Fantasy Football BEAST or BUST I’m Blue Da Ba BEAST Da Ba Da (Alfred Blue)

Fantasy Football BEAST or BUST

I’m Blue Da Ba BEAST Da Ba Da

(Alfred Blue)


By Muntradamus


Arian Week continues here at BEAST DOME as this entire Week is here to help you get over the loss of the beloved BEAST DOME legend Arian Foster.

To imagine the Texans backfield situation going forward. Let us simulate if the Eagles were to lose DeMarco Murray (knock on wood/Cross my heart). The Eagles would have Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles splitting the backfield work. Sproles would be used on passing downs, but Ryan Mathews would be used on everything else, including some passing downs as well. The Texans would replace Ryan Mathews with Alfred Blue, Chris Polk would replace Darren Sproles.

Now you have a Texans team that is going to lose more games than win games, especially with the way that defense has been tackling as of late. Key for the Texans is to stay close in games, because if they do Alfred Blue is the type of RB who can easily rush for 100 yards. You look at the one game the Texans won this season without Arian, Alfred Blue racked up 31 carries for 139 Yards and a TD. Arian Foster would never see 31 carries in a game. Look at 2014 when Arian Foster was out, the week they won against Cleveland Alfred Blue racked up 36 carries for 156 Yards. Clearly if the Texans have a chance of winning, Alfred Blue is going to BEAST.


The real question is Chris Polk worth a pickup? The answer is without a doubt yes. The Texans run a no huddle offense and lead the NFL in pass attempts as a team. Chris Polk is easily an upgrade over Theo Riddick who will see plenty of time on the Football field. Polk has never reached 4 receptions in a game all season with the Texans, but now Jonathan Grimes is an after thought in this offense who was seeing some quality time when Arian was out early in the year. Chris Polk should be able to record 5 receptions every game no problem, which could equal 5 Points alone in a PPR league. If the Texans have a bad matchup, Chris Polk should be an easy double digit player in the Texans no huddle offense.


The question is, who to grab between the two if you can only grab one between Alfred Blue and Chris Polk. To answer the question let us see the remaining schedule for the Texans.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.16.58 AMWeek 8 definitely has the makings to be one of those 30+ Carry Alfred Blue games. The same can be said about Week 16 and 17. Besides those two games, the Texans seem destined to lose everything else which will make Chris Polk a factor. Blue will always be the RB who see’s the most carries and Polk can never take too much of the load because he is a small RB who does get lit up a lot. Still the remaining schedule does favor Polk once the Texans get out of the Bye Week.



Still, you need to go after Chris Polk in all leagues as he will see a lot of action in the passing game and potentially garbage time. Week 11/13/14 scream for Chris Polk to out touch Alfred Blue. Week 10 will be a modest split, and Week 15 we could see the Texans grind with Blue to try that one big upset. Keep in mind that Alfred Blue can catch the ball and lineup where Arian was as well, and he has a chance to be the Arian version 0.2.

Regardless of these two RBs and their new expanded role. They are not the #1 players off the Waiver Wire this week at the RB position. Stay tuned with the RB Waiver Wire Edition later this evening.





By Muntradamus


Sad moment on Sunday for the entire BEAST DOME NATION as we all lost Arian Foster. It was even harder especially during a game where he was putting up his vintage 20+ numbers, even if it was all during garbage time. He will be missed as it is nearly impossible to count on him coming back from a torn Achilles for the rest of his NFL career. It was a strong run for the BEAST as there was basically nobody besides Marshawn Lynch and Le’Veon Bell who could put up his type of production on a consistent basis over the last two seasons.

This week on BEAST DOME there will be special Content to help you get over the Arian injury including a ‘Muntra Night Football’ Episode for all VIPs that will live air during Thursday Night Football. E-mail will be sent out soon with the official time.

If you are not a VIP there will still be plenty of content on BEAST DOME to get you over the loss. Luckily for most he was a RB#3 on their roster as far as when he was drafted, some even drafted him as their RB#4. Regardless, his stats per game is impossible to replace. We will just do what we can to patch up the journey and keep riding the season home to the championship.










By Muntradamus


The Texans have their Superbowl in Week 5 against the Colts. Luckily for the Texans they do not have to deal with Andrew Luck which was smart of the Colts to hold him OUT this week because that Texans D-Line is going to be coming with FIRE. The Texans are in a MUST-WIN game as they cannot afford a fourth loss in this young season. Not only must they afford a fourth loss, but they need a momentum from a big win to spur this team forward.

The Texans are starting Ryan Mallet which is a mistake considering he throws the ball so hard that nobody can catch it. Nate Washington and Cecil Shorts III are out for this matchup, which means DeAndre Hopkins will be seeing a lot of targets tonight. Arian Foster will also have to step up at WR and play a lot of slot tonight as the Texans love to go Shotgun Empty. Key for the Texans is to keep feeding Arian in the running and passing game to keep their offense in control.

The Colts going with an underrated Matt Hasselbeck will need to pull off a HUGE road victory. He still has some nice velocity on his throws and Donte Moncrief/TY Hilton are still capable of getting open on demand. The X-Factor tonight is ex-Texan Andre Johnson. Andre needs to step up and make some big plays not only to save his Fantasy Football season, but to send a message to his old team. Expect Hasselbeck to force some his way, his plays will be crucial throughout the game. Frank Gore has a tough task against a Texans Run D that fell apart on the road last week. Look for them to make a STRONG statement similar to the Jets against the Colts earlier this Monday Night Football Season.

In the end, it will be Arian Foster doing whatever he can to will this team to a win. Arian could easily touch the ball 30 times tonight as the Texans need to win this game and cannot do it without him. The Colts will be looking for the big road upset, but that Texans D-Line is going to be too dominant and completely dominate the Colts.



COLTS (13)



Arian Foster (#3 RB)

DeAndre Hopkins (#5 WR)

Texans (#1 D/ST)

J.J. Watt (#1 DE)

Jadeveon Clowney (#10 LB)

D’Qwell Jackson (#1 LB)







By Muntradamus


*LIVE BEAST DOME CHAT Sunday 9:00am-9:30am PST*

Boom. Clap. The sound of my heart.

Everytime I think about Draftday 2015 I vividly remember looking at my sheet of paper during the 9th/10th round swing (#1 Pick of 12). I have two picks and was planning on getting 2 WRs, Terrance Williams and James Jones. It was a little early for Jones, but I wanted to make sure I got him. Then I saw the QB position, Russell Wilson was still sitting on the board. Owning Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham, I wanted to make sure nobody else got points from the Seattle Seahawks offense, especially the three teams who still needed a QB. Knowing that James Jones was probably on nobodys mind and his usual draft position in this league is 15th+ Round at best, I went with Russell Wilson.

Four picks before my pick in the 11th Round, James Jones was snatched. I smashed the table during the $1600 Entry Free NFFC Primetime Draft at the Belaggio Conference Room in front of a half filled room and yelled, “FUCK!” I could not believe someone else was targeting him, especially this early.

This week, I matchup against James Jones. After watching Steve Smith Sr. drop 40+ Points against me last week (Drafted 6th Round) I now go up against James Jones in what is likely to be another BEAST performance from the BEAST DOME Waiver Wire Pick of the Year. 

(No Expert Ranked James Jones Higher this Preseason)

Will I cry on Sunday when he goes off for 100 Yards and 2 TDs?

No, I will still be happy that all of you own him, he is also on a lot of other squads I own. So life is good.

What is not good, is the performance of my BEAST players which is leading to a bad start of the season.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 7.44.21 AM

Besides Brandon Marshall and LeGarrette Blount. No player on my team has impressed me early on. Doug Baldwin had a moment, and Jimmy Graham has been decent, but I expect more. If Marshawn did anything Week 2, I would be sitting at 1-2, which is still nothing to brag about.

Luckily this league paysout by Points For. I am in 9th Place in that regard and a couple big Weeks away from being right in the Pack for Top 3 as the first place team led by Antonio Brown and Steve Smith Sr. are both in trouble this week, and long-term, more on SSS Tuesday. So now it is time to reach into my Ultimate GM Skills and pull out a High Scoring Week.

Week 2. Lorenzo Taliaferro.
Week 3. LeGarrette Blount and Jeremy Kerley


Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 7.08.20 AM

This is the lineup we know I am going with this week.


While everyone in the BEAST DOME NATION including myself is ready for the return of Arian Foster who was a VITAL part of the VIP Draft Guide, I am not so sure he is going to play this week. The Texans have a HUGE game this upcoming Thursday Night against the Indianopolis Colts @ HOME. That game is esentially the AFC South Championship Game in Week 5. While I would love to see Arian play this week, it is more realistic he shoots for a return at home on National Television instead of playing two quick games on Short Rest. I hope I am wrong. I would love to start Arian as much as all of you.

Everyone should have a backup plan ready to go for Arian Foster missing Sunday. Luckily for TEAM BEAST DOME, someone dropped Alfred Blue last week and I made sure I grabbed him using $161 of my $1000 FABB money to secure the Handcuff when he became available Wednesday Night. While Blue is probably not on your Waiver Wire, hopefully you have another starting RB you can trust. If it means playing Chris Ivory at the 9am EST game, play Chris Ivory.


Everyone is scared about Marshawn Lynch. BEAST MODE on Monday Night Football is too big of a stage for Marshawn Lynch not to play when he knows the entire world will be watching him play. If Marshawn can walk, he will play in that game. If Marshawn is not 100%, he will still be strong. The Seahawks are in a Must-Win situation as they cannot fall to 1-3. While the running game for Seattle has looked terrible until Thomas Rawls broke out for 100+ Yards rushing in garabge time against the Bears last week, that type of confidence for the O-Line will have them playing their heart out on Monday Night.

Last Week I added Thomas Rawls off the Waiver Wire. He never entered my lineup and I really hope he never does. If Marshawn is forced to sit this week I will start him, but I am not expecting anything as the Lions D Line will eat him up. If Marshawn plays this week, I will waive Thomas Rawls for the next Waiver Wire peroid.

Carroll has already said that Thomas Rawls and Fred Jackson would split carries.
Like I projected in this weeks BEAST or BUST with Thomas Rawls.


Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 7.18.54 AM



Texans D/ST has been killing me this season. They are not getting Sacks, and their secondary is garbage. Teams are going Shotgun against them and even Rookie Jameis Winston had some sort of success. They are being benched until further notice.

During the Draft after they stole James Jones and Steve Smith Sr. from me, I went with the strategy of grabbing both the Texans and Bills with Back-2-Back Picks. It is now the Bills time to get it going and a Home Game against the Giants is exactly what I could order, if I could order.

Eli Manning with lots of pressure is something that always results into positive results for a Fantasy D/ST. Looking for the Bills to do their thing this Sunday. Texans Defense is benched until they prove they deserve to be in my lineup. Some Fantasy Leagues you may see the Texans on your Waiver Wire. I would add them, they will figure it out, but not start them this week.


Fitzmagic vs. Wilson vs. Stafford

Ryan Fitzmagic @ Dolphins (London)

Magic goes to London to face a Dolphins Defense that is looking horrible. If Magic has Eric Decker for this matchup, Magic should continue his success and have another strong 20 Point Range Week. The running game with Chris Ivory healthy will keep the Dolphins Defense honest. If Decker does not play, it would be best to go with a different option as Brandon Marshall and Jeremy Kerley is nice, but this matchup is not screaming 300 Passing Yards.

Russell Wilson vs. DET

If BEAST MODE does not play, Russell Wilson will have to carry the Seahawks to a Victory. The Lions Secondary is underrated and Wilson really does not have superstar talent at the WR position. However he does have a BEAST at TE with Jimmy Graham and maybe, just maybe. The Hawks will continue throwing to him. If the Seahawks do not use Jimmy Graham heavily on Monday Night Football, I will teleport through my TV and kill Carroll myself.

(MUNTRA NIGHT FOOTBALL BEASTcast. VIP ONLY. Invite going out Monday)

If Peter Carroll rolls Marshawn Lynch out there and they deem he is ready to handle his usual workload or anything close to his usual workload. Russell Wilson will likely be a game manager and will frustfrate me the entire night as I hate him as a QB and regret drafting him. He panics in the pocket, he will not throw for 300 Yards, and he misses open targets too frequently.

Matt Stafford @ SEA

The time is coming for Stafford to carry TEAM BEAST DOME to the Championship. Is it this week? I am not so sure as the Hawks on Monday Night Football is not an easy task. However, for the Lions to beat the Seahawks they must throw, throw, and throw. While you may be shocked to hear that. Ameer Abdullah is not going to BEAST this Seahawks Front 7 which has been carrying this Defense. The Seahawks have a very overrated Richard Sherman who only plays one side of the field, and can easily be exposed by Megatron. Kam Bam with Earl Thomas is dangerous, but the options with Golden Tate and Eric Ebron to go with the RB combo in Reddick and Ameer who are lethal in the passing game could keep this Hawks Secondary off balanced.


If Marshawn Lynch plays and deemed ready to go. Matt Stafford.
If Marshawn does not play or they say will be limited. Russell Wilson.

Regardless if I use Stafford or not. I am going to go with my Waiver Wire Kicker of the Week instead of Matt Prater.

Sebastian Janikowski

While Prater could have a nice week, I expect Janikowski to be much better and a much safer option as I trust the Raiders offense more than the Lions this week.


The Saints Offense has been horrible to start the season. Drew Brees through 2 games has 2 TDs and 2 INTs. While owning Colston has not been fun, I cannot imagine what it must feel like to burn a 2nd Round Pick on Brandin Cooks who has yet to have 80 Yards or a TD in a game this season. Even a 5th Round selection on Drew Brees who has been outscored by Matt Stafford both Week 1 and Week 2.

The reason the Saints offense is not clicking so far this season is the loss of Jimmy Graham. Drew Brees is torn between Marques Colston and Brandin Cooks as his two primary options in the passing game. Brandin Cooks cannot get open now that defenses are not doubling Jimmy Graham. Marques Colston is replacing Jimmy Graham, but he is not making enough catches in traffic.

But wait. Did you read that correctly. Marques Colston is replacing Jimmy Graham. All Marques does is play the Slot and runs patterns in the middle of the field. Drew Brees is constantly looking at Marques, as did McCown last week. Marques Colston is definitely the #1 read on most passing plays for the Saints, as Brandin Cooks will have some plays designed for him, some that are designed for Willie Snead or CJ Spiller.

With a Home Game on Sunday Night Football against a Cowboys Team that has Passing problems of their own. Look for Drew Brees to return to his vintage form and torch the Cowboys Secondary for 300+ Yards and at least 2 Touchdowns. When Drew Brees returns to form, Marques Colston will get his in the process.


Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 6.05.08 PM

A quick 15 Points from Forsett is no problem. I expected him to do well as mentioned in the TNF article. Ranked him two spots ahead of the ECR on FantasyPros as the #15 RB. Just happy he did not catch any passes or score a Touchdown.

My opponent knows my site as he sat right next to me when he stole James Jones under my very eyes and I smashed the table while wearing my BEAST DOME hat. I will not say much about his team.

All I need to do is worry about myself and if I can get a couple sleeper Touchdowns from my WR duo in Baldwin/Colston, I should have a good shot at pulling away with the victory. If Stafford goes vintage mode, I will have the win with confidence and move to 1-3, just like the Detroit Lions.





Puff. Puff. BEAST (Week 3)


By Muntradamus



What does it take to be the ultimate GM?

Is it starting Mr. T on a week that he scores a Touchdown, when nobody else in the entire NFFC Primetime Tournament even had thoughts about throwing him in their lineup?

Is it gaining those 2 extra points by starting Russell Wilson over Matt Stafford?

Unfortunately for TEAM BEAST DOME. Neither of those GM Moves mattered as my Superstars in Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham left my team fractions of points away from picking up my first win. Like the Seattle Seahawks, TEAM BEAST DOME (Team BEAST) falls to 0-2.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 4.52.01 PMWeek 3 Team BEAST DOME goes up against the first place King of Queens, the perfect time for my squad to gain some momentum and realize that Fantasy Football is not a sprint, it is just a really fast race. Before I can win the race, I must decide who my runners are going to be.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 4.54.31 PMNICK FOLK

The ultimate Fitzmagic insurance is having Nick Folk this week. If Magic stalls in the Redzone, look for Folk to have a field “goal” day with ease. I am hesitant on using Matt Prater this week due to the fact that the Lions may fall behind too soon as that has been their issue all season long. Now they go up against the leagues best defense in the Broncos. More on Stafford later.


Last week I said, “LEGARRETTE BLOUNT ARTICLE CALLED THE PATRIOTS GAMEPLAN.” Now that you have put up with the bad, it is time to experience the good as Blount should easily see 20+ Carries this week. When the Patriots get near the goal line, the Jaguars do not have the option in selling out on stopping the run, which should lead to a TD at the very least. Puff. Puff. BEAST.


While many are scared about Brandon Weeden. Trivia Question, “who was the Browns QB during Josh Gordon’s 2013 explosion?” Answer is Brandon Weeden for 8 Weeks. No he did not play the whole season, but Gordon did have productive games when Weeden was healthy. Not to mention Terrance Williams has 1 TD with Weeden this year, and zero with Romo. Not worried, Dallas does not have any other WR to throw to.


I found my glue. Baldwin is the perfect insurance for my Marshawn Lynch/Jimmy Graham combo. If it is not one of them touching the ball, or Wilson running himself. Doug Baldwin is the clear #2, last week #1 option in the passing game for the Seahawks. With the news of Drew Brees going down, Doug Baldwin is my clear WR#3 on my roster until he proves otherwise. Anything less than 10 Points in PPR would prove that to be the case as he is as AUTOMATIC as it gets.


If Houston D does not show up this week, they are getting pulled for the Bills. Texans Secondary looks weaker than a Freshman lifting for the first time at a college gym. Anyone can pick this team apart and if you go Shotgun you avoid the pass rush. Someone in that secondary needs to make a play or the Texans will slowly become a team that has a huge flaw that they never addressed. Something Hard Knocks did a good job hiding..



Matt Stafford vs. Ryan Fitzmagic

One corner you have the veteran wizard, Ryan Fitzmagic. The other corner you have the gunslinger who is outperforming Andrew Luck/Peyton Manning/Drew Brees like I predicted, Matt Stafford.

Fitzmagic. It is fun to say, it will also be a lot of fun watching him on Sunday. The Eagles defense has more holes than a block of swiss cheese. With Chris Ivory banged up and a true GT decision, the Jets will likely rely on their best QB since Vinny Testaverde to take down the Eagles. That means 40+ Pass attempts at the bare minimum. While Eric Decker might not play, Magic has made it work with average WRs plenty of times in his historic career. Chan Gailey (ex-Bills coach, current OC NYJ) and Fitzmagic might not be Bill Belichick and Brady, but this week in Fantasy Football, you might see some sort of connection.

While everyone would say you are crazy to bench Matt Stafford this week in his home opener on Sunday Night Football, the truth is you kind of have to make that move. Matt Stafford has been getting beat up as if he was sitting in a car next to Chris Brown. Arm sleeves, cut up elbows, bad ribs, bruised chest. Stafford is simply too beat up, but he is a warrior. He will play this game against the Broncos and he will probably throw the ball 40+ times against the Broncos. That does not guarantee success, but at least he will put himself out there to have the big fantasy game.

But there is one Risk. The risk is so high, I am not going to consider Stafford this week. The risk of Stafford getting blind sided or even hit hard by DeMarcus Ware or Von Miller is so High, it could send Stafford out for the game. If the Lions are down by 20+ in the 3rd Quarter, Stafford may sit out the rest. If Stafford takes that HARD hit early on and stays in the game, he will likely be a fraction of himself.



FITZMAGIC vs. Russell Wilson

All week I was planning on starting Fitzmagic over Russell Wilson, he will likely be ahead of Wilson in my QB Rankings this week. The Seahawks could blow the Bears out by 40 Points and Russell Wilson may not get 1 TD in the process of it. Then everything changed Friday when the Seahawks said Marshawn Lynch is a TRUE GT Decision with a bad calf injury.

If Marshawn Lynch does not play in that game, and I do not have Russell Wilson in my lineup. I would be cussing out the entire sportsbook everytime Wilson decides to run the ball himself instead of dumping the pass off to Doug Baldwin or Jimmy Graham. With Lynch banged up, Wilson will have to make sure the Seahawks cover that 14.5 spread himself which leaves me with no choice but to go with Wilson over Magic.



Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 5.48.59 PM


How many Weeks does it take to get to the center spotlight for all of the BEAST DOME NATION. Hopefully 4.


No way am I starting him with Luke McCown at QB. While I hope Colston does great, I am not going to take my chances.


Injured, just stashing in the extremely deep NFFC league.


Not going to play him this week, hopefully he sits out and lets Justin Forsett rack up those body shots.


Had to drop Montee Ball to pick him up. Not happy about it, but if Lynch sits tomorrow, Rawls is my last line of offense. I will go back for Montee after this game, just hope I don’t have to blow my Ball of FABB money to get him.


Melvin Gordon. That Chargers game could turn into a T.O.P. battle which is something that could leave me on the short end of a very productive Melvin Gordon game. The Chargers are giving Danny Woodhead too many touches, and if they fall behind by just a little bit Melvin Gordon gets phased out of the gameplan. If the Chargers start slow, Melvin Gordon will never get going. Long-Term, Melvin Gordon going to be great as he is a STRAIGHT BEAST.

Jeremy Kerley. Lost the Ravens Defense to add Jeremy Kerley on Friday. If Decker sits, Kerley is my guy this week in my Flex. I believe in Magic and Kerley is extremely underrated as he was the WR leader in 2012 when they had no QB. Kerley will be the #2/#3 WR in a 4 WR system this Sunday, so either way he will be on the field and Magic with that Harvard IQ will get him the ball.

IF DECKER DOES PLAY Sunday. Melvin Gordon will be my guy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 5.35.24 PMThey say nothing in this world comes easy. My team is more banged up than I would like them to be early on in the season, but as long as the Seahawks and Jets combine for 70 Points, I have a good chance of coming out with the W.


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