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No this is not a puff piece on Brock Osweiler and how he is the future for the Texans. This is a pure slam on the Texans Organization.

When the 2015 Season ended, most thought it was almost automatic that the Broncos would open up their check book and pay Brock the money he deserves to be the fill-in for Peyton Manning. When Brock demanded more money than QBs like Matt Stafford and Ryan Fitzpatrick. $18 Million/Year. The Broncos said no thank you, or Brock felt betrayed that he did not get to keep his job when Peyton returned. Whatever it was, it was a bad divorce.

Because minutes into Free Agency, Brock signs that massive contract with the Texans. What do the Broncos do? Roll with Trevor Siemian who in my opinion is a way better QB than Brock. Better touch on his passes, 100% more accurate and makes it look effortless. Trevor Siemian is making less than $600K/Year.

Back to the Texans.

Texans decide to give Brock a $72 Million contract to be their QB until 2020. When a team makes an investment like that, they are saying you are the future. You are the QB that will lead us to a Super Bowl.

That decision by the Texans was a poor one. Even though Bill O’Brien is an offensive genius, and DeAndre Hopkins is one of the most talented WR’s in the league. The Texans did not pick the right QB for the future. They went with a young kid who is not tough physically or mentally at all, built like a stringbean at 6’7. He has inconsistent accuracy in tight window throws, he has trouble reading zone coverages. When Brock starts getting hit consistently, the inconsistent throws and the bad decisions in zone coverage only gets worst.

If I had to say one good thing about Brock, it is his ability to throw a deep bomb. Having weapons like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders sure helped Brock get the payday he got.

I picked the Patriots to win the Super Bowl in my BEAST DOME Preview for one reason, and one reason only.

Bill Belichick

Not only is he a genius who can design an offense that makes any QB into a Superstar. He is one of the best coaches at implementing a game plan that works. He has more tricks up his sleeve than anyone, and he knows better than anyone that if DeAndre Hopkins is contained so is Brock.

Think about this. If DeAndre Hopkins missed this game, would Brock even be on your fantasy radar in the deepest of leagues? Well that is about to happen, and if you want to get me started on Lamar Miller, that is another story. Patriots Defense lives up to the “Bill” see what I did there, and dominates the young Texans in New England.



2016 Record: 2-0
2015 Record: 13-3




JULIAN EDELMAN – 7 Receptions/85 Yards/1 TD

ROB GRONKOWSKI – 8 Receptions/96/1 TD

JACOBY BRISSET – 242 Passing Yards/2 TD/30 Rushing Yards (Deep League Option)

JAMIE COLLINS – 9 Tackles/1 Sack

DEANDRE HOPKINS – 6 Receptions/76 Yards (Can’t Bench DeAndre)

LAMAR MILLER – 23 Carries/72 Yards/4 Receptions/32 Yards

JJ WATT – 8 Tackles/1 Sack

JADEVON CLOWNEY – 5 Tackles/1 Sack

PATRIOTS D – 4 Sacks/2 INT/1 FR



  1. So the Pats are going to blow them out, shut down Nuk, Osweiler can throw a great deep ball, but no mention of Will Fuller? Sounds like the perfect scenario for him to have his third good game in a row.

  2. I don’t see the Patriots allowing a deep ball completion, but Fuller and DeAndre will get their numbers in garbage time. 3 Quarters of nothing, 1 quarter of stardom.

  3. I can not see the Texans D giving up 29 pts to a 3rd string QB, will not happen.

    Side bet- Edleman will end up playing QB in this game thanks to JJ.

  4. You were right in that they only gave up 27 vs 29.

    If there is one position Munt seems to always shock me with how right he is, its DEF.

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