snelling, franklin, and hell, even matthews. I say take it!

  50. What do we think about MJD for Torrey Smith? My current WR are Steve Smith, Mike Williams, Denarius Moore, Hopkins and Thompkins (I need a legit receiver bad). I’d still have Charles, Bush, J. Bell and Bernard as RBs.

  51. The one for one might be a little difficult with Gio’s role expanding over the last couple of weeks, but I’d still try for it.

  52. If your other TE is Graham or Gronk I like it a lot. Marshall will be an elite option every week and Kaepernick SHOULD get it together, though it seems that he’s forgotten how to play football lately. I do think Cameron is going to keep coming up huge all year, so hopefully you didn’t sacrifice much there.

  53. i agree with Thomas…Kaep should get it together. especially when Vernon Davis returns to the lineup. i would only worry about Cameron…so far as he looks like he’ll be beast all season long.

  54. I would think you’re selling too low. You’re probably more in the ballpark for Mike Wallace. Eric Decker maybe is too up & down, but maybe you can get an owner of Josh Gordon to move for MJD? (If he’s scared of the QB situation.) TY Hilton, Steve Johnson & Antonio Brown would also be better value.

  55. if you need a WR, that doesn’t seem too bad in my opinion. it’s not like either the Jags or Ravens offense is clicking…but with defenses stacking the box, i like Torrey Smith’s fantasy prospects better (even if Flacco is his QB).

    are there any other WR1 that you can trade for?

  56. Thoughts on trading Boldin to receive Roddy White? Is that too much to give up? Other receivers are Desean/Jordy/Miles Austin/Mike Will

  57. i’m in a PPR league. i’m thinking about dropping J. Edelman for one of the following:

    – Ryan Broyles (with Burleson out in a pass heavy offense, i’m leaning towards this at the moment…)
    – Denarius Moore
    – Santonio Holmes

    as Munts has stated, i also think Edelman’s value has dropped. consider that Dobson and Thompkin’s have been getting a large amount of targets every week (and finally produced last week). in addition, Gronkowski and Amendola should be returning within a week or 2.

    if not, would i be better off trying to trade Edelman for a WR2?

    the other WR’s on my team are:
    – Anquan Boldin
    – Mike Wallace
    – Miles Austin

  58. DO NOT MAKE THAT TRADE MAN. He is buying MJD very low from you. Finding a starting RB is much harder than a WR. You need to keep MJD.

  59. Should I trade Joique Bell straight up for H Nicks? I’m thin at WR.. this is a 14 person STD league.

    QB – Romo
    RB – Rice, Murray, Joique Bell, B Pierce, Montee Ball, Dunbar, McGahee
    WR – Marshall, M Austin, Kenny Britt, Kendall Wright
    TE – Gronk

  60. that’s what i was thinking…should i hold off on picking up Moore or Broyles?

    my current roster:

    QB: Eli Manning
    WR: Anquan Boldin
    WR: Julian Edelman
    RB: Matt Forte
    RB: DeMarco Murray
    TE: Rob Gronkowski (assuming he plays this weekend)
    FLEX: Julius Thomas
    DEF: Tampa Bay

    BENCH: Mike Wallace, Miles Austin, Willis McGahee, Steven Jackson, Ryan Tannehill, Owen Daniels, Carolina Def

    – i’m thinking of dropping Tampa Bay after this week and sticking with Carolina
    – i offered another team to trade me Montee Ball for Owen Daniels

  61. I ended up pulling the trigger on it. I do agree, KaKumbas, that I sold MJD at a pretty low value. Unfortunately with Smith on bye this week, I was faced with starting some combination of Mike Williams, Hopkins or Moore. MJD’s value gained a little strength when he scored a garbage TD vs the Seahawks, but it still wasn’t inflated enough to get one of the better tier guys. I pushed for Andre Johnson, Cruz, D. Jax, Julio (with a package), etc. I like T. Smith a lot now that his value isn’t tied completely to deep TDs. He’s put up at least 8.5 pts each week without the scores and I’m sure they will start coming soon. I was worried that MJD will face 8 man boxes all year (esp. now that Gabbert is back), and that by the time he actually puts up a good game I’d be out of contention (I’m 1-2, but but have a tough few matchups coming and a few byes).

  62. If Moore or Broyles is out there I’d say grab em. Pryor has a concussion, not sure how much that will affect Moore this week. Broyles should have at least 5-6 catches a game with Burelson out.

  63. I’m in the same boat. It’s an 8 team PPR league, and all of those guys are available. I did just pick up Moore over Broyles in a 10 team standard league, but in the PPR I’m leaning towards dropping Edelman and taking a flier on Broyles. Edelman will definitely pile up targets as long as Amendola sits, but I like Broyles’ prospects down the line. He’ll get a TON of looks in the interior and essentially be the safety valve that Pettigrew never turned into (in my opinion). He’s WAY more talented than Burleson, so he should stay plenty involved as long as he’s healthy. I’m comfortable with dropping Edelman and letting another owner get his last week or two of relevance if I get a better longterm (i.e. playoff) option. That said I’m trying to package Edelman to see if I can get value out of him before just dropping him.

  64. Dola supposedly back for week 5.
    I would for sure take a shot at Holmes or Moore over Broyles or Edelman

  65. I’ve got a couple questions for everyone…

    1) Is it worth picking up Isaiah Pead this week? What is Isaiah Pead’s long term value?

    2) Since its starting to get there, I will need a backup QB in week 6 to replace Matt Ryan. Originally I was going to pick up Weeden to use but he may not have that starting job anymore. Who else is a good fill in QB? If Weeden does come back is he still the best option?

    3) Is it worth trading Pead, McGahee, or Blount for Montee Ball?

  66. Looking for some other perspectives. Should I drop someone for Le’Veon Bell? I think he might be a solid workhouse back in a league full of committees. 10-team league, my roster is (1PPR League): QB: Stafford
    RB: Forte, Morris, MJD, D-Rich, Spiller
    WR: Cobb, Garcon, Bowe, Shorts, Hopkins, Amendola
    TE: Cameron

    I know my roster is solid, but every bit of additional value counts. I’m leaning towards D-Rich, Bowe, Shorts, and Hopkins as droppable guys if Le’Veon is a stud, but who knows for sure. I know I have a tendency to tinker too much with my roster, so maybe I need someone to tell me to leave it alone.

  67. I’m not a fan of giving up running back depth…but you definitely need another WR. I’d try McGahee and Britt for some useful WR. Nicks will be too much for that but it’s worth a shot before giving up someone like Bell. Look for an owner that is starting a backup RB (Tate, FJax, etc.)

  68. what should i do with this team? im sitting at 2-1 but my wins have come against the 2 worst teams in the league. quite frankly i’m not sure i can keep up with the scoring [they’re both 0-3].

    QB: newton, romo
    RB: martin, sproles, ridley, tate
    WR: marshall, wayne, nicks, shorts, harvin
    TE: jordan cameron

  69. 1 & 3) Ball is much better to stash on your bench. I don’t like Pead now or long-term. McGahee is about the most you should offer for Ball, and it certainly has risk. They likely won’t take Pead or Blount since they could’ve “traded” Ball to the wire for those guys already and turned it down.

    2) Weeden is not good. Detroit can shut down better QBs than him. who else is available?

  70. You need to trade a QB for a RB. That likely means shipping superCam away unless you got a Cowboys fan in your league. You should be able to get a decent RB for Cam. Then roll with Romo. As is, your RBs are not going to get it done. have you tried to trade Tate to Foster’s owner?

  71. I’m jealous of your RB situation already. I wouldn’t drop any of your WRs – don’t drop Hopkins because Andre Johnson’s probably gonna miss a few games sometime this season.

    Bell’s gonna be better than D-Richardson, so that’s the only person I’d consider dropping for Bell.

  72. week 4 sit/start dilemma: who do I start at RB2: Moreno/Sproles/injured Ray Rice, at WR2: Wayne/Gordon and at flex: loser of WR2/ loser of RB2….. I need serious help

  73. I’m in a similar situation I actually think your team is good. Better days must be ahead for Stevan Ridley, with glennon throwing for the buds it should mean more touches for Doug Martin, at receiver Reggie Wayne will pick it up still the target leader in Indy, and Shorts a similar effect getting double digit targets a week (any competent wr should rack up at least 80 yards a week with totals like that) you’ll be fine with points

  74. you could try to trade d-rich+hopkins for one of munt’s buy low receivers to free up a slot. otherwise i’m not ringing the bell just yet

  75. In my league I have RB McCoy , Lamar Miller,J.Charles and Ben Tate .WR Mike William, Roddy White, Pierre Garcon,DeAndre Hopkins. Is it worth trading anybody to pickup montee Bell off waiver wire

  76. As of now, the top QB’s in points scored that are available are:
    Geno Smith, Jake Locker, Jay Cutler, Ryan Tannehill, Carson Palmer, Brian Hoyer, and Chad Henne

  77. Go with what lcoreyl is saying…

    1) Trade Cam.

    2) Trade Tate to Foster owner if you can get enough value for him.

    You can probably get two RB2 for both of them.

  78. Just got an intriguing trade offer

    I send: Jared Cook, Jordy Nelson
    I get: Ben Tate, Dwayne Bowe, 49ers D

    Really leaning towards declining it, but I really need a D and I’m pretty thin at RB, he’s in the same position at TE and WR

    (10-team standard)

  79. Seattle needs Harvin, DWilliams seems to be putting up good enough numbers so Stewart might not be the insta-start when he comes back. Seattle is already dangerous but with Harvin back, Wilson is a sure-fire bet to feed the ball.

    If I had to choose, upside looks Harvin’s way.

  80. start sproles, wayne, gordon but still look for a good week from knowshon as to deal him for a long-term option

  81. Hey guys, this is my first year following Munt and I cannot get over the expansive wealth of FF knowledge here. With that said, I’d like your input on my current roster. League is QB/WR/WR/WR/RB/RB/TE/K/DEF

    My roster:

    QB – Brees/Cutler
    WR – T. Smith/J. Gordon/Welker/Nicks/Edelman/Harvin
    RB – Shady/J. Bell/P. Thomas
    TE – Clay/Finley
    K – Prater (getting me far too many points to pick up Henery)
    DEF – Bal

    Autodraft league (odd, but fun) and I’ve been trying to work things into my favor ever since. Obviously I’m a bit short at RB (especially after dumping D. Wilson last week; he wasn’t doing me any good and actually cost me a Week 1 victory with his -3 points) and no one is really receptive to trades just yet. Should I pick up M. Bush/McGahee/D. Thomas as free agents right now? If so, who would you drop? I can really only see dropping Nicks/Edelman at this point. What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance

  82. Pick up mcgahee, and it’s really a toss up between Edelman and nicks but I’d lean towards dropping Edelman with gronk and amendola coming back, nicks is still #2 in NY and the giants will get back on track eventually

  83. dropping d. will….you should have dropped P. Thomas IMO. McGahee would be a nice pick up.
    I would agree with dropping Edelman.
    And boy you need to get some sense of urgency. You dropping players willy nilly is an ugly sight to see. Get your stuff together man.

  84. You don’t need a D. Streaming defenses is a sign of a veteran fantasy owner as you exploit matchups. But who knows. Cook and Nelson are decent options, but I don’t trust Cook as much because of his QB, but its b/c of his QB he gets targets. BMARSH/DESEAN are cash money. Turn that cash into fantasy gold by trading them in for a top RB.

  85. To correct a typo earlier, I meant Hartley, not Henery. As for the RB situation, I actually dropped Thomas and picked McGahee up before your reply, yumi. I’m really trying to find an angle to work a trade for Ball. the guy that has him has Foster/Forte as his starters, and his WRs are weak. I’m wondering if I couldn’t get him to bite on a combo if I were to pick up Bush and maybe package him with Nicks.

  86. Traded Edelman for Miles Austin, good deal? Hammy is a concern. Just didn’t like Edelman’s long term value.

  87. Even just Nicks for Montee should get it done, but if Bush is FA why not. Just don’t drop anybody of value for Bush.

  88. McGahee for sure a good pickup he only has a week there so dont expect too much this week but long term there is nobody there of value to eat into his carries

  89. You never NEED a D there is always a pretty solid streaming pickup like Indy KC or Zona this week. You should look to move Jordy or Stevie plus cook for a solid RB2

  90. Nate attached to Locker still and very Boom/Bust Matthews is not gonna get those TDs but you know he’ll pack a few yards in

  91. p thomas, harvin, edelman in that order can all be dropped for wilson or mcgahee. edelman still has value while amendola is out–grease those trade wheels asap

  92. depends on if you stacked else where..then you can gamble. If not play the eli. Smith if you want to gamble

  93. tate and hopkins have been doing well lately. try to trade them, especially to frustrated owners of their handcuffs. you could use a starter at wr

  94. BEAST NATION! Can anybody shed some light on the Gronk situation? I’m sure some of you are in the same boat as me but I’ve got Gronk and Finley who is out on a bye. The thought on Gronk seems to be 50/50 to play? Any chance there’s some Bostonians on here that might have some insightful news? I might need to
    Make a move quick so thanks for the help Nation!

  95. Pick up Charles Clay and if Gronk does not play, start Clay vs NO. This is my play, I had Cook and did not want to waste TE spot on him. Any other suggestions?

  96. I wouldn’t trade bush and bell for spiller…if you can get spiller for a player like Steve smith and stunning back like deangelo Williams, I would make that trade…something similar to those two players for spiller…spiller is going tote the rock a ton this year per the coach they are going to run the ball with spiller until he pukes….he will not be in a time share with Fred Jackson this year…just watch.

  97. Just got offered a trade. I get Brees. Give up Romo and Garcon.
    3 Wr, 2Rb format.
    My WRs: wayne, garcon, julio jones, deandre hopkins, and chris givens

    Thoughts on this trade?

    Thinking about countering with wayne instead of garcon.

  98. Thats a tough call, you will be weak at WR3. Deandre might hold the fort down the next couple of weeks but long term I am not so sure. Passing TD’s 6 points? Quality WR are always available on FA/Waivers. If you could give up a lesser WR I would do it. Definitely try to keep Garcon. Any quality WR’s available in your league?

  99. I dropped my Punter for Clay, since Gronk will be a game time decision. If Gronk plays I’ll grab the NE or ATL Punter, if not I’ll roll with Clay. With the late game on Sunday I thought this was my best option. The other thought would be to have another NE TE on hand, but couldn’t tell who that is.

  100. Someone in my PPR league offered to give me Montee Ball for Julian Edelman.

    my current stable of RB’s include S. Jackson, D. Murray, M. Forte, and W. McGahee.

    with Amendola and Gronk returning soon, it’s easy to predict that Edelman’s value will drop. add to the fact that serviceable WR’s are easier to find and i still have hope for M. Ball to be the starter and produce this year…

    this is probably a no-brainer, but what are your thoughts?

  101. i also have Gronkowski and his situation seems to be changing every hour. latest report from ESPN is that he practiced today, but is not expected to play on Sunday. if Gronkowski does not travel with the team, the Patriots will have to downgrade him to out Saturday evening.

    hope that helps!

  102. Initial thought is you could prob get more. But being on beast dome and not owning montee is unfathomable.

  103. No Wrs available on waivers. and yes passing tds are 6 points.

    why keep garcon instead of wayne?

  104. @ShowmeyaTD’s
    It would help us answer your Edelmen for Ball question if you let us in on the rest of your roster. Or even better, include the other owner’s as well. Someone will probably be able to help you make the best call (trade, hold, or add players to the deal) You’ve got some decent depth at RB and we don’t know how strong you are at WR. Unless you’re hurting at wideout, Reign said it already, not owning montee don’t make sense up in this beast.

  105. I got hosed with the 11th pick in a 12 man CBS draft and didn’t realize that it was a 6 pt per passing td league. Should have read the fine print.

    QB: Eli, Pryor
    RB Shady, Mathews, Ball, SJax
    DeSean, Hakeem, Miles Austin, Marlon Brown
    Brandon Myers
    D:Bucs, Vikes
    K: R Gould

    Hoping to pick up Brady before he gets his weapons back and increases in value and Shady can really only hold steady or lose value from here.

    Thinking of proposing
    Shady, Bucs, Eli
    Brady, Morris, Seahawks

    He’s got:
    Brady, R Wilson
    RB: C Johnson, Morris, Jaquizz, B Brown, L Miller
    WR: Edelmen, Decker, Amendola, Stevie Johnson
    TE: Bennett

    Does this seem crazy, or does anyone have any better ideas?

  106. my current roster:

    QB: Eli Manning
    WR: Anquan Boldin
    WR: Julian Edelman
    RB: Matt Forte
    RB: DeMarco Murray
    TE: Rob Gronkowski (assuming he plays this weekend)
    FLEX: Julius Thomas
    DEF: Tampa Bay

    BENCH: Mike Wallace, Miles Austin, Willis McGahee, Steven Jackson, Ryan Tannehill, Owen Daniels, Carolina Def

    – i’m thinking of dropping Tampa Bay after this week and sticking with Carolina
    – i’m looking to trade Owen Daniels as well, but no one seems to be interested right now.

    the other guy’s team:

    QB: Andrew Luck
    WR: Brandon Marshall
    WR: Hakeem Nicks
    RB: LeSean McCoy
    RB: Joique Bell
    TE: Antonio Gates
    FLEX: Bernard Pierce
    DEF: Houston

    Bench: Montee Ball, Chris Johnson, Cam Newton, Tyler Eifert, Percy Harvin, Eddie Royal, Marlon Brown, Andre Brown (IR)

  107. First off, I would do that trade as-is, but I agree if the trade was brought to you, then you have to question the motives. My guess is they are freaking out about Nicks. So try Edleman/Daniels for Ball/Nicks. That’s a stretch, but you might get an interesting counter offer that shows Nicks can be had on the cheap. If not, try to get them throw in Percy Harvin. If not that, just do it as is.

  108. That does seem a tad crazy, yes. I also have Eli, so I understand your jitters. However, I think Eli is going to rebound (although not this week), and I’m not a big Morris fan. I agree Shady can’t go up much, but that’s because he’s f*#kin killing it! Yes, he could get injured, but so can Morris…

  109. I love Brees this year. I think that’s a good trade for you. No way is Garcon better than Wayne. I like targets, but in this case Garcon only has 80 more yards total. Wayne should also get a boost with a better run game.

  110. If he goes for that trade, then awesome – I think that’s a solid trade (for you, not him!). But I also think it may be a tough sell.

    If your trade partner is smart, he’ll say no to that real fast. Morris’ value is pretty solid right now. He’s been very consistent. And the Seahawks’ Defense is one of maybe 2-3 defenses that are actually worth picking up and holding onto like a player.

    Brady is the only real buy-low candidate where I’d see the other guy having doubts. And if he’s smart, he’ll realize – just like you – that Brady is going to only get better.

    So in summary:

    Brady >>> Eli (You gain a LOT here)
    Shady > Morris (You lose a bit here – MAYBE)
    Seahawks >>> Bucs (You gain a LOT here)

    You also don’t have any other sell-highs at the moment. I’d say Shady is the closest thing you have to a sell-high.

    Push this trade if you want, but if it doesn’t work, don’t panic.

    Brady is going up against a weaker Falcons defense this week. But still, he doesn’t have Amendola or Gronk back, so there may still be time before he really blows up.

    My advice, if the trade doesn’t work – sit on your assets a bit more until they gain value. Since you don’t seem to have a lot of sell-highs, I’d advise dropping one of your defenses and hawking the Waiver Wire.

    Good luck, and hope that trade does work. You’d be trade-killing him if it does.

  111. TRADE REQUEST in a .5 PPR:


    Straight up is the only way this makes sense for the other owner.


  112. What’s up Beast Dome! I’m needing some advice on who to start as my WRs and Flex:

    QB: Peyton Manning, Colin K.
    WR: Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace, Josh Gordon, Cecil Shorts
    RB: Jamaal Charles, Trent Richardson, David Wilson, Eddie Lacy
    TE: Antonio Gates, Brandon Myers

    Much thanks in advance for any help.

  113. Its a toss up btw Wayne & Garcon honestly. Both have warts.

    But I’d give the edge to Garcon seeing how IND is running their offense.

  114. How far apart is this trade
    Giovani + Tate + Ball for Forte + M.Bush

    My current RBs are very weak
    Gio, D Williams, Tate, Ball, D Thomas, P Thomas, J Stewart*

  115. Giovani + B. Tate + Ball for Forte + M.Bush + Kaepernick + V. Davis

    He’s hurting at RB only has Forte to play this week, but I’ve drunk the Ball Kool-Aid, should I still take this trade? (Commish is willing to half push trade through as Kaep and Davis have played)

  116. Hi Johny, thanks for the help out with your advice below.

    For you: Take/Keep Sproles in this one. It’s the PPR that puts him over the top.

  117. Sorry for double-post: Meant to put this comment up here:

    Hi Johny, thanks for the help out with your advice below.

    For you: Take/Keep Sproles in this one. It’s the PPR that puts him over the top.

  118. Miller isn’t on a snapcount this weekend. He should be a full participant in a very favorable matchup

  119. Quick Qs for you guys. 10-team PPR, who do you start: WR: Bowe or Shorts? Bowe vs. terrible Giants D or Shorts who leads NFL in targets?

    RB: Spiller (he has to break out some time, right?) or MJD?

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