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For now enjoy my NFL Predictions for the 2016-17 NFL Season.





The Season starts out nice for Denver who 5 Home Games in their first 8. Then the schedule takes a huge road test and some quality home games against the Patriots with Brady playing, and showoff between the Raiders. I expect the Broncos to start the season strong and really lean on the defense. In the end, it will have to be their offense that gets it done. I have faith in Siemian.


Derek Carr and the Raiders should grow as an offense, and their defense is on the rise with the addition of Bruce Irvin. Despite that, the Raiders will be tested with 5 Road Games in their first 8. Raiders have to fight hard to get at least 5 wins during that span, and it will not be easy. If the Raiders prevail early on, they have a chance to have a great stretch run, but no cupcake schedule.

CHIEFS (7-9)

Chiefs are not the same team without Justin Houston. Would not be surprised to see the Chiefs start the season very slow. If Huston cannot return at full strength, it is going to be a longer season than a lot of people anticipate. Alex Smith definitely is much improved QB in my eyes, but that defense may not be the same dominant Chiefs defense we used to know.


Losing Eric Weddle is too big of a loss to overcome. He ran that defense, and the Chargers did nothing to replace him. Phillip Rivers will need a career year from Antonio Gates to keep San Diego fighting. Melvin Gordon will have to be nothing short of outstanding to possibly change this record around. Chargers offense will not score enough points.






Defense and running the football wins games, and that is what you are going to see with the Bengals this season. AJ Green will still be as dominant as any, and Jeremy Hill is looking primed to have the best season of his career by far. Bengals won’t be blowing up the scoreboard, but they will win games.

RAVENS (7-9)

Ravens will need Captain Flacco to remain vintage for this team to have a chance. Very competitive schedule, the key is Week 16 @ PIT and then Week 17 @ CIN. Those two games will decide their fate. In the end, I am not so confident Suggs and Dumerville will last the whole season. The running game is looking shaky too.


Steelers will be tested all season long and that defense is not as good as everyone thinks. No easy stretch of schedule. Le’Veon suspended first 3 games could lead to a 1-2 start. Teams will be shading towards stopping Antonio Brown way more than you think with Martavis Bryant no longer there.

BROWNS (4-12)

While the Browns would like to think this is their year. One big hit to RGIII and this team is dead. Defense is very weak outside of Joe Haden as well, Browns continue to re-build.





This could be the year for the Jags as the Defense made a lot of moves to get stronger and Blake Bortles is looking like the next big star. Chris Ivory was a huge addition, Jags will be a very strong offensive team.

COLTS (8-8)

Colts D is not as strong as they like to admit. While Luck is healthy and the WR core looks nice, that O-Line still cannot block. Luck has to stay healthy, and even if he does it will be a long season of a lot of big hits.

TEXANS (6-10)

Investing all of your money in Brock Ozy and Lamar Miller is the quickest way to going nowhere. Both of those players extremely overrated, the Defense can only do so much when the offense does not perform.

TITANS (5-11)

Titans are not heading in the Wright direction this season. I use the word “Wright” because they have no true identity in the passing game, and Mariota may not be a good enough passer to get it done. Defense is still vulnerable as well. At least they will finally be able to run the ball with Murray/Henry coming into town.




Not going to be an easy start for the Patriots without Tom Brady, but if they can manage to get 2-2 they should have a good shot at the playoffs. Patriots are very hard to beat while Brady is doing his thing, and the addition of Martellus Bennett will make them so much more dominant.

JETS (9-7)

Fitzmagic and the Jets have a very tough start of the season. They need to get a lot of momentum heading into the Bye and then takeover towards a huge stretch run where their offense is going to be needed for shootouts. Jets Offense in the end will make them a winning Football team.


Dolphins D-Line will be dominant, but that offense is relying on Arian Foster to stay healthy all season coming off of a Torn Achilles. Something that no RB has ever accomplished. It is going to be an uphill battle for this team, but if the offense takes the next step, Dolphins will as well.

BILLS (5-11)

Losing Jim Schwartz, Mario Williams, and Nigel Bradham. The Bills are relying on Tyrod Taylor to do too much. He is not a game breaker QB, he is a guy who can move the chains and setup his defense for wins. Bills offense does not do enough this season.




As long as Tom Brady is QB, and as long as the Patriots start 2-2 in their first 4 games. Tom Brady will manage to get this team a lot of wins in their last 12 games. The schedule is not easy, even though Tom Brady will probably make it look that way.





Cards are the easy favorites to win this division, but the team is relying on Carson Palmer staying healthy once again. It did work last year but we will see if lighting strikes twice.


Not going to be as easy as it once was with no Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson is going to be taking a lot of shots this season on a team that simply cannot block this year. Secondary and Home Field will have to do it’s thing.

RAMS (4-12)

Re-Build continues. Todd Gurley cannot carry this team that lost too much on Defense over the offseason. LA Fans are disappointed.

49ers (3-13)

I do not see the 49ers learning Chip Kelly’s system like many think they will. Colin Kaepernick will be the QB by week 7. By then the season is down the drain.


VIKINGS (12-4)

The year of the Purple BEAST. Adrian Peterson is going to be historic in their new dome. Vikings D is one of the best in the game, you can expect this team to win a lot of games.

PACKERS (11-5)

A-Rodg should be vintage as long as Eddie Lacy keeps plowing forward. Team is stacked with offensive talent, Defense have the vets to get it done.

LIONS (9-7)

Lions have one of the most underrated D-Lines in the game, but their offense through the air is what will make this team special. Stafford is ready to have a Historic season in the new Lions offense with no Megatron.

BEARS (4-12)

Cutler and the Bears are in for a long season. The NFC North is the best division in Football, and the Bears are not that good of a team.




Cam Newton is only getting better and Kelvin Benjamin will only make this offense better. Secondary lost a lot of talent this offseason.


Better offensive line and the addition of Mohamed Sanu could make this Falcons offense the best they have had in some time.

SAINTS (7-9)

Breezy should be great all season but the real question is can the Saints shake the Demons of their defense. Talent is there, team also has to perform better on road.


Jameis is ready to take the next step in being a BEAST, but the Bucs Defense is not there yet. Tough Division for this young team to be part of.


GIANTS (8-8)

Eli Manning has his weapons and the Giants D got a complete makeover. Team is looking better than it has in some time.


Dak has a tough schedule to overcome early, and if he does not live up to the bill it will be a long season. I have confidence, but the schedule is very tough for a team that always gets the other teams best performance. There is a lot of stardom when playing against the Cowboys.


Redskins ready to take the next step as a team and continue their playoff streak of 1, including a defense that added Josh Norman. However before you get too excited, the NFC East is healthy unlike last season and the Redskins will be battling out every game. Will be an interesting year.

EAGLES (5-11)

Wentz has the tools to become a great QB, but the start of the season is not easy. The Eagles Defense should be improved as well heading into 2016 under Jim Schwartz who has this team running with a motor. However nothing set in stone.




Adrian Peterson is going to be historic. Defense is going to get the job done. Does not matter who is QB.




Tom Brady is unstoppable. Not having a legit QB finally catches up to the Vikings and when Minnesota falls behind, they never get back up.





  1. I usually love your picks Munt but a ton of head scratchers on this list. Vikings will be competitive but no way in hell they are NFC champs. If Bradford gets hurt then kiss the entire season goodbye as Shaun Hill is total garbage. With teams looking to stack the box AP will struggle hard. Sprinkle in McKinnon on passing downs and AP could end being a total bust. Chargers 4-12 again? Even if you think the Chargers will be bad them having the same record as last year is just lazy. They lost a boatload of close games last year and upgraded the defense with Mebane. Add in actually having a competent Offensive Coordinator with Whiz and this team can easily win 8 games. Again I really like your insight and think Sanu and Tate can both have MONSTER years but some of the critiques on this are wacky/lazy.

  2. Munt, I usually love your insight but the AP/Vikings pick and the Chargers record picks are TERRIBLE. Shaun Hill is complete and utter garbage and if you expect him to keep the defense honest then your not contrarian you are INSANE. I say Shaun Hill because while Bradford will be the starter after week 1, there is zero doubt in my mind that he will get hurt. He is as brittle as they come, once that happens its game over for the Vikings season.

    The Chargers record pick is even worse. Even with the lose of Weddle, the Chargers picked up Mebane to clog up the middle and everyone who knows the 3-4 knows that having a stout DT is the most important position on the defense. Couple that with the emergence of Perryman as a run stuffing LB and you have a defense that should finally help to clog up the run. The Chargers 4-12 record last year was due to massive injuries along the offensive line/skill positons. Expecting all that to happen again PLUS lose the same number of close games is assine. The Chargers also got Whiz back as the offensive coordinator who helped the Chargers have one of the most balanced offenses two years and get into the playoffs. The Chargers will be AT LEAST a 8-8 team and maybe better.

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