This Fantasy Basketball season we all have a special opportunity.   The people at IAC have created a computer that can manage 9 Fantasy Basketball teams to compete against you in a season long rotisserie format of Fantasy Basketball.


$25 x 20=$500

The Entry fee is $25.  If you win you win $500.  While many of you may not have enough confidence to take down 9 computer teams.  I am very confident.

Here is a Testimonial from a VIP #1 Member who just completed their Fantasy Basketball Draft through the VIP #1 Service.


Do you want to win Fantasy Basketball this year?  Of course you do, I
do too!  Last year, I drafted my own Basketball team and used
Beastdome about halfway through the season for rankings and brief
advice.  It was the first time I ever played Fantasy Basketball and
with Muntradamus’s help on the website only, I took 3rd place in my
league.  Not bad, but a lot of my playoff decisions were based on
information on Beastdome.  I’m still convinced I could have won the
league with a VIP package.

This year for Fantasy Football I signed up for VIP Package #3.  I
drafted my own team (without Muntradamus’s help) and I didn’t do a
good job.  I got flustered during the draft and it didn’t go that
well.  After 2 weeks and an 0-2 record I sent Muntradamus an email and
signed up for the VIP #3 package.  Muntradamus has been helping me
tweak my team these last 4 weeks and since I signed up I’m 3-1.  I
think that’s a success so far!

Back to Fantasy Basketball.  With that 3rd place finish leaving a bad
taste in my mouth and Muntradamus email help with Fantasy Football, I
sent him an email and signed up for the VIP #1 package.  This includes
the live draft.  I’ll just say it was awesome!  I did some research on
my own because we all have some players we like.  I met to chat with
Muntradamus a bit before the draft and we discussed strategy and
players.  When the draft started, I shared my computer screen with him
so he could see what I was seeing.  We rocked the draft!  I can’t
believe the team I ended up with.  We chatted about every player as we
drafted.  I definitely couldn’t have drafted this well on my own.
After the draft Muntradamus spent some time and we analyzed the other
teams in the draft.  There is NO TEAM as good as mine.  With
Muntradamus’s help during the season, I should destroy the other

If you want to win, VIP#1 is the way to go.  VIP#3 is helpful, but
VIP#1 gives you an edge that you just can’t get with #3.

– Munho

If you sign up for the VIP #1 Service and you do not win I will give you a $10 Refund.  Here is another testimonial from a First Time Fantasy Sports player who found BEAST DOME this past Basketball Season.


“Muntradamus is amazing. I don’t know any other way to put it. With the help of Beastdome.com, I went from fantasy zero to fantasy hero in one season. I literally had no fantasy experience before basketball 2012. Then I won all 3 of my standard 10 team ESPN competitive leagues! Now in baseball, my teams are ranked 1st, 1st, and 3rd.

Munt’s live chat is awesome, you can bounce ideas off many other players. Munt is always here to answer your questions too. Beastdome.com is convenient and packed full of good stuff. Munt helped me do my baseball drafts live, I was asking who to pick and why. Name any other Fantasy Pros expert who will hold your hand like that! I think there are none. I used my first pick on Ellsbury (huge bust) and that team is still in first place.   It ABSOLUTELY BLOWS ME AWAY how helpful and responsive Muntz is to the BeastDome Nation. The fact that he takes the time to look at your individual team and waiver wire is AMAZING!

I highly recommend Beastdome.com to amateurs and pros alike for Daily lineups, Beasts of the week, draft help, plenty of player focuses and strategy articles. You won’t be disappointed. Munt is a serious expert for football, baseball and basketball. Who else has watched every single preseason football game so far? You just can’t get any better than this for a free (or even paid) site. My only complaint is that I didn’t find this site earlier!”



If you sign up as a VIP member this season you get access to my Fantasy Basketball Journal on a special website that will not be released to the public where you can see my thoughts and moves I am making to my teams during this Fantasy Basketball Season.


I AM CONFIDENT YOU WILL WIN IF YOU SIGN UP WITH THE VIP #1 PACKAGE.  THE VIP Package is very popular and you do not know how many teams seasons I have turned around so far in Football.  Just read the VIP Testimonials from people who contact me on a personal basis.


I am going to throw more Testimonials at you to really encourage you to do the VIP Package.  While other Fantasy Experts are asleep, I am studying statistics you cannot image.  Here are Testimonials from the Fantasy Basketball Season last year on BEAST DOME which was the first Full Season BEAST DOME offered.




To sign up for the VIP Package please send me an e-mail.  You can read more about the VIP Packages by reading below.

[email protected]

IF you signup for the VS. MACHINE competition please use the banner below as a donation will be made to BEAST DOME.


 VIP Package #1 – $50

– I will be there to draft Live with your team via G-mail Chat and Screen Share.
– You get special VIP E-mail preferences.
– You get access to Muntradamus.Net (Password Protected Site)
– You get a $10 Refund if you do not win.
– As well as VIP #1 for VIP #3 Price the next season you want to use it. If you do not win.


VIP Package #3 – $25

– Access to E-mailing me for lineup and waiver wire moves.
– You get access to Muntradamus.Net (Password Protected Site)
– You get $5 off a future VIP Package if you do not win. 


E-Mail me Mun[email protected] if you are interested in either package. Read more about the VIP Package by following the Link.

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