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Like most sheep Experts and all Fantasy Football Fanatics.

They will not read past a joke about this team and say something like, “I will never Draft a Brown.”

Last year I shed light on Terrelle Pryor during the preseason and out ranked the experts by a margin to embarrassing for any of them to admit.





Yes you read that correctly. The Browns have a strong defense heading into 2017.

First thing the Browns did was bring in Greg Williams as the DC who did a great job with the Rams. Considering the Rams offense was horrible and the Rams Defense was able to limit teams all season to the point where they actually won a handful of Football games. Greg Williams gets all the credit in the world for being one of the best in the game.

The DE’s in Emmanuel Ogbah (Athletic freak) Myles Garrett (#1 overall pick Bully BEAST Rusher).
Danny Shelton one of the biggest men you will see at DT.

Strong LB crowd led by All-Pro Jamie Collins who is feeling that Super Bowl worst than the Falcons while Kirksey and Demario Davis are shaping to be strong starters respectively at their position.

The Secondary is BEAST with Joe Haden (Best in the Game) and Jamar Taylor who is finding his own in Cleveland.

When you factor in the Browns added Jabril Peppers to run around the Defense everywhere. This Browns team is going to be playing angry on Defense like a team that has been disrespected by more people in this world than the amount of $1 bills Lebron James receives in his contract.

The Browns have big superstars all over the field. Teams used to wallop on the Browns, but this year it will be different. The Browns Defense can start controlling games like the Rams Defense was a couple years ago when they were in St. Louis. When the Rams were a legit (8-8) team.



When you look at this years Browns squad you have to be amazed with their new and improved offensive line.

The one thing the Browns have always been solid at is blocking, simply because of Joe Thomas and Bitcoin Bitonio on the left side.

They just stole the Center from the Packers in Tretter who will bring Aaron Rodgers experience to the table, as well as RG Zeitler from Cincy who was a key component in making Jeremy Hill a household Fantasy Name.


The Browns will likely rely on the combo of Isaiah Crowell (RB 3/4) and Duke Johnson JR. (RB 3/4/5) once again for a third year straight running the Football. Usually if it is not broken, don’t fix it. However the Browns running game has never been that dominant to a point where they can control a game. Crowell and DJ Jr. do complement each other nicely, and are both good players.

However they will both be limited thanks to

Cody Kessler (Waiver Wire)

The Browns are not showing they want to be a Championship Football team with Kessler at QB. Not only is Kessler extremely injury prone. He is not a pin point accurate QB who will make throws a Rookie would make. Take away the fact that Terrelle Pryor is no longer on this team, Hue Jackson is going to have to really rely on Corey Coleman (WR 3/4) being a 80+ Catch guy in this offense. Which is huge Fantasy Upside. Coleman is on the small side, but he can easily put up a solid+ Tavon Austin type of season. Kessler will also have a nice big addition in the 1st Round Rookie David Njoku ( Deep TE 2) who is built to be a Jared Cook type of option. Throw in Kenny Britt (WR 4) coming over from the Rams and then you figure it out.

The Browns are the new version of the Rams, but a better offensive Line and less quality at RB. Sure you can say Kessler is better than Goff, but then again who isn’t.

Hue Jackson and his offensive genius is known to be through the air. Well the Air is thick in Cleveland and if the Browns decide to win games through the air, 3-13 would be a nice improvement from last season.


Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson Jr. are both talented players and need to touch the ball 80% of the time.

If the Browns decide to rely on them and their offensive line. Crowell could run wild for 10+ TD and potentially 1000 Yards. Duke Johnson should be a PPR Machine and his total in receiving and rushing would be 1000+.

I have a feeling a coach like Hue Jackson will panic too early if his offense is not moving the ball on the ground efficiently to start games. Simply because he has had so much success in the past with his passing game. Which would start Kessler launching balls deep, which will start the Losses early for the Browns. If the Browns do stick to the run even when they are down 20-3 in the 3rd Quarter. They can win Football games and they can be close to a 6-10 team. If I am the Browns coach, I want to win Football Games by the score of 20-10. Never should I expect to go into a matchup trying to score more than 30 in a game. Let your Defense be your Offense.

The reason why the Rams will really struggled last season is because their offensive line was trash. The Browns Offensive Line can dominant the line of scrimmage and Crowell should hit the holes hard enough knowing he has a big contract in his future with a big season.


Isaiah Crowell is someone to monitor if he slips late. Definite more upside than he probably will ever get respect for.
Duke Johnson Jr is in the same regard but only PPR League Status. The rushing attempts are not consistent enough in non PPR Leagues. The talent upside is HUGE.
Corey Coleman is a player I would avoid unless he really falls, just because the Browns passing game is the Browns Passing Game. Matchup base WR3 at best.

Browns Defense will be available at the end as they will be on every Waiver Wire matching up against the Steelers in Week 1. Good pickup when it does appear they can win a game.



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