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I watch every single NFL game.  From Preseason, to Jaguars Week 14, and Blowout Denver Broncos Games.  When I see talent, I see talent.

Every year there is a player from the preseason you just know is going to be a straight up BEAST, no questions asked.  A player you have never really seen before, but you now see clearly.  When you measure up size/skill/talent you find players like Julius Thomas last season.  This season, that player is very clear.  Carlos Hyde is the next BEAST to emerge in Fantasy Football.



– Muntradamus



Carlos Hyde, Daimion Stafford


When you a see a man of that size (6’0/235), and run with the power and speed he possesses.  You know you have something special.


Carlos Hyde is the next Adrian Peterson.  He will be a Top 20 Fantasy Football RB this season.  Carlos Hyde will be delivering the type of Fantasy Plays that you lead you to a championship.  He is the new face of BEAST DOME and he must be drafted in all leagues.

CARLOS HYDE is a true superstar.  CARLOS HYDE has skills that no Running Back in the NFL today has.  He will be a crucial part of winning your fantasy football league.




Draft Carlos Hyde in all leagues this season.  His BEAST potential is something that is unmatched.  Frank Gore is due to pass the torch for the 49ers after all the wear & tear on his body (2,187 Regular Season Carries).  At the age of 30 and coming off of a long season that went all the way to the NFC Championship, Gore rushed the ball well over 300 times.  Gore is about ready to throw in the towel for his career.  He gave his heart and soul to the Niners franchise, much like Garrison Hearst.

Frank Gore has reached that Garrison Hearst ceiling; it is now time for Carlos Hyde to take over his role.

Frank Gore is no doubt the man and a Legend for the 49ers, but the 49ers offense would be much better if they used the much more athletically gifted BEAST in Carlos Hyde.  Hyde and Kaepernick would be too lethal.

The 49ers winning philosophy is to run the football when they have the lead. Run. Run. Run.  Even if Gore is around, Hyde will be taking a lot of the carries to kill the clock in the second half.

The 49ers are passing the torch at RB one more time as Carlos Hyde becomes the future of the 49ers Franchise.  Carlos Hyde is a Crucial player to draft on your Fantasy Football Team as he will be a huge spark plug BEAST in the second half of your season.

Carlos Hyde will be your MVP for your Fantasy Football Championship game on Week 16 when the 49ers go up against the Chargers, in SF.











  1. How hight would you take him in a dynasty draft? Have one tonight, him over Watkins and Evans?

  2. Ive been targeting Hyde in a lot of mocks, he can be had for $1 in auctions and pretty late rounds in standard! That could go up with the way hes playing though. Love the call but wish it would have been given to VIP’s only :-)

  3. What round in fantasy should we target him Munt? Should we make gore our 3rd rb and handcuff him with hyde?

  4. I’ve done my four drafts this year, and thus far Hyde has been overlooked in each. His ADP will be on the rise after this post but you can probably get him in the late rounds. I snagged him off the waiver wire in all my leagues, last week.

  5. Got him 4th overall in Rookie dynasty draft, thanks for quick answer! He looked amazing in that vid. Got Ball last year, so hope the two pan out and I will be set for a few years at least!

  6. I have Sjax and Devonta Freeman, Brandon Cooks and Jordan Matthews on my bench. Should I drop Matthews for Hyde? I’m pretty set on WR, but might be weak on RB (due to me having Montee, Morris and the ATL RBs). Or should I wait a bit til after preseason?

  7. This situation is not Montee circa 2013. Montee was supposed to be the lead dog in that backfield, in front of guys who didn’t really show they were competing with him before the season.

    This year, Gore is the one who’s unquestionably the lead back, but one who is older and likely to start falling off. Hyde is the “insurance” for Gore owners, and he’s the backup. Not the led dog, yet.

  8. I understand this is not the same situation as Montee/Knowshon at all. However, most likely every member of the Beast Nation (especially VIP’s) drafted Montee last season without even looking at Knowsho-history told us we didn’t need to worry about him.

    Gore on the other hand has been a very reliable back to own over the years and did not show the regression last season people expected. With Munt calling Hyde a must own back with top 20 potential he must love the other crucial factors of fantasy value besides a running backs own talents and abilities. So all Im asking is that if Gore decides that he is not going to go quietly into the night maybe we should be looking to lockdown that backfield instead of just investing in the stud in waiting.

    I loved the Montee call last year and agree that Hyde is going to be a BEAST. Montee really owes Munt an apology for those fumbles at the start of last year…its insane how spot on Munt was about how the season should have/could have been for him

  9. Frank Gore will not be going down quietly.

    Even if Gore proves true that these 2,100 Carries (which is more than Garrison Hearst and his 1800) do not slow him down. The talent that Gore has does not match Hyde and his potential. Frank Gore has always been a, ‘take what the defense gives me.’ Carlos Hyde is a, ‘I will take what the defense gives me and have the potential to break a huge play.’

    Carlos Hyde is a Big Body BEAST. A RB who you do not fear of getting hit too hard like a Giovani Bernard.

    Carlos Hyde will be an every week factor for the 49ers, even if Gore is around. Once Harbaugh sees how good Hyde is, he will pull the plug on Gore just like he did on Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick.

    Harbaugh is not a loyal coach, he loves his best players to win him games.

  10. Another beast this year and the future will be Andre Williams NY Giants even with Rashad Jennings whom I also like.

  11. A little late this season, and just getting back the The Dome, but I’ve already drafted Hyde in 4/6 leagues, including a new keeper league, where I intend to hold onto him (f*&kers reached in the other two). And, I’ll target him late in a draft tomorrow. I was sold on him from camp, but The Dome has validated my opinion. The dude is gonna be a machine. My only issue is that I’m a life long U guy (and in Miami to see the greatest college football team ever assembled feat. Gore, Portis, McGahee, Andre Johnson, Shockey, Winslow and too many Pro-Bowl defenders to mention). It pains me greatly to see Gore pass the torch to a Buckeye, but Munt hit this one on the head.

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