Fantasy Football Trade Market: Forgetting Brandon Marshall (Week 4)

Fantasy Football Trade Market:

Forgetting Brandon Marshall (Week 4)

By  Muntradamus

To answer your first question, YES.  If you can get Chris Johnson aka CJ.6K for Alfred Morris value or cheaper.  Take the upside.  The Titans passing game is opening up, which will allow the run game to have success moving forward.  For all of you new to BEAST DOME.  This is the most important article of the Week.  This is the article where you can take that (0-3) team and make it a (3-3) team.  Below is a list of players I would Buy Low and Sell High.  Beneath them is my R.O.S Rankings.  Enjoy, and if you are an active member in the community you get a prize.  I will be live on that Chat Today during the Ravens/Browns game.

If you missed me then, I will be Live Sunday from 10:00am (EST) – 12:45pm (EST).



TRADE MARKET WEEK 3: Open the Flood Gates





The Steelers are running the Toddy Haley offense to perfection.  Todd Haley was the same offensive coordinator for the Cardinals during the Super Bowl Run with Kurt Warner/Larry Fitzgerald/Anquan Boldin.  In that season both Fitzgerald and Boldin were #1  Fantasy Football WRs in every start they made, and just like Kurt Warner, Ben Roethlisberger is a #1 QB in nearly every start he makes.  The pass attempts, the deep threats, the check down options.  Everything is there for Big Ben to emerge as a better QB than Cam Newton this season.  You can get him for a lot cheaper too.



Ced Ben proved Monday Night that he is going to have a monster season.  How you ask?  The Packers offense is one of the best in the NFL, even in a game where they could not generate anything, where Matt Cassel who did not throw a TD still had more points than Aaron Rodgers in Week 3.  Cedric Benson still scored a TD.  This Packers offense is going to find their groove, should be this week.  Once they find the groove, the TDs will be coming in bunches.  Since Cedric is so reliable from inside the 5 Yard Line, and teams know that Aaron Rodgers has the capabilities of being a Red Zone Monster.  Cedric simply has to break through a soft front 7 to score.  He will get multiple opportunities a game to score a TD.  Grab him while you can, the Packers know they need a running game to succeed this year.


Willis is so undervalued as a RB, it makes me sick to even have to put him on this list.  Last season McGahee ran for over 1,200 Yards when Tebow was the QB.  That meant 8-10 people in the box nearly every play to stop the run.  Now that Peyton Manning is there, Willis is sprinting for 20 Yard runs at a time.  He would have had a great start last Sunday which involved Lance Ball failing multiple times to get in the end zone from inside the 5 when McGahee went down with the rib injury.  His owners probably think he is inconsistent, but his two “rough” games came against two of the top defenses in the NFL (Pittsburgh/Houst0n).   As early as this week McGahee gets a cupcake matchup against Oakland, which means goal line opportunities will be there with Manning driving them down the field.  His value is going to climb fast.




S-JAX. Nobody wants to own him, everybody is starting to panic.  He played with a bad groin against one of the top run defenses in the NFL in their home stadium (Chicago Bears).  Nobody could expect him to put up to 15 RB numbers in that game, not even top 25.  Now all of a sudden owners are pretending they have a 39 Year Old RB who is over the hill.  The Rams have Jeff Fisher as their coach.  Jeff Fisher loves running the football.  Steven Jackson is one of the best RBs in the game, they will figure it out.  When Steven Jackson is healthy, he is a 100 Total Yard Machine per game type of player.  I would not be worried about his long-term value.  Even against a tough Seahawks team, he can still perform.




Are the Patriots going to go pass heavy?  Is Stevan Ridley going to get 15+ Carries?  Is Danny Woodhead who is worthless going to ruin his fantasy day?  Is Shane Vereen a threat when he comes back?  These are all questions Stevan Ridley owners have right now.  The answer to all of these questions is, sometimes, except Vereen is no.  When the Patriots have the right matchup, such as one against a blowout opponent.  You will want Ridley in your starting lineup.  He has holes to run through which would make Corey Dillon come out of retirement to play for New England again.  Get Ridley for the cheapest his value will ever be.


JacQuizz.  This is his week to be the featured player of BEAST DOME.  For all of you new to the site, I made a name for myself by predicting the Kevin Smith outbreak last season earlier in the week before it happened.  In that game he played against the Carolina Panthers where he had over 200 Yards and 3 TDs.  For all of you new to the site, I predicted by Week 5 Quizz would be the starting RB for the Falcons.  This is his matchup to do it, trade for him now before he becomes a top 20 RB sooner than later.  The Falcons played JacQuizz more plays last week than Turner.  Turner also was the RB during garbage time, which makes you believe the torch has been passed.  Almost, not quite.  This is Turners last chance to prove himself since on that garbage time drive, he scored a TD and ran like a man possessed against a tired Chargers defenses that was on the field the entire game.



We all forgot how good this Marshall/Cutler connection is.  After a rough game against Cortland Finnegan, and dropping a TD in Week 2.  People think Brandon Marshall is not the WR they drafted.  Although this is not a pretty matchup this week against Brandon Carr, now is the time to BUY LOW as owners are afraid that this could be a common theme.  Get him while the confidence level is down, because his value can sky rocket to top 5 with a good game.



This cannot keep happening.  But it does.  Week 1 Dropped TD.  Week 2 Tackled at the 1 inch line.  Week 3, another dropped TD on the opening possession which lead to a Lance Moore TD.  Sooner or later these two (Brees/Colston) are going to get it going, and every Saints game is sure to be a high scoring one.  Marques has been inconsistent throughout his career, but last season he proved that those days are over.  With him slowly getting back to 100%, the numbers will come.  Now is the time to get one of Drew Brees’ favroite weapons for dirt cheap.  I would trade any of the Sell High WRs below to acquire him.



The #1 WR for Fitzpatrick year after year.  These two have amazing chemistry, and Johnson is emerging quickly as a top 5 WR.  Ryan and Stevie is what people wanted Cutler and Marshall to be.  Since they play in a smaller market that is headlined by their sprinter CJ Spiller, this lethal combo is being put way under the radar.



Targets on Targets on Targets.  Luck loves throwing to Wayne, and the results have been there for both of them.  With Luck looking like a lock for almost 300 Yards every week, Wayne is a lock for near 100 Yards or the gift TD.  I would still trade Larry Fitzgerald to get him.



D-Thom is only going up hill in this Peyton Manning offense.  Thomas has been pegged as the #1 WR for Manning, wether Manning admits it or not.  Thomas thrived with Tim Tebow as a Must-Start option to close out the season.  Now he has a real QB, he becomes a potential #1 WR for all teams.



Underperforming.  That is the word to use when describing Brandon Pettigrew and his season so far.  Not only is he underperforming, but so is Matthew Stafford.  When Stafford gets it going, so will Brandon.  If you really think Stafford’s value is going to stay this low for long, think again.  This is a prime matchup where we can see 4 TDs this week.



Tom Brady cherishes Aaron Hernandez like Hugh Hefner cherished Holly Madison.  Brady has all the options in the world, but he loves his big athletic TE that can turn a 5 Yard Reception into a 25 Yard reception with ease.  With Hernandez looking likely to return next week, you might as well jump the gun and pick up the #3 TE overall when he returns.  With Gronkowski not stepping it up so far, the place as the #1 TE could be there.  Last season the same thing happened with Hernandez getting injured, he was a top 5 TE the rest of the season.






I’ll put this guy on the list every week if I have to.  How anyone still views him near the top 10 baffles me.  His arm is weak, his two main targets are brittle, the running game is back.  All of these things combined with the fact they want to win the time of possession battle to hide this defense as much as possible.  Only means you should package another player with Rivers to upgrade your QB.



Spilla Manilla is healthy.  Well healthy enough to play against the Patriots who nobody is really scared of anymore after the Ravens picked them apart through the air and ground.  Spiller now has Fred Jackson who healed as if he was Jesus himself when the original time table was supposed to be closer to 8 weeks than 3, and it only took 2.  With Jackson playing, Spiller will certainly not get the lion share of the carries.  Sell high on Spiller now while people still value him as a game changer RB.  Although I do think he is, I also think it is Jackson who is the face of the Bills franchise.  



Sproles and that three headed monster group in New Orleans is not a pretty situation.  Especially when the Saints are a pass 1st/2nd/3rd offense.  Sproles has a good matchup coming this week, and one where the owner would covet him highly going into it.  I would do what I could to persuade the other owner of giving me his #2 RB to land a chance with the lightning bug.  More times than not, Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram will steal the TDs.  Leaving this lightning bug to be squashed.  



The Burner is on his last legs.  After saving his season with a miraculous kill the clock drive where he looked like the Turner of old running for 8+ Yard gains at a time.  Then again the Chargers defense was on the field the whole game and they were tired.  Same thing happened on Monday Night against the Broncos where he picked up a 20 Yard run when his YPC was less than 3.  Regardless this is an easy matchup, owners will want to trade him for this matchup.  That is the time to feed him to the wolves as JacQuizz takes over.



When teams game plan for the Browns.  I will tell you that no meeting starts like this.  “How are we going to stop Brandon Weeden?”  Teams could care less if Weeden does a thing.  In fact opposing coaches probably like to see Weeden make a nice throw here and there with sarcastic, “Nice throw Kid.”  The Browns are a Minor League Football Team with a few great players.  One of those players is Trent Richardson, and more times than not teams will focus on only slowing him down.  The Browns are going to lose a lot of games, and they will abandon the run in the 4th quarter.


What did the Browns Fan do after the Browns won the Superbowl?

– He Turned off his Xbox and went to Bed.


The writing is on the wall. Shonn Greene is fat and slow.  The Jets need an explosive back, and Bilal Powell is that guy.  I have been high on Bilal since the preseason.  Greene is on the decline fast, and in a few weeks he will end up on the waiver wire.  Sell now while you still can.  



“Alright!! Larry! Larry! This guy is unstoppable 90 Yards and a TD against the Eagles.  Who needs a QB.” [Freeze Frame]  That was me once.  I was a victim of the, Larry is so good he does not need a QB season.  If you want to read my journal on what it was like owning Larry Fitzgerald, CLICK HERE.  If you want to keep reading, Fitzgerald does need a QB.  Kevin Kolb is too inconsistent to trust, and now that Patriots proved you can shut him down with a special focus on him defense, and keep this team from scoring a lot of points.  Or teams can play with their egos and think their best corners can guard him.  With tough games against SF, and two matchups with Cortland Finnegan, and another one against Seattle.  Sell high for Reggie Wayne if you can, better yet attack Victor Cruz.  Get a super star now, you’ve seen the Good and the Bad, and if you read my journal.  You will see that will be a trend moving forward.



“Too many fish in the sea” is the theme for Jordy Nelson owners so far in 2012.  With Jennings looking to return to stardom now that he is the new Old Spice Guy, and he also acts in TV dramas.

Jordy is on the outside looking in as both Jennings and Rodgers are all over the TV, while Jordy has to fight with Jermichael Finley/Randall Cobb/James Jones and now a running game with Cedric Benson.  Looks like a frustrating season ahead, and now is the time to sell high right before this mirage game against the Saints where everything appears A okay for GB WRs moving forward.  When we know it’s just a Sarcasta Ball defense.



Wes emerged from the shadows in Week 2 when Aaron Hernandez went down.  It threw off the entire Patriot game plan, so they resorted to, “Let’s Just do What we do With Wes” or as I would like to say LJDWWDWW.  Now that Julian Edleman is emerging as a solid possesion WR, which he already showed us he was when Welker went down with the torn knee a few years back.  Welker is looking at his last days of being a useful slot WR.  Once Aaron Hernandez returns, Julian will garnish a role in that offense.  Welker will be involved too, but he also has to deal with Brandon Lloyd/Rob Gronkowski/Aaron Hernandez, as well as Edleman being a threat to steal at least a a handful of plays.  Trade Wes now while people think Week 1 was just a fluke, because it really wasn’t.



Jennings slipped out of bounds at the 1 yard line on Monday Night which set up the glorious Cedric Benson TD plunge.  So why sell Jennings, isn’t his value very low right now?  Yes it is.  But fantasy owners will start to lick their chops when they see he has a game against the New Orleans Saints coming up.  A game that should get him right on track to have that 1,100 Yard/10 TD season.  Here’s the truth.  All of the Packers players are thinking the same thing about themselves, and with Cedric Benson now a goal line vulture, and Jermichael Finley who too is ready to take the next level.  Jennings is just another man on the totem pole with Jordy Nelson/James Jones/Randall Cobb.  Expect a lot of inconsistency this season.  I would trade now especially if you can land Stevie Johnson.



Maybe, just maybe, Crabtree will remind us of why he was a 1st round pick.  But maybe, just maybe, Randy Moss emerges from his disappointing game in his old building as a completely motivated WR who is ready to go back into vintage mode.  Either way, Alex Smith throws the ball to Vernon Davis more often than not when he is not handing the ball off 20+ times a game.  It also does not help Crabtree that Mario Manningham needs his handful of targets every game as well.



The game plan was for Gresham to block heavy this season.  That game plan has been scratched and now it appears Andy Dalton will take advantage of his big athletic TE.  So why am I telling you to Sell, because the original game plan is still a possibility at some point in the season, and in matchups you would never want your TE option to go through like against the Ravens and Steelers twice.  Upgrade your TE if you are depending on Jermaine while he has some value.



If we know one thing about RGIII.  His favorite WR is Pierre Garcon.  Fred Davis is a mirage this season, sometimes he’s good, sometimes he does not exist.  Sometimes he has a concussion, sometimes he says he did not get a concussion.  Sometimes RGIII throws the deep ball, other times he runs.  I would trade an inconsistent good TE along with another player to upgrade my TE.



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  1. First timer here. Love the site. Here’s my dilemma if you don’t mind helping a brother out. Im looking to improve my bench by dropping David Wilson for Jacquizz Rodgers or for Bilal Powell? Im thinking Rodgers because of the uptempo offense that ATL plays with their other weapons that defenses have to game plan for. Agree or disagree? Thank you!

  2. Hey, Munt. I posted on this on the weekly rankings, but I figure I might as well put it on the correct article. Pretty big trade is going on in my league, I am wondering if I should do it.

    Fred Jackson, Martellus Bennett, Denarius Moore


    Jaquizz Rodgers (get to keep him for next season) and Steve Smith (CAR)

    My league grants 1 point for every 10 yards receiving and 1 point for every 15 yards rushing .5 PPR. 2 RB, 3 WR’s, 1 Flex. Here are my other players at those positions:
    WR: Calvin Johnson, Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, Stevie Johnson
    RB: Darren Sproles, Jamaal Charles, Stevan Ridley, Kendall Hunter, David Wilson
    TE: Aaron Hernandez, Kyle Rudolph

    Pull the trigger?

  3. sSomeone just dropped J.Blackmon….should I drop someone to pick him up? I really would not like to drop Draughn because I have Charles. :(

    My Team:

    Seattle D/St

    Also should I keep Walsh as my kicker when Bryant is on waivers? Bryant has a awesome matchup this week.

  4. Is this a better trade?

    Darren Sproles, Martellus Bennett


    Jaquizz Rodgers, Steve Smith, Ryan Williams

    The league rewards return yards also.

  5. At what point would it be best to trade Mikel Leshore if the thoughts are that Jahvid Best are going to make it back. I already have AP, Matt Forte, Michael Bush and J. Rodgers in a PPR league.

    Also, was thinking of picking up A. Hawkins, B. Powell or K. Wright. I have D. Thomas, D. Bryant and M. Colston with the latter 2 letting me down so far. Is it better to pick up one of the wide receivers and if so which one or pick up Powell in order to have depth for a trade?


  6. I’d pick up Bryant. It’s hard not seeing the Falcons not scoring on any given drive. TD or XP. I’d roll with him all year.

  7. I got counter a offer, the guy is tough. Offerring me A Hernandez & J-Rodgers for either Ryan Mathews or Ryan Williams & CJ0k. My other RBs are foster & Fred Jax.this trade would also leave me w 3 TEs w Bennett, Celek already on my team. I am going all in on ur advice for Rodgers, but am I breaking the bank?

  8. Hello!

    Your blog is sensational! Seriously godlike! Screw ESPN for advice. Anyways, I have a quick question. I’m in a PPR league and I got an offer for my Darren Sproles to get Steve Jackson. I just read this article, but does it also count for PPR? I just remember Sproles was much higher rated in PPR for ESPN. Thanks so much!

  9. You are baking the break. CJ.6K is good enough for JacQuizz, but I would say that is too much. Figure out a trade where you can acquire Rodgers without Hernandez.

    You do not need to buy him like a superstar now, Turner is still relevant. He will get there, don’t show your hand. Offer a WR that may not get PT but is pretty good.

  10. You cannot drop any of those players.

    Concerning Leshoure.

    This could be a good week to sell high on him, however a big game against the Vikings and his value will sky rocket to another level. Lions should be putting up points, Leshoure could clean up a TD.

  11. Not a bad trade.

    It is a complete speculation trade which are always hard to pull the trigger on.

    Sproles you can get better value for him, but if Steve Smith and Cam Newton get back on the same page, this trade will give you a huge edge moving forward.

    With that being said, I think you can get more for Sproles.

  12. Just read this one.

    Definitely Walsh over Bryant.

    You want the QB/K strategy. Key to winning matchups. If Ponder does not get the TD, Blair Walsh gets the FG. Strategically it makes more sense to go with Walsh.

    Drop Draughn for Blackmon, you will be happy to have the star WR.

  13. You are late on the BEAST DOME train.

    JacQuizz has been promoted since week 1 of the preseason. Add him for David Wilson as soon as you finish reading this sentence.

    More on him through the weekend.

  14. You said that I should drop Draughn for Blackmon.:) I now see that P.Hillis is on waivers and I have J.Charles. I was thinking of droping A.Hawkins for J.Blackmon and Draughn for Hillis. Is that wise? I think I need some insurance for Charles if he goes down. Is Hillis the backup ti own in that case? He is hurt right now but nobody knows how bad is it.

  15. I like those two moves.

    Hawkins does have serious upside, but Blackmon should return to top 30 value. Having Hillis is solid insurance.

    I like the Powell and Rivers trade, as long as you have a good QB you can count on week after week.

  16. The league awards return yards, receptions, and more points per reception yards over rushing yards… and you want to give Sproles away?! This is the type of league Sproles thrives in since he returns kicks and is top 5 RB when it comes to receptions.

    You’re trading away your starting RB for WR when you already have 4 really good ones. I think this makes your roster weaker. The first trade is much better for you. Keep Sproles. The same weapons were there last season and he produced I’m not sure what the worry is.

    I believe that Munt is talking about standard scoring when he says to sell high. Sproles is much more powerful in your league.

  17. Eagles I recommend the VIP 3 package for how avid you are with your team.

    You will not be let down.

    I like Luck more than Rivers, more consistent 300 Yard passer. Keep Gates over Pettigrew.

  18. Eagles I recommend the VIP 3 package for how avid you are with your team.

    You will not be let down.

    I like Luck more than Rivers, more consistent 300 Yard passer. Keep Gates over Pettigrew.

  19. I’m having trouble seeing as to why Sproles is a sell high candidate. Very little has changed on the Saints offense so why would you say his production would be squashed this year. He has proven last year that he is able to produce at a high level on this team so why would you need to trade him away. Plus he is a rock and hardly gets injured. I think a lot of readers are overreacting. If you drafted him as a RB2 in standard leagues that means you are strong in your other postions and he is plenty serviceable as a RB2 in that case.

  20. How come Brandon Myers isnt getting any love in your TE rankings.. He is getting targeted a lot and coming down with receptions. He should be in the top 20 theres no way he ends up behind the likes of Dreesen, Dallas Clark…

  21. The reason I do not like Sproles is that the Saints are a different team this season.

    Pierre Thomas is healthy and running hard, Mark Ingram is better than he was as a rookie.

    Both of them are going to steal too many TDs which makes Sproles frustrating. If you can get a RB like Benson who is a rock and will score a lot of red zone TDs, I would much rather own him going forward, they are about equal value.

  22. Agree 100%

    He did not make the roster jump for some reason..all updated.

    He is a top 20 option and the #2 passing option in the Raiders passing game. Which makes him a solid TE#2 moving forward.

  23. Munt,

    Love the site,…….I started the season 1-2 in a PPR. Just completed 2 blockbusters:

    S Jax & Fitzgerald (for) Dez & AP


    Steve Smith(CAR) & Stafford (for) Julio & Vick

    I wanted to see what you thought on this: Yay or Nay.

    That gives me: RB’s- Ced Ben, AP, Willis, Powell
    WR’s- Dez, Julio, Sid Rice & Bess
    QB’s- Flacco, Vick
    TE’s- Hernandez & Tellus

  24. Thank you both for your comments. After thinking about it more, I agree that 1) I probably could get more for Sproles (who is very strong in my league) and 2) The first trade is much more favorable.

  25. Thinking about trying to get McCoy in a trade. I have Flacco, Ridley, and Gates that I’m willing to let go. Should I offer all three or just two? Is this even a good trade?

    My lineup
    QB Matt Ryan
    RB DMC, F Jax, R Williams, A Brown
    TE Bennett


  26. Should I trade Mikel Leshoure for Chris Johnson one for one? Or should I trade Rashard Mendenhall for Chris Johnson? Or keep leshoure and mendenhall?

  27. Hey Munt,

    First-timer with a trade question:

    Should I send Colston, McGahee and Ryan Williams for B. Marshall and Chris Johnson?

    I already have foster, doug martin, fjax, and cj spiller at RB and thought to have CJohn just in case he picks it up at the end of the year.

    At WR, I have cruz, colston, floyd, britt, garcon…no ppr.

    Want to pick up Jacquizz with the extra roster spot

    Thoughts? Thanks dude.

  28. Cannot go wrong either way. Ryan is #2. Stafford is #3.

    If you want to go based off of that, Ryan is your answer. Both will be ELITE.

  29. I would hold onto McGahee. He could easily emerge as your full-time #2 RB, plus you want to keep the depth. I like Colston a lot, Drew Brees is on pace to throw for over 700 pass attempts. Soon Colston will get it together. You should add Quizz for Ryan Williams.

    No reason to take the risk on CJ when you already have McGahee who will perform better no matter how good CJ gets.

  30. Hey, interested to see your ROS rating of D Martin wayyyy ahead of J Charles? Is this a result of Charles’ ACL issues? Thanks!

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