Fantasy Football: When In Romo (Tony Romo)

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There you are. Sitting in your draft Room in likely the 6th round of a 12 man league. In your mind it is time to draft a QB. While all the VIPs and the BEAST DOME NATION public will be looking at Matt Stafford around this time, the Sheep Public will be selecting the 35 Year Old in Tony Romo.

Why Tony Romo will Bust

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When you play against the Dallas Cowboys this season, the first thing you will notice is DeMarco Murray is no longer in that backfield. With Murray no longer in the backfield, defenses will change their mentality when facing Dallas. The Mentality will be simple.


While that is much easier said than done, defenses will still be throwing double teams nearly all day at Dez forcing Romo to either make impossible throws. Or checking down to other options who are not on the top of everyone’s Fantasy Radar.

First thing a defense can do against Dallas, is Blitz. With no worry of the run game beating teams anymore, unless Darren McFadden can turn back the clock, which first he has to beat out Joesph Randle. Defenses can afford to not worry about the run, and just make sure the pass rush gets there and make Romo make a quick decision.

Next thing a defense will do is put a corner very tight on Dez with a Safety up top and an Outside Linebacker watching him from coming over the middle.

With Tony Romo having little time he will either need to throw a quick force pass to Dez, or he will look at Jason Witten who may be the slowest TE in the league. Witten will still get the 80+ Receptions, but those days of him getting anything after the catch are completely gone, even though they were never there. Terrance Williams is another option Tony Romo can throw to, but is Terrance Williams really going to keep Tony Romo a Top 10 QB. Likely no, and the days of Romo throwing 300+ yards consistently are likely done. Unless Cole Beasley magically turns into Wes Welker.

While Romo will still have those breakout days here and there which will remind us of how vintage he can be. When the Cowboys have a tough matchup, Romo will not be a serviceable QB #1 and you will lose your matchup quicker than Kris Humphries was married to Kim Kardashian.

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