1. I think I just got offered a great trade, should I accept?

    He wants to give me Gronk and Ari DEF for CJ Spiller and Dustin Keller. I already have Doug Martin, Jamaal Charles, Daniel Thomas, James Starks and Bernie Wells with Denver DEF. The guy is hurting for RB. (12 team, non PPR, standard scoring, 1 pt per 10 yds receiving and rushing). One other thing, I am thinking about starting Jamaal Charles as a flex but I also have Dez Bryant, Daniel Thomas and Marcel Reece available. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Go for it- but be aware Spiller is supposedly getting more carries going forward. Gronk can put up absolutely BEASTLY numbers though. If you have the depth to cover it, do it.

  2. And I find out McGahee is gone for my fantasy season as well.. feeling like a championship is out of reach after those 2 blows.. Is Hillman a good pickup? I either have to hope Bradshaw returns to health, or Starks breaks out in a big way.

  3. Muntradumas, thank you. I sat Denarius Moore and J. Charles on Sunday morning after reading your articles. I picked up Sanu as my WR3 and the extra points Sanu had over D. Moore combined with Bryce Brown’s added points over J. Charles kept me alive in playoff hunt. I am a believer and will ride Beast Dome the rest of the way. Thanks again. Lastly, when will your initial week 13 rankings be posted?

  4. Sorry everyone. The Chat was slowing down the Site too much.

    It will be back during Basketball Season when there is less volume of people on the site.

  5. I’m confused, is it possible to see FFootball rankings for week 15 through beast dome nation then? Week 15 is my most important matchup :(

  6. Chat Room has been deleted due to not being ready for the site.

    Having a flawless chat will on the New Years resolution List for 2013. Expect to see it then.

    Thank you for your patience. BEAST NATION JOURNEY will come back for Week 10.

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