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  1. I’m about to enter an 8 team draft. Is there a different strategy to approaching a smaller league like this? I would think that getting an elite qb and tight end would be very important in this set up.

  2. I am so excited to get the 2013 season started….I used to be a slave to KFFL and Football Diehards, but not anymore! I am like a toddler trying to soak up as much information as possible to use at a later date. I have NO doubt that with your help I would have placed in the AFFL Championship last year. I had a phenomenal team but Mr. Stafford and Lions receivers were tackled at or inside the 5-yard line 23 times!

    Ouch!!!! I didn’t have Jason Hanson, shame on me. Not this year…QB/K combo is in full effect.

    Thanks and the domination is about to take flight!

  3. it depends on your set up. i have a 8-man team, but its 2QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2 WR/RB, 1 Flex, 5 bench; ppr.

    if its 1 QB, u can wait, but if its not then follow munts advice and draft an elite QB first.
    i made the mistake of drafting a QB too late and wound up getting just stafford + freeman/cutler when i could’ve gotten Matt Ice/Romo.

  4. Drafted this team before i found your website muntz :/ 12 man ppr league QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex/K/Def Been trying to make a trade for ball and welker.. Guy offered me Ball/Welker for V jackson/Mcfadden.. Take the trade? Seems like a no brainer. What do you think
    My team
    Forte,S Jackson,Mcfadden,Hillman,J Rodgers
    Amendola,V Jackson,Austin,V Brown, Givens
    Tampa bay

  5. Hey munt, first off your the man. What do you think about my team:
    RB: Shady, matt forte, d murray, ryan matthews, ahmad bradshaw
    WR: roddy white, desean jackson, anquan boldin, chris givens, josh gordon, michael floyd
    QB: colin Kaepernick, big ben
    K: David akers
    Def: Tampa
    im in a 10 team league and my internet locked up causing me to miss on a backup TE. What wide do u thing I should drop for backup TE? open TE Zach Sudfeld, jermaine gresham, julius thomas, dwayne allen, rob housler, brent celek, ed dickson. (Im guessing you will say julius thomas based on rankings but just making sure) Thanks!

  6. I realize I do not have much depth at RB.. Planning on Grabbing Stewart off of the Waiver wire :/ Think that will help a little bit.. Any other suggestions?

  7. Looks like Michael Floyd is you lowest rated WR, Julius would be the tight end to target. Is Phil Dawson available on wire? Trade Akers for? to get the the QB/K Combo. BeastDome has Dawson ranked higher, might be different in your league. Or you can always look to claim when K’s are dropped around Bye weeks.

  8. yes…I love to use the rankings here to give me the advantage on every trade i’ve (currently in baseball, football last year). McFadden might have a tough second half of most games since Oakland will be behind. Ball’s stock will continue to go up. Welker and Manning should have a great year.

  9. Given your roster, I would give up Michael Floyd or Chris Givens. You can drop either one of them seeing as how you already have 4 legit starting caliber WRs. Yes you do have 5 legit RBs, but you can never have enough RB depth. Sudfeld and Julius Thomas are both enticing, but I would go with J. Thomas.

    Remember Manning had many weapons in Indy too, but he made Dallas Clark a household name. We haven’t seen much production from Dallas Clark since. Manning loves to use TEs, so despite there being many mouths to feed in Denver, Julius Thomas will get his looks too, especially near the goal line.

    Sudfeld would have been a nice option too, as a reincarnation of Aaron Hernandez. However, Gronk looks to be primed and ready to come back in week 3. Once he does, he will be Brady’s main man down the middle.

    Go with Julius Thomas.

  10. You might want to bounce your wire off the sleepers article. Stewart is a great play for the Playoffs, reason to have on your bench. Helu was another name be discussed. Tate / Mike Bush claimed? Word is Tate might get some more playing time, M.Bush to have in case Forte goes down.

  11. Plat is should be a great year. The articles are great and the rankings will always steer you in the right direction.

  12. ^ That was me btw, but now I got a question for you guys.

    I got a question for you guys. I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how to improve my WR core. They’re decent guys, but nobody that can wow you.

    It is a 12-team PPR league with bonuses for 100+ and 200+ yards rushing/receiving. We start 1QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1RB/WR, 1TE, 1D/ST, 1K, and 6 bench spots. My team currently is as follows (starters in CAPS):

    RBs – MCCOY, MURRAY, BERNARD, Mendy, Redman, Helu
    TEs – DANIELS, Gronkowski
    K – PRATER

    So this trade was proposed to me. I give up Gronk, Torrey Smith, and Bernard for Demaryius Thomas, Sudfeld, and Mathews.

    I’m leaning towards taking it. My thinking is this, Though Gronk may beast when he gets back, I’m not sure it’ll matter if my WR corps has no top level guys. Sudfeld, though not currently ranked on this site yet, could possibly grow into the Aaron Hernandez role in NE. His role might even be bigger should Gronk miss more time. D. Thomas is an electric guy that would instantly slot into my WR1 spot. The fact that I have Peyton makes him even more attractive. As for Mathews vs. Bernard, I look at them as being even at least right now. Mathews however is a bell cow back, whereas Bernard is the change-of-pace back in CIN. He’s like the Danny Woodhead to Mathews’ Law Firm (although granted Bernard has a lot more upside than Woodhead.

    To me at least this boils down to who is more worth it, D. Thomas or Gronk? What do you guys think I should do?

  13. You should definitely take that trade and add J. Stew and/or Helu to your roster. You can never have too much RB depth. This is the time to buy low on Ball if you can.

    As for Welker vs. V. Jax. This is no contest in a PPR league. Welker is a PPR monster, which V. Jax often times is either boom or bust.

  14. you got to keep Gronk his upside is huge if he can stay healthy Brady will throw him the ball and he will score Epic season for gronk

  15. Gronk is the beast option to have, when it comes to the Patriots Offensive. His a Redzone monster with receive yards as gravy on the side.

  16. Mpapa, I have to agree with the two before me do not trade gronk, you will be able to acquire wr throughout the season, it is munts best in season position, the guy is a stud when it comes to seeing receivers before other “experts”. Gronk gives you an big edge against every team expect the one with graham, in which case it is still a small edge on points per week

  17. Hey, so I have five decent WR’s, and I was wondering if I should try trade 2 of them off for a better one, or just stick with them. WR: Amendola, Steve Smith, Miles Austin, Mike Williams and Greg Jennings. (Also how ho you feel about the last 3 in that list)

    – also, but confused as to when munt’s week 1 ranking come out, anyone know?
    Thanks guys

  18. If you do trade off Gronk wait until at least week 2, his value will go up as people become desperate for a good TE. Also, personally i’m a bit uncertain about thomas’ targets with welker in.

  19. rankings should come out today,and your last three are alright. I would personally trade off jennings.

  20. Amendola is a top notch receiver as far as the other four, I would not move smith or miles, if you could move the other two together for a top level receiver, I might consider that. Don’t sleep on amendola though he should be a HUGE part of that offense even with gronk in the mix

  21. BeastDome community – looking forward to a fantastic 2013 season. Best of luck to each and everyone of us. Thanks to Munt for all the prep and insight – time to Beast!

    Wondering who I should bench of the following RB’s (2 RB’s, plus one plays as a FLEX): J. Charles, R. Bush, D. Murray, or M. Ball

    Also, should I start F. Davis or J. Thomas at TE?

  22. Who do you have at RB? If you need to upgrade, you have some options. However, I would not trade two of those WR’s for one – you have 5 studs who can carry your team.

  23. RB always in short supply. A guy like Floyd can be replaced in the wire In week 2-4 when gronk is back beasting it. And as usual if Munt says Thomas we’ve seen enough in the past year to not doubt him

  24. Preciate the advice @dallasdavek and @mark p.

    Im definitely taking jthomas off the waiver wire tomorrow for mfloyd. Still up in the air about kickers *dawson is taken :( but there is still steven hauschka, kai forbath and garret hartley. Top kicker experts have steven H ranked pretty high so I might go with him over akers

  25. So, my team (12 team standard)
    qb – romo, freeman
    rb – charles, mcfadden, ball, helu
    wr – roddy white, steve smith, ant brown, jennings
    te – graham, cook
    k – dal
    def – tb
    I may be able to trade McFadden, Graham, and Freeman for Cam and TRich (other player has Brees) – should I make this trade? I’m thinking yes, especially because Julius Thomas sits on the wire, but having Graham is quite a security blanket at TE. Same cannot be said for McFadden. Playing matchups with Cam and Romo could be killer

  26. also forgot to mention steve smith gets that awful Saints defense twice in the fantasy playoof weeks, if you needed another reason to keep him

  27. I have same dilemma Johnny! I have Shady/T-Rich/SJax/Ball…Real question is should we start Ball week 1?

  28. Johnathan Stewart will help you out later on, your RB depth will be fine. That’s a good trade with Welker/Ball for Jackson/McFadden, I’d take it, you get upgrade at receiver and you have potential BEAST material for your running back. You have a real good team, I really like it, other than that I wouldn’t worry about making too many changes. You are good at QB with Stafford, Matt Forte and Steven Jackson are good. McFadden for Ball is a good trade because you will have higher value with him and you can easily trade him for a great player later on in the season. Glad you found the site! Dallas pretty much gives you the same info I did after looking.

  29. I don’t like the trade because you lose McFadden which keeps your depth at running back the same. Why not just try to make a trade to get Trent Richardson with Graham? That way sure, you lose the best TE but now you got Trent Richardson, Jamaal Charles, Montee Ball(Who you can trade for Graham back even later once his stock goes up or any other player) and McFadden. Then you will definitely be BEASTing it. You don’t really need Cam Newton in a trade unless you drafted him, he’s an upgrade from Freeman for sure, but Romo and Freeman can get the job done for you at the QB position. Just my two cents.

  30. Here’s my squad:

    Manuel, E.J. BUF QB
    Romo, Tony DAL QB
    Ball, Montee DEN RB
    Bell, Joique DET RB
    Bush, Reggie DET RB
    Helu, Roy WAS RB
    Jackson, Steven ATL RB
    Leshoure, Mikel DET RB
    Austin, Miles DAL WR
    Jackson, DeSean PHI WR
    Nicks, Hakeem NYG WR
    Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE
    Thomas, Julius DEN TE
    Bailey, Dan DAL PK
    Bears, Chicago CHI Def
    Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def

  31. You have the biggest depth at RB on this site so far haha. I don’t htink you’re gonna want to let go of your RBs yet but down the road, I would definitely look for trades so you can stack a few more WR. I have been telling everyone Montee Ball is your game changer. When he starts to shine or when some of your other RBs start to shine, you are on your way to a couple of game changers. Your Tight End position is set, you have good defenses, you just lack at WR but like I said, those RBs have potential for value that WR won’t even be a problem down the line.

  32. Trade advice please. I got offered Hakeem Nicks, Montee Ball, and Desean Jackson for Cam Newton, Dwayne Bowe, and Stephen Gostowski. This is my squad (my team was autodrafted)

    QB:Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Josh Freeman
    RB:Adrian Peterson, Demarco Murray, Michael Bush, Pierre Thomas
    WR:Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, Dwayne Bowe, Mike Williams
    TE: Gronk, Witten
    K:Matt Bryant, Gostkowski
    DST: Tampa Bay

  33. Need to know more about your scoring system, roster positions and number of teams before I can offer any insight.

  34. well Munt ranks Romo higher than Cam. McFadden is 12 spots lower than Trent, but Graham is one of 2 elite TE options. You’d be upgrading slightly at the RB position but downgrading in the TE position which is WAY more shallow. I personally wouldn’t do the trade just because Julius Thomas isn’t going to put up nearly as consistent numbers as Graham. Graham will make up for the pt discrepancy between mcfadden and richardson.

  35. Looking for WR help I currently have: amendola, austin, L. moore & D. moore was looking at picking up Jacoby Jones or M. Sanu. I didn’t even see Jones in Munt’s rankings but he seems to be getting added to a lot of teams lately.

  36. What’s good Munt & Beast Dome nation? Football is upon us, best of luck in all of your leagues, I hope we all kick some ass! Munt will you be releasing ranking before Thursday nights tilt? If not would you or the Beast Dome nation help me with a start/sit? I’ve got Gronk, Jermichael Finley and Julius Thomas at TE. Who should I start? Thanks

  37. Gronk will pretty much win your championship. I highly recommend not getting rid of him! If you want to though, wait like mitch said “when his value goes up”. Your RBs look pretty solid, the Peyton Manning/Matt Prater combo is great, and you can always find sleeper WRs on the waiver. Do not worry about your WR depth at the moment, and Demaryius Thomas may be GREAT some games. However, there is Wes Welker, Julius Thomas, and Montee Ball which Peyton Manning has hinted at liking a lot this preseason. Ryan Matthews is too inconsistent, and I feel like this trade is actually unbalanced (them getting a better deal). Hope this helps!

  38. You have your Kicker / QB combo with Bryant and Ryan, so Gostkowski will be riding your bench, our you’ll have to drop him for a RB/WR. So your trading Cam and Bowe for DeSean, Hicks and Montee. I would make the trade, it will give you a stud RB3. For most weeks it will give you AP, Murray, Welker, Amendola with Ball in the Flex. You’ll be 3 deep with top RB’s and 4 deep with top WR’s. When Gronk gets healthy you might be able package Witten with a WR to upgrade either WR or get another RB.

  39. Not sure why you would want to pick up either one? Rankings have your lowest ranked WR D. Moore at 35ish, Sanu 46 and Jacoby around 51. Looking to drop somebody else for one of these WR’ers? If you have an open spot might be better to look at RB depth.

  40. Pretty solid core 4 there.
    He probably was not in the rankings because he’s not really seen as a top 50 guy. There is probably a better option floating around your wire

  41. Thanks for replies… I don’t think I would possibly be able to build the trade without DMC, since the other player would be losing their best RB, and by extension, RB depth. The Freeman/Cam part of it was just to sweeten it a little for me, but essentially I consider the trade TRich for Graham/DMC. I’m hearing no from the crowd and I’m inclined to follow the advice. In addition to the best analyst on the web, this site has the best advice from fellow players. Thanks again

  42. To me, this trade looks automatic. Improve RB depth and WR depth and you basically give up QB depth (which you have cover for) and K depth (no biggie). I have to believe this trade would leave you as the favorite to win your league if you aren’t already.

  43. I missed out on Gronk and Graham and TE got me worried. Standard scoring except for bonuses for 100 yard games. Who do I drop from my roster: Sudfeld, Fred Davis, or Jordan Cameron?

  44. dallasdavek & Cnop, thanks. My team is qb: romo, freeman rb: ball, bush, lynch, L. Bell, J. Stewart te: Gronk, J. Thomas & wr’s I mentioned previously. I thought maybe I should add wr depth & drop J. Stewart. Sanu is highest ranked wr available in my league. Should I just keep J. stew? Thanks again.

  45. Based on what Munt is saying. I would say starting Ball early is not ideal. We know he is going to be beastin it but we have to be patient. I think you are better off with Jmal, Reggie, And Murray.

  46. Hey Guys:

    I dont think my draft could have gone much better. I am a tad bit concerned about my bench. Just how much depth do we need? Im in a unique league.
    2 qb 2 rb 3 wr 1te 1 flex- 1 kicker- 2 defenses.

    QB2 ROMO QB3 Rivers
    TE: GRONK :)

    Now my concern: Should I not have Stewart and Harvin right now? Or can I play musical chairs and survive until they give me beast weeks late?

    How yall like that draft ;). Went by the MUNT BOOK! Took the Stud QB round 2 on the swing. It went brees then manning to me then rodgers! I was happy :)

  47. This is actually a no brainer. You will be playing musical chairs with a few top 20 wrs. And now you have Ball at flex which is the way to win a ship. Plus you have Gronk… Pull the trigger ride with matty ice and w.e. qb 2 and start your 3 rbs in the playoffs. You secure the win with this trade

  48. My other team after finding website.. What ya think :D. 10 man League had the 10 pick.
    RB- Trich,J Charles,R Bush,Ball,Tate
    WR-Amendola,Welker.L Moore,Chris Givens, V Brown
    TE – GRONK,Olsen
    DEF-Tampa Bay

  49. Must be a pretty weak league? I think its great you got the rbs you did. And you defn waited on wr’s but thatll play out well for you as you got great value in dola.

    Overall a beast team.

  50. take the trade man that is a complete steal if it goes through. Your getting a better RB and Wr, no brainer make it!

  51. Tough question. Since it seems like the Denver staff wants to spread the touches a bit, I’d sit Ball for the week. Ball will get better as the season moves on. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a squad like yours. As for the TE position, I’d stick to Fred Davis. I have a feeling that RG3 will use that safety valve.

  52. Charles,bush, and murray. f davis. wait see with wont hurt you with the other 3 solid backs you got.

  53. Team seems solid for the most part for sure pick up Julius Thomas off the wire to use him the first week or two he’s going to have a beast season.

  54. You have to email muntz. just click on one of the early articles he will usually describe it in the beginning. Or just click on V.I.P at the top of the screen.

  55. Beast team not sure how you landed all those guys on the same team but yes you should have no problem dominating this season and in the playoffs!

  56. Great team! I would drop denarious moore for Julius thomas if you can, for he’s going to have a monster season and you must have a backup TE if your a Gronkowski owner.

  57. Keep the RB depth your wrs are very solid believe it or not you have one ranked 15 and the other 4 thats perfectly fine. RB depth is more important because there harder to find on the waiver wire. WRS will appear on the wire consistently throughout the year. And plus thats the position that muntradamus specializes in.

  58. What is the rest of your team like? If your going to trade, I recommend taking a look at the list of players that Munt has posted as his highest ranked among the experts (located on his final ranking post) that should help a lot. Players like Desean Jackson, and Monte Ball would be good targets, but it all depends on what you need.

  59. drop sudfeld he’s not going to have a year anything like those other two. Also drop Cameron for J. Thomas if you can as well, he’s going to have a lot of opportunities this year with P. Manning as his QB.

  60. Can’t help but saying this haha. You’ve got 3 top 10 TE’s! I’d trade j. Finley because you have plenty of depth with Gronk/J. Thomas combo. If you do trade him start Thomas until Gronk returns

  61. I was looking at offering a trade to the Peyton Manning owner. I will offer Stafford and Jared Cook for Peyton Manning. I have Gronk and can pick up Julius Thomas off waivers. Not sure the Manning owner would even take the trade but is it worth trying to get Peyton Manning??

  62. Peyton is supposed to be a beast this season. I wouldn’t take a shakey Stafford and a meh TE for an elite quarterback if I were the guy you were trading with.

  63. What’s up Beast Nation, I’m new here but I think munt has the best insight compared to the rest. I drafted the other day and I’m hoping to get some insight from the community. It’s a 10 team league QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/DST/K
    I have
    Lynch/gore/Reggie bush/Ball
    WR: Steve Smith/Boldin/Austin/DMoore/Hartline/Britt
    Kicker is Dan bailey
    Defense: Bucs and Pats
    Any advice is much appreciated.

  64. No Reason Manning is not #1 at year end.
    You do have to factor that pretty much 98% of people don’t expect Stafford to be even a top 10 QB this year so it is probably gonna take a lot more than Cook to get that done.

  65. Wanted to get some opinions after my draft. It is a 12 team auction draft. Started strong on my RBs and think my WRs are fairly solid. Slacked on my bench some. Tried to get Peyton but we have a homer in our league and he was gonna pay any amount for him. Didn’t have the funds for gronk.

    QB Eli Manning
    RB Steven Jackson
    RB Doug Martin
    WR Wes Welker
    WR Miles Austin
    WR/TE Hakeem Nicks
    TE Jermichael Finley
    FLEX Marshawn Lynch
    K Prater

  66. Your RB is top notch, and WR are very solid. I do think Finley can have a very solid year as well.

  67. ****BEASTDOME RISE****

    I just traded


    was that a good trade?


    *can flex a QB*

    format – QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, K, D, and 1 flex QB/RB/WR/orTE

    my team now – QB
    Tom Brady
    Peyton Manning

    Montee Ball
    Frank Gore
    Daryl Richardson
    Ronnie Hillman
    Kendall Hunter
    Ben Tate
    Daniel Thomas

    Hakeem Nicks
    Miles Austin
    Lance Moore
    Mohamed Sanu

    Fred Davis
    GRONK aka G-NaStY

    K- matt bryant D- 49ers

    Should i pick up moreono right now off waivers and drop daniel thomas? Just so i have denvers rb’s on lock.

    Or is daniel thomas potentially more valuable considering my rb depth is low end

    ****BEASTDOME RISE****

  68. Josh Freeman, TB QB
    Michael Turner, FA RB
    Darrius Heyward-Bey, Ind WR
    Julius Thomas, Den TERecent News
    Josh Brown, NYG K
    IR Jonathan Stewart*, Car RB O

  69. or you could just pick up julius thomas and wait and then see what stafford and julius thomas do. nothing wrong with that. you can always offer the trade later.

  70. I think your team looks pretty good, however, your RB depth isn’t very good, not sure I would waste a bench spot on Turner, no one else available on waivers? Since you have Julius Thomas maybe you could use Finley as trade bait for an RB, might be worth a shot!

  71. For the first week I want to have a safe lineup. This means starting proven vets and benching the rookies unproven but high potential prospects. Which means I am considering benching ball from the flex spot, but in retrospect my other option is the WR roundabout corp that not a lot of experts are banking on as WR2/high upside WR3. At the end of the year flex players, positionally, have seen WRs having the benefit of consistency in terms of total points in the year.

  72. that trade probably won’t go through but I would maybe try trading jared cook for a ryan mathews, d/jax miles austin kind of player. IT’s more realistic and you already have TE depth so it’s a win win situation.

  73. Beast team for sure!! Only thing I would change is drop Britt or Hartline/ or trade whatever the case may be for someone with low value and high potential like Jonathan Stewart

  74. I feel its a pretty good trade though you probably won’t see the benefits from later in the season when gronk is back. I don’t ever trust and Jax player bc the team is so awful

  75. Sadly the waiver wire is very skimpy since the team is very active and every team having 7 offensive bench spots. I am gonna try to trade for RB depth. I know I slacked on that. My main RB core is pretty stout and I hope that will be what I can lean on.

  76. Your starting lineup is money however you lack depth at RB on your bench. I mean you have beast running backs don’t get me wrong but if you could somehow trade in hakeem for a lesser Wr and snag Montee Ball you’ll be sitting pretty. Great team overall though and drop turner don’t need a roster spot wasted on someone who’s not going to touch the ball this season.

  77. WEll there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that that wasn’t a good trade. You gave up lots of depth at the Rb position. If montee or gore gets injured your season is over. However, the good news is that you have two Beast QbS. Id probably look for a team who has Tony Romo as their Qb and offer them Manning for their RB 1 or 2 depending on how highly there valued. Also, you can possibly offer a trade to a team that has demarco murray for he isn’t valued as high as he should be.

  78. I mean it’s week 1 so if there’s a time to take a risk and screw up it’s now because you’ll have a whole season to make up for it.

  79. With 3 high caliber RB you can start there’s very little risk in NOT starting Ball. Especially with S Jax facing the Saints. But having Ball as your 4th option is a great problem to have anyway, you will be very strong at RB this season. I actually am leaning towards starting Bradshaw over Ball in my flex spot because he faces the Raiders.

  80. Wow. Someone just basically offered you the chamionship on a silver platter. Accept that trade and laugh all the way to the bank with a stacked roster.

  81. Trade thought…std league non ppr.
    RB: Lynch, Murray, Reggie Bush, Montee, Bradshaw, JStewart
    WR: Bowe, Miles Austin, Jody Nelson, Lance Moore, Josh Gorden
    ESPN: QB RB RB WR WR RB/WR…looking at teams with WR in the Flex to target trade. Bradshaw odd RB out on my Team.
    I trade: Bowe / Bradshaw – I Get: Wes Welker
    I trade: Bradshaw – I get: Nicks
    I trade: Bowe / Bradshaw – I Get Roddy White or Victor Cruz
    Should i offer Jody Nelson instead of Bowe, being with the Packers Teams might bite.

  82. I joke with the League that it actually might be better to lose week 1 because there’s usually a waiver pick up that everybody missed or an injury. As the Beastman say’s…all you need to do is get to the playoffs.

  83. rest of the team since I have most of it posted…
    QB’s Romo / Freeman
    TE’s Fred Davis / Gronk
    D/ST: NE this week and next
    Kicker: Dan Bailey (QB/Kicker Combo)
    Head Coach: 49ers
    Punter: (currently empty) reason for the 2 4 1 trade

  84. I just finished my 12 team PPR league picking fifth. The positions are qb, 2rb, 2wr, wr/rb, flex, and superflex (which every team has another qb in and max 2 qbs on roster), dl, lb, db, idp, def, k, and lastly p. Its 1 pt per reception. 4.5pts per pass td and .05pts per pass attempt. 6pts for rush and catch tds. Bonus points for long tds and high total yards for pass, rush, and catch.

    QB Drew Brees, NO QB (1st)
    RB Matt Forte, Chi RB (3rd)
    RB Lamar Miller, Mia RB (7th)
    RB/WR T.Y. Hilton, Ind WR (8th)
    WR Brandon Marshall, Chi WR (2nd)
    WR Randall Cobb, GB WR P (4th)
    TE Jason Witten, Dal TE (6th)
    FLEX Kenbrell Thompkins (FA)
    OP Tony Romo, Dal QB (5th)
    LB Luke Kuechly, Car LB (9th)
    DL Calais Campbell, Ari DE (15th)
    DB Charles Tillman, Chi CB (13th)
    DP Bobby Wagner, Sea LB (12th)
    D/ST Bears D/ST D/ST (10th)
    K Dan Bailey, Dal K (FA)
    P Dave Zastudil, Ari P (14th) 1pt per punt. 287 pts last season hence early pick.
    Bench Ben Tate, Hou RB (FA)
    Bench Rueben Randle, NYG WR (16th)
    Bench Roy Helu, Wsh RB (FA)

    I’m having doubts about choosing to draft 2qbs and a te so early. I feel like my rb and wr depth is very lacking compared to the other teams who chose to go rb/wr heavy before getting their qbs. All the rbs left in the FA pool are handcuff types. I also might have taken my IDPs too early also instead of focusing on my rb/wr, flex, and bench slots. During the draft though, I did believe I was making the right decision as I chose my IDPs and def in the middle of runs, and I had them ranked higher than players being chosen. Am i overthinking things or did i fudge up my draft?

  85. I got Gronk last night, but didnt get a backup TE for the first few weeks. Kyle Rudolph, Fred Davis, and Juluis Thomas are still on the wire, who to grab?

  86. Shorts is probably the best of the three, but is he healthy for week 1? And is Henne playing QB or Gabbert? He was Henne’s favorite target last year. And Blackmon is suspended for 4 games. Givens has been explosive this preseason, but St Louis has a bunch of WRs. Brown I would rank 3rd, he was hurt last season and just hasn’t shown much yet, but he is expected to start. I think Id roll with Shorts.

  87. I am having a really difficult time making this decision. 10 team standard 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 WR/RB 1 TE 1 D/ST 1 K. Randall Cobb is my WR2… I am lacking confidence in Montee Ball for a flex for week 1. I also have Lacy and T.Y. in the mix. I’m all set everywhere else. Thoughts?

  88. I’m thinking Fred Davis. Ponder is a turd and Rudolph is too reliant on the TD, and there are entirely too many options in Denver. Demaryius Thomas is the redzone target in that offense anyway. I feel like Davis will be a constant in Washington’s offense.

  89. Between Lacy and Hilton and Ball, I’d roll with Montee. Always go RB for flex. 49ers Def stingier  than ravens

  90. Maybe if the person in your league with amendola needs a rb you could try that Bradshaw and Bowe for him?

  91. If its ppr I might start TY over Ball just to see how Ball is used in week 1. Plus Luck is going to shred the oak secondary.

  92. I did this and im starting him… I have 3 broncos tonight… not something i will do often obviously but i feel like I have to start ball over bradshaw tonight.

  93. Thanks…tried that…everybody is waiting for a couple weeks in on the season for trades. Hoping Amendola has a tough one.

  94. I’m trying to get Ball this week. What trade would has the best chance of passing: Lamar Miller and Vincent Brown for Montee Ball and Hicks, Lamar Miller and Vincent Brown for Ball and Pierre garcon, or Lamar Miller and Golden Tate for Montee Ball and Nicks? The owner only has Montee Ball and Matt Forte as their RB’s.

  95. I’d go for Nicks first, after his RB2 got him 2 points he might be willing to pull the trigger.

    My league likes to use where they were drafted as a guide to evaluate the trade. Using the rankings here usually gives me the advantage. Beast Rankings have Brown and Tate about the same, see who u drafted first maybe they will think that their getting the better receiver.

    Go for Nicks, if there’s a counter or decline go for Ball and Garcon.

  96. I would say Luck because it’s the Raiders, they’ll be terrible this year, and Bowe because the Jaguars won’t be able to stop him.

  97. Romo playing for his job against the Gmen he always beats up over Luck who will be so far ahead they run the whole 2nd half

  98. I agree, I’d start Romo. Oakland isn’t likely to score alot and force Luck to throw it to beat them. Sometimes a matchup can be “too” good. The Colts brought in Pep Hamilton because Luck took a beating last year, they don’t want him dropping back 40+ times a game.

  99. i like romo myself, but munt likes luck alot this week so i think i would have to go with his rankings. and Bowe over austin

  100. Josh Gordon just got dropped in one of my leagues, my receivers are jordy, Steve smith, boldin, lance Moore, and kenbrell Tompkins. Do you guys think I should drop kenbrell for josh Gordon?

  101. I think Nicks would be the better guy for you to get, but i think you have the better chance at getting garcon. Although miller has been overrated all offseason, so you may want to try nicks first and if he wants to negotiate talk down to garcon. He should be desperate though after seeing his RB#2 get 2 points, but i think it all depends on his faith in montee

  102. Thompkins has brady passing to him so it’s sorta hard to do, but I think I would do that since Gordon is gonna do great when he comes back.

  103. who are your RB and WR? trade depth at RB for depth at WR is usually not the move you want to make this early in the season. kembrell’s value is going to take a hit when gronk comes back and tate is an auto start if something happens to foster

  104. yea im struggling with this one, the good thing is he doesnt clear waivers until september 11th so i have time to think about it. At the same time though kembrell is going to be at his best with no gronk. hopefully ill get a chance to talk to munt before then

  105. For everyone who had Julius Thomas this week, isn’t it great when everyone in the league is wondering what just happened. I own him and gronk in every league and was curious what everyone else’s plan for julius thomas is. I can flex TE in two of my leagues but dont see myself benching any of my RB for a TE. with julius facing the Giants next week, should i try to move him before then or do we think his value could go up even more against that weak LB core?

  106. Come Monday/tuesday when JERMICHAEL FINLEY and KYLE RUDOLPH and a few others have bad week ones, package him and sell high to upgrade at another position. Your #1 week one TE will look damn good to the guy who is 0-1 with a 5pt TE

  107. im hoping so, could use a little help at WR, im not super thin, but have no clear cut WR1 on my team

  108. I’d try to make a 2 for 1 trade and upgrade something, especially since you have time before he’s off waivers. If that fails, drop kenbrell for him

  109. His value is clearly high right now, but if he has another strong outing next week he will really solidify his value. It’s your call, might as well throw some bait out there

  110. Hello Nation!

    I need some help identifying which of my players have the most upside (opportunity to have a big game). I’m starting out week 1 at a huge deficit because i’m facing a team with Peyton.

    Pick 3: Demarco Murray, B.marshall, M.Colston, R.Wayne.


  111. Quarterback/Kicker strategy, does it apply when you don’t have a stud QB?
    I have T.Romo in 12 team standard scoring league

  112. it does apply to romo, and he is going to be a stud this year, definetely want to get bailey as a safety net if drives stall

  113. Gentlemen,
    Am in a PPR league and was offered this trade. Dwayne Bowe for Steve Smith & Julius Thomas. Is that around the market value for Smith & Thomas, or should I be holding out for somebody better? Know this is the place to go for such questions.

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