Fantasy Football Rankings (Update): Beauty & The Beast (Week 14)

Fantasy Football Rankings (Update):

Beauty & The Beast (Week 14)


By Muntradamus

Week 14 is the first week in the Playoffs for a lot of you.  Even if your season ends this week, come back next week for the BEAST THE EXPERT COMPETITION WEEK 15 and the BEAST DOME CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK 17.  Besides those competition’s, DRAFTSTREET is sponsoring a Fantasy Basketball Tournament Friday.  Sign up below, Free to Play.


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Fantasy Football


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SATURDAY: Win Your Matchup Strategy.





Before you look at my rankings, you are probably curious how BEAST DOME ranks in the 100+ Fantasy Football Experts so far this season.









*Would Be #1 Overall by a large margin if TE was not dragging*

WEEK 13 Rankings

TE (#10)
DB (#6) 

*13th consecutive Week BEAST DOME has finished in the top 10 of at least one category*


*No Player Analysis This Week*


Feel Free to ask each other questions in the BEAST NATION.



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  1. Ima follow yo advice on Blackmon and McFadden. But if I get put out the playoffs because of it im comin for u Munt

  2. Coming for what? You’re getting *free* expert advice.

    Don’t come here and threaten my favorite fantasy prognosticator.

    If you accept the advice then you also accept responsibility for setting your roster. It’s your team. Set it the way you want, but don’t blame anyone else if you lose.

  3. I think it’s because he is going up against a hungry Tampa Bay Run defense on the Road… If there is a team that has time to figure Brown out it has been the Bucs. You never know though… He may explode again but Tampa’s run D and pass rush against that horrible PHI O line is going to be dirty!

  4. Flex play in PPR league:

    RB Powell @ Jax
    RB Reece vs Den
    WR Thomas @ GB
    TE Clark vs Phi

    Really need some help, fellas. Playoffs are here.


  5. I’m torn between using a rb spot tonight for knowshon or holding out for bryce.
    KnoMo has the matchup, but I loathe starting players for the Thursday game. Could get a lot of looks tho as Fox likes to grind division rivals. Is probably due for a td.
    Brown has tougher tilt but has looked unstoppable. Bucs have been strong against RB irl but are middle of the pack fpa. BB really only option for eagles O. Is probably due to come back to earth…eventually ?

  6. I need help with RB2 and Flex! I’m in a .5 PPR which makes the rankings interesting since from standard to PPR they almost swap rankings…
    I have S Greene and McFadden to choose for RB2.
    Then the other or Blackmon as a Flex.

  7. I’ve been holding my breath for amendola to come back as my flex this week which is what makes starting mcfadden as a flex tonight is tricky…

  8. Why is Maclin so high while Torrey Smith is so much further down?

    I’m trying to decide between one of the two for my flex spot in PPR league and was leaning to T. Smith, but this makes me second guess that. They both have great matchups, but Maclin has been anemic. Thoughts?

  9. Why such a low ranking of CJ Spiller? Simply due to to uncertainty over the role of FJax?

  10. Maclin is really the only guy for Foles to throw the ball to for any gain more than 7 yards. Couple that with TB’s awful defense…
    Smith is hot and cold, and trusting Flacco on the road is always dicey.

  11. Actually Riley Cooper has a nice rapport with Foles. Theyve been working together in practice for months now.

  12. Just afraid they’ll run with Bryce Brown all day. While Maclin is Foles’ only long ball option, he has still been pretty non-existent.

    Smith has been cold in tough match-ups, namely Pittsburgh and Houston, but has been mostly on otherwise. Not sure the same can be said of Maclin.

    Do you think trusting Foles on the road is any less dicey?

  13. IMHO, Tampa will be leading . The Eagles will have to let Foles throw more. Besides, their season is over they and need to let young players show what they can do.

  14. Why would two receivers be ranked in one order under “WR” and in another order under “FLEX”?

    Marshall #2, A.Johnson #5

    A.Johnson #13, Marshall #14

  15. I would like to see if I could hear your thoughts about my plan. I feel a good week comin for Fitzgerald. I feel compelled to start him this week I am torn between Sydney rice & Chris givens (without Danny Am) I thought about playin Bryce brown as my flex only if McCoy is inactive. If he is active. I play Sydney rice in flex instead. If amendola & McCoy are active (what are the chances, huh?) I put rice in my WR & play Bowe in my flex (beanie wells & bilal Powell are options and IDK whoho would be better though…..

  16. Lost faith for the briefest moment and benched Knowshon(my DUDE) an hour before the game….T_T
    Hopefully Mr. Brown can stay interstellar against a good team.. 20 pts would be fantastic…or is this the week he’s exposed as a rookie and puts up like 6.2? Drama. Stay tuned.

  17. Some people just don’t want to see the advice evaporate because of a few disrespectful twits.

  18. Why so LOW on Spiller? I really like his matchup, I just do not see how he can not be atleast a top 10 play every week, Jackson or no Jackson!

  19. I need a little help guys, I think I have a very strong playoff team but this first matchup is a scary one for me…I am going up against RG3 and Megatron….

    qb: Freeman Bench: Green-Ellis
    rb: Murray Gates
    rb: Morris Steve Smith
    flex: Spiller Vick Ballard
    wr: Marshall Big Ben
    wr: Cobb
    te: Gresham
    k: suisham
    def: Niners

    Do you guys like my line up or do I need to do something to get Green Ellis in there, he is certainly hot and has a pretty good matchup…..

    Would appreciate the help!

  20. Why so high on Blackmon when he is facing Cromartie this week? Would you start him over Stevie Johnson or Quizz?

  21. I’d play freeman, Murray, morris, Marshall, Cobb & BGE in flex over Steve smith & Gresham over gates, but that’s to tough to call

  22. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I have my roster setup for this week. Playoffs round 1. My opponent has Stafford,foster,gore,moreno :(, julio J, andre J, daniels, JETs D/ST, and janikoskie

    QB Tom Brady, NE QB
    RB Adrian Peterson, Min RB
    RB Doug Martin, TB RB
    RB/WR Steven Jackson, StL RB
    WR A.J. Green, Cin WR
    WR Greg Jennings, GB WR
    TE Aaron Hernandez, NE TE
    D/ST Browns D/ST D/ST
    K Matt Bryant, Atl K

    Bench Torrey Smith, Bal WR
    Bench Mikel Leshoure, Det RB
    Bench Jermaine Gresham, Cin TE
    Bench Colin Kaepernick, SF QB
    Bench Jonathan Dwyer, Pit RB
    Bench Golden Tate, Sea WR
    Bench Brandon Myers, Oak TE

  23. I would ratther play Quizz this week. Atl D is unpredictable, could be good, could be beat & blackmon ie unproven. Having said that, so is Quizz. However he does have a better matchup against Car, who still struggles against the run.

  24. PPR league any suggestions for changes. Demaryius Thomas being out for part of the game and Brandon Myers anemic performance really hurt my team this week. Julio Jones numbers from their game against Carolina earlier in the season concerms me.
    QB Drew Brees,
    RB Marshawn Lynch,
    RB Ahmad Bradshaw,
    WR Vincent Jackson
    WR Demaryius Thomas
    TE Brandon Myers
    FLEX Julio Jones
    D/ST Steelers
    K Matt Bryant, Atl K

    Bench Fred Jackson
    Bench Brandon Pettigrew
    Bench CJ Spiller
    Bench Texans
    Bench Denario ALexander
    Bench Cecil Shorts
    Bench Josh Gordon

  25. Desperately need advice on my shoddy D situation this week. I normally start the Texans, but don’t think I should against the Pats. My bench has the Chargers, but the Bills are still available on waivers. Should I drop the Chargers for the Bills and roll with them? A playoff spot is on the line for me……Thanks.

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