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Muntradamus Experience Series




Fantasy Sports is truly one of the more important things in our lives.  Winning your Fantasy League brings you bragging rights, brings you $$$, and it brings you confidence in the real world with the decisions you make.

I see a lot of you have questions on this site.  While I do wish I could get around to all them to help you win your leagues, the truth is I am very busy all day.

Rankings Analysis.
Matchup Analysis.
Player Analysis.
Responding to VIP E-mails.
Writing Articles.
Managing My Own Leagues (8 + Daily Leagues) 

What is the VIP E-mail you ask?  It is unlimited e-mailing with me Tuesday-Sunday Morning with questions about your Fantasy Team.  

I give you strategies for Trading, I give you waiver wire suggestions, I tell you all the players to Buy and Sell on your squad and who to package them for.  The VIP program has been extremely successful, I offered it to Fantasy Baseball Owners during their championship run.  There are also a handful of very active members on this site who are part of the VIP program as well.  Below are some Testimonials.

I make it affordable for you to have a championship team.  Only $25/season.  It brings me satisfaction to bring home championships to loyal BEAST DOME members.  Below are testimonials, as well as how to earn the package for FREE!



This is only a few of the VIP members.  There are many more, and they would all tell you only great things.


Fantasy Service

Muntz – I wanted to give you and your VIP Program a huge shout out. Everyone knows how amazing you and the Beast Dome website are but your VIP Program makes your site stand out over the rest. Over the past few weeks, you have taken my fantasy football and baseball teams to the next level.

As it stands now, my football team is 3 – 1 and I am tied for first in my division. Not only did I follow your draft strategy to draft a great team but your weekly VIP guidance is taking my team to the next level. The fact that your VIP service includes reviewing my team and giving the top free agent recommendations is AMAZING. You can’t beat that! I can’t wait for the rest of the year.

As you know, I just won the championship in my baseball league. I made some wrong moves early in the week and found myself 100 points down by Wednesday. I asked you for a little advice and you gave me the world. I can’t believe you looked at my team/league on a daily basis and recommended the hitters and pitchers I should pickup/start. You completely turned my team around in five days.  I don’t believe it myself, within five days you helped me gain 180 points on the competition!!!

*Started VIP Program the night of September 27th.

Fantasy Service

Lastly, thanks for the betting advice you recently gave me while in Las Vegas. Your NFL parlay option that you sent me earned me a quick $100. I usually don’t bet on sports but you made it so easy and profitable. Just saying….this might be a good service to the rest of the Beast Dome nation!

Hands down, your VIP Service stands out amongst the competition. Most fantasy pay services get you access to online tools, charts, graphs, etc… Your VIP Service get the Beast Dome members access to you! You can not find a better deal anywhere. Thanks so much for everything. I can’t wait to see how many championships I can win!!!



Last year for fantasy basketball, I bounced ideas off Munt via
comments and through the Beastdome chat.  That was pretty nice and I
came in 3rd place for my first year of fantasy basketball.

This year I decided to roll with the VIP Assistant Coach for fantasy
football.  When I signed up for the VIP I was sailing on a sinking
ship at 0-2.  Two weeks in and I’ve won 2 straight weeks with
Muntradamus help via email and the many articles posted to Beastdome.
It’s really key being able to send off emails with your ideas and have
Munt validate or give you new directions to go.  It’s a great service
if you want to win and need some help.

Fantasy basketball is right around the corner and I just signed up for
the VIP that includes the live draft help.  I can’t wait for it.
Thanks Munt!

– Munho


I am a Fantasy Football junkie.  I run a 10 team league and I’m also in a money league on ESPN.  With the help of Muntradamus using his VIP #3 Service, I am undefeated @ 4-0 in both leagues so far.  His knowledge & insight into who to start/sit & who to pickup on the waiver wire is 2nd to none.  His availability via email everyday gives me the edge I need.  Worth every Penny!
Plantsville CT


Jon H.
(0-2) Before VIP.  (2-0) Since VIP.

The past two Football seasons I was hitting ESPN for fantasy
advice like it was black-tar heroin. I was down, livin’ on the streets
in my league, begging for points so I could just get to my next
match-up without the fantasy-sickness. Then I found Muntradamus and my
life changed. He invited to me get help at the BeastDome VIP clinic.

There I got one-on-one treatment for being a rankings slave. He showed
me how to live my life not in the dark depths of the waiver wire. He
was there to answer all my questions with his expert analysis and put
Mr. Roto in the backseat. I took back control of my fantasy team
thanks to him, I have purpose now, I now trash-talk the rest of my
league every week till they start to drink to make the shame I inflict
on them go away. I’m in their heads. Fantasy Football has never been this fun.



Welcome to the BEAST DOME, no need to look elsewhere for your fantasy needs. I started my fantasy football season 0-2, then I found the DOME! Now I off to a 2-0 win streak and everyone in my league is fearing me. Waiver wire adds, Beast/Bust, and Buy Low/Sell high are my favorite posts. After a few blockbuster trades, no one in my league wants to deal with me anymore as they feel I am getting too powerful. Munt is here to inform you, give you guidance, and make you laugh. Pay the man, and you will DOMINATE your league, I promise. A very cheap price to pay.
– Han N.


The Beast Dome VIP package has me at 4-0 this year! After starting 0-4 last year it has really helped to have Munt’s advice. It’s against the norm, its cutting edge, It’s light years ahead of any other cookie cutter advice you will find from the other so called “Pros.” Online or on T.V. The V.I.P package is the way to go. He answers all questions very thoroughly and in a timely manner. That’s the best part, you have a question? Send an Email and moments later you have your game changing answer…. Every week he will give you advice on what FA’s to pick up, What trades to offer up… and preform complete surgery on your line up to put you in line for another dominating W. If you like his site, you will love this custom experience. He has a customer for life!

   -Spaceman has been my source for great fantasy baseball advice all season long. I have the site set as my browser homepage, and read the various daily baseball articles religiously. When my team started struggling late in the season i decided to sign on for Beastdome VIP # 3. From day one of VIP, Muntradamus has been incredibly dedicated to helping me win my league. I never expected this level of dedication. He keeps an eye on my team and gives advice even before i’ve sent him emails asking for any. I don’t think he ever sleeps! I had an insane work schedule at the end of the season, and wasn’t really able to follow my team in depth. Without having to ask for extra help, Muntradamus took the initiative and pretty much managed my team for me. This was a crucial point in my team’s season. During the final two weeks, Muntradamus had a plan of attack for my team. He had me field a team with mostly speed guys so i could gain some ground in stolen bases….and it worked! I would never have thought to slot in Everth Cabrera over Josh Hamilton!! Muntradamus taught me that sometimes these extreme strategies are what it takes to win. 

Without “Munts” help, my team would not have been nearly as competitive to the finish. Having him there to validate my fantasy baseball ideas alone was well worth the money spent on the VIP package. He went above and beyond that, and showed a genuine interest in seeing my team succeed. I can’t wait til next season when Muntradamus has my back during my draft! I will be a Beastdome VIP in 2013!!!




If you want to earn the VIP Package #3 Free For a Week

Be active in the community.  I take notice on who is answering the most questions in the comments and in the Chat.  Each Week I will reward a MVP who gets to use the VIP Service through the Weekend for Free.

*Claim your Prize as you read this sentence. 

The Time is now.  I will transform your team if you let me.  Send an e-mail to Muntradamu[email protected] if you are ready for the surgery.  Or click the VIP Links to learn more.




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