Fantasy Football 2015: This is the Real Thing. Not Just a One Night Stand (James Jones)

Fantasy Football 2015:

This is the Real Thing. Not Just a One Night Stand

(James Jones)


By Muntradamus



In case you do not follow my Instagram account @BEASTDOME which you can find on the right side of the website, you missed out on my thoughts about James Jones and his BEAST potential the second the news hit that the Packers re-signed him.

James Jones was in his 2nd season when Aaron Rodgers began his Packers career as a starter. The two have hooked up for 3,500 Yards and 35 Touchdowns in the 6 Seasons they were both on the same roster (Rodgers was hurt for a lot of 2013). Every season, James Jones had to sit as the #3 WR, sometimes #4 on the depth chart behind players like Greg Jennings/Donald Driver and later on in his Packers career he was behind Jordy Nelson/Randall Cobb. James Jones was always one injury away from a starter in front of him to being a Must-Start Fantasy option. When James Jones got injured in 2013, it opened up the door for Jarrett Boykin, who quickly closed his own door.

Last season James Jones was a star for the Raiders WR core. Derek Carr was using James Jones often as a clear #1, but Derek Carr definitely had his rookie roller coaster ride which led to an inconsistent 2014 for James Jones. Jones ended up with the Giants during this Preseason, but the Giants are already 3 WR deep with Odell Beckham Jr./Ruben Randle/Victor Cruz. With no clear position and most likely an unhappy James Jones, he was waived. When the Packers lost Jordy Nelson, they did not hesitate to bring James Jones into town and give him his big breakout season chance for 2015.

While everyone was jumping on the Davante Adams hype train when Jordy went down, and still clearly are with many experts Ranking Davante Adams with an ECR of #15, that hype train is quickly going to come to a stop once James Jones breakouts with a big game. Davanate never put up big numbers with Rodgers when the games actually counted, and despite getting multiple targets in the 1st preseason game this season against the Patriots, Davante failed to haul multiple Touchdown passes. Below are the numbers James Jones has put up with Aaron Rodgers the years Rodgers was a starter.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 4.39.46 AM2013 Aaron Rodgers was injured with a collarbone injury, but James Jones was still able to rack up a ‘grip’ of yards through the air. The season that stands out the most is 2012 where James Jones brought in 14 Touchdowns. You can guarantee that James Jones will exceed those numbers in 2015 as he will be the true Go-To WR on the outside as Randall Cobb mans the slot. While the 14 Touchdown mark is high and would be amazing if he reaches it, the 1,000+ Yards and 10 Touchdowns should come easily.

Davante Adams will return to his role as the occasional big game #3 WR, which makes him an excellent sell in all Fantasy Football Leagues. A lot of Fantasy users still value Davante Adams at a very nice price, you can easily package him in a trade with another RB or WR to get an upgrade at the position you desire. While it would be nice to see Davante breakout for a big season, the truth is Aaron Rodgers will go back to his veteran who he has had a lot of success with.

Do yourself a favor and grab James Jones in all leagues, he will easily exceed 1,000+ Yards and 10 Touchdowns as the easy #2/#1B option for Aaron Rodgers in 2015.






  1. Interesting article…I’ve been debating a pickup between James Jones and Brandon Coleman…Not sure which I like better.

    Jones is interesting….Just question how much his left in his 31 year old legs.

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