Fantasy Football Rankings (Update): UNLEASH THE BEAST (Week 12)

Fantasy Football Rankings (Update):



By Muntradamus


Happy Thanksgiving BEAST DOME NATION.

I am truly thankful that you all continue to stick with BEAST DOME and myself over the other the Big Name (CBS/YAHOO/ESPN) Experts.

We have formed a strong Nation of dedicated Fantasy Football fanatics who live/sleep/eat/drink this stuff to help each other win the Championship.  Thank You.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and all of your players score TDs on the big day, or the players you are playing against don’t exceed my Ranking position.




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Before you look at my rankings, you are probably curious how BEAST DOME ranks in the 100+ Fantasy Football Experts so far this season.









*Would Be #1 Overall by a large margin if TE was not dragging*

WEEK 11 Rankings








*11th consecutive Week BEAST DOME has finished in the top 5 of at least one category*


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  1. Why not even more love for the Panthers D? They have faced tougher than avg teams and performed better than avg. This week they draw Nick Foles who is even worse than Vick. Philly giving the 2nd most pts to Ds as well.

  2. First off, thanks for all of your work and picks.

    Last week you had RG3 ranked low and Luck ranked high. I thought the opposite and started RG3 over luck. Now this week you have RG3 ranked very high and luck ranked in the middle… and again I disagree. I think that the Cowboys D is very good and is going to show just how bad the players around RG3 are… and I think that Luck is going to have a redemption game after last week’s horrible performance… plus Luck has always done very well at home in the dome. I’m down on RG3 and up on Luck.

    Also, I have been thinking about going w/ Bironas this week and your ranking solidified my thought. I like the Titans after their bye and onward.

  3. You have faith in Stafford? Is that because J.Joseph is Q for that game? I was about to start Kaepernick over Stafford this week. I need an upset win against my opponent who has far better lineup. Would Kaepernick be the one who should I start or stick with Stafford? Stafford has downside….Kaepernick doesn’t have anything but upside.

  4. Speaking of Stafford …
    In a MUST win in 2 leagues this week and was all set to start Luck over Stafford in both and the man the myth the Munt has now heavily clouded that.
    Any reason why SO much higher and lower on these 2 that i’m not seeing ?

  5. Henne or Eli? I have been burned by Eli for the last three weeks before his bye week, and I have to win both of my last two games to make the playoffs. Both have great matchups, but Henne lit it up last week, and Eli got me 5pts, 3pts, and 2pts in those weeks to take me from 5-2 to now 5-6. Forget the Red Sox, I need to avoid this epic collapse! Should I bench Eli for disciplinarian reasons and go with Henne, or Capt. Smith this one and go full steam ahead, hoping not to hit an iceberg?

  6. Swing for the fences and go with colin. How many bummers has Stafford given you this year? I have Colin over Staff in one of my leagues. Trust your gut, cause expert rankings had Staff as the #4 QB this year…so much for that.

  7. I’m rolling with Staff. Texans on short rest and confirmed without their top corner. Look for Staff and Cal to have big game. I also toyed with the idea of Kaep for Staff. But Staff will bring home a good game.

  8. So based on your rankings I should drop the Atlanta DEF and pick up Cleveland DEF . For the rest of the season you recommend Buffalo but they no longer have the easiest schedule. They don’t play Kansas, Philadelphia or Arizona (the 3 teams that have allowed the most points to defenses). Shouldn’t you update your playoff defense suggestions?

  9. Debating Kaepernick too, but am weighing between him and Freeman….

    With Stafford at QB I wouldn’t be thinking about Kaepernick, but thats me in my league (heavy yardage bonuses).

    Know his leash is gonna be ultra-short…. NO has been forcing TO’s lately and I could see Alex Smith in if he tosses a few early.

    If you need a big splash, there’s not a better match up for a big game……. Risk/Reward I suppose.

  10. Muntra…u r da man!

    So…why so low on Sproles this week in PPR? I realized the matchup is tuff…but he’s also not the traditional RB.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. bELIeve. Nyg finally had their bye. Eli has his weapons and arm healthy and will be ballin into the playoffs.

  12. I’m changing my lineup to flex Danario over Blackmon or Stevie J based on these rankings. Munt knows his WR’s and that top 10 rank is intriguing.

  13. forte, hillman, parmele, or alfred morris?

    edelman or julio jones this week (worried about jones’s ankle)

  14. Its 45 min before kick off… RG3 or Eli? I know RG3 is ranked higher but Eli coming off a bye week against a GB defense that allowed Gabbert to throw 300 yds and a TD with 0 INT…

  15. Beastdome Nation happy Thanksgiving! I have 4 WR’s – Cruz, Harvin, Edelman & Lafell. I have Cruz & Percy set to go this week but it seems like he is unlikely to play after not practicing again today. Should I play it safe and go with Edelman tonight?

  16. by the way, you’re a freaking genius….I started off 0-5…Now Im 6-5. I totally give you alot of the credit…These TDs danced pretty well

  17. You were wrong.

    Also, the Cowboys play “well” at times, but generally suck.

    They’re like the Yankees only the Yankees manage to win a World Series once in a while.

  18. I rolled with Staff for consistency in one league and Captain Kap in another for the big upside. Cap *could* be the waiver wire pickup everyone looks back on as carrying many many teams deep into the playoffs if not league championship.

  19. Tebow666 have a question to ask you.I have read your comments about k.Moreno.I picked him up on your suggestion.thinking about starting him after p.mannings comments yesterday when he said this is a great opportunity for knowshon.your thoughts?

  20. Ok. This will be long but bear w me..

    It all depends on how much opportunity he gets.

    I think the general consensus is that Hillman will get the first crack. What ppl are neglecting to realize is that Hillman’s not a 3 down back. He’s quick fast, but he doesn’t run HARD yet. McGahee ran hard. Knowshon runs hard. Knowshon was drafted top 20 to be a 3 down back.

    I honestly don’t believe Moreno is any more of a “bust” than Demaryius Thomas was before this season. I just think injuries have kept him from living up to draft expectations.

    When he’s been healthy his problem is not his ability, its that he hasn’t been very mature, on or off the field. Which is why I think he’s been on the bench. He followed a game he had a fumble in with a DUI and has had other references of drinking in the past. He really just tends to act like a kid too much.

    That said, he now has Peyton talking about him and EXPECTING him to step up. If that wont put your head on straight I don’t know what will. Not to mention there’s a new rookie in town getting all the hype.

    I picked up both backs this week and have the luxury of taking a wait-and-see week before putting one in my lineup. We’ll obviously have to wait to see what other news comes out before Sunday, but I think if you can afford to wait until next week, it may be best. Been hearing a lot of the dreaded “committee” word being thrown around. Starting him would be more risk than reward at this moment.

    Based on how he looked in preseason and the fact that Peyton Manning is like 13 quantum leaps from Kyle orton….I believe we’ll see Knowshon take back some of that lost potential. I think he’s hungry and will have more focus than he has in the past. If he can keep it under control, stay healthy, and earn PM’s trust, I believe he will SHOW up when he gets on the field and will be the lead horse down the to speak. .

  21. Hey Beast Domers – help please – if I lose this week I’m done. I need 3 WR, but it’s 1pt PPR. I’ve got Harvin (doubtful), Bowe, D.Moore, L.Moore, & D. Alexander. Can also drop someone (thinking of dumping D.Murray) for Blackmon. So, which three would you play?

  22. Stafford got 25p in my league. He was indeed on my bench. I think that Kaepernick can get 25p as well. 100yds of passing = 40yds rushing. 40yds rushing+1 rushing TD = 150yds passing+1 passing TD.

    So for Kaepernick:

    230yds passing, 2 passing TDs, 1 int= 12p
    50yds rushing, 1 rushing TD = 11p

    He would end up with 23p…thats huge and not war behind Staffords 25p. I mean I never think that Stafford would score 250….20 maybe. Upside is there for Kaepernick to score big here. Ok if he passes under 200yds….maybe let’s say 150 and one TD, but rushes two scores he would still end up with 20p.

    But for my other dillemma. I had Amendola as flex starter, but he is out vs. ARI….should I start Dwyer or Britt in flex? Muntradamus has them both ranked high. I’m a underdog in this weeks matchup and my opponent had D.Bryant 24p. I had Edelman 10p (still waiting for that return TD), Witten 7p and D.Bailey 13p. Here is the matchup….what would you do based on the situation….Dwyer or Britt?

    My team:

    QB: C.Kaepernick @NO
    WR1: V.Cruz vs. GB
    WR2: S.Johnson @IND
    WR3: J.Edelman @NYJ 10p
    RB1: R.Rice @SD
    RB2: J.Parmele vs. TEN
    TE: J.Witten vs. WAS 7p
    flex: J.Dwyer @CLE
    K: D.Bailey vs. WAS 13p
    DST: St.Louis @ARI

    My opponent’s team:

    QB: D.Brees vs. SF
    WR1: E.Decker @KC
    WR2: L.Fitzgerald vs. STL
    WR3: D.Bryant vs. WAS 24p
    RB1: D.Martin vs. ATL
    RB2: F.Jackson @IND
    TE: J.Finley @NYG
    flex: R.Cobb @NYG
    K: M.Bryant @TB
    DST: ARI vs. STL

    I lead 30-24 at the moment…..what to do? I’m 5-6 in my division where only the winner gets into playoffs + the best second team it’s division. My division has two 6-5 teams ahead of me so this is a must win week or I’m out.

  23. I should say “never bench Fitzgerald”, but I would be tempted to play M.Williams over him. Amendola is doubtful so I’m sure he is out.

  24. This might be a long shot, but would you guys start Reece over Trent Richardson? My RBs are Lynch, Reece, and Trent.


  25. Need some help picking my lineup this week…

    1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex

    Rbs-Peterson, Forte
    Wrs-Nicks, Nelson, Ja Jones, D Moore, Blackmon
    TEs-Myers, Gates

  26. I would do it. Pit D is playing tough and Marcel is pretty much Oakland entire offense. Dude almost had 100 yards both rush/rec last week.

  27. Need a win this week to seal my playoff spot and unfortunately played Austin. So huge decision as I need a game stealing performance, Nicks or Alexander? 1 point per yard scoring.

  28. Go with Nicks… Has upside, great under pressure, coming off of a bye with a hungry Eli, and Cruz will draw the coverage leaving Nicks to dominate in what seems to be a shootout! Go big or go home.

  29. Nada, one of 3 backs who will get touched today. He will provide protection for Peyton more than yards. That is why I am not picking him up. It also depends on who else u have.

  30. Dear Munt & Beastdome Nation, today I woke up early and strolled on to Beastdome as I usually do every gameday to see what I should do with my lineup. Today I was looking at filling the void of an injured Percy Harvin when I noticed Munt had Mohamed Sanu ranked relatively high. Knowing that he would for sure be on my waiver wire I picked him up and started him(I fully admit I was not confident) and what do you know? 2 TOUCHDOWNS, it is because of these predictions and calls by Munt that I have survived and am in 2nd place even after losing my top 3 RB’s. all I can say is thank you to Munt & Beastdome and that the relatively high ranking of Sanu is Munt in a nut shell, he has the balls to make bold predictions and come out on top, thanks Munt and best of luck to all of Beastdome.

  31. Thanks for all the advice Muntz.

    I have a chance to take down the #1 player in our PPR league in my matchup this week. i’m down 32 pts, but i still have Cam Newton, Bryce Brown and Panthers Def playing tonight. hopefully they can get me the win i need to push me into the playoff picture. i wish i would have played 49ers Def yesterday, but never thought they would score so much against the Saints offense.

  32. It;s like that. some times, hopefully Cam will blow up tonight and get you the win. Carolina’s defense should be fine, Philly doesn’t have a bug threat with McCoy and Vick out. And Bryce should be okay, will get some yards, maybe a td, if they even get near the end zone. And as for having money on your bench. I had Schaub and Andre on mines the week they blew up, damn near 80 points if not more (h2h) I was sick and lost on top of that. So play your studs and play to win,

  33. thanks. both Cam and Bryce had huge games tonight and I easily won week 12.

    my league’s regular season ends after week 13, so i need to win next week to solidify my playoff spot. waiting for week 13 advice from muntz, but wondering if i should pick up Broyles…

    anyway, good luck to you!

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