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*I will be live in the BEAST DOME CHAT 9:00am-9:30am PST Sunday Morning*

First and foremost we have to talk about Matt Stafford. While many people are nervous from last Sunday with his average 246 Yards/2 TD/2 INT. You first have to look at the big picture before you examine the stat line. Something all the Sheep sites never do.

First let us look at the good. 1st Drive of the game, he marched the Lions down the field only to see Ameer Abdullah vulture the easiest TD of his career as it was a 1 on 1 easy cutback. 7-0 Lions. Then to make matters worse, the Lions got a pick 6 TD, up 14-3. Usually when a team is up 14-3 they are already in kill the clock mode and escape a road game with the victory. Stafford was able to get a TD on the very next drive and made it 21-3.

After the Lions were up 21-3 they started going more and more run heavy. They were not converting 3rd Downs, and Matt Stafford was twice intercepted. The Lions weren’t going for the kill anymore, they were playing things safe. Eventually playing things safe put them in a situation to lose and luckily for all us Stafford owners what was almost an INT on the final drive, was reversed and led to a Theo Riddick TD reception.

Like the Detroit Lions, Team BEAST DOME started out their season (0-1).

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 2.29.31 PMWhile a loss is a loss, there are plenty of wins for Team BEAST DOME moving forward.



With T-Will now basically the man in the Cowboys passing game to for at least 6 Weeks, this is going to turn my WR corpse from average, to Rock Solid. T-Will was featured heavily to close out the Giants/Cowboys game and you can say with no hesitation, things are going to be good for Terrance Williams moving forward as he is an automatic Top 20 WR Option.

*who by the way I was high on since June and nearly all VIPs drafted him*


Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 8.09.05 PM



Arian is already back practicing with the team, which nearly guarantees he will be back by Week 3 to face Tampa Bay. I was nervous about Arian falling back to me in Round 3 as I was heavily contemplating taking him in Round 2, since I would have to wait 12 picks. Luckily he fell back to me, and my team is a Week away from reuniting the BEAST BROs in Lynch/Foster.



While Blount returns this week to face the Bills. Blount will sit on my bench for this matchup as the Patriots are nearly guaranteed to be in Shotgun the entire game against the Bills Pass Rush. When the Patriots go in Shotgun, Dion Lewis will more likely than not be the RB. While Blount will probably get his 10+ Carries this week, I do not have enough confidence in playing him against the Bills, especially with the starting Center out this week. I expect quick throw after quick throw from New England, which means Blount will be on my bench.

Still I highly recommend you Buy him.



Lorenzo T. Zo Taliferro. The nicknames add up for this guy, but I am going to stick with Mr. T as the final nickname for my guy as he returns for the Ravens. The matchup is nice against the Raiders who are without starting DT, Justin Ellis. With Ellis out, the middle of the Raiders core will be a bit exposed, and the strength of the Raiders Defense is the speed on the edges with Khalil Mack and Aldon Smith.

With Justin Forsett nursing a bad shoulder, even though he will play, there is a good chance he is not the goal line back for the Ravens this week. Even when healthy Mr. T is the Power back and there were a lot of talks this preseason in having Forsett and T combine for a Thunder/Lightning tandem. Watching Buck Allen take 10 carries last week, I am confident that the Ravens will give at least that to Mr. T in Week 2 against the Raiders. Especially if the game gets out of hand.

With all that, I am going to bench Melvin Gordon this week who has a tough matchup against the Bengals on the road, and even though he was explosive. I was getting Woodhead too often and if the Chargers go Pass Heavy which is always possible, there will be more Woodhead in Week 2. Even though I read a report he will get his redzone work this week, that being Melvin Gordon.

I expect the Ravens to be in the Redzone more than the Chargers, and I expect Mr. T to find the endzone.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 2.44.52 PM


Between Andre Caldwell and Cody Latimer, they are both garbage and will likely never play for me. Latimer is the #5 WR and Andre Caldwell is the #4. Still I decided to waive only Caldwell this week in an effort to play some defense.

Not just any Defense, but to grab the Ravens D/ST off the Wire since they have a nice middle of the schedule shaping up.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 2.47.28 PMThe budget for NFFC is $1,000. I just wanted to guarantee I grabbed the Ravens even though they will never see my lineup as I have the best group of D/ST in the land. I was playing Defense by grabbing the best Waiver Wire Defense.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 2.48.42 PMD/ST

The start this week at D/ST is going to be the Texans. Brian Hoyer did a nice job of setting up the Chiefs with 2 easy TD’s thanks to turnovers inside his own 20. The Texans really only had one bad play on Defense and shutdown the Chiefs the entire 2nd half. Plus J.J. Watt is already in the Hall of Fame.

The Texans travel to the Panthers to face Cam Newton who gets sacked more than any QB. I don’t have stats to back that up, but he is literally a standing statue. The Panthers also have no options in the passing game besides Greg Olsen who can hardly stretch a field. The running game of J-Stew has no chance to do anything this week, and Cam Newton is going to be making bad throws all game.

Texans will be my starting D/ST this week, I’ll let the Bills do damage on my bench once again. I would be impressed with any damage they do to Brady.


This is the big decision TEAM BEAST DOME needs to make. Do I roll with Matt Stafford against a Vikings Defense that is not bad, but not great either. Every year in the Draft it seems like they always have a focus on getting big DBs so they can slowdown Megatron, still he is Megatron. The Lions are going to make sure Mega gets his 10+ Targets this week and infact anything less than 12 would be semi-shocking. The Lions will also likely own T.O.P as the Vikings offense is really no threat at all, and you can guarantee the Lions will stack the box to force Teddy Bridgewater to beat them.

Or do I start Russell Wilson. The Seahawks offense ran over 70 plays in Week 1, and you can guarantee they will continue to do damage, especially against a Packers Defense that really lacks talent and let Jay Cuter/Matt Forte drive down the field at ease against them. Russell Wilson looked decent at QB last week, but never took any shots down the field, it was all dinking and dunking, though the same could be said for Stafford.

While I expect them both to do well according to my Week 2 Rankings (Matt Stafford #5 QB) and Russell Wilson (#4 QB). Barring any weather, I know in my heart that the best answer is Russell Wilson this week.

The Seahawks are going to need to put up more points than the Lions, I also have the insurance with Matt Prater so in a way I am getting a piece of Stafford in my action. It kills me to make the decision, but I am sure you all understand it is the smart one. Russell Wilson had no intention of being on my team until he fell to me in the 10th Round.

In the end that pick cost me James Jones who went Round 11, and this is the way I can get some revenge on that pick by getting Russell Wilson in my lineup now. While this is not a pick of emotion, it is a pick of being non-biased and Russell Wilson is the better starting option this week.

Like I said, Stafford is still #5 in my Rankings for Week 2.


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 2.59.52 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 3.00.07 PM


  1. What’s up BEAST NATION??? W/ Alshon not playing today who would be a better start, Andre Johnson or James Jones? Thanks guys BEAST this Sunday!

  2. Two RB#1’s, TE#1, D/st #1, Top Receivers, great bench…. I like your odd’s Munt. Great Team!!!! Maybe some never drafted in a 12 man league before? BEAST

  3. considering your league is a PPR league, I kind of agree, that team has lots of holes. marshalls great, but I was able to get him as my wr3 or 4 in many leagues. Jimmy G is barely better than the average TE at this point, that offense still goes thru wilson and lynch. Terrence W wont instantly become dez bryant.

    Having beast rbs like lynch/arian is great, but WRs score more in general in PPR. so Im sure the guy that nabbed julio and then got a carlos hyde or a chris ivory later is sitting pretty in that league. even woodhead will probably outscore gordon in PPR, and i bet he went rounds later

  4. I gotta agree with the other posters, the RB heavy approach doesn’t work well in PPR leagues in today’s football. You need the elite big time wide receivers to give yourself a good chance at winning your league. Going heavy at RB in the early rounds is gonna leave you thin at WR and you’re gonna get beat up at that position almost every week. There’s more viable pass catching RBs in the league today who are more than serviceable when you’re playing them along side the likes of Julio and Calvin. You also get the luxury of RBs in the later rounds and if you hit on just one you’ll be in a great position (I have Matt Jones and on that same team I have Julio, Calvin, Matthews and Marshall cause I went WR with 4 out of my first 5 picks) so I’m gonna be in a great position and I’ve already led the league in points both weeks cause everyone chased RBs early. FYI, I still wound up with Latavius and Doug Martin with thus strategy, got Woodhead later on who has been a big help.

    Also, RBs pop up on the waivers.more often now because so many teams have shifted to a 2 RB approach. This last statement is what RB heave proponents hinge on and though their logic is correct (collecting as much of a scarce commodity as possible) they fail to recognize that WRs typically score more in a PPR (especially the studs) and there’s only 6-7 stud WRs who can put up big points consistently (thus making them a scarce commodity much like the bell cow RBs). The dfference between the stud WRs and the stud RBs, though, is the wideouts are gonna score.more points and have a better opportunity of blowing up in a given week and winning you that match.

    This theory hasn’t caught up to a lot of analysts yet but it will within a couple years. I’m using it currently, and have blown my.opponents away and have the most points scored in the league by a decent margin (and it’s only.week 2). You’re great at identifying sleepers and undervalued guys Munt, but you really need to rethink and adjust your drafting strategy. It doesn’t work in today’s NFL.

  5. Disagree.

    While you may have Matt Jones, I dare you to start him moving forward. That was a fluke game and Alfred Morris 9 time out of 10 will lead the way in rushing for the Redskins each game. My sleeper WRs are all performing not shown is Steve Smith Sr. Michael Crabtree. who are on other BEAST DOME teams.

    I much rather get a RB who I can depend on a big game, and other sleeper WRs who get 10+ Targets. There are 1,000 Yard WRs are all around the NFL, but there are barely any RBs who will get 20+ Touches a games. While it has been a fluke to see Marshawn Lynch not be a BEAST and yes Jimmy Graham is firmly behind Gronk, still don’t know why the Seahawks brought him over if they aren’t going to use him.

    But year after year I find sleeper WRs and they all perform like BEASTS. Last season it was Golden Tate, Maclin, SSS, Mike Evans. This season I have nailed all the Deep Sleeper WR on the head (Williams/Crabtree/James Jones/Baldwin/SSS) and I am confident Brandon Marshall will have a Top 10 Season.

    So while you have fun playing Matt Jones who will score 5 Points for you in your lineup, and 30 Points on your bench, or Danny Woodhead who you never really know what you’re going to get or even Doug Martin who is not even Top 20. While I get a consistent 15+ from each of my WR core and have BEAST RBs who can tear it up every week, in the end I am more confident with my team. And there are more WRs on WW than RBs year after year, there is only 1 or 2 RBs all season who emerge from the wire that finish Top 20. You can find a good WR on the Wire each week if you dig, not just a 20 round draft super deep league like this one. But my WR core gets it done.

  6. I have to agree with idea of adjusting to PPR scoring especially as it relates to RB’s. Most valuable running backs are guys like Bell, Foster, Lacy, Forte, and Jamaal Charles (even though beast dome is always hating on the guy) due to their involvement in the passing game. Even then, they are easily outscored by guys like Brown and Julio.

    Cant believe you are already benching your number 1 overall QB. I feel your pain as i’m sure a lot of us do. It’s the same old Stafford who needs a cupcake matchup at home in order to be a top 5 QB. I am already picking up replacements. Dude might get injured in the next coming weeks. He got beat up by Chargers and Vikings and now he has that scary Denver D followed by Seattle!! Time to jump ship for the next several weeks? Usually don’t have to avoid playing #1’s at any position due to matchups but I am losing faith in Stafford really quick.

  7. I hear ya Munt, and I agree Marshawn will be okay and you have Arian coming back who will be a beast no doubt. My main argument is the top WRs (Brown, Julio, ODB, etc..) are just as scarce as the top RBs and they will.give you more points throughout the season and also have the better chance of exploding in a week. Yes, SSS and Michael Crabtree look better after yesterday’s games but look at what happened to SSS later in the season last year? I feel much more confident about Julio going for 150+ and a.score in December than I do.about SSS.

    Yeah, my RBs are weak, but they’re good enough given the amount of points I’m getting from my wideouts. They don’t have to put up 20+, I just need 10+ from them to win because I’m getting those consistent points from my wideouts. You don’t get those consistent points from RBs and that can already be seen with Marshawn being a prime example. Marshawn will start putting up good points now that he’s returning home but I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already in an 0-2 hole that you’ll have to dig out of.

    The WR heavy approach gives you a higher floor with their consistency and also a higher ceiling with their blow up potential. You don’t get the same with an RB heavy approach. This is strictly for PPR, in a standard league, it’s different.

  8. I’ve fallen to 0-2 and about ready to cash in my fantasy season….

    Stafford has stunk for me, E Lacy has killed me, Demaryius has done very little…L Miller has been virtually a zero….And I went with the beastdome kicker in Prater and he’s gotten me nothing except 4 points in 2 straight weeks.

    I really need to start just playing more weekly fantasy games where I can start with a new team each week.

  9. Lamar isn’t a BD guy. Stafford still out performing Brees and Peyton I don’t think he’s your problem getting 20+/week. Lacy was one of those freak fantasy 1st quarter injuries. Don’t give up

  10. Stafford’s a warrior and he’s doing a good job this season remaining consistent besides being on the road which is always a downfall for him. Lions had 2 fumbles and a staff int in the 2nd half and despite that he still had the equivalent to 300 yards and 2 TDs when you add the 20 yards rushing. Yes the schedule is tough next few games but his schedule to close out the season is money. He will still throw a lot on SNF and the difference between him and Wilson was around 2 points.

  11. When Julio goes 5 catches 46 yards or even odb Jr week 1 who basically put up those numbers your team automatically losses because there is ZERO chance your RBs save you. At least with the startegy we run with you are always in a position to win with the WR crew putting up consistent numbers with their 10+ targets who all had big Sundays.

    If Graham or lynch score 1 TD everyone would of won and I am in position to win tonight if bmarsh does his thing despite marshawn and graham being my two worst players this week

  12. Right, and when Steve Smith and Michael Crabtree don’t go off you’re at a huge disadvantage at the WR position. Obviosuly when your guys dont go off youre at a disadvantage with both strategies but my team easily has the higher floor. Julios floor is 5 catches for 50 yards (10 points) whereas SSS floor is week one (which kills you). Im still getting consistent points from Latavius, Martin and Woodhead because they get touches every week, your WRs are not guaranteed that (they will not receive 10+ targets a week, they will not have 160 targets at seasons end). And I also have Calvin, Matthews and Marshall to back up Julio if he doesn’t go off (I play them all) so my floor is much much higher than yours. It goes both ways, Munt. Your argument can be flipped around to support my point just as easily as you used it to support yours so your reply didn’t really prove anything. What happens when Colston, Baldwin and Terrence put up mediocre games? (Which is very likely each week). Yeah Baldwin and Terrence did well this week but SEA is still a run heavy team (you limited your upside by taking both Lynch and Graham btw, and can be seen in the first two weeks) and Terrence now has Weeden throwing to him. Your RBs are not going to score enough to win you the week when these guys score at their average, unless your opponent is putting up a dud.

    Also the RB position is a lot more susceptible to injury which further increases the risk of taking RBs early. Yes, WRs are going down at an alarming rate this season, but this hasn’t really happened before and is most likely due to the lack of conditioning they get before the season.

    Listen man, I respect your analysis and think you’re good at what you do, but your logic on drafting RB heavy is not sound and your argument to support it isn’t either. It’s flawed, and I’m pointing this out and I think others agree with me on it.

  13. 1. Latavius is a BEAST he is a 3rd round maybe 4th round RB. Nothing against Latavius I ranked him higher than any expert this preseason.

    2. I will always get production from my WRs and yes you can flip it that if my WRs dont give me production it is going to be hard to win, but I still have a shot as my RBs should be producing 20+ Points every week while my opponent will definitely get 10 or less.

    3. Just wait until the Chargers dont play from behind and see how you feel about Woodhead, same with Doug Martin with the Bucs play from behind instead of staying competitive like they did with the Saints.

    The fact you have Calvin/Julio/Marshall and Matthews says someone in your league did not draft right for you to have Latavius as well. So while I agree you have a BEAST team. Come H-2-H matchup with my RB core against your weak RB core. As long as my WRs who are all #1 options for their QBs put up decent production at worst, my team will remains unstoppable.

    Cant bash the strategy when it is this early in the season and the fact that VIPs make playoffs or win championships every season which allowed me to raise the price and even if someone is 0-2 i can guarantee they are confident with their team moving forward.

  14. Yeah I was surprised I got all those guys as well. I also got SSS also and I can start 5 WRs, so yeah. It’s just a beast team and I got somewhat lucky with it.

    I don’t doubt Marshawn at all, he’s a beast and he will have those games, that’s not my argument though. My argument is that I think it’s very difficult to win in a PPR when you don’t have some of the top dogs at the WR position. Also, Marques Colston is not the top option, Doug Baldwin is debatable because Russel spreads it around so much and they’re still a run first team, and Terrence is the defacto #1 due to Dez going down. You didn’t know Dez was going to get hurt, unless you did, in which case Id be amazed.

  15. Really Ben A, if I have to explain why that team is not set up to win, keeping being a dick bitter (Baaaahh Baaahhh) . You retarded sheep.

  16. Every player on your team, minus lynch is inconsistent. In Fake football consistency is what wins you championships. This would be a daily fantasy team from someone who built 50 teams.

  17. But I understand. I have an NFFC team and in 12 team draft it is difficult to field a well balanced team. I am just stating my opinion. Instead of going jimmy in the 3rd you could have taken a WR. Foster in the 4th for me is reaching for the beast dome team, you needed to round out your WR core. It looks like you went with seattle players for your first 3 picks, have they ever been an elite offense? I would like to see the draft results but it seems like you could have found a way to create a team that does not depend on boom or bust players.

  18. Draft Results.

    Seattle Offense never had Jimmy Graham. Thats like saying the Saints offense is as good in the past even without Jimmy.

    My team does not depend on Boom or BUST players. If anything I have two question marks at WRs which is better than a team that has no TE. While you can kick the team after Lynch/Graham did nothing, i would like to hear you say something when Graham and Lynch go off.

  19. Marques is the #1B with Cooks. and if i were to draft Cooks in Round 2/3 my season would be done.

    Baldwin is a smart puzzle piece for my team.

    T-Will I predicted all along would have his Miles Austin season with all the coverage Dez would be facing. Even if Dez was there, T-Will would still be productive.

  20. I meant I would like to see who was available at the time you picked each player. jimmy G. round 2? wholly shit that is pricey for a guy who will not even break a thousand yards. I want a guy that I know is going to get 10-12 targets a game in the second round. Plus you are starting Baldwin and Graham only one of those players each game is going to be decent and you know the SEA offense can only support one of them per week (if you want to argue against that you are just being delusional). Even when Wilson threw 41 times the receivers had shit games. You just got a TD from Marshall!!!! Congrats.

  21. It’s hard to compare across leagues in terms of teams, because who you can draft depends heavily on who your opponents draft and there’s a ton of variation there. I prefer going RB first and heavy, but ultimately it’s a preference call, and as long as you don’t pick busts it doesn’t matter if you go WR first or RB first. Everybody needs a couple guys to score 20 and their other guys to not score zero, it doesn’t matter how you get there.

    The only question I have about Munts team is why he owns 3 (!) DSTs, Montee Ball, Cody Latimer, and Brandon LaFell. It seems to me that all those guys are worthless and having them on his roster severely limits his upside and depth. Should be plenty of better options available in a relatively shallow 12 team league.

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