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With the loss of Jordy Nelson, of course the hype on Davante Adams rises from the Dust. If you were part of the VIP Program before the event of the tragedy, there would have been a great chance Davante Adams would have been on your Fantasy Football team. Not only was he featured in the Preseason Week 1 Haiku, he was also featured in the June Rankings as one of the MUST-Target Sleeper WRs. A lot of the reasons Davante was a player I was having everyone target has a lot to do with the Jarrett Boykin article I produced last season.


A lot of the Boykin article had to do with the potential of a situation coming with a Jordy or Cobb injury, and now the prophecy has come true. While it could have been Boykin’s time to shine, he had a very rough 2014 with injuries and death in his family which eventually led to him watching Davante Adams steal his thunder. Now Davante is in a position to thrive and is easily a WR who will have 7 Catches for 86 Yards with the TD potential every single game. Which pushes him as a Top 15 option.

While many are focusing on Davante Adams. The true player that will truly benefit from the injury is Eddie Lacy.


Eddie Lacy not only looks 10x stronger/bigger/faster this season. Lacy looks like a TRUCK on a mission and if the Packers are going to win Football games this season, Eddie Lacy is going to have a lot to do with it. The Packers are going to look at Eddie Lacy and let him know, this is his season to win MVP. While Aaron Rodgers can certainly drive this team down the field without Jordy, it will really be up to Lacy to finish drives and keep moving the chains. While there is no way I will rank Lacy ahead of Marshawn Lynch (BEAST DOME. BEAST MODE). I will now rank Eddie Lacy #2 at RB this season. Eddie Lacy is an automatic 100+ Total Yards with a TD, AUTOMATIC.

Eddie Lacy makes less than $1,000,000 this season, he makes less than $1,000,000 the season after that, and then Eddie is a Free Agent in 2017. The Packers will need to wrap up Eddie Lacy in a long-term deal before then. If Lacy has a BEAST 2015 season, look for him to be paid with the Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch type of money, which would be a HUGE boost to his current financial state.

As far as Aaron Rodgers goes, he is downgraded. There is no way you can make a case that Aaron Rodgers will be throwing for over 400 Yards, yet alone 350+ Yards consistently with the WR core he has going into the season. Reggie Wayne would have been an interesting add but he is now going to be playing a role with the Patriots that makes him still undraftable. If LaFell misses time maybe things change. Still Reggie has a comeback year in him. Despite the Reggie Wayne fact, Aaron Rodgers is no longer a Top 2 or Top 3 QB in Fantasy Football. Regardless.

If you miss out on Marshawn Lynch this season, Eddie Lacy is the next target. If you miss out on either of those players, you have to take Adrian Peterson. If you miss out on those three, signup for a BEAST DOME VIP Package to see who I have left as well as all the strategies you need to BEAST this season.




  1. I am taking AP, all day, Mr. 5000, whatever you want to call him #1 overall. This offense is greatly improved and they now have two burners on the outside. That leaves 7 men in the box, because Bridgewater is settling in nicely and is looking accurate in the preseason. In addition AP took basically a whole season off, his body is refreshed and ready to handle 25-30 touches a game. I can not say that about Lynch, Lacy is one Chancellor hit away from missing a couple games. If AP played in the preseason he would be everyones #1 pick but thankfully for us we have assholes ranking JC number 1.

  2. It is a MYTH…yes A MYTH, that the number of carries a running back has had, results into them getting injured or slows down in production.

    Ill play devils advocate. AP has not played ONE game in the NFL in a whole year..not one snap in preseason either…

    Who is to say that he will not be rusty the first few games? NFL matches are completely different than practices…u sure u want to take on a risk of a guy who has not played one full snap in year over 2 guys who have? I’d take Lynch over AP …ALL DAY.

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