The Kicking Games (Week 4)


By Muntradamus




(Starts at 4:00pm PST)


2012. Top 10 Kicker Expert.

2013. Top 10 Kicker Expert.

It is time to put on my kicker hat, or shoe, and rescue everyone who is failing to get 10 Points from their kicker Week after Week. So far this season if you have used Prater Week 1 & 2, or Nick Folk for Week 3. You have yet to get double digits from your kicker as all Weeks the combined record for those kickers is 0-3. This week that all changes, maybe not the record, but the FG Attempts will be more than one.


The Raiders travel to Chicago this week. While it is a good week to add Derek Carr if you are deciding between Magic vs. Stafford in Week 4. No expert ranked Carr higher this preseason besides myself, Carr is probably gone in your 12 man leagues. If Carr is still siting there on your wire, add him.

But that is not who this article is about. This article is about the only Kicker who has been Drafted in the 1st Round of an NFL Draft since 1978, Sebastian Janikowski. Distance is never a problem for Janikowski, and his accuracy is now as good as any. This week the Raiders should not have too many problems driving against the Bears, the question is the Redzone, and that is when Janikowski will be more than clutch this upcoming Sunday. It is always harder to score a Redzone Touchdown on the Road, unless you are James “RedZONE” Jones.

WEEK 3 RANKINGS vs. ECR (No Expert Ranked Jones Higher)

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 5.54.33 AM

Not much else I can write about a Kicker, and here is where all the other Sheep Sites will recite stats to you on how Kickers do against the Bears, but the truth is no previous stats matter in this situation since Derek Carr and his history against the Bears go all the way back to Never. You have to read the situation from scratch, and the situation when I read it says Sebastian Janikowski, you are my Kicker of the Week.



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  1. Are you advocating Seabass for mainly just this week or for multiple weeks/ROS? He’s got a bye coming in 2 weeks and a seemingly difficult matchup next week with the Broncos.

    I’ve got to move on from Prater but I don’t want to be streaming kickers every week since our league Chargers fees for transactions. I need a longer term hold.

    Seabass, Nugent or Lambo seem to be the only reasonable choices for me as it’s a larger league and not much out there.

  2. I like this question too, Josh Brown and Mason Crosby are available on my waivers… should I just grab one of them instead for more long term potential?

  3. Jani is a 1 week play. Have to have Prater for Stafford when the schedule moves in favor of the Lions. Debatable Week 5 pending on how Staff does Monday Night but after Week 5, it is Stafford till the end.

  4. Munt…..I have Gostkowski at K but he’s on a bye. I do not want to dump him he scores too many points. The only guys I could think about dropping for SeaBass in a one week replacement are Tyrod Taylor(I have Luck and Im scared about the Colts) Matt Jones(would really like to see what happens w/ him) or TJ Yeldon(same). I don’t want to lose one of these guys for a 1 week K. Should I drop one of these guys in a head to head league or just leave the K or TE spot open? If so which one…TE or K. That would come down to either SeaBass or Charles Clay(who I could drop as I have Gates coming). What do you think I should do Munt…I’m at a loss!

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