Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Check My Hartline (Week 3)

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Check My Hartline (Week 3)

By Muntradamus


I hope you all had a fantastic Sunday.  I also hope you caught the Waiver Wire article from last week to grab players like LaFell, Bennett, and Chandler.  The players on this list are ranked in priority.  Feel free to ask questions, and get ready for another Haiku on Tuesday.  Read last weeks waiver wire as well to make sure there is not a better option.  I notice other sites are promoting Danny Amendola, I recommended you drafted him as a top 40 option at WR.  Hopefully you have him.


In case you have not been following my rankings.  I have listed Pierre Thomas right up there with Darren Sproles every week.  Obviously it is annoying when Sproles and Ingram get their points, but Thomas is the lead RB for this team.  He is running with the same power and passion that made him a top 5 round pick two seasons ago.  Pierre is Must-OWN if you need the RB help now.  110 Yards on 9 Carries against the Panthers will earn him double digit touches consistently.  



Bad news Kevin Smith owners.  Mikel is coming back from his suspension.  Hopefully you traded him while you can.  Word around Detroit as that Leshoure is going to be the lead RB right away.  I do not expect this to be a long-term thing as Kevin Smith is a very dynamic back who fits the vertical passing Lions.  Expect Leshoure to have a short yardage role back in the future, but for now he is Must-Add with his chance to prove he has what it takes.  Detroit really wanted to feature him last season with Jahvid Best as a thunder/lightning situation.



Brown should be the hot name off of all Waiver Wires.  If Bradshaw is forced to miss time, and David Wilson continues to play like a rookie.  Andre Brown can easily turn into this season’s Demarco Murray.  The Giants passing game is one of the best in the NFL, and Brown should be able to gash holes and get a lot of red zone opportunities.  Wait to hear the MRI results on Bradshaw, then act from there.  Either way, Bradshaw is a long shot to last the whole season healthy, his ankles are a concern.  David Wilson continues to play worst and worst. You can ready what I think about Andre Brown here, right now Brown looks like a starter this week at most as Bradshaw avoided a bullet.  



The Golden Rule of Fantasy Football, “Never bet against Tom Brady.”  Though that was the not the case this week, Julian Edleman will now have a prominent role in this passing game while Hernandez is out until October.  Julian was already starting the game in front of Welker Sunday, and he has already proved that he has Wes Welker abilities.  The Patriots are angry about Wes and his money demands, this is Edleman’s time to prove that Welker is expendable, Julian can be a surprise Danny Amendola for the time being.



What does Brian Hartline and Danny Amendola have in common?  They are both the #1 WRs for below .500 teams when it all said and done.  Hartline who was the preseason favorite to be the #1 WR for MIA, is finally healthy.  Tannehill featured him with 9 receptions and 111 Yards in Week 2.  To make things better, Hartline was the leading WR in week 1 for Miami with 50 Yards.  Great PPR option moving forward.



Bills defense finally did what it was expected to do.  All it took was a game at home where they shutout the Chiefs for 3 quarters.  This upcoming week the Bills play the Browns, which is a great start.  The real reason to add the Bills is their schedule from Week 11 – Week 17.  (MIA, @ IND, VS. JAX, VS. STL, VS. SEA, @ MIA, VS. NYJ).  They could be your playoff defense easily this season.  Mario Williams and that team will have chemistry by then as well.



The Rams offense does not look as bad as it has in previous seasons.  Bradford may finally be ready to take the next as he has a healthy Danny Amendola and a good inconsistent Brandon Gibson.  Bradford has the potential to reach the top 16 QB club in fantasy land,  More 300 Yard/2 TD games than you may think.  Steven Jackson being injured did help out the situation.


Cassel is starting to remind us of his Patriot season when he first took over.  You see the potential for big numbers, but you are not 100% confident if you are going to get them.  With a matchup against the Saints, and coming off of a 2 TD 4th quarter.  Look for him to ride out the momentum with a good sleeper matchup in Week 3.  Don’t look now, Cassel only has 15 yard less than Drew Bress this season.



Did you miss out on Martellus Bennett and Scott Chandler?  Well Brandon Myers is your best option as he led the Raiders WRs and TEs for the second week in a row.  He has nice 80 Yard potential, and he can easily churn out a Kevin Boss type of season.  The Raiders need someone to step up in the passing game.  Denarius Moore (Must-Add if on your wire) is going to start doing his thing, Myers will clean it up with the short passes.  Myers only has 5 yard less than Jimmy Graham and is #3 at the position so far.



As you know by now, the Colts like to throw the ball to Reggie Wayne.  When that happens, defenses start doubling the ageless monster and let Donnie Avery beat them with crossing routes and quick hitches.  Avery sees nice coverage’s, and in games where you know the Colts are going to have trouble running the ball.  Avery is a nice sneaky option in PPR leagues.



Did you read my Bold Predictions about Powell this season.  Bilal Powell showed you he is the more effective RB for the Jets, and he should work himself into more than just a 3rd down role.  Shonn Greene left the game momentarily, he saw he was losing his job so he went back in.  Then failed to do anything his next 4 carries.  Powell is a good add if you are desperate for some solid depth.  His value is going to start rising.



Steven Jackson was on his way to a monster game before getting benched/hurting his groin.  Jeff Fisher said it is nothing serious and that he could have played.  Still if you own Steven Jackson, Daryl Richardson is the RB to handcuff him, not Isaiah Pead.  Richardson had over 100 Total Yards, he did however fumble.  D-Rich is a name to stash.


Muntradamus is a Fantasy Sports Expert who specializes in Fantasy Football/Baseball/Basketball. He is currently in his first season as a Pro on FantasyPros where he is the only expert to have Adam Dunn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo, Ian Desmond, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Wilin Rosario in his top 20 at each position. Muntradamus not only leads many to championships with his great advice, and outlooks into the future. He is also consistently on the top of leaderboards in DraftStreet. He was also the #1 Fantasy Football Expert of IDP & Overall Rankings, first time in Fantasy Sports History.


  1. Would you drop randall cobb, kevin smith, or nate washington for leshoure and/or andre brown? Or even edleman (I have brandon llody and tom brady)

  2. My Backs Are Killing Me What Should I Do I Got Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Benjarvus Green-Ellis, Shonn Greene, Peyton Hillis, Fred Jackson, Alfred Morris

  3. Hey muntra, Watcha benchin’ Willis!!! Haha he single handedly got me the w on Monday, great call. So im worried about my bench RB situation, my bench is beanie wells, Ryan Williams, Nate Washington, amendola, mike Williams, and then I’ve got both Bennett and pettigrew interchangeable. Who would u drop, and would u pick up lashoure over brown? Thanks again muntra your help is greatly appreciated.

  4. Thanks for all the help Muntra ! Up 2-0 thanks to all your advice.

    Just wondering whether to trade:
    My V Cruz for Julio Jones.

    Seems like quite an equal trade, but I see that ATL have a more favourable SOS, especially during our playoffs in W15-16.

    What do you think? Thanks in advance :)

  5. Trying to figure out what to do while i bench Chris Johnson.
    I also have Foster and Martin. Would like another reliable 10pt RB with upside.
    Have Turner, Tate and Smith on the bench.

    Who should I focus on?
    One of the waiver rb above? Or buy low on RMatthews or Fjackson?
    Or trade for a legit 1/2 like bush?


  6. Great posts.. I agree with almost everything you’ve stated the past two wks.
    I’m not sure who to start though, any suggestions?

    Drew Brees-QB
    Maurice Jones-Drew-RB
    Frank Gore-RB
    Dwayne Bowe-WR
    Mike Wallace-WR
    Owen Daniels-TE
    Ryan Mathews-RB

    Josh Freeman-QB
    Fred Jackson-RB
    Malcom Floyd-WR
    Steve Smith-WR
    Reggie Wayne-WR
    Fred Davis-TE

    Wallace is projected to have a monster game, but I know you never know when it comes to the Steelers’ wideouts, but Reggie has a tough match-up with the Jags D being 5th against opposing WR.. Do you agree with the lineup?

  7. Great posts.. I agree with almost everything you’ve stated the past two wks.
    I’m not sure who to start though, any suggestions?

    Drew Brees-QB
    Maurice Jones-Drew-RB
    Frank Gore-RB
    Dwayne Bowe-WR
    Mike Wallace-WR
    Owen Daniels-TE
    Ryan Mathews-RB

    Josh Freeman-QB
    Fred Jackson-RB
    Malcom Floyd-WR
    Steve Smith-WR
    Reggie Wayne-WR
    Fred Davis-TE

    Wallace is projected to have a monster game, but I know you never know when it comes to the Steelers’ wideouts, but Reggie has a tough match-up with the Jags D being 5th against opposing WR.. Do you agree with the lineup?

    Thank you for your time.

  8. Can you rank the potentially available TEs at this point? Would you rather have Bennett, Pitta, Myers or Rudolph in a PPR league?

  9. Hey Muntra,

    Would you drop Kendall Hunter at this point? To try and pick up a waiver wire add? Like Bennett, Thomas or Brown? Any thoughts on that?

  10. This is my first year playing FF and your advice has been spot on stellar!

    I have a question: Between A Morris, B LaFell and D Amendola, which two would you keep?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. I’m getting beat up with my weak rb in my .5 ppr; 8yd/pts points league.. Solid at wide out with
    LarryFitz, julioJones, torreysmith, Amendola & mike Williams, Hawkins, moss. RBs are Sproles, Bradshaw Wilson, Gerhart, ryanWilliams, moreno
    Qb – Ryan, Flacco

    League is qb,3w,2rb, te + w/r & q/w/r/t flex spots.

    I’m down in waiver priority but the following adds are in line..
    Brown drop Moss
    Richardson drop Moreno
    Powell drop RyanWilliams

    Would you agree with the drops? Also wondering who to target in trades with my WR depth.

    Newcomer to the site.. Enjoy it very much. Appreciate your work.


  12. Would you drop Hillis or Tate for LeShoure??

    I understand the HUGE upside Tate and Hillis have if their RB1s go down. I don’t have Charles or Foster.

    Would you drop either of those two to pick up LeShoure??

  13. Ive lost D.Bishop and now maybe C.McCarthy. Im desprate man. Which two or three would you grab?? D.Ryans, M.Foster,L.David,Erin Henderson,and Jerrell Freeman. Also should i dump John Beason for any of these guys? (its a dynasty league) PLEASE HELP!

  14. I am looking to upgrade my RBs and am willing to deal one of my recievers. I have andre johnson and would like to get a top tier RB for him would leasean mccoy be a good target? If not, then who?

  15. Who has more upside; Bilal Powell or Jonathan Dwyer?
    And would you keep either of them over Brown or LeShoure?

  16. Why no discussion of Dennis Pitta? He has been beasting so far and it seems like Flacco loves throwing his way. I am done with Fred Davis, with another lousy week on the books and a concussion to deal with.

  17. Dennis Pitta is creeping up the list as a solid TE #2. Right now he ranks below Myers/Chandler/Bennett in reverse order. Davis is definitely someone to drop.

  18. I would keep Brown and Leshoure over both RBs.

    Powell has better long-term value than Dwyer. Dwyer losses job once Mendenhall returns.

  19. I would drop Pitta.

    Olsen should bounce back.
    Rudolph is the clear #2 option in passing game.

    Week 3 Rankings w/analysis coming soon

  20. McCoy may be too high to reach for.

    You can settle for Maurice Jones-Drew and that would be a good trade on paper.

    Week 3 Rankings w/analysis coming soon

  21. Love DeMeco Ryans.

    Have him ranked higher than everyone in preseason rankings by a mile.

    Mason Foster is the second of the third.

    Keep J. Beast Beason

  22. No need.

    Hillis and Tate are already heavily involved in their teams gameplan. Leshoure still has a lot to prove before he rips the job away. Keep the two ELITE backups who get 10+ touches a game.

  23. Thanks for the kind words NewTD

    Agree with the moves.

    You could trade Fitz and Torrey Smith who are both on my “Do not Like” list.

    Fitz do not sell too cheap.

    Torrey you could possibly add a Malcolm Floyd and easily win the trade.

  24. Thanks Arma.

    I would keep Morris and Amendola.

    LaFell is too good to be on the waiver wire, somehow work a 2-4-1 trade so you can have all three. Morris is a good sell high candidate.

  25. Welker should see a boost in value while Hernandez is out.

    The team getting Welker and Finley win this trade easily.

  26. Dropping Dimes.

    Thanks for the thanks.

    I would drop Ryan Williams.

    In return I would add Brown if you need a RB now, Leshoure if you need one in the future.

  27. You can trade Cruz if you’d like.

    I rather own him through the long haul of the season as he can blow up with the best players in this league consistently.

  28. Fridge

    RB situation looks good.

    No need to panic, trade Turner now while you still can. Even for Fred Jackson which would be a steal.

    JacQuizz is going to get the RB job soon.

  29. At this point. Edleman may only be a flier as Deion Branch and Kellen Winslow just signed with the team today.

    Do not drop Welker at all.

  30. Munt! Knapp here my man. Im not getting any production from Olsen or Fleener and the only TE left in my waiver out of your reccommendations is B Myers, what do ya think? And P.s I couldn’t have had a bigger smile when I found out about Turner’s DUI today… QUIZZ

  31. Munt one more question, in going to need a D this week. These teams are available SEA, GB, NYG, DEN, ARI, WAS, CLE, STL, NO, MIA, MINNY, TB, TEN, JAX, CAR, INDY. Sorry to bug but if you can get back ASAP that’d be a great help! Keep up the awesome work you genius

  32. Great insite on this site should I drop cook for Bennett for my b/u te. Also should I drop Williams for leshoure.

  33. What’s up? Doing well and hoping when you read this note you are too. My question has to do with the list of wide receivers; Edleman, Hartline, Avery. I need to pick one. With the Branch and Winslow signing, do you still order the wide receivers the same? Also, is Cinn Hawkins worth a spot against Was? Lastly, Titus Young? Drop-able? Maybe for one of the guys of above? Sorry. I know there a few extra questions, but I would have write note after note and I’m raking my brain on these. Take Care and thanks, so much.

  34. Love the site and really like how you take the time to answer our questions.

    Want to get an opinion on my team along w advice related to a trade I was offered


    Eli Manning
    Arian Foster
    Michael Bush
    Greg Jennings
    Steve Smith
    Sidney Rice
    Owen Daniels
    David Akers

    Donald Butler
    Mason Foster
    Kelvin Sheppard
    Justin Tuck
    Trent Cole
    Tyvon Branch
    Patrick Chung

    Michael Floyd
    Andre Roberts
    Jordan Babineaux
    Devin McCourty

    I know my weakest spot is my WR #3. Any other suggestions

  35. If I get a chance to pick up Leshoure which rb would you drop for him? J.Stewart, D.Wilson or Quiz? Or leave him on the wire?

  36. I’m really hurting with J.Charles and F.Jackson. My team is:

    QB: P.Rivers




    K: M.Bryant
    D/St: Bills

    A.Brown and D.Richardson went from waivers this week and I wasn’t able to get either of them…got Draughn, Hartline and Hawkins.

    Would you drop any of my players for….

    M.Cassell (Rivers or Cassell this week)

    What should be my starting lineup this week?

    1QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, flex, K, D/St

  37. Tom Brady, Rashard Mendenhall, and Hakeem Nicks ** as trade for ** LeSean McCoy and Philip Rivers. Who wins? Thanks!

  38. Qb- Stafford, Vick
    Rb- Rice, AD, Forte, Quiz, Hunter
    Wr- Wallace,Lloyd, Nate Washington, Cobb, Randy Moss
    Te- Bennett

    Need some help at wr, any suggestions? Also was offered Finley
    straight up for Bennett.


  39. Muntra…u da man!

    I need consistent production at WR3. Taking your lead Im targeting Brian Hartline on waivers this week. Standard scoring league…would you drop Lance Moore for him?

    Thanks in advance.

  40. Thanks for the trade advice. Mcgahee killed it for me 24+ points. Gore didn’t do so bad himself.

    Now here’s the next question, Chris Johnson-just wait him out?

  41. Have you ever tried to mimic a Picasso with trash?

    Getting killed this year because of Hernandez going down & Fitzgerald basically being used as a decoy for 2 weeks straight. Do I go with Daryl Richardson or Steven Jackson at RB2 & put Ced Benson in my Flex? And… I start Edelman, Sidney Rice or Mike Williams(TB) at WR3? (Fitz & S. Smith(CAR) at WR1&2) I picked up Martellus Bennett to replace Hernandez…..thanks in advance

  42. Does P.Tanner have any value now that F.Jones is out? Should I drop Droughn for Tanner if I own Charles? Or drop Hawkins?

  43. I have and I succeeded. If you want to really go through the experiment an entire season, check out the VIP #3 package.

    If S-Jax plays go with him of course. Benson at your Flex works this week, he is due for a bad game but safer than your other options.

    Tellusssss. He is the new Cruzzzz

  44. Tanner has no value unless Murray gets injured. Jones will also get a chance to win his old starting RB job back.

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