Young Buck (Javorius Allen)


By Muntradamus


Watching these Rookie RB’s run in the NFL, this has to be one of the best Draft Classes in some time when it comes to this crucial position. T.J. Yeldon and Melvin Gordon both run like future superstars, as well as Todd Gurley. Duke Johnson looks like a special back, and Ameer Abdullah is grooming into one. You even have Matt Jones who would be a Superstar if he was on the Cowboys, even Tevin Coleman looked strong before Devonta Freeman ran away with the job.

We are about to add another special RB to the group with the star out of USC, Javorius Allen, aka Buck Allen. Buck was on the watch list all preseason for the VIPs as we scouted out who would win the backup job to Justin Forsett who is ready to be injured in 2015. With a bad shoulder and ankle this early in the season, it is almost guaranteed he will miss some time. With Mr. T aka Lorenzo Taliaferro now out for the season with an ankle injury, got one good week out of him on TEAM BEAST DOME.

It is now time to add Buck Allen

During the Preseason I was talking about how he ran exactly like Arian Foster once a VIP sent me a college tape of him running for the Trojans. Right away all the VIPs were excited and ready to pounce, but I told them to hit the breaks because Lorenzo T. is no doubt the backup. With Mr. T out, is it time to get Baby Arian Foster who still is a year away or two from really being a superstar. However with Mr. T out, now Buck Allen does not have to worry about messing up since there is nobody behind him who will take his job.

There will be a Week Buck Allen starts, and that will be a Week you wish you plugged him in at your Flex or RB 2 due to injuries or Bye Week.

Regardless. R.I.P. Mr. T. You gave us one moment of shine, then wasted a bench spot for a month. Your time will come, first you have to get your ankle right.




  1. Thanks for the post Munt what beastdome players would you drop for him? G.Tate? Ryan Mathews? CJAnderson?

  2. Also wondering about Allen versus Bradshaw…Only room on my roster for one of them.

    It’s a non PPR league and my RB’s are underwhelming with Lacy, Miller, M Jones, Coleman, Starks, Michael.

    Thinking about dropping Starks for either Bradshaw or Allen.

    I’m not sure if Bradshaw can have the same impact he had last year….The Colts had nothing at RB last year and Gore is there this year so he’s at least a serviceable RB.

  3. I’m juggling the same two players.

    I think I might lean toward Bradshaw in PPR leagues. I question if Bradshaw will have the same kind of impact as he did last year though…I mean, the Colts had zero at RB with T Rich and they knew it…I think Bradshaw got more work in terms of carries than they might’ve liked and Gore is still playing fairly well and can catch the ball also.

    I do like Allen’s upside though and he should see breather carries for Forsett and could even take some red zone carries. And if Forsett gets hurt Allen could become a nice play. I also wonder about the Ravens season heading in the tank and if they might hand Allen more work to see what they’ve got in him.

  4. No way, can’t believer everyone is even considering that. Kubik will make that run game a success soon, plus he’s on a winning team that will be constantly in good field position, O-line and Demaryius health, newly signed TE, changing Offense. Things will get better soon for Bronco Fantasy players.

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