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J.P. Arencibia from the graveyard owned in 0% of Sportsline Leagues, backup/platoon catcher, HRs in Back-2-Back Days (.500 Batting Average/2 HR/7 RBI). Good way to start September, which also marks the start of the NFL Season. I proved my point, Fantasy content will be back daily.

Last season in 2014, it only took 1 Preseason game for me to find my next BEAST in the making. As soon as I saw it, I saw it. Carlos Hyde is an absolute monster and I called it from day 1 before any Fantasy Football Expert even considered Carlos Hyde. No ‘Expert’ Ranked Carlos Hyde higher than myself his Rookie Season (BEAST DOME HALL OF FAME). While I may have been one year too early, those of you in Keeper Leagues are looking forward to a BEAST 2015.

HYDE & GO BEAST (2014)

In 2015, the cookie crumbled Carlos Hyde’s way with Frank Gore departing for the Colts. Just when you thought the sky was blue and Carlos Hyde was on his way to being an automatic Top 10 RB, the 49ers signed Reggie Bush.

While a lot of ‘Experts’ are not concerned about the signing of Reggie Bush, I see it as the piece of the puzzle Colin Kaepernick was missing all his career. For the first time, there is too much speed in the 49ers backfield and if Colin Kaepernick goes play action with Reggie Bush, Linebackers will be completely frozen trying to figure out if they should commit for Bush, or stay on their feet and protect against the Kaepernick scramble.

Before the Reggie Bush experiment got under way, the 49ers announced that Carlos Hyde would be their workhorse back. While it was not too large of a surprise to hear that outcome, what is a surprise is how much bigger and stronger Carlos Hyde looks in 2015. Not only is he bigger and stronger, he is running with a lot more confidence and is more about making the big plays then being a conservative Rookie. I guess that is really not that surprising at all considering how Hyped he is for the ‘opportunity.’ There you go Brian Cushing.

Despite the emergence of Reggie Bush and the flashes of BEAST he brings to the table, Reggie is a player that needs to be conserved as a weapon instead of an cowbell playmaker. Sure he will get his occasional 50+ Yard TD on a screen pass, but the days of Reggie Bush being a consistent Fantasy Football player to trust, is out the window. He will only help Carlos Hyde in the fact that Reggie can move the chains when he touches the ball.

The key for the 49ers is one thing, Colin Kaepernick. So far this preseason, Alex Smith looks like a way better QB as far as passing the ball, still the 49ers are happy they stuck with Colin. Kaepernick is showing a lot with his legs which is good news because his legs make him very dangerous, especially in Fantasy Football. He also has one of the most underrated WR core with Torrey Smith/Vernon Davis/Anquan Boldin. No more Michael Crabtree, no problem. Expect the 49ers to really rely on Hyde & Go BEAST to carry this team in 2015. Once the run sets up the pass, that is when the 49ers offense has a chance to be consistent and explosive.


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  1. Like Hyde but don’t love his schedule with 6 games against the Rams, Cardinals and Seahawks. Also play Bal, at Det which are tough.

    I just think that schedule might hold him back some.

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